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About: The Walking Dead Way to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead walkthrough RPG release, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, originator of The Walking Dead comic series. Build your squad of Survivors and develop war walkthroughs to lead them into war in an uncompromising storyline, fraught with danger. War for survival versus walkers and humans alike, using walkthrough to attack aggressor low points and deep RPG progression to decide your path. Build a city to hold the walkers at bay, but be warned The horrors that lurk outside arent the only threat, and your decisions are all that stand between life and death. Based on an all-newest storyline from award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga, the dark aesthetic of this release reflects the uncompromising decisions you will need to create as you strategize for survival. Stand with Michonne, Rick and another survivors from Th ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Scopely
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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Reviews and Comments:

$copely: $eize the Pay. Never thought i would leave a negative review on a nice release I plan to hold testing. But I've never seen a release like this before. One where they purposely drive the users away with increasingly expensive informations. They have removed any decent price offers for equipment essential to advance in the release and replaced them with the same equipment at a much larger price. Developers do not care about the users at all, only how much dollars they can obtain out of them. Sad really...
~ Mike Smith
Jerry fun usually has something to do it's sad when you have to create it hard choice a lot of recipients pick to do the harder part I test to create everybody glad but in the end it failed still at a very nice release
~ dmam 900
Waaaaaay too many dollars grabs, supposed to be f2p but you have to buy boxes and pay gigantic amounts of dollars to obtain any true progress. otherwise a nice release.
~ Matt Billings
well this release plays cute nice but characters look a tiny bit different than now saw The Walking Dead series on cable:( A zone vof characters are bigger and it's a lot of blood in my dialogue is nice for role-testing recipients that liked to obtain territories N different talents N save recipients you're a nice release have patience and skill.
~ Shawn Schrock
I love this release, I've been testing it for months. I never buy any of the things to pay for, so my squad is very slowly leveling up. but it's an addicting release and fun.
~ Nick Snizik
I love the release, but I dont spend dollars to test releases..that claimed it's hard to be as nice as others when Scopely charges you for EVERYTHING!
~ Tony Johns
the reason why I gave you a two-star yes they're trying the AI was terrible if you wish to victory coins or buy coins you wish to go for the newest information hero the percentage is solo weak that makes it so terrible you be thinking how you going to progress
~ Jermaine Harris
Fun release for short or long term testing. Had to restart do to shattered device, but I don't care. Starting over is only part of the experience. You can also do that by switching regions, so you can recent run without losing your progress in other region.
~ Kyle Smith
This release is useless after modernization 19. with all the complaints and recipients quitting one would think Scopley would fix the troubles, but nope double down and create it worse is thier plan. Hold messing it up and no one will test it anymore
~ Preston Adair
This release is filled with hackers. Search a release where the company now tracks this instead. Don't waste your time or dollars here.
~ Tee Cee
I can't afford this stupid release It everyday each morning asks for 180MB download I'm continuesly doing it for 5 days but it still asks on the 6th day. Don't waste your time , time and dollars here.
~ Gaurav Sharma
Too confusing, too much going on. Only download if you wish to spend dollars. The release is too hard to create any progression without it. Thus taking away the fun/challenge
~ welose onpurpose
release will treat u like a babe. you pay for monthly prescriptions and then u obtain suspended for 3 days and lose out. you are not allowed to swear on gc yet the release is very graphic and has many f bombs.
~ Raul Aguirre
used to be nice, but just seems to ruin all the time - still no change, crashes and steals your points..... still no improvement or response. I presume the developers don't disagree....
~ David Stickley
this release is cold and addictive.. I'd give it 5*'s but i recently purchased a newest device and lost my another profile. i was forced to run over brand newest... i wrote help an am currently waiting on a response to resolve this trouble .
~ Supa'Savage PDott
i have just reach to an lvl where i had an armour. however, i am facing a bug right actually that hold repeating the armoury guide and log me off once the guide is completed, and once i go back to the release, the guide is back again. Please support solve this bug
~ Foo Shixiang
Used to be fun, newest upgrades have catered strictly and 100% to p2w. Have made the expierence for us f2p fully frustrating, hopeless and all around unenjoyable. Anyone thinking of download this could run away at full speed. Been testing 3 years actually and its time to transport on. #youwinscopely
~ Eric Schuman
After a trouble not receiving in release messages I reinstalled release and lost all progress. Was forced to run over in newest domain and scopely won't restore it because of no release buy receipts. Won't even transport newest profile to old domain so lost all my newest dudes. Help is not supportive.
