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About: WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE! From the originators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle release with special gameplay and infinite fun! Enter the crazy cartoon globe starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging lvls! Blast cubes and make potent combos to pass lvls. Solve puzzles to support the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds! Join the wildest journey of your life and have a BLAST! FEATURES: Complete variety of challenging lvls and unblock newest episodes! Test with special release objectives and variety of entertaining obstacles! Unblock whacky boosters to blast your idea to the next lvl! Accumulate stars by completing lvls to victory nice rewards! Make your own squad & compete with others to rule the puzzle globe! Obtain lives from your teammates to hold on testing! Sync your re ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Peak Games
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Toon Blast Reviews and Comments:

The release reaches a target where it is impossible to progress and you can't just delete and run over. It remebers your score based on name and machine; device,device, etc. I liked the release initially but I would like to be able to progress by a means another than microtransactions.
~ Brian Propst
DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND MONEY! it is fun but definitely a dollars grab making some lvls based solely on luck enticing you to spend dollars to obtain passed it. The higher the lvl you go the worse the dollars grab aspect it becomes. I now lowered my review because it is so terrible at it.
~ Gaming Faith
Hi there. Are we gonna have more lvls quick? If not don't leave us without opportunity to test please. On last lvl and can even test champions league. Can we have an modernization how you going on please?
~ Krum Dimitrov
The release & graphics are beautiful. This release is already repetitive & I've only played less than a week. I'm giving it 3 stars b/c it's only fun when in-release purchaces are the ONLY idea to pass lvls. The difficulty is too much for so early in the release. I'd love the option to pick Simple/Medium/Difficult. I will leave shortly when I run out of options besides in-release purchases & stick w/my main release, which is reminiscent of Toon Blast. -EDIT- When I modernized the release, it shows Toon Blast is # 1 TOP GROSSING-
~ Kathy Kexel
For the first hundred lvls, the release is fun, and you can solve the puzzles without spending any equipment; after that, the release devolves into traps to waste equipment in order to eventually test to force the user to spend dollars. It can be frustrating. If you are planning to spend 5 mins or less each several hours, give it a test, the puzzles should be fun. But if you wish a release to test for a long time, go somewhere else. I played for a couple of weeks, and I am done with it as I won't pay true dollars.
~ Raul Garcia
CHEATS MORE THAN A NINTENDO. After a several successful wins it launches stacking the blocks in doubles just out of reach to hold the release going, but means you need bonus equipment that become needed to victory. I do not feel gerrymandering a release so that the blocks fall in a idea that makes you need premium equipment to victory a nice release. I would approve random, but the decisions this releases makes, you can claim it is intentional.
~ Michael Cantrell
I was having fun at first, the release was addicting and got it yesterday, I wake up, grab my device, and as quick as I test to launch a chest or go to other lvl, the release freezes. I close the release and come back, only for it to freeze again. I even restarted my device and it still froze. Gameplay was fun while it lasted
~ Galaxy boy
Toon Blast is nice! It's the great release for when you're short on time & wish a speedy-test release or one to support you tune out the outside nonsense. Lots of freebies (Yay!) Even better the vendor isn't using any of the usual release/psychological tricks to obtain me to part with my dollars! That alone makes testing TB a entire lot more fun!
~ Marlyn Rosent
No doubt it's a fun & addictive time killing release! However some lvls are very hard & some times they don't even give you the color schemes you need to clear obstacles out of the idea before you're out of moves which requires you to either have some powerups or buy some to clear the idea or lose all you're lives & wait to test again later. I'd enjoy it alot more if they didn't create it so hard to to clear obstacles.
~ Stylez Unique
The amount of keys to accumulate for the treasure hunt for a reward is too much. Additionally the cost to continue could be 50 coins. 100 coins is abit too much especially when everyday rewards etc doesn't give that many coins. can you not bring it all back down...
~ Suky Rayet
As great and nice as this release is. on mobile it has glitches where the time you place in obtain lost! Then you have lost your lives and progress you have made! The owner of this release is not useful or sympathetic when it happens! Only once out of 32 times that i happened to me rewarded for lost efforts! And I follow instructions as it was provided as well
~ Hardus Coetzee
Very addictive release, no need to buy boxes it gives plenty of opportunities to earn stars and powerups although it is definitely less from when I first started testing. My main trouble is once you've beat all the available lvls you go into the Champions Championship which is fine but there is a lag between the end of the championship and the modernization making the next 50 lvls available so actually I can't test anything. Guess I will have to search other release..
~ April Quinonez
It's a dollars pit. Prizes are pitifully weak. you only obtain 10 coins for star chest, which u only obtain after 10 or more lvls. Only obtain prize for meetings if in the top ten, and yes they are paltry. Lives take 30 min to refill one and are limited in how many you can have. Bundles are very pricey. not worth buying anything, but fun to test occasionally when you have the lives.
