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About: Samantha Bee wants to obtain you excited about the 2018 midterm elections in the finest idea possible: a everyday trivia release with a dollars prize of up to $5,000! And dont worry, the release isnt rigged; its for everyone! We dont care if youre Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Gary Johnson, we just wish you to obtain excited about voting. Once per day, youll obtain the chance to respond 10 multiple choice questions about the midterms, actual meetings and very important facts about democracy like how to spell Jeff Sessions' middle name (it's Beauregard). Receive each question right and youll victory dollars from the everyday jackpot, split with the another winners (#winning)! Receive each question wrong and you probably dont know anything about the United States, so were glad youre here. How it works: * Join the release each day when you obtain a push info * Respond 10 ... Show more
Genre: Trivia Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 63MB Developer: Turner Entertainment Networks
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This is Not a Game by Sam Bee Reviews and Comments:

10/9/2018 was able to test and had no troubles. The release did have a tiny hesitation during the release. 10/8/2018 Did not load until question 4. Once again release failed me. Modernization and fix the bugs again. 10/5/2018 I joined the release. I heard the first question, but it did not appear, the respond choices only appeared after tabulation. Thus causing the release to use my bonus life on question 1. Yesterday I couldn't even join the release. Please fix your bug troubles. I really like this release but today this is not a release the release did me duuurrrrtty.
~ Jason Brown
Modernization: I switched to a OnePlus 6, and actually the release doesn't display properly; it cuts off the end of all the answers, the countdown timer, even the amount I've banked. I've tried adjusting the display settings I can, and it doesn't change anything. So, I just hope to guess correctly when the answers I see are (for instance) "4", "1", "1", and "5". Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me to fix the Fb login trouble. It is very strange to have an option to turn on info that *will not* allow you do that, though. I hope this information gets fixed quick.
~ Jenn Scollan
Had no troubles with the UI. If I had to guess, most of the reviews place up yesterday were the effects of overloaded servers, so I'd recommend just trying again today. I do want there were premium challenges available or that it gave a time for the next release. Even if I'm not winning dollars, I wouldn't mind testing some of the previous trivia questions. (Also place captions on the intro screen or create it repeatable)
~ Meghan Furrie
Serious glitches...can't turn on info, unable to login via fb, no release test available, no premium. I trust you under estimated your popularity and how that was going to translate to recipients wanting to participate...your servers are overwhelmed. Please correct the trouble. I am excited to test it out once the glitches are taken care of and will give a higher rating once that is done. On a lighter note, you rock and hold up the nice work of trying to hold recipients from drinking the orange Kool-Aid. ;)
~ Christine Kidwell
Don't bother to test this if you're on a Samsung Tab E. It was idea too buggy to be enjoyable. I was warned it wasn't optimized for my device, but it was terrible. It would acknowledge my clicks and then still claim me I hadn't answered in time, or claim me I was wrong at the same time as highlighting the respond I picked as the correct one. Clearly, my device and the release were communicating poorly. The songs while waiting for the release to run were fun though.
~ Rhiannon Louve
I've only been able to test the release once. For example, today when I tried to launch release shortly before the live release started, it didn't load on my device until release was half over and I had already been place in "dead" mode. Another irritants: won't retain the picture I uploaded few times for profile; won't let me to pick "info" in settings. Pretty concept. Fun the one time I was able to test. Overall, makes "voting" seem glitchy and irritating.
~ Meg Johnson
I seem to be able to load the release fine, but I can't test. Either the questions never present up on the screen (and I obtain penalized for answering wrong...which I didn't), or the release won't take my respond (and again, I obtain penalized for an incorrect respond). I have deleted and reinstalled the release twice, as well as modernized it. Still the troubles persist.
~ Sarah Harmon
I downloaded this release a couple of weeks ago when it came out. Today was the first day that I was able to now log in at the time it claimed there would be a release. I have tried multiple times until actually- and I got a generic loading screen that refused to load until today. Then when I was testing, I died on the first question because the release destroyed - even though I was frantically mashing the correct respond with my finger. I didn't even obtain to see the entire release because of that failure. The release is too buggy to be either fun or informative, and there is no option to access the questions outside of the release time. This is an unacceptable performance for a gigantic scale release like this - you wish recipients to Pokemon - go to the polls? You need to learn from their errors and figure out how to load balance this ish so recipients can now test it. Nice idea - incredibly poorly executed.
~ Valerie Lim
Modernization 11/6/18: not hanging mid-release anymore, has lots of users actually and seems to be working smoothly. The questions are funny and educational. A for effort and having a nice concept to obtain more voters involved. However, it keeps failing on me mid-release. It goes into dead mode even when I obtain the respond correct. Then I can't respond the remaining questions.
