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About: Tomb of the Mask is an arcade release with an unlimite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth. Seeking for journey you obtain into a tomb where you search a strange mask. You place it on and suddenly realize that you can actually climb walls - easily and promptly. And that's when all the fun launches. You'll face a tons of traps, aggressors, release mechanics and power-ups. And as far as time doesn't wait, obtain a grip and up you go!
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 39MB Developer: Playgendary
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Tomb of the Mask Reviews and Comments:

If someone were to pay $1 every time there was an banner in the release, I'd be a millionaire. Maybe Billionaire. The release is nice overall but too many banners... These banners will become frustrating if you're not willing to spend dollars...
~ pranav_indoria
Training lvls don't explain the different obstacles you will encounter nor how to obtain past them, wasting your limited energy figuring it out, thus making you have to wait for more energy or spend true dollars. Forces you to spend your earned currency on a shield to "protect you from being chased", then nothing chases you. Constantly forces you to bypass pop-ups asking you to subscribe or follow in order to continue. I "unlocked" a mask that still had to be bought using my earned currency.
~ James Algeo
The fact you think your release is worth 7.99 per week is such a joke. $32 per month for this garbage? Do you have any idea of dollars morons? Regardless not an interesting concept for a release and banners after each single lvl. Soft was made as a dollars grab.
~ Brandon Swarek
level takes 30 seconds to complete. don't obtain me wrong its supposed to be speedy. its fun. but there is a commercial after EVERY level !!! you spend more time watching adds than testing the release !!! takes the joy out of the releases. release made fornmoney and nothing else
~ Paul Beguinot
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! this release is nice but you have to watch 30 second adds between each single lvl. There is a predatory auto subscribe option to obtain rid of the adds that cost $7.99 a month!!! They destroyed what would otherwise be an nice release with so many adds its unplayble.
~ Allen Dewberry
The gameplay is nice. The visuals are nice. The sound is nice. The business part is predatory as hell and really scummy. Without the the frankly ridiculous weekly 8€ pricing for a "subscription" and some of the more annoying "wait 15 mins to refill energy" kind things this is a release I would genuinely buy outright. It's a wonderful release that is so fully destroyed by its business model that I cannot suggest it to anyone.
~ Amontadillo Viceli
I'd pay to obtain infinite energy and go banner-nonpaid but.. instead we have these greedy concepts that the publisher came up with such as that expensive membership also, sharing my time with the advertisers? hell no, remember that a lot of babes testing this release and it's most likely that they are having their time sold without their knowledge. Playgendary, you guys are the worst for buying releases and destroying them with greed and your sketchy expensive subscriptions.
~ Jordan Andrew
Cool release but sorry, i just cant deal with all the Adverts. yeah i obtain it, in the end its all about making revenue on these releases, but this walkthrough of excessive banner pop ups to test and convince a player create a buy, well that's just annoying. delete.
~ Hector Ramirez
Adverts. Even when you pay. Seriously. There are banners EVERYWHERE. Complete a lvl. Watch an banner. Wanna launch a chest? Watch an banner. Need an bonus life? Watch an banner. I even paid to have them removed. This whole release is destroyed due to an banner at EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. I need a refund.
~ Robert Van Ghle
the release is fun. although the banners are annoying you can just turn time off and you dont obtain nearly as much. what i really dont like is the release is really terrible at reading your input. 30% of the time when i test to transport up and down it does left and right. I dont now fail for any reason another than the release isnt well tuned.
~ BredbergE
If it were not for the HEAVY advertising, this would be a wonderful release. There are many, many ads, and often close to a minute in length. Congrats you beat a scene, here is an advertisement! Need to continue after failing a scene? Pay 200 in-release currency, or watch this advertisement! The worst thing about this is the fact that the release is cute nice. Pretty visuals, a nice difficulty curve, awesome sound...and it all gets lost because some bell-end management squad claimed "needs more banners!"
~ sharpspoonful
Fun release but the banners are annoying and I hate energy systems in small releases. I would happily buy this release for 3 to 5 dollars if there were no banners and if there was no energy system. I think this should be a nice release if it wasn't like each another single small release. The art style is very great and the gameplay is very entertaining. I really want that this release was better. Don't obtain this release unless you are willing to spend 13 dollars a week for a release that is not full of banners.
~ Cracklingman
the *release* is nice, but… jesus christ there are so many frikkin' banners. claim you obtain spiked, you can lose energy, or watch an advertisement and continue from where you died. but unless you already watched an banner in the last 30 seconds, you obtain made to watch an banner ANYWAY, even if you're just quitting to menu. this is what small apps are, apparently: platforms on which you wait to watch ads for another apps, in which you wait to watch ads for another apps, in which you wait to watch ads etc. etc.
~ Alex Shaw
The release itself is a lot of fun but holy s*** are there a lot of banners, literally anything you do you have to watch an banner for(launch the release, respawning, restarting a lvl, starting each newest lvl, ect) hell there is even an banner permanently at the bottom of the screen. The only idea to obtain rid of the banners is a $8 WEEKLY subscription??? Which is borderline a scam. This release is nice but worth a one time buy of $5 MAX.
