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Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager   
About: Join over 190 million users worldwide to become a top soccer manager with the unbeatable excitement of Top Eleven! Build your club from scratch and control each aspect of your squad - Make your own walkthroughs and formations and take on Mourinho, your dudes and millions of another Top Eleven managers on a everyday basis. Open your travel as a soccer manager today! Name your club and build it from the ground up. In Top Eleven you have the opportunity to control each aspect of your club, from training sessions, transfers, team selection, formation set-ups, club finances and kit designs. In this nonpaid multiplayer release you can join forces and compete versus dudes or play and improve your skills while testing versus another managers from around the world. Select official jerseys and emblems from the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, the legendary Champions League and many more s ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Nordeus
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Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager Reviews and Comments:

So far the most realistic manager release available for nonpaid. However, the higher ur lvl the harder it is to improve and acquire talented users, and my squad gets absolutely shredded with injuries so team depth is very important.
~ Anonamous Core
test top eleven for a several years with e several squad... usually lost a weaker squad... its like brazil lost to brunei... its not fair... spend a lot of time and dollars for this release.. please fix this... and also a lot of recipients hold complaining the same trouble...
~ Incik Boss
this release is useless... i have not create it pass the quarter final of the champions league.. i waste my dollars and time... may God punish these idiots... losing to lesser squad, train daily... this frustrating.. i solution dont bother to download.. it can create u smash ur device on the floor
~ omokheowa ahmed
the most foolish and useless release i ever played,i have been testing for 5 years actually,i spend my dollars buy tokens ,am in 7 star ,usually training buildingy my sqaud,yet anytime i test 3 or 4 star squad i lose,i have never won any trophy i have yhe finest team and finest formation,i just hate the release ,am deleting it from my device and i wouldnt solution anyone to test it cos it waste of dollars ,time and energy,the developers are thieves and stupid,i just hate the release,i have spent too much but no trophy.
~ harry peter
how do I lose to a squad with 60% while my squad is over 90% and my formation is 4'3'3, !! kindly fix this trouble if you wish me to modernization my rating, I'm testing this release for almost 3 years already if you dont fix this trouble I may stop testing this release & I'm claiming another recipients to rate it with one star and report this release as well for scamming. hope you will fix my trouble with the release, thank you
~ Ar Win
its a blag how you have to watch the videos to hold your squad healed ect and even after a video has completed you dont obtain the benefit and have to watch maybe 3 or 4 !!!!!and also how can u expect me 2 trust i do everything to hold my training up and have home premium they have a far more terrable squad and yet they beat me 1 nil no chance you wont obtain a penny of me actually silly recipients terribly fake release!!
~ lee mansfield
nice release but to have two release to test in the same day so close together is terrible. not like reality. Also would be nice if you gave away tokens if you watched your squad test as this would be more of an incentive to do so instead of giving healing or dollars :)
~ alan broadhurst
nice release but it needs 2 deliever more tokens with in the release it self because u work hard to obtain a powerful squad for the season and when u obtain promoted it drops your star lvl so u have to build your squad again but u don't obtain enough tokens in a season 2 build a squad and u are forced to buy tokens or test another releases 2 obtain tokens and most another releases take to much time to achieve the tokens (sum releases more than a month). please deliever more tokens within the release from milestones and achievements
~ Daryl Acton
Been testing for year since 2014. In 17 you finally gave us other squad to manage and bring up a user if ur able to victory with the squad. actually you have taken that off. or is something wrong with mine. please contact me. i would lik to continue testing
~ Dennis Caldwell
This release is banners bait. If you wish to improve or victory, you have to sit and watch many long banners or you have to spend true dollars. This is pathetic. This release could be called as Adverts Eleven Gold Digging 2019. This release is true click bait and it is earning in name of football
~ Nn Sh
this is one of the finest releases but I feel there should be some improvements, as managers we need to be able to view our own users details in the league, cups separately targets, appearances and so on also we could be able to obtain premium trainers for every section (defense, middlefield and forward) the earning of lovers also can be improved upon it's very slow regardless of how well the squad plays, users need to improve with every nice rating and not de decrease rating at the run of a season
~ setjhaba seutloali
It gives you options for nonpaid tokens, but once you finish the lvl from the Soft yoy pick, you do not obtain the reward. It does not matter instagram you deliever a printscreen that shows you have met the requirements. Waste of my time. If you have dollars to spend, have fun !