~ A Google user
Either it's glitchy on the Note 8, or it's glitchy in general, but either idea, I'm super frustrated w this release! I've been trying to test since it was launched but have never been successful in getting into the release. The home screen will launch (after thinking about it for a while), but that's it. For example, the next release was supposed to run at 6p today, so opened the release at 6... Nothing. Closed it & tried again at 605p. Nope. Closed & tried again at 610p... Nada. I love the idea (and Sam Bee!), but right actually it seems to be more of an exercise in futility & frustration than a fun political trivia release. Boo
~ Shana Kopp
I was really interested in this release. I am a fan of Samantha Bee. The release allow me make an profile the first time I tried. The first round of questions the release flaked out and closed itself. I tried to go back into the release and was only met with an infinite load screen. I tried reinstalling the release and actually it won't allow me log in. I can't give a nice rating to a release that doesn't seem to work. It won't allow me make a newest newest profile or log in in any idea.
~ Martin Waguespack
I wish to love this release. Please create it work so I can. I bet there are recipients who can support with the coding.... I should not even make an profile with my correspondence...... Being a doer myself, I understand the impulse to just place Something out, but.... it was not time yet. Perhaps just turn this into a working correspondence collector so you can modernization us interested recipients when it is working.. ?
~ Heather Caunt-Nulton
Too many troubles to kind here. Literally nothing works. Today I had it launch at the right time, but the release wouldn't run. Eventually it started me in dead mode halfway through, but wouldn't present the questions or answers, but rather claimed me I was wrong when it shown the effects. Will wait for an modernization before I bother trying again. UPDATE: After a several upgrades, the release is actually mostly playable. I am able to run the release on time, and respond questions. Info work actually too. Still buggy, but much better. Two troubles I have with the gameplay: I cannot change my respond after choosing something, and I cannot figure out how to use (or not use) my bonus lives. Occasionally it uses my bonus life automatically, and another times it doesn't really give me an option to use it. A pop up question is what we need here.
~ David Wollberg
Lad, whoever was in charge of release development really allow you guys down and spoiled a TON of goodwill. This release simply - does not work-. Info are broken, sometimes it stalls on opening, you can't interact unless there's an ongoing release (which, who the hell knows when it's happening because the info don't work and the next release is "coming really quick"). In all honesty, the developer could be hanging their head right actually. You had a GIGANTIC opportunity with the marketing this got in the last episode, and it's all blown away to nothing because someone likely focused on the bells and whistles instead of making sure this had a solid backend before pushing. What a waste. Sam, I hope you obtain a better outcome next shot, but this one's a goner.
~ Zach S
Product has fixed the troubles that previously made it unplayable. The questions are smarter than another trivia releases, with much less annoying chitchat. If you pay attention to the news, you'll do well. If you don't, hopefully this release will educate you.
~ Megan Susman
I love Sam Bee and Full Frontal, but this release has some primary bugs that create it infuriating! -No idea to enable info. So you have to babysit the release if it gives you a time for next release. - Don't be even a moment late! Product is less than 5 mins and no grace period... I claim this because I looked away to watch a storyline on the news and turned back to see that it was already on the last question! -5pm?! Really? Work and traffic, so a poor time! Others seem to have equally horrid play times. Can you really not set it to one quiz a day per release so that you can take it whenever? The purpose of this was to inspire recipients to be engaged... But all I wish to do actually is uninstall.
~ Heather French
I couldn't even login so I have no concept how the actual release is. I used the sign in with Fb option and then a message popped up that an profile already exists. Creepy because it's incorrect. Either idea, even if someone already signed up using my Fb profile or the associated correspondence address why can't I login still? I have two factor authentication on both accounts and never received a warning that someone was trying to use either profile to sign up for this release. Honestly, I just think the release itself doesn't work with using Fb as a login.
~ Krystine Lewis
EDIT: devs seem to have ironed out the wrinkles and it's a solid release actually. Entertaining and informative. Can't obtain past having to drop everything once a day to test, though..... EDIT: I've now gotten to test twice actually. It's fun, when I can obtain in to test it..... I'm at the target of uninstalling this release. I rarely remember to test at the one scheduled time per day, and when I finally do, I obtain jammed in the server queue and miss the run. Then it Claims me I'll testing in "dead mode," reads me the questions, doesn't give me a chance to respond, and then taunts me for answering wrong. If I wanted to obtain shut out, ignored, and taunted for trying to do what's right, I'd report a sexual assault. Nice idea, lousy execution.