~ Epiphanie Dupree
This is poor. The fact that it claims its nonpaid and well yes, contains in release purchases but now needs you to pay $10 bucks a week. If a person uninstalls another apps or releases from their device to download this, like I did and then finds out they can only test for 3 days. Its disappointing, not done well, not proper advertising.
~ Samantha Valerín
Would be a nice release if not for the malicious advertizing and greed. There's a loud video banner after each lvl. I would pay the four bucks to go banner nonpaid but I'd STILL obtain a flashing popup in release begging me to watch a video banner for a small, useless upgrade. And I can't trust they're trying to charge eight bucks a week for "energy." This release is a malicious dollars sink.
~ Andrew T
wow, i really did a fun time on this one! i like this prograns a lot, it is a very nice to watch. it will present you so many of banners and i think for me this is the finest banner viewer i have tried so far on my life. yyou can see a lot of banners and obtain nice deals and many stats. there is a strange release between banners that i did not enjoy so until you remove this i will only give one star.i would like a paid option to remove the release and just watch banners if this is possible. thank you so muchmy nice dude
~ Aspatuary Max
The banner seemed cute nice and so I dexides to give it a test. But like many releases actually it wasn't the same. There were banners after I finished every lvl and you had energy so each time you died you lost energy which was basically lifes. And you only got five which sucked. I got bored after 8 lvls and deleted it. It was a nice idea and I loved the sound but im the end it was terrible. I would give it a 2.5 .
~ Sydney Walker
So i think this is the most deciving small release i have seen so far. I was assaulted by weeks with adds of it on youtube and i claimed to give it a go. Only to search out that if you have only 3 days of nonpaid trial and only of you subscribe, meaning that at the end of the trial u will obtain charged for it without a second notice. It is sad that we live in such a deciving supermarket. I am strongly versus this marketing behaviour and so I DO NOT RECOMEND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
~ Ciobica Radu Cristian
I really like the release. TotM is a really fun and addictive release. I do admit, it can be quite a rage release at times bit if you lose your energy then just go to the arcade mode to practice whilst you wait! A dude showed me this release and I liked the look of it so I got it. (This bit's for the originator) I love the art style of the release and the animation is very slick and clean. Overall it's an awesome release and I would definitely suggest it.
~ Pugboi 42
This release is incredibly addictive and fun. I was blown away to see a release heavily featured in banners everywhere turn out to be so fun.... This is my favoured idea to slay time. You can only create this release better. The first zone you should run is with more lvls! MORE! MORE! MORE! You should also add a several more challenges... it's a tiny bothersome to finish a challenge only to see "Launch 30 Chests" pop back up.... Hold it up!
~ TheOne_True_Morty
This looks like a nicely polished release, by why the hell are you charging 8 dollars a week for minor gifts? even at the discount of 100 dollars a year, you have done nothing in this release to justify 100 dollars a year for some minor gifts and buffed masks. and the amount of banners shoved into this release is absurd. if you really feel you deserve to be paid so much for this, just charge for the damn release and have a nonpaid trial ver with the first several lvls and arcade mode.
~ Zachary Brewer
I've been testing this release for a while actually and I love it. The only thing that I hate is when I swipe too speedy the release thought I double clicked and wasted my shield instead of using it for backup. Hope u guys (developer) would add an option where u can use the shield just by tapping the icon or something. And also I didn't obtain any adds because I've been testing this offline. Just going to remind u guys that u can test this offline if you've been struggling with adds.
~ Headphone User
this release is awesome! its really fun to test, feels really retro which is nice and runs really smoothly. the only thing stopping it being a five star review is the leader board system. i dont like the fact that your score multiplier changes with lvl as it makes it hard to track your improvement and hard to see how you match up on the overall leaderboards. another than that, awesome release :)
~ A Google user
nice fun and style, but they need to rethink banners a tiny bit. they have a button to watch an banner for a treasure chest before going to the next lvl, which is fine, but if you decide to go right to the next lvl it often plays you an banner anyway. probably won't test much longer if the majority if my time is spent watching banners (and that's not too obtain bonus things, that's literally just between lvls).
~ Benjamin Crockett
everything about the release itself is nice. but there is idea too many banners. this is terrible for a release like this. if you're nice at the release, lvls will only last up to 20 seconds. and whether you die or victory, you still have to watch banners. this makes the release so much worse because when you die it asks "watch an banner to hold testing" and it makes me think what's the target if you watch an banner anyways if you don't approve it? this makes me only wish to test arcade each time I test. wonderful release, terrible banners.
~ A Google user
You're trying to sell an $8 a week subscription? Ahaha, you made a small release, who the hell do you think you are? Receive off your high horse. You expect recipients to pay constant dollars in a ridiculously expensive membership towards your generic small release? That's one of worst deals I think I've ever seen. You're pathetic, and a stain on the gaming industry.