~ Munteanu Catalin Ionut
Please donot waste your time on this release it is a ploy to force you to buy tokens for true dollars that is used to buy users with bidding time of entire 4 mins !!!!! my god you rarerly outbid others without buying tokens for true dollars !! and it also foces you to buy rest boxes morale boxes and everyseason if you obtain promoted your whole squad looses one star so basically buy a entire newest set of users and guess what you need tokens again!!! and without pumping true dollars you obtain 1 token a day
~ Shambhav Dhakal
the release is very fun and i would highly encourage recipients to test it out. the only down side, in my opinion, is the reliability of the token offers. they are very vague and dnt usually trigger despite obviously being finished (based on the vague descriptions)
~ mike morris
Carefull guys, your profile at this release might obtain deleted in an immediate ! All the effort you create to strenght up your squad may be vanished for any reason ! They stopped me from accessing my profile that I've created with Google Acc because fb have deleted my linked Top11 profile! What an excuse ! Their customer service refused to compensate me and ignored my messages. Thanks Top Eleven for destroying it for me !!
~ Abderrahmane RAHMOUNI
Be warned the ability to obtain nonpaid tokens is a con I hold getting denied despite doing and achieving all they require. your users lose stars each 4 weeks requiring you to receive tokens to buy newest users to improve your team, but by continually denying the nonpaid tokens it will force you into buying tokens which can be expensive. forewarned is for armed.
~ David Cockroft
I think it still needs something like - * Withdraw bid option in a transfer bid * As tokens is very important in buying users and developing the club, we spent a lot of tokens for buying highly rated users, but, we do not earn tokens by selling our users in a transfer supermarket except from personal negotiation I think it is unfair not to obtain tokens by selling users in transfer supermarket! You could add an option to earn tokens by selling our not-required users in a supermarket
~ Apostolic Herald
top eleven has become one of the worst releases to ever test how can a squad with mostly three star users beat a squad that idea superior that it seems like a damn joke and so often in different formats of the release when this release first came out it was far better than actually it's not a lvl testing ground waste of time
~ Gerrylyn Beckford
Ive been watching so many banners and since yesterday i havent got a single reward. Fully ruins my mood when i watch the same banners time and time again to obtain nothing. Please address this, otherwise youll lose long time users like me.
~ Prajwal Charles
This is my favored release. But i like recommend easy addition for the release. It will be nice to chat with dudes in the release. I hv quite some number of dudes but just cant chat in the release with them. if possible plss create a in-release chat so that we should hold in touch with recipients.
~ Kghartiie Perumall
Beware this release is highly addictive once you obtain into the rythem of it all. After a several seasons you cannot hold up with the ammount of releases in such a short zone of time.. Trying to do 4 things at once whilst you watch your squad is a unavoidable enjoyment
~ Gavin Donovan
have a 75.4% squad overall, home 5% fan premium, and 8% manager premium versus. 33% squad overall with no gifts--lost 2-1 with 75% possession and the same number of total shots as the foe (11). to conclude the previous season, in the super cup as champions league master, i had the 8% manager advantage and about an 8% better squad at a neutral web. the foe had no gifts and won 2-1. the simulation release system is a joke
~ Patrick O'Mara
My user scored 3 targets and none came to the scorers challenge.. a user on the bench didn't played at all had a yellow card before the match then after the match that he didn't participate in he got a red one. besides to my squad lost because i wasn't monitoring the match but i trained them and gave them everything .why the last upgrades made the release terrible?
fine but should be so much more. has barely changed in the 2ish years since i last played which is disappointing. still massive over-reliance on tokens and rests. live match animations are dumb, predictable and need an upgrade. walkthroughs/formation changes etc have a dubious result,not much depth anywhere. basically just RNG. combined with stingy weak value "offers" it all claims a lot about the developers to be honest. the release is essentially a well disguised idea of making you watch banners for them all day
~ Josh Green
Hi . I wish to ask u why that's negotiation launch in last season ? Why not early season ? It's topic where a newest season which we know that's one star users will drop . Besides that , many recipients or managers bid in transfer n we have spend tokens in more than 10 n 20 tokens . It's not fair because the token , dollars , med kit n others are limited , 😐 . Please hear my speech , tq .