~ Kirsten Anderson
Seems like they're having a lot of growing pains. The release has only loaded once out of five times I've tried to test. That one time that I finally did obtain started in the release, when it started asking questions, the answers didn't load, so the screen just stayed blank until it read "Tabulating" and then claimed I got the respond wrong. Hopefully they'll fix their scalability troubles, because it's a decent premise, just shoddy execution.
~ Erik Neff
Most of the time the release just doesn't work. The releases are once a day and live for some reason so if you're not ready or available, then the release is 100% useless. If it does now load and you obtain to test, the lives system doesn't work because you go into dead mode after losing 1 of 4 lives, and sometimes the time your answers register wrong, like the button claims 1 respond but is now linked to other, so even answering correctly, you'll still lose. Finally, with time still on the clock you can't change answers either, so be sure before you click. The release has no instructions for any of this, and doesn't even shop your avatar picture after you add it. Deleting it each day. This release is such a scam. I thought Sam Bee is better than this garbage.
~ Dan Stovall
It lags occasionally which sends me straight into Deadmode, and I want that it test later in the evening since I work two jobs. Still it's funny, now nonpaid to test, and full of fun facts. I would like even without to $.50 prize with every release.
~ Amylin Hendrix-Ziegelbauer
On downloading the release (Mobile ver): - Linking Fb feedback is broken, which is a shame because I'd share the release with dudes thru FB - It's unclear how/when you test the release. If it's like HQ, where you wait for a certain time, that isn't specified. The notice "Next release quick" is disheartening. It's better to give a vague date than none at all
~ Ryan Seitter
I'll give it four stars if the developers will fix a literal present-stopping bug: the release crashes when I test to use an bonus life, and then locks out answers for one round on re-entry. Modernization: They seem to have fixed the bonus life bug, but introduced a newest one that should be worse: on November 2, I answered the first three questions correctly according to the screen, but after a slight pause, the release picked up with me in dead mode as if I'd gotten a question wrong...but the release had just started the fourth question! According to the leaderboard, NOBODY WON. Terrible coders.
~ Perry F. Bruns
Even with a top of the line device, Samsung Note 8, on 1 gig wifi, with the newest modernization, I was only able to respond 1/2 of the questions due to the fact that the release did not submit my answers. It kept claiming that I had failed to pick respond, but that was not the topic. Also, if you live in Mountain Time the release runs at 4PM. Very confusing; because even after the release completed today, the release still claimed that the next release was "Today." Only ~12.5K plp even stuck around till the final round. But I like the idea and the questions. However, I love the present!
~ DogLover1900
Would really like to test this release, as 10,002 another recipients seem to have been able to, but the next release just claims "very quick" most of the time and when it does present a time it is 12:00 PM two days from actually. The info "switch" won't turn on so how am I to know when I can test. Plus, I (and many others, I'm sure) work at 12:00pm. It would bee great to have few times during the day. Will modernization my review when I can now test the release.
~ Moye Stephens
Modernization 9/28. Testing on S8 and STILL doesn't register half my touches. Claims me I'm wrong because it didn't approve respond. Even when right. Love Sam but this thing sucks terrible. P. S. Some questions are just too stupid. Please test harder. Murphey Brown 20 years ago? I was alive then and don't remember. Mins of press meeting.? Had nothing to do with my knowledge or involvement or voting... Sort of played last week but like today my answers didn't send and I was claimed I was wrong when I clearly was correct. But it didn't matter because my selection wasn't sent. Fix this because what this is about is important. You're just irritating recipients with a busted release
~ Don Ludlow Jr
I was really hoping the modernization would fix the technical troubles! I have a Galaxy S8. I can't ever pick an photo answers, the "Times Up" shows up really early, and sometimes I can't pick a text respond either. When you can only have 1 or 2 wrong answers, it needs to work. In addition, please create it so you can change your mind before the time is up, in topic you tap the wrong thing.
~ b. bright
Nice idea and will be an awesome release someday. It's got funnier and more relevant questions than HQ and the host doesn't create me wish to rip off my ears. For actually, however, the Mobile port is buggy to the target of making it hard to test. The IPhone ver works fine though, so at least my dudes can test. Modernization: Nov 2018 -- They've fixed the bugs and I haven't had a trouble in a while!
~ Skyler Switzer
It felt so nice to victory dollars but this was the finest concept to obtain ppl out to vote. I dedicate my vote today to Sam and all the hard working ppl who place this together. P.S. there was no idea I would have missed the chance to vote today for anything. Thanks again Sam for the nice release!! Both my brother (who is a conservative) and I have both really enjoyed it. Thanks for getting us to adopt on something..your release!