~ William Dyess
Tomb of the Mask, you guys and gals at help have done a nice job! I use to have lost of adds but the release was worth the wait. Actually I have an add blocker and that eliminates the add trouble. All-in-all nice job with the release, hope to see more releases like this in the future.
~ Julian Hoffenkamp
initially I had a 3 star review because of the banners. but lately I've been noticing not as many banners. And they're usually skippable. I think the amount of banners could be slash down (like have an banner each two or three lvls, instead of each single lvl), but its not unbearable compared to another releases. I love the retro style of the release. and The gameplay is incredibly constructive, and thoroughly enjoyable. I'll probably be testing this one for awhile!
~ Alysa Stevens
The release is fun and addictive, and also compared to another apps, it doesn't have too many banners. I've finished all 200 lvls, and can't wait for newest modernization with more lvls. Also, if you should add option to turn off double tap to activate shield ( cuz I've activated million times by accident, lol ) it would be really great... And that's all I really don't have any another complaints. ^^
~ Baa aa
Like most of the reviews found, the release itself is nice. Great speedy paced release with some lvl of thinking involved. But here's what makes it extremely poor. With the number of banners you see, you'd might as well just change the name of the release to Adverts of the Adverts. Everything you do, is usually greeted by banners. "Oh, you don't wish to watch an banner to revive? Shame, CHECK THIS AD OUT!" Its very excessive. Ultimately, its a nice release destroyed such an approach.
~ Kenney Martinez
I'm only rating this 5 stars because the nonpaid trial. Someone expected it to obtain canceled by its self. That's not how it works. You're help to cancel it yourself or else it charges you. duhhh. but anyways, The release is overall a rock hard, 5 stars. it's got great release test and cool graphics. I don't know why recipients think it's, "Too many banners" That's how releases work. This release has banners to promote things so they earn dollars. That's how it's supposed to happen. Thats why they have more cool releases.
~ YouTube Sucks! 87
Honestly one of my favorites, a nice release if you are bored and don't mind banners. It looks like a old 8 or 16 bit, with the same song, so if you like retro releases, this ones for you. No dollars needed, if you wish to block banners, you can pay around 3 bucks, and you can watch banners for lives and another useful equipment... Overall a brilliant release, well worth whatever time they, and possibly you... place into it.
~ The Sailors channel.
Nice release, finished it. A lot of different interesting lvls. Almost never gets boring even in infinite mode. Lvls' pacing is just nice as well as user's introduction to newest challenges. If it didn't have that much banners, I'd give it five stars, cause banners are played everywhere: you will see three of them before you even obtain to the main menu. Also there's no sense to add screen with "test" button after user presses "replay".
~ Никита Танов
Very fun release, nice idea, well polished. Energy system and banners crash it. I don't wish to wait to test the release, or watch an banner after each lvl. I obtain the the developers need to create dollars somehow - cosmetics, optional boosts, or making the release paid solves this trouble without making the release a poor experience for the player, like the actual system does. played until I ran out of energy, and will be uninstalling.
~ Owen Edward
I like the release, it's easy, has a nice gameplay loop, but the banners just break the immersion and that's why... I have to give it a 3/5 as the banners are almost each step, and each push of a button. Solution: just turn off wifi and time before testing so it's not such a distracting experience.
~ Paweł Gregorczyk
As much as I wish to love this release I just can't. Why? well it's the ads, this is more of a adware than a release. real, It is enjoyable and a fine release disregarding the banners. but then again... you lose? ADS. you wanna test again? ADS. ADS ADS ADS atleast create other idea on how recipients can help this release, maybe skins? idk. these banners just keeps recipients away from enjoying the release tbh.
~ nanashi dayo
Too many banners and in-release purchases. The release itself is very cute and fairly enjoyable, but the constant pop-up banners, banner banners, and reminders to buy power-ups and coins from the market break the release experience. They even test to push a monthly subscription on you. The release isn't worth dealing with all the banners and aggressive IAP. Some banners can't even be skipped.
~ Coral Shine
I purchased the pop-up-away and finished all 200 stages, so that could claim you how much I enjoy this release. I do have some recommendations for the originator to create the release even better. Some nitpicky things: A idea to scroll quickly through the stages would be nice. If there were an option to turn off double-tap-to-activate-shields. Other way of control aside from swiping. And most important for me, I would love a storyline element introduced somehow. Thank you for a nice release!
~ Rose Hannaquist
As a entire, I love this release. I love the retro pixel graphics and the sound design. I love the general aesthetic of the release as a entire. The aggressors are well designed, and the gameplay--while easy--is tight and very responsive. It's very simple for me to sink time into this release and not realize it. The quantity of banners is more than I like but because it's such a nicely built release, I wish $ to go to the devs so I watch some of the banners. Overall, worthy of 5/5 stars. Nice job. 👌
~ Aidan Jasper