~ Jamie Burgett
was a 4* purely on gameplay (chances of pulling a newest toon depends on where you live) until the last week actually If i should give you a ZERO i would. If you developers wish to know how to take an awesome release and crash it fully then just copy scopley. Product is fully in favour of defensive squads actually, attack has definately went idea idea down no matter how powerful your toons are and the defending squads actually pick off your guys depending on there importance to your squad.cancelling subscription actually
~ Matthew Edmiston
This releases s__t, don't waste your dollars on it. it's nice if you've got loads of dollars to throw at it and can afford to buy your idea to the top. the releases tailored to hold you spending your hard earned dollars, if you don't have the dollars, then you're going to be at the bottom of the s__t pile
~ kevin crane
this release is a bigger allow down than 60% of dad's out there. you see it and think yeah walking dead this gotta be cool you download it and think wow a community lets see what this is about then BOOM scopely straight there with their hands out waving a newest negan in a tiny see through bag like most drug dealers do. They also changed the release mechanics so the thing recipients are used to testing for years isn't even the same it's dying go spend time with you family if your don't have family buy a turtle.
~ Adam Shaw
pretty, but is hard to connecting and to create down load some next lvl, so weak signal . i think it needs much more range or multiple connection, like some another network to work it better. i like this easy, but enjoy and fun. many thanks to all of you.
~ Regie Mariano
dude, quit trying to rob recipients.... i used to love the release, but actually each modernization seems to be how can we take more of your dollars... this 6 star duel specialist that cost more then anyone can afford unless ur rich, i mean seriously.. how is someone suppose to hold up even while paying 24.99 for a survivor vip status... you used to be a release and actually your a dollars-grab-cow.
~ rzkiknit
it has become a release of master card versus visa. a lv.25. can actually obtain the characters to beat a lv. 150. you can buy or obtain everything nonpaid. been testing 2+ yrs. actually compleating with users that have been testing 3 months.
~ Tim Burgan
Testing since sept 18. this is a nice timekiller release. after testing many such releases i wish to know developers that what else better can be done. 1. Messaging needs to improve. I can't see msgs which i had send. all msgs to a same user could be under same tab with incoming as well as outgoing. 2.Globe map is still at 25th storyline. needs to transport on because have to test same lvl again and again. 3.User lvl is maxed to 150. those who are more experienced feels cheated.
~ mirza danish
changed from a four star to a one star. almost each part of the release is actually glitchy after the newest "modernization", and customer service's response is to basically stick their fingers in their ears and pretend that they can't hear you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you plan to spend lots of dollars. that's cute much the only idea you can compete.
~ Ben Dewar
the release has changed quite dramatically in the newest weeks. no one could be jumping into this release brand newest at this target. if you wish to be competitive in this release as a brand newest user you're looking at having to place it $1500 at least. you're odds of landing a top hero which you need is .02% once upon a time this release had meetings and was a fun zone to be. they did a decent job of balancing nonpaid to test and pay to victory users. however that is all behind us.
~ Brandon Ridner
Modernization: Scoopely came through in the end and restored my release. Very much appreciated Zero customer help unless you spend dollars on this release. They will jump through hoops to avoid giving you any assistance whatsoever if you cannot deliever a receipt for a puchase. Even providing a receipt for a trial period was not sufficient, even though the only difference is dollars spent. So, while they claim its a nonpaid release, those without the means to buy equipment in release are not worth their time or effort.
~ Shannon O'Hara
such a nice release, but destroyed by the developers and help. this is only release I still test that I would not suggest to anyone. you can spend thousands of dollars trying to build a squad but you only obtain a 1% chance of getting a decent hero. want I should post a screenshot because not lying about 1% chance. the struggle is true. then to top it off, they create the Ai even tougher. actually the release is broken, too hard to test!
