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About: The Tiny Ones expansion is available actually as an in-release buy! "If you've not already played this brilliant, heart-wrenching release, then small is as nice a zone as any to allow it fully destroy you." - , 9/10, Pocket User UK "This Fight of Mine isnt exactly fun, but its definitely a release worth testing." , 9/10, 148apps In This Fight Of Mine you do not test as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged castle; struggling with lack of meal, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. The release provides an experience of fight seen from an entirely newest angle. The pace of This Fight of Mine is imposed by the day and night cycle. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, so you need to focus on maintaining your hideout: crafting, trading and taking care of your survivors. At night, tak ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: 11 bit studios
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This War of Mine Reviews and Comments:

Nice release, but after newest modernization it is unplayable because trader is not coming anymore. which makes it hard to survive.. i don't know when it will be fixed. 5 stars to 3 stars till then.
~ Avishek Sharma
Incredible, compelling release. Not 'fun' but enjoyable in a wish-to-hug-a-puppy afterwards type of idea. Nice equipment. But it will bring your mood down a several pegs.
~ Ian Kennedy
Believe me. This release is really driving me crazy. Is not simple. Is a lot of fun. Struggling with supply. And psychology of each human. By the idea. Im waiting for modernization create your own storyline. And also, where is father promise?
~ Arsyil Desmond
nice release, got it on sale and it was definitely worth it. lots of different things to do in release. finally beat release on day 27. it was not simple.
~ Tony Hardy
Loved this release, but currently unplayable due to bugs. Radio does not work and trader does not come after first visit. This makes the release essentially unwinnable. Has been broken for a month actually with no fix in sight. "quick" only counts for so long.
~ John Armstrong
this is one of the finest small releases I've ever played. as you test it over and over you're able to do more and go farther. save one person's life and take other's. what would you do in this kind of case? this release is deep!
~ Lutalo Henderson
This release is nice and moving, and I wholeheartedly suggest you test it. However, one key information from PC is missing, namely the scenario editor. Having won most of the original challenges, I'd like to be able to make custom ones for myself to overcome like on PC, but sadly I can't for actually.
~ Janka Rohde
I love the release, I've played it for a while, I even downloaded the DLC tiny ones on my ps4, but its having a couple of bugs that have really bothered me. First of all, each time I build the radio, my hero cannot use it, so I cannot hear or see any upgrades on the storyline. Sometimes my hero will just die, despite the fact that they are fully healthy. Since the last modernization it's just annoying bugs. Again, nice release.
~ Alvaro Montes
Well balanced release which focusses on the storyline often untold in video releases of civilians caught in a civil fight. Is able to convey its message through gameplay mechanics, art style and song.
~ Dirk Wagenaar
The release is just magnificent just like in the original ver! I would really love to see the PC upgrades create it into small, such as the Anniversary one, or general another ones, since I noticed that some equipment have either been modified or removed and it's a bummer. Sometimes the SFX can also glitch which can create the release a bit weird. Not release breaking, but it's there and I've noticed that the release was recently patched for that. That would be all, hold up the nice work!
~ Killerrush
i was played in notebook and this is the same gme i played lol
~ walidel moch
Been testing it on my Pixel 3 XL. It's probably the finest small release I've ever played. It runs smoothly. Product is immersive and requires a collective survival effort from the users you control. It can obtain tense, desperate, tragic but it also has great moments. The controls are nice. I like the visual style and sound results also.
~ Keepie Uppie
Product was running beautifully for a tiny while and then, out of the blue, my recipients can't eat any canned meal. I send them to the fridge to eat it and the orange circle runs but never finishes and the canned meal stays in the fridge. That canned meal is, in my opinion, type of important. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the release to see if it supports. Will modernization later.
~ Valerie Montanez
Simply nice. It's friendly yet somber enough to hold us distant from a familiar comfortability. The release went on sale recently, so I got it. The finest $3 I've spent on a paid release.
~ Nomina Mea
Despite nice graphics, idea, and gameplay, I cannot rate the release above 3 stars because the developers refuse to fix their release-breaking save information. This makes it impossible to save your actual progress and makes cheating not just optional but unavoidable each single time you close the release. It makes testing the release more than once a truely onerous experience.
