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The Vigil Files: Case 1 - Realistic Detective Game   
About: Use true detective skills to unravel a thrilling mystery in one of the most immersive and original detective releases on Mobile. Use VigilOS, an advanced operating system used by detectives, investigators, and secret agents all over the globe, to investigate suspects, send correspondences and texts, create device calls, mod into companies, and crack codes as you work to solve the mystery surrounding a lad's disappearance. But be warned: uncovering the truth won't be simple. This is a lot more challenging than your average murder mystery release. Your newest softwares won't be enough; you'll have to use your thinking skills to come up with some out of the box solutions. And be careful: this topic is more than just a easy crime...there's more at stake than the first glance suggests. Recipients are counting on you. Nice luck. You'll need it. Informations: Examine true blogs ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 53MB Developer: Lowkey Fun
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The Vigil Files: Case 1 - Realistic Detective Game Reviews and Comments:

im a several hours in and I cant go any further. i uninstalled the release, unless you take no breaks and test it in one session you will forget where you are and what to do. there are also very several tricks on what to do when you are stuck. when you look at releases like the room, it will give you tricks each step of the idea starting from broad to giving you step by step instructions. this release needs a tip system like that to support recipients who forgot their zone.
~ keith stephens
I purchased this release a several hours ago and I just realized I've been immersed in it for each moment since I downloaded it!! It really makes you feel like you're a part of the investigation. I'm a gigantic fan so far. I'll modernization my review when I finish the release. But I already know I need fifty more releases like it!
~ Delana E
This release is on other lvl than all others in the category. I love how true it feels where others fail Vigil files has succeeded. Very organic feel to the entire thing. I love how you can kind an correspondence in your own words and obtain a response that feels like a true person is answering you. Difficulty is probably right where it could be. Love this release and hope to see something else from you guys in the near future.
~ Chris Crowell
Tip: if you are stupid, young or easily frustrated, this release is not for you. Don't create it worse by leaving negative reviews and outing yourself as stupid, too young, or very impatient.
~ Curtis B
Stellar and mind blowing. An arg release that sets the bar. If you can test this you could. The puzzles are hard, several spoilers or solutions exist online, forcing you to think for yourself and solve them. Would love to see more like this.
~ Chris Chapman
Challenging, addicting, realistic! This is a phenomenal release. Though I am stuck. Want a tip was useful. UPDATE: HOLY SMOKES! No another release compares! This is probably the finest (and only) release I have bought. Please come out with a second topic! I'm begging !
~ Jessica C
Flashbacks to Majestic and the era of text-based. This is an wonderful ARG with smart writing, solid puzzles, and a really nice flow. There's usually a next step (if you know where to look) and the user's curiosity is repeatedly rewarded. Puzzles run out easy and ramp up to more challenging, break-out-your-scratch-paper code breakers. Looking forward to Situation 2.
~ Kate Tornay
I don't obtain excited by most small releases because most of them are repetitive, gets to hard to speedy, cost too much and gets boring speedy...BUT each actually and then you will run across a release with a original concept and amazin interface that makes you claim WOW. I'm so glad I got this release I hope they create more episodes I'll buy them all.
~ Maria Weathington
My main complaint is that all conversations are fully linear. The only times this deviates is if you're asked a yes or no question. I search myself just responding with an ellipsis (...) , instead of making it feel more true. Simply because I can reply with a fully neutral "ok" or " understandable " and still have the response be geared towards my getting upset at the case, or not understanding. Also, the commenter above didn't HAVE to pay $5 to complete the release, it's a shortcut
~ vanisheD saRah
I've been looking for a release like this for a while. I'm very impressed with it and it is definitely worth paying for (I was skeptical). Now has you look for and connect clues to solve the mystery.
~ nicole townsend
I have been testing this for less than 12 hours and I CANNOT obtain enough. This is a release unlike any another. You have to utilize each aspect of your brain and think outside each box. Hyper realistic and just- wow. Mind blown. DEFINITELY worth the dollars if you can handle thinking like Sherlock Holmes and not Homer Simpson.
~ Melissa Feldmeyer
This is the most engaging small release I have ever played. It's the great mix of simulation, journey and puzzles. The release Creater is really useful, as is the community of users who offer needed tricks without outright claiming you how to beat the puzzles. This is the first release I've successfully finished without the use of a walk-through and the sense of accomplishment is gigantic. I think I've been inspired to test another releases the hard idea and if this release originator makes any future releases, I will buy them without a second thought.