~ matt morgan
They destroyed the release. The whales started to cry that the ffp users should beat them in fights, so they altered the AI system. So unless you wish to drop the monetary cost of a decent grade SUV, don't run this release. Scopley has lied to us for years, and with the AI revamp, they are lying to us more than a tormented press secretary. I think the release is in its death spiral and quick only whales will left. You think with the dollars they collected from the release Scopley would hire a sociologist.
~ zac rodd
Soft CONSTANTLY restarts itself. it undoes everything you did about ten mins prior to the restart, EXCEPT for when it does it when you're in the middle of some type of match. It counts as a loss and doesnt reimburse the energy used. I've place a lot of time into this release but instead of fixing the trouble, it's been getting worse because they place all their effort into making it more pay-to-test than fixing their broken release. I'm getting really close to uninstalling. waste of time and effort.
~ am0nq
if you dont spend, spend, spend on this release and hold spending you will be left in the dust. customer service is horrible. spaces has been broken for almost a year and no fix. constantly getting kicked from spaces and lose energy. newest hordes mode is a copy cat of plants versus. zombies but so terrible. most of my faction does not participate in it.
~ Richard Ashby
Used to be nice but they have introduced so many changes, which is usually nice but they have created overpowered characters that are near impossible to acquire (no luck in 10 moniths). Before I should keep my own in raid fights , actually these are an exercise in futility. I don't expect to test this much more if not improved in the near future. The recipients that can acquire the newest "super" hero have to spend large bucks to do so. Where's the fun if no one can challenge your team?
~ Max S. Canez
TWD RTS is a superb release. Not too hard for newer users to jump in and enjoy pretty graphics,story from time to time and much much more... Yet like each another release it has substanstial troubles to it's core that needs to be adressed as speedy as possible. I've been testing it for more than a year,but newest AI changes seriously "damaged" the release. Raids feels more tedious and tiring. Please,fix it.
~ Effektyvus
Where to even run. Okay, even though the release is full of swearing you'll obtain banned if you do in chat, that's all adults, it's a grownup release..Second it's pure and constant dollars grab. Sure it's nonpaid to test, but if you wish to obtain any rewards for any meetings you better break out your wallet because that's what the top users do and it's impossible to compete otherwise. Hope you like being misled and outright lied to, Scopely does it all the time. Customer service? Ha! Hold clear of this stink.
~ Ronald Coulson
the release itself is nice but destroyed but the recipients that run it.. i had my release saved on my profile then did a factory restart on my device and came back to download the release and went to switch to my profile but it didnt work then claimed the release but they would give me my release back all because i didnt have a buy receipt for the release but had all another things to prove it is now my release etc.. but they still didnt wanna give me my release. so guys dont waste your time on this release
~ Grant f
been testing for awhile. i just recently noticed that the devs have their own faction in the release. while that by itself is not a terrible thing, what they do with that in release faction is. i grind regularly in release. in the time ive gained 4 levels their faction colleagues have nearly maxed out. not to mention they are the ones at the top rank spots and they have the top characters. most of these guys cant be beat in fights or raids. after i shared this with my faction colleagues my chat stopped working in release.
~ Potato Chips
I enjoy testing this release. This release has lots of characters to pick from. But one sad thing is that you have to pay a nice amount of dollars to progress quickly in this release. The grind is very slow to go above the ranks without spending dollars. I'm facing a half screen trouble quite frequently. Half of the screen is covered with some texts. I've to press the back button to obtain rid of it. Edit: The half screen trouble is solved. Four star at this moment.
~ Mrityunjoy Chowdhury
Was OK but actually a dollars grab. Worst thing is they promote newest characters, but you have to gamble with 100 - 1 odds, making the average cost around £200 for decent ones. Even spending £200 you may victory nothing of any value. The release is full of bugs they don't fix because there is no dollars return to do so. If there are troubles, in release help is terrible with more often than not an auto response. Visit the forum and staff go into hiding if the trouble is large enough. Poor company. poor attitude
~ Steve Shutt
This is a nonpaid to download release but that's where it stops being nonpaid. the company that runs is could be a ashamed of themselves, they charge you an arm and a leg to obtain characters then the next bonus makes that one obsolete. then if you wish to lvl the one you did obtain. Guess what, you must pay. There is rarely a truly nonpaid meeting. This was a fun release but they're so damn greedy. Don't obtain any scopely release fine a newer release with a company that at least reads consumer feedback.
~ Masterkey25