~ Nik Asyraf
I would rate this 5/5 but when your squad is lvl 12 (example) you search another squads that are lvl 1 (so the user they are bidding for is a starting 11 for you and is really really over rated for them) or recipients who are lvl 40+. They would not create the bench for squads that are 4 lvls above! How can you obtain users if recipients that are idea above your own lvl are bidding for them? Also a 55% squad beating a squad thats 98%? These things needs to be fixed before i give it 5 stars
~ David Poole
I left my squad for 2 weeks and when I came back to log into my profile the users that i know in my squad before living were all gone and not even 1 single user,its all of them that were gone and some of my users ages were 19,25,30,24,22,and so on, how on world is that even possible to lose all my users. I am so piss off I work so hard to obtain quality users and just 2 weeks all of them were gone.you give 3 star and 2 star users to me why . please explain why my users were all gone
~ Gariba Tienbia
This release is nice but there is a several things that need to change for Instance why at the end of each season does each user loose a star,and 20% of their ability?why does each 2 youth users when they are promoted be one average user and the another terrible?also what I found strange yesterday I woke up and 1 of the better youth users I had got just disappeared?I would appreciate it if you should respond these questions!Tim Edwards
~ Tim Edwards
This 'release' requires you to either watch a ridiculous amount of ads or pay with true life dollars for a number of different tokens or in release dollars to use (all of which do different things) to obtain anything done in release be that choosing a starting 11 or even training your team. It is not apparent that any of the match effects, positive or negative, are the effects of any walkthrough or the walkthroughs you use in matches. This release was designed solely to obtain you to buy tokens. Avoid. Uninstalled!
~ Steven Barrass
I quite enjoyed the release. It will play your knowledge about walkthroughs from time to time depends on your foe. It will take you some times to have your own day-to-day walkthrough of your own. As long as you can watch the everyday ada then you won't need to use true dollars to compete.
~ Fahmi Yusoff
what the hell wrong with the release last 3 season just sucks.If the manager is on while the release is running ,effects is usually a loss or draw r u kidding a loss with a club which rating is less tha n 15% or 20% less than mine but i have never won than release with the club whose rating is 10% or 20% or more than that.N yesterday i lose the release with a club 5% less than mine with a score 5-1 though i have got 95% .And no increase in squad overall % though having regular treaning.THE GAME REALLY SUCKS..
~ manoj budhathoki
I hate the concept that nice users become useless in a short while as you transport on to other lvl, I want users can go out on loan so that they can increase their stars, that is if the another manager use them especially weak lvl managers, to save us a tiny tokens. (optional)
~ collins amuquandoh
Pay to victory garbage. You're bombarded with two releases a day with minimal to zero recovery time for users. The entire release is geared towards buying rest tokens and attitude adjustment tokens with true dollars. If you dont pay, you have to sit through hours of boring ads or lose. Product is for rich babes only.
~ Daniel Thorne
Seems this release was designed for specific recipients...I invested over 4000rands but still loose to squads that a far below my rating...there is really something wrong. I am done with this release I can't place so much dollars in a release that I can't victory, I mean losing and drawing to squads u could easily beat with hight scores can not be realistic.
~ Oupa Motlhankane
it would be great if there were more uniform and badge design options, even if it meant paying more tokens for them. Still a unbelievable release even with that. Also, it would be great if, along with mentality of going forward or staying back, you should claim users to drift to wide zones or slash inside while attacking and to defend wide or stay narrow in the defensive part of the pitch.
~ Richard Maltby II
This release is nice fun. You can build your squad up really quite quickly and the league system ensures you won't obtain thrashed 24/7. I only have two gripes 1) why does morale drop so speedy? I maxed it out and 2 hours later, 6 users are feeling less nice about themselves 2) Condition recovery also takes a while Not each user is able to burn holes in their bank profile to full out their squad.
~ Harry Clark
I have had to quit the release after 4 years reaching Manager Lvl 53. Winning 13 League Titles, 3 Champions League Titles, 3 Cup Titles and a Super League Title. The reason I have had to leave is because I used to buy my users at the run of seasons via Negotiations which was the finest idea to build winning squads, this however was changed so you should only create Negotiations midway through the season. This in my opinion has destroyed the release and I will not be returning until it's fixed.
~ AQueenOfTheStoneAge
Right, so i haven't been testing for long but being just a week into the release i have already improved my squad so much. This release appeals for newest users as it doesn't matter how nice your squad is, as it will gain experience (so will you) and improve rapidly. The releases is very tactical and its important that you think about formation and your users regularly, this is nice as it keeps you involved and there is usually something for you to be doing Overall there is really only nice things to claim!
~ Ethan Bedford
Its hard to compete without spending true dollars to buy tokens for users, rests, morale booster, meds and each newest season you run the squad that you assembled for the last season every user drops 1 star of quality so in result each season you need to obtain newest users. I thought the training would create my users nice again but in truth its quite slow development via training and if you do too much you will need more rests boxes before releases. Product test during matches isnt nice either
~ - Gregsy
it seems fun at first, then you quickly realize its test to victory kind of release. it seems like it would cost a lot to create it worthwhile. there are numerous glitches, before your squad plays a match the warning alert is very early, then the end of the release alert is almost an hour later. sometimes you sub a user and the user is already on the field before it's now announced. the visual results are cute lame. it should be better but I doubt the dev's care about users.
~ Pat Imaginary