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TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]   
About: The massively known anime series "Tokyo Ghoul" has been made into a tablet release! Make squads of your favoured characters and join the war of "Ghoul" versus. "Human"! Characters from Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul A, and Tokyo Ghoul:re all create an appearance! Haise Sasaki and Quinx from the newest season, Tokyo Ghoul:re, join the war alongside Ken Kaneki, Kisho Arima, and another known characters from the first two seasons of the anime! Pretty anime visuals that combine 2D illustrations with 3D models! 2D illustrative portraits have been specially drawn for this release! Moving 3D models take over in war, with voice-overs and illustrations appearing when you use skills! 6-person tap-combo war system! Select from over 100 characters and form a squad of 6 split with 3 in the front line and 3 in the rear! Deal consecutive attacks using skills and hero switches to achieve com ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 75MB Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth] Reviews and Comments:

nice release just one tiny trouble i cant test it anymore because the yes and no buttons to resume a suspended war dont work. so im cute much looking at the title screen and those options actually
~ zombiemold325 a
Nice release, sticks to the storyline do even if you haven watched the anime you understand and obtain drawn in quickly. Nice idea to run watch the anime!
~ Rafa Merc
It is cute fun but want the storyline claiming was better. Like you test as kaneki for missions and unblock him at the end of it. But it is still a nice release.
~ Mista Is Cool
the release very fun once you understand how to test, but it is boring at first, also I lags on my device a lot during wars, if it didn't lag, it would be 5 star no doubt
~ A Google user
Simply addictive. i cant test most releases for more than a several weeks but I've got more than half a years worth of everyday login rewards and have no intention of atopping.
~ Sanitlover
I'm very upset with this release right actually. I cant search my transfer code for my profile and the Fb login was broken when I played. I had been testing this since the version and I loved it, had nice characters and everything. But actually I'm topic to starting all the idea over because of this? I hate transfer codes and usually will. Looks like I wont ne testing ever again, I refuse to run over.
~ Philip Mclean
The release is nice and i fully love it but my trouble is that the release is stuck at the loading screen often i completed a target. I have to restart the release in order to be able to test again. Please fix this trouble cause i really wish to test the release without any interruption. Thanks and I hope you can grant my request.
~ Marc Joseph Pareja
i liked it alot ,but after the newest modernization its so lag it wont allow me resume the war time and it usually stucks in the loading screen and i can't press yes or no in the resume you'r war time and actually its stuck actually i have to uninstall the release and install it again
~ A Google user
I know that this is a very nice release... I was one of the pre registered users for it. I dont know why there are specific reasons for the idea you have to obtain your time back, but I would like to know why cant we use a Google login instead. Unless I can obtain any nice reason for this case, my rating remains ar 2/5 . Hope for support quick...
~ Black JoJo
Five stars! Not only is this release super addicting, it's not now a Pay to victory type of release! There are lots of strategic moves you can create, lots of characters to accumulate AND the zone fights are nice! I noticed a several spelling errors when it came to characters name, E.G - Touka being spelled Toka, but another than that it is one hell of an nice release! I suggest anyone who sees it on the release shop/Test shop to snatch it up instantly!
~ Pantsy Fance093
when the release asks to approve its policies policies i am not able to see any approve button and hence the release doesn't moves further forward. I would like you to fix this trouble. my device model is redmi hm1s
~ SansySasy
testing for a week, cool release, but what i understand i need to wait for a week for the next zone war?? if thats so then im done, nothing to do when the meeting is not on.
~ Krzysztof W.
Should use some fixes. I lost the time I spent hundreds of hours on. Want there was a cloud backup rather than an ID one. Otherwise, nice release. It's a nice release for passing time. Please add a PvP mode. The release can obtain boring at some points. Gems could be in higher quantity for each selection of buy. No idea I'm spending $2 for something I can obtain more of for nonpaid in 3 mins.