~ W. Steven Rosenthal
So i've had this release for years and love it to pieces but it reboots each time i test to run the run. What the hell is going on? i don't wish to hate on this but it's not really acceptable. What a shame
~ chris channon
wow this release surprise me a lot. I had no concept how true and immersive this was going to be. like if you steal from others your survivors feel guilt and obtain sad. like holy s*** the so true and when you obtain into the release obviously like 3 hours straight with it I just purchased the PC ver which I think is better the small because of the controls but it's still nice. one suggestion would be for the hero traits portrait to be smaller because it takes up a gigantic amount of zone
~ Shafquat Wahid
I LOVE THIS GAME. It's intriguing, evocative, dark, and pretty. I enjoy the mechanics and the story pulls you in. There's enough variation to create it a release I can test again and again. I'm really glad I bought it!
~ Mary M
Hey this is a nice release.
~ Adam Trimble
is tiny ones and father promise same?
~ King Mihawk
hard but memorable experience
~ Northern Skyye
can you create the create your own storyline like on PC
~ Donnie Shavers
its a release my mom, me, my dad can all test, so that makes it a nice release
~ Colbe
thanks for fixing the font size trouble. this is actually a more true customized experience for small. nice job
~ Fabio Insolia
nice release a lot to do on the release to much to search.
Terrific release that conveys the horrors of living in a fight torn country.
~ Tom O'Donoghue
Exceptional. Surprising. Extraordinary. Fun. Addictive. Highly Suggested.
~ Emi Igat
love this release, unfortunately after testing hours and hours is stuck and the characters aren't moving.had to restart.still 5 stars and hope to fix this
~ Nogoodr
Tough choices which create you question your own morality with an engaging storyline.
~ Misunderstood Wookiee
100% love this release, finest offline release out there... Worth each cent of my dollars. 100% suggested
~ aki Gadong
just a wonderful release. dark, scary, fun, addictive. tough at first, took me a bit to figure gameplay but worth it. got it on sale so a solid buy .
~ James McAlister
A survival type of horror release that tries to present the horror of fight. It is still a release and although touches on some of the horrors of fight it should of been the same release in a zombie apocalypse, do not expect it to present you the real face of fight.
~ Bilal Morpeth
Straight release to test as far as controls and tasks but a very challenging release that sucks you in, you launch to care for your hero's and wish to create sure everyone survives!
~ dropkick422
the release is still not fixed. Actually if it doesn't ruin right off, if you test to pick the newest adam scenario it randomly assigns a different scenario and I haven't played through enough to see if the trouble with each campaign lasting 45 days is fixed
~ A Google user
Should I request for you to create our scavenge slot a bit larger. This is really hard for surviving. Or could you just create those weapons don't take zone in storage while scavenging. Please... just please. Also I found ''The Tiny Ones'' DLC to be amusing at first but it really is hard to manage with just the two of your own babe.
~ Shiro Nekomaru
nice release but they have bugs where in certain buildings with multiple possibilities, you catch morale penalties from taking supplies from bandits or evil army bc those maps have possibilities of another scenarios with non evil civilians. This bug was fixed long ago in the notebook versions, why not here?
~ Yevgeniy Mashnitskiy
i love this release and the fact that it works so well with my chromebook, but the scenery is idea to dark, and i can barely see anything im doing. compared to the notebook/console version. i hate that there is no scenario originator. this is definately not worth £10.49 which is more that the steam ver, as it informations much less than the notebook/console ver. for this fact i also would have guessed that it would come packaged with the dlc but it doesnt. i hope for more informations to be included with upgrades.
~ A Google user
I LOVE this release. It's so simple to pick up and obtain lost in it for hours! Iv been testing this on and off for about 2 years and only have one playthrough left until iv finished! Thanks developers nice job! Edit- finished them all and still testing =)
~ Amber Denning
Glorious release. It is wonderful in each idea. Testing it for years actually, and I'm glad to see developers maintaining this release for a long time. I have purchased this release 3 times: on PC, PS4 and Mobile. Each ver is nice. I hope we will see This Fight of Mine 2 with a much bigger castle to search.
~ Vytautas Sapranavicius
I enjoyed the bit of the release I got to see, but my device keeps reverting to as if I never bought the DLC, I assumed it was forced license checking (at every and each run) and when offline my DLC is unplayable. The guys at kalypso fixed the same error in project highrise, it isnt google, it isn't samsung, i was correct about it being in your programming as i claimed in the beginning. Fix this please. It had something to do with airplane mode they claimed.. maybe you could ask them. why would we buy the newest DLC when you haven't fixed the offline accessibility of the original DLC? all these months and rather than fix the DLC trouble in offline mode you rather create newest DLC, are you all retarded or what? who is going to buy it? I will be able to use the tiny ones offline before i buy anything else from you, fix it.
~ Michael Alspach