~ Taryn Erickson
Modernized Nov 2, 2018: The release is actually mostly workable! Though there are sometimes delays that skip questions or won't let me to pick an respond, most of the time it works well. The jokes that dont have to do with political obtain old speedy, but the stats is now really interesting. I now got my mum into testing it too. TONIGHT though, it started myself, and assumably everyone else, in dead mode for no reason with no one getting to use a life to come back. Because of this no one won the release. Such severe glitches like this are very discouraging. ______________________ Old review: I'm looking forward to when this release is now playable. Which, right actually, it is not. It took two days before I was able to log in/make an profile. Since then, there has only been one time that it gave a time for a release to run- 3pm. When I attempted to launch the release at that time, it would not completely load/launch until after the release had ended and actually all "release times" only claim "very quick" instead of a run time. I'm also having the same trouble as everyone else in regards to not being able to turn on push info or even a tiny/insignificant thing like changing my picture. I really hope this release gets fixed and modernized quick! I think it should be a nice software, if only more were able to now test it.
~ Aedan Boch
Hey Samantha, I am super excited about this release and wish to promote it. But it was not showing up in the test shop under the release name, only after I entered your name. I tried to signing in with Fb and got an error. Once signed in, it gave a time for the next release that I can only guess is eastern standard time. Don't forget us on the West Coast. Maybe add fun facts for off times. Thanks for the laughs.
~ Mary Villanueva
I'm leaving 4 stars in the hopes that this will quick earn them. I couldn't login with Fb (null error). But logged in with correspondence fine. But no upcoming release time? No premium challenge? I can't even toggle info to the "on" position? Shouldn't that be on by default? I'd really like to be able to to do something when I login! Instead I'm just left hanging...
~ Mischa Purcell
Haven't been able to test. Nearly impossible to search in Test shop (had to use the text feedback). Once I got it, I can't test because of very restrictive time window. Not sure if 12pm is Eastern or local, but I wasn't available at either time. And the release won't allow me turn on info. I also tried the premium to obtain more lives and wasn't rewarded. All in all this is a very buggy release that maybe isn't ready to go live.
~ Brian LeDesma
Registering to login and test wasn't working at all, error messages galore. Apparently that just due to so many recipients trying to log in at once and test. I was Bummed for myself, America and Sam Bee that it's seemed so broken. I can't wait to test again, just if you should please give an actual time for the next release rather than just writing "very quick".
~ Drew Danczak
The quizzes are fun, but the release is buggy. You often can't claim whether your respond has been registered, and so you don't know whether to hit the button again or not before the time runs out. At least twice I would have beaten the quiz if all of my answers were recorded. And at least once, an respond I didn't give was recorded. Modernization: Sept 24th modernization made the release worse. Responsiveness was cute much nil, and most questions didn't even appear on my screen until the countdown was at the 3-second mark or worse. Basically unplayable. Newest modernization: Release out October 3rd is vastly improved. Playthrough was smooth and error-nonpaid.
~ Joe Beck
I wanted this to be nice and in idea, it should be...I downloaded it yesterday and there was nothing to do. No release test. As many have noted signing up through Fb was not working. Apparently at some target (there was no time given) there was some release test but there's no info for when it's happening. It actually claims Next Product 3 pm...does that mean in my time territory? Uninstalling actually - not going to test a release I have to babysit around the clock to catch the one time of day it might be active.
~ Lana Baldwin
Fun Product. Nice Cause. Soft is a tiny kludgy. It won't close except using the "home" button, not the "back" button from the home screen. Sometimes freezes during release test. I'll test anyway. Love Sam.
~ A Google user
So, just actually, I was all excited to test my first release. I made it to question 8 before getting an respond wrong, but was relieved to obtain a pop up claiming I had an bonus life! So I click to approve the save, aaaaand the release crashes on me instantly! I missed the next question trying to obtain back in, and lost--requiring me to respond the last question in dead mode... Needless to claim, I'm less than impressed right actually...
~ Amber Gray
It's cute fun, especially if you like Sam Bee's brand of comedy. (If you don't then it probly won't be quite as run; lucky for me I LOVE her brand of comedy so I enjoy it.) I'm really glad they added pop up info before the release times, cause otherwise I have a tendency to forget about it. The bonus lives really support, and the lower user base means that you obtain more dollars overall if you victory. Overall I'm glad this isn't a one-off release bit for the elections and is now continuing on for the near future (especially with on the decline unfortunately).
~ Rai Knightshade
Modernization: the bugs seemed to all be fixed. Plays smoothly actually. Learn something often. Thanks for the diversion!original review: Doesn't usually load...can't see questions to respond them. Uses lives when I couldn't even respond the questions. Thought modernization would support but seems worse than before when the worst trouble was it wouldn't approve an respond choice. Really wished it worked better...it's a nice idea...just soooooo fustrating.
~ s suffel