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About: Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based king-testing walkthrough release developed by the Chengdu Longyou Studio. The studio created this release globe set in the period of the Three Kingdoms mainly based on recipients's opinions on another releases set in that period. The release is very detailed in depicting the differences between different cities and also the abilities and informations of the military officers. The release also applies an appealing war system in which weather, landforms, and many another factors will influence the effects of every war. The release is based on the known Chinese historical novel by Luo Guanzhong (about A.D. 1330 - 1400). I. Straight and graceful graphics completed by fine-lined drawing The portrait of each hero in the release is completed by fine-lined drawing with the same style as the picture-storyline ebooks "Romance of the Three Kin ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: ChengDu LongYou Tech
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Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord Reviews and Comments:

yeah nice release but to terrible to can't test with true recipients lol .recipients test these releases to have fun with others
~ A Google user
horrible, many button is not active, i wish refund!!
~ dicky mulianto
You can make your hero/ruler and your officers on top of the gigantic roster of recruitable officers roaming the land of ancient China. Turn base SRPG combat is very nice and deep. You need to understand terrain, advantages of the battlefield, weather, and walkthroughs like fighting with Fire. What I like is that you can conquer a very gigantic force with a several units and an effective walkthrough. I'd like to commend the devs for their hard work and passion to make a 3 kingdoms experience. Nice Job!
~ Sparky Ears
Product is decently fun to test Cant wait for the chinese language to come
~ Gordon Foo
i love this release, its just like testing RoTK in my device.
~ Poelar Bear
The nice clasic release which I looking for along time. How to Dual in war?
~ Thang Nguyen
It s the finest three Kingdoms ever! So touch!
~ kam shan Wong
been looking for this kinda release for so long thank you
~ Reza Reds
Is Chinese ver going to be available tomorrow?
~ Yue Yu
Nice release but I like we can only control one general like romance of three kingdoms 7 and ty
~ Supun Pradeep
please optimize for weak end device players particularly recipients who uses j7 prime samsung and the likes..another than that everything seems nice
~ Guard Oda
Nice release! But I just wish to know if there will be any possibility of multiplayer gameplay in the future.
~ R Y
Current full release, very nostalgic to me, also nice how it doesn't eats up my battery.
~ Huy Lam
finest paid release ever, the developer is still active upgrading and helping us. cant stop testing.
~ hella holla
How to see skill description? Like I don't know what "Rush" do?
~ Haska Nur Muhammad
This release definitely worth each single cent, with developers providing constant upgrades!
~ Shaw Herng
a classic release. I used to test the PC ver of this classic release years ago and this reminds me of that.
~ C Du
i have one sugestion in creating alliance between different parties can you add marriage of your heir as an offer not just dollars and meal. i think it is better to add it
~ Jot Binansil
So far - very nice. Reminds me of the Koei releases I played on PC back in the 80s. One star more will be given once there is a comprehensive manual provided in English. Thanks for your nice work. This release is something very premium.
~ Don Czirr
Improve Duel war animation, it's to boring and sometime not showing skill and round please fix it
~ Elvin Wijaya
love the release, but I do hope there be a Chinese vers quick.
~ Kenwe
please create a diplomacy mode that makes the aggressor surrender without fight and mode duel to create victory without an gigantic of units, makes release more realistic, thanks this release is very nice not boring to test this release
~ Dheni Indra
The release is still in developing mode; basically, users are nonpaid testers for its developers. The cons: too many officers; too many equipment; too many attributes for officers; plain easy map; provinces under pc controlled not really follow given policies. There isn't any material explaining how to test the release; users are left to figure out what to do. l stopped testing the release and hope to come back when it is refined.
~ Loc Le
Should you add the storyline of every officer(liu bei, cao cao, sun jian) and the others. I've read the storyline of it but still i wanna see it in the release. Plus the scenario of the yellow turbans. And there's a trouble about the release that force to shut down, please fix and hold up the goodwork👍.
~ Kiyan No Zero
This is a nice 3 Kingdoms Product. But I found the "Manual" button in disabled mode in battlefield. I only can pick "Auto" in battlefield actually. Can support?
~ Choon Foo Lee
basically RotK on Mobile, with all the super informations and no bs microtransactions. i love it. been testing it for days.
~ Ken Lee
After plying for a couple days I launch to enjoy it.. Only one gripe there is no urgency or need to capture the emperor coz I can buy titles either idea. Want the emperor is more alive like in rotk 6 on psone but so far I'm loving it.. Hold improving it pls.... Also is there anyway to create the font bigger?? Cute hard to test in device with font that tiny.. I love it ty.