~ Shiro Weiss
nice release, not much release movement while still have its own appeal, each hero thought carefully and spot on so wasting a bit pocket dollars is fine for me. honestly i chose this one over dark fight since its easier to obtain my favorites hero in re: birth. just nice release overall
~ dead riddle
This is alot like another gatcha collection kind releases. But there does seem to be a lot of opportunity to accumulate and upgrade without the need to pay. Of course those who do pay will be able to outpace the average users. Combats let for a lot of customization. I would give it 5 stars if the auto test information also allowed auto repeat, and if you should expand your saved squads beyond 10. Another than that its a fun release with nice options and meetings.
~ Eric Strate
We need most hurt dealt and highest hurt raid boss done in one test and obtain bonus rewards. Most of the time i feel like its a chore to test the release and i don't obtain much of it and conflict is such a weird mode since its mainly rng i have spent dollars on this release but i don't see any improvements in tokyo ghoul re birth you guys need to step up the release or it will die. Seriously work with it and create something newest.
~ Crazy DvL
Super fun release, but on some target it's waaaay too hard to obtain Kaku Gems (without paying). I'm on level 92, completed the entire storyline (up to today) and actually there's an nice newest Ken Kaneki hero, that I can't obtain despite all my efforts on Zone... What a pity :/
~ Trolling TNT
really fun but there was a glitch with the release so when you exit a war by closing the release and re-enter the release it gives you the option to resume the war when I was in the middle of a war my Wi-Fi went down and when I went back up I re-entered the release and it gave me the option to continue the war but whenever I pressed on either of the two buttons it would not reply and I uninstalled and reinstalled the release and transferred my time back to the release and the same glitch happened
~ Jackender
there is only one thing holding this back from a five star release, it is near impossible to obtain golden special upgrade equipment without buying anything because the ones that are supposed to give you gold give you more silvers than anything (if you change this i'll chamge my rating)
~ anotherprestonplayz
I really love despite me loving the Anime "Tokyo Ghoul" I really love it but I kinda hate waiting to do things (like:summoning,going on a target) but I reallly love it so much ITS SO FUN TO PLAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT
~ A Google user
Variety to to do so you wont be bored, nice collecting your favored characters. i like the summon information in this release you are guaranteed a hero after a certain amout of draws. Highly suggest one of the better collector releases!
~ Matthew
This release is the most entertaining release I have and I love it! even if it lags alot I still love it! and can you bring black reaper haise, I never got the chance to test and receive it.
~ Cristopher Benavides
finest Tokyo Ghoul release EVER!!! Kaku Gems are a tiny hard to obtain unlike dbz legends.😅😅 Its still an nice release though,but id also like to complain about the newest modernization. So on my device it wouldn't allow me download the modernization so i deleted the release the reinstalled it to manually obtain the modernization right, then i place in my transfer time with all if my full lvl SSR and equipment then all of my progress is lost, I had SSR Hinami(the newest one), Ken Kaneki etc.😤😡 just wanted to file this complaint!
~ NRG-_-wolf78
I really enjoy the release itself as a entire. I know its under more developement but it would be great if users can gain more kaku gems aside from storyline mode and zone fights. I feel perhaps there could be certain fights that are restart everyday to earn gems by hour.
~ Hyun-Ae Kim
Guys please understand this. if you have a trouble where you obtain the "suspended war time" info, DONT DELETE YOUR GAME. JUST LEAVE IT. I deleted my release and lost everything. All my SSR's are gone. please listen to me. DONT DELETE YOUR GAME.
~ A Google user
I seriously LOVE this release. I'm a gigantic fan of anime, especially Tokyo Ghoul so I had high expectations for this release. and honestly it surpasses all of them. please hold it up! (☆/>u</)
~ Exo_EXE
I love this release. The only trouble is when i left in the middle of war and went back, i couldnt obtain in. I still cant test it and i dont know what to do. Love the release, but would really like this trouble fixed
~ Y Bomb
I love this release so much, you developers are doing such a AWESOME JOB!! I would adore and marry this release if you can add that we can gift characters or dispatch characters to dudes, because I wish to give my Kaneki Half-Kakuja Centipede to my dude who has this release.