~ michelle brady
very frustrating release. I feel like you have to hold spending dollars just to pass a lvl. already complain about the fun tend to disappear after dealing with a hard lvl. developer claimed they set algorithms so user can beat the lvls without spending. I thought it was BS cause I think they set the algorithms to create their pocket and wallet fat. this release is fun if you are willing to spend. microtransction killed the fun for most release. thank you for killing fun.
~ julius manuel
The release was fun at first, but some of the privacy and upgrades have destroyed the overall experience. *modernization* Clearly designed to obtain you to spend coins, buttons placed strategically to obtain you to waste coins/powerups, gameplay is rigged/clearly not random.... sad to see developers picking greed over gameplay. I obtain they need/wish to create dollars, but if you create a nice release the dollars will follow with no need to tool your users.
~ Mark Ayres
By far, the finest release on your device. Also by far - the most addictive and most expensive...all contingent on your lvl of OCD. My OCD is cute high, therefore I have spent far too much dollars on Toon Blast!
~ Brian Grace
I downloaded this because that Damm Ryan Reynolds commercial compelled me to do so...ya well..actually I am so obsessed / addicted to this stupid release that I can't even obtain off the couch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ ...I even got my husband to download it on his device so when I run out of lives I should continue on his device...but actually HE'S hooked on it too! ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ™….. needless to claim..I give it 5 stars..IT'S GREAT
~ Cristen F. Collins
I was stuck at a lower lvl, around 40ish? at the time I stopped and forgot about the release. about 1 year later I revisited the release and passed the lvl in one test, as if the release knows how to create you stay. Actually I am at lvl 1600ish, and the release is getting very hard, with fewer moves. I had to use powerups back to back to back. I tried to test the lvl without any boosters and I alreally used up 30+lives for one lvl!! and STILL STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very frustrating, lost all the fun.
~ Yue Z
Addictive release! I can see me testing this a lot! Edit:. Although the release is very fun, I search myself not wanting to test it that much due to the fact I thought it was going to progress easier for me. Puzzles arent my thing and its more of a puzzle release than anything. I want there was a different gsme mode that would allow me pkay without the puzzles involved. I'd even pay outright for a release like that.
~ John Waclawski
Used to be 5 star. Raised the price of the bundles and did not really create the price hike worth . Actually you only obtain 10 coins when completing Toon Chest. and to complete Star Chest you also only obtain 10. What happened to the 15 and 20 we used to obtain. This release is getting less enjoyable because it seems like they are trying to force us to spend dollars. The boxes you can buy used to be worth the dollars. Actually they almost doubled the price and made it not worth spending the dollars
~ shelley fitzgerald
The release test is a lot of fun. I especially like the squad idea and championship's. The only drawback I have is during the modernization time. To obtain the next, newest 50 releases after the squad championship, you have to modernization the release. However, a lot of the time it is slow in posting, while another times, some recipients can modernization, while others cannot, leaving those users stuck in limbo, unable to compete.
~ A Google user
This release is horrible. The leeches that made this release don't wish satisfaction, they just wish to create a poor clone of candy crush and place too much EA into it. they hold asking for dollars for lives and they don't stop. This release is worse than candy crush, which was at least ORIGINAL. Do not download or buy any of the equipment that this release offers.
~ Gavin Werner
Finest release I've played. This release was developed for the recipients. You obtain to shop your bonus lives and use them when YOU wish to. Do you obtain stuck on certain lvls because they're hard? Yes, but you constantly obtain equipment to support you and you don't obtain stuck on a lvl forever. This release is idea better than any candy release where you're automatically forced to use bonus lives you obtain, and the lvls are constantly super hard that it gets boring speedy because you're stuck testing that lvl for days.
~ Rosie T.
Incredible fun, I will admit I hated seeing the countless plugs for this releases. No wonder the terrible guy on the commercial is like what are you talking about ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. This is just so many ideas fun. I'm glad I added this to my list of releases. Hey are you single, the guy on the commercial. Your to beautiful, I'm sure my daughter would love this release once she finds it on my device (Autism Spectrum) once she puts it together she'll have a crush on you. .. Really y'all all fun aside, thanks ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜ฎ๏ธ
~ Laurie Sellick
Very cool, but eventually when you obtain to like lvl 500 it just becomes so impossibly hard that it's just not fun anymore. You can obtain through the lvls but it takes like 5 or 10 times and you usually have to use boosters, it's just silly.
~ Henry French
UNABLE TO PLAY AT ALL?! No response from Help!!! Please support!!!! As of last night, it took me out of the Champions League and won't allow me test ANY lvls AT ALL! It restart me back to 2751 and there is no modernization available?? Please reply??!!