~ Marc LoriAga
its fun for three days it hav a nice nostalgic content and then its getting repetitive. it hav a lot thing to do but lack impact and impression perhaps you could rework the war mode rework castle management rework and add more meeting and how its trigger. a nice automation required. gameplay is too long. war is no fun, recruitment is too slow. premium unit doesnt really create different. nice officer with nice equipment lack impact (need more rpg element) edit: often modernization but modernization size is large
~ Baretha Nusantara
i've found a bug where i'm spending hundreds of gold per day while another ai cities including the one in my force only spend less than 100 gold (disbled research, and development). There is no idea i can victory unless i handicapped it. fix it please.
~ Jansen Junaedi
Adding bonus scenario will be nice. Also deployment during winter season could impact more like losing some units cus some AI just kept attacking me during winter season..
~ A Google user
The release has nice bones, but needs some adjustments to be really nice. One thing I'm thinking about right actually is the really low castle develop interface. Its idea too slow actually to develop the cities after the newest modernization, and it really hurts the gameplay. Please place it back to where it was!
~ Cadmus Salaam
This is the small ver of the release on steam, so lots of informations compared to another small RoTK releases - which maybe terrible for recipients looking for a causal release test...but GREAT for serious RoTK lovers! Product seems to be modernized as quick as they have a newest patch for the notebook ver, so the release's now better because you can test it whenever you wish to. Unlike some of my another purchases, did not regret buying this release at all.
~ scott 鎧蔚 hsieh
For ROTK lovers I recommend you buy this release. I don't regret buying the release, it's fun and addictive. It will consume lots of your time once you learn the mechanics. For the developers, nice job for making this release. My recommendations are: More upgrades to come I hope, to improve the release experience. More diplomatic options like ask your foe to surrender. I haven't finish the release so maybe I haven't seen all the options and meetings yet. gonna claim you more recommendations once I am done testing.
~ Xolxis Tabs
guys!! thank you for making this release, i love each part of it. ITS A MUST BUY for all Three kingdom fandom . for a small gaming this release has a finest detail on micro managing each tiny thing this release has over, hands down! and once again thanks for making it available on small. *ps : their monthly modernization ... ROCK!!! GREAT GAME AT GREAT VALUE!! I LOVE THIS GAME LOLOLOL
~ Rh M
so far so nice. But I got trouble when I swipe officer list to see officer task usually launch officer detail, it is annoying. please do something. thank you
~ Septiana Muhamad
i had the chance to test it for a several hours on PC and purchased it when i heard the small ver is as nice. just 2mins into my buy, the release auto stopped at least thrice when i was upgrading my option's settings. Fortunately i should change the same setting in the release. I would continue to observe if the release auto stops persist in another parts of the release Modernization: to 5* for developer's prompt acknowledgement and is aware and working on it.
~ Teng Fei Soo
I've read the reviews and have high hopes for this release (downloading it as I'm writing this review). I hate P2W and I'm usually launch to helping nice sounding releases like this one. Plus it's ROTK, who doesn't love that story. However, I'll modernization when I place some hours into the gameplay. Problems: 1. When I go to options and test to change some of the settings the release crashes.-I found a workaround. Once you pick your scenario you can change your graphics and msg speed without the release ruin
~ Fernando Lopez
5 stars, we all gotta help developer like this. I'm looking for this type of releases with paid 1 times for a long times, others releases is pay2win and destroy the beauty RoTK. I straight buy to help developer. To developer: 1. Create trials for this releases so recipients can play before buy 2. Make more youtube video so others know this release is exist in mobile(honestly without banners, recipients didnt know this releases exist and need to know why gotta buy it)3. 1.4GB is large to modernization releases often, this is mobile platform not notebook 4. Increase releases safety to counter pirated releases 5. Create official reddit so users can discuss about his release.
~ Malaysian RR
So far here's my opinion, This release is a nice past time where-in you will manage your castle like ROTK and RTP series releases. I like the idea how you will run your force , NOT TO MENTION you can make your own personal officers which is great ! Although you can obtain confused when you first test it but once you run testing it you will slowly understand it. As for officers, recruiting is somewhat hard. Also, Combat a tiny boring to me so can you guys create it animated or more fun ? Some grammars need to be polished too. Overall, It is definitely worth your dollars and i can claim i am pleased, Developers can furthermore improve this so it will go in the long run and you guys have my help :) Thanks for making this release and i hope you create releases !
~ Jan Michael Gaurano
Fun release, but I am taking away a star because when I e-mailed the developer for support after I had to do a master restart on my device and the test shop acted like I didn't buy the release, I recieved a "you will have to contact the platform". Ever test contacting Google? I did recieve a same day response though, that's why it's not at 3 stars. May I recommend next time at least providing me with the contact for the platform's IT. They call it, "customer service". I think I fixed it actually.
~ A Google user