~ ItsUrStalker
I really really like this release, however the newest title screen is a large trouble, it keeps lagging the release to the target where my touch isn't responsive and the release moves at 2-3 FPS, this is a common trouble for recipients on small so please fix this trouble.
~ Jk Po
Love the release. Very f2p friendly gacha with a guaranteed unit at step. i want another releases would do this. Two recommendations. Please add auto repeat war so we can can compete versus the 24/7 botters with macros on their notebook emulators or rooted devices. Also it would be great if the release can be played on a device and device concurrently.
~ Alien Gamer
love the release tbh! but after getting the newest modernization, im having some troubles when I test to continue any war. I did tap 'yes' and 'no' but nothing really happened. I see a lot of players are troubling with this. so please fix it up Bandai! :( I'd still give it 5 stars bcoz I LOVE ITTTTT
~ Bani Chowdhury
I personally like it a lot, after getting back into it after a dude had showed me I've been testing it constantly. No limitations to playtime, nice smooth gameplay, the release looks nice. Better than the another Tokyo Ghoul apps.
~ Grim Reminder
nice release you're able to obtain a ton of super currency for nonpaid, but I've noticed. newest trouble in ranking system for leaderboards during zone fights the top recipients have an absurd amount of points and from what I have heard is that those claimed recipients are using macros to farm infinitely which I don't think is really fair for users who are trying to grind legitimitly not sure if its 100 percent real or not though
~ Yu Tatsumi
fun, enjoyable and a nice recap of the storyline. Combat system is fun but slightly repetative, should use a tons in background visuals but 3D models are nice! All of this has been dropped on its head by my time being deleted. ive lost my blaxk reaper heisei and all the another cards because i got stuck at war time suspended screen. It the worst when you now enjoy a release for it to hate the user. Also lags very badly most of the time since the modernization
~ SKDevers
By far one of my favoured small releases of all time. The fights are nice, the different types of fights and troops, the sound track, all of it is incredibly fun. However, there are some flaws. One the release should use some optimizing. Title screen lags heavily and certain troops like Touka lag the release a lot. 2nd, storyline missions arent really fun. Its just a grind fest for mainly at this target Kaku gems, but it does claim the storyline. Not in the finest idea as its super speedy, but its there.
~ Rem z3r0
We should obtain kaku gems from maxing out ssr characters like in Bleach Brave Souls so our resorces wouldn't be that limited. Or we should obtain newest meetings or anything. My profile is fully out of kaku/hakka I don't wish to run a newest profile but wanna summon more on this one. And please remove the automatic end turn it's just annoying and pointless. Anyway, hold up the nice work!
~ Szabi T.
for those who have trouble with suspended match i recommend when you first test it will give you a id and transfer id player copy those ids and place it on an release call note or go to settings and search the id this will support you since there are many reports about "suspended match" and you can't press button yes or no copy you ids first and place it on the note and save it so you can recheck the id and copy it. the release have hold the time all it need is the id. i hope this supports you guys.
~ mr black
This release doesn't follow the typical small releases cliches. It doesn't have a "battery/chrage" limited number of matches you can test. It means basically that you can spend your entire day testing it and I love this. It does some nice justice to the tg series and I 100% suggest it.
~ shin
The release is nice and a tiny addictive. The release has all the the characters that were there in the anime series. Overall the release is running fine. Excellent work. Waiting for the next modernization. Also pls modernization the release with a information for saving progress like google test services. It would be useful for us to save our release progress without loosing our unlocked characters and achievement. Thank you.
~ Chris J. George
An exceptional release with nice hero development, and gameplay mechanics. It is so complex, really the finest idea to understand is to test it out yourself, which is why the guide is short. It is rewarding to f2p users and beginners rn especially. Gem boxes are a bit expensive but I bet there will be sales as the release grows. This one is definitely a keeper for me.
~ Yahya Al Sabeh