~ Jessica Blankerson
ive been testing Toon Blast for about 6 to 7 months and its unfortunate that i give only 3 stars.. Allthough its a fun and addicting release it scores a very high 8 of 10 on my GREED Meter.. This is one of those release thats designed to rob you blind and leave u for dead.. There are few lvls that are created so you have no choice but to spend dollars on OVER PRICED TOOLS just to complete the lvl. The rockets are not as random as they claim. they go your required direction about 35% of the time.
~ MJ Tuc
Hello, what is going on with the modernization for Toon Blast, we have not been able to modernization so we can't continue testing. Who can give us an modernization? Or can someone at least claim us what's happening!
~ Giselle Verger
after testing the release for a while I realized that it basically tools you out of certain moves. Like giving me a bunch of bombs instead of the firecrackers that I was beside when I clicked on the colourful Rubik's Cube. The release is very calculated and makes sure that you have to spend dollars in order to continue through the different lvls.
~ Nancy Kegley
It's 2:30pm and I STILL can't modernization to obtain newest lvls while there are another recipients that already got their upgrades hours ago. It's not fair when you have all of these championships and contests going on and the rest of us have to work twice as hard to even compete because others got an early run and an unfair advantage. Perhaps you could keep off on all contests until ALL of us can run on equal footing. Looks like only iPhone players got the modernization this time though. I wonder why...
~ kecola
Finest Product Ever!! If Your Looking For A Group To Join Please Feel Unpaid To Join Our Group It Is Named ( Regular Users ) With a ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Flag And We Have 35 Members Right Actually, And We All Support Every Another With Squad Comps & With Lives But You Will Have Request To Join Our Group! Thanks We Will See You There ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚
~ Wendy Martin
It's a nice fun release to run with, but it's a absolute dollars pit as you progress through the lvls. You'll search yourself buying more and more power ups as the release progresses, by which time you're so sucked into it that the only option is to stop testing altogether, or dig even further into your pocket. I hate these releases with greedy developers, they suck you in and then it's hard to escape. My solution .. AVOID UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO BURN.
~ Mike Smith
please give me a nice reason why I could give u 5 stars. if there is an option to give negative stars, I'll definitely go for it. ๐Ÿ‘Ž some rounds are just so impossible to clear. thank u for making me use up 100 lives to clear one round, only to be stuck again on other impossible to clear round. thank u. "finest" release ever. ๐Ÿ™„
~ Ruby Tok
Product is very enjoyable is you like releases like these. The informations are cool and animations/colors are as well. Squad informations are a tiny slack. All you do is chat, see the member count, and lvl every member is at. Not much else. Want there were more squad management informations. There are spam messages and you can't block certain words from being typed. No chat security. Please add that. It could be an option in each release by actually. 4/5 better than Candy Crush
~ A Google user
my experience is nice love this release. It is very fun and interesting to test. All of my dudes have this release and they all love it too. you will wish to test daily of the week. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
~ Regina Smith
I think a more accurate rating would be 3.5... I like the release overall but being a part of a squad is simply just crazy... in the last 6 weeks I have been randomly booted for no reason 7 times... this makes it discouraging to test because you give lives just to be kicked off just before the championship finishes... I want the developers would consider giving squad members some control as well... or squad leaders have the ability to set specific terms and only then should you be removed from a squad...
~ Maggie Greene
I love toon blast! The lvls have a logical and enjoyable increase of complexity and challenging objectives, and the coins and boosters are reasonably simple to receive. It's challenging without being impossible. I love the aesthetic, the characters are so beautiful and the release has a clean look, and one of my favoured things are the satisfying sounds of popping the cubes and boosters. PS I never write reviews but this quickly became one of my favoured releases that I'm addicted to!
~ Ash T
First, as a entire, download it; you won't regret it. It really is fun and addictive. The only downside is that you can't simply buy an "Advertisement-Unpaid" ver for, like, $2.99. Unfortunately, you can only buy coins and bundle boxes in the in-release shop... that's the missing star to create [the release] "five". One hint: DO NOT fall for any of the mods or lvl map tricks on YouTube; tried 'em ALL, NONE of them work, regardless of what recipients claim. Enjoy.
~ Mitchell Gaetke
nice time aggressor. no complaints - you don't have to pay to victory, there are no annoying information that you hate during release time, and I didn't encounter any glitches or bug. The release is constantly modernized so you don't run out of lvls, or obtain bored testing the same ones over and over again (although I do about 200 of them in thr champion's league each time), and gameplay experience is also constantly improving, so all in all a well made release
~ Amit Bermano
Product is nice.... But we need more gold!! 50000 used to be shared out to what's left of the squad, but actually you only obtain 1000 every!!!!! So if your squad is weak in numbers, like ours, and you victory -- like we usually do, you still only obtain 1000!!!!!! Where as we used to obtain 1500!!!!! The release is rigged to create you spend!!! More often than not, you need one more go!!!! Some of the lvls are just there to test and create you spend dollars and skill becomes dormant!!!
~ Frosty Freeman