~ Becky Coates
I sincerely hope you create more releases, because this release was nice! I did not obtain the...ahem..."nice" end the first time, as it took me too long to search a piece of the puzzle that I had overlooked. Y'all, I now have NOTES. It has been SO long since I had to now write down notes for a release and I LOVE IT. Thank you for such an nice release!
~ Bridget Smith
Holy smokes this release is nice so far! Very immersive, it's clear a lot of thought was place into it. I'm hooked so far, hopefully the quality keeps up. EDIT: The quality doesn't hold up, it IMPROVES. This release is damn long, and it gradually increases the difficulty. There are some equipment that isn't super intuitive, but most of the puzzles feel very satisfying to solve and the release doesn't keep your hand too much. It trusts you to be smart on your own. I hope everyone who has even a passing interest in storytelling and constructive puzzling will check this one out, it just oozes passion and again, so much effort place in.
~ Elvis Jakobsson
THE finest release of it's kind, and the finest small release I've ever played. The puzzles are so intricate and satisfying, and all the globe building information are wonderful. I can't suggest it enough!
~ Nellie Nelson
Interesting release with nice cute nice puzzles. A bit lacking in direction sometimes, but that can be a nice thing for when you figure it out. Picked it up and beat it in a tiny over 3 days, this is an endorsement. Usually puzzle releases with an end target like this i beat after a several hours. Worth the dollars.
~ Christopher Toman
AMAZING I got this release thinking it was going to be simple but its not.. on top of that the AI's in this release are the finest on the test shop some times you forget your talking to a robot! Worth each cent!
~ BTN Brake time nerd
Nice release. The storyline is gripping and will lead you on a hunt for clues as you unblock connections, solve puzzles, and attempt to crack the topic. I've already suggested this release to a several dudes, and they are hooked as well! A truly immersive experience! I too am hoping for more in the future!!
~ James McKowen
Incredible release for mystery lovers, puzzle solvers, and/or those who love the hacker category. Very smart clues and engaging story. I love the fact that most of the release is conveniently part of the virtual OS within the release.
~ Vincent Lam
This is a nice interactive release. Love the attention to detail and it frequently takes you out of the release so that you can research/inspect online resources. I search myself wondering, "What do i do next?" a lot, especially if I've picked the release back up after a pause. It's simple to obtain lost. More tricks to target you in the right direction (without doing your work for you) or maybe some type of in-release journal to hold you on-track would be useful.
~ triviumredux
This immersive hacking/detective release is an introduction to ARGs, really. The interactions are well done, the puzzles don't pull any punches, either. Even if you're a veteran puzzle user, this will hold you on your toes. The plot is very well written, and full of pleasant surprises and Easter Eggs that create it more realistic than any another related release. It's a special experience, and one that I would like to see more of.
~ Michael Weidenhamer
This release surpasses all of the releases I have played. It reminded me of an older pc release that I used to test, Missing since January (not too many recipients heard of it). Anyway, I really hope the developer makes other one quick. It's worth the dollars.
~ G. Jones-Burns
Literally the finest release I've ever played on a device. So glad I found this. If you're entertained by present's like CSI or forensic files I HIGHLY suggest this release to you!
~ A Google user
This release is pure fun. Sure, the plot is silly at times but that is easily overshadowed by the depth of the release. Apart from making you find for true stats on the web, the originators have created fake blogs that you need to investigate. And at some target you have to run a Lua script! If you like solving puzzles you'll be hard pressed to search a better release.
~ Vinod Bhat
To the dev: damn, lad. This is hands down the most fun I've ever had with a small release. I cannot praise you enough. I know you claimed on reddit this was a lot of work but I want you'd do other one! Well worth the buy. A bargain. Wondering whether there's a idea to run over again when I'm done, but I'm only halfway through so I guess I could just test and not worry about later lol
~ Chris W
I think this has to be the first release I've ever played that doesn't feel like a release. Hyper true, and highly suggested if you enjoy these sort of mystery releases. I mean the dev made whole believable blogs for this release. They are so true, it took me a several mins of poking around to figure out they were just part of the release. Far out, lad!! I look next title in the series.
~ Ren
This release is by far the most challenging and realistic puzzle release i have ever played. If you like puzzle /mystery releases, this is worth each penny. It requires you to think and test outside of the box. There are so many elements of the release that are external to your device thag I am blown away at the work that gotta have gone into this gams. This release is GOAT.
~ John Reed
This is the most fun release I have ever played! The puzzles are hard so solving them is super rewarding! I was incredibly engaged the whole time. I really wish a second chapter!
~ Ellen Backus
I FINALLY BEAT IT. I've been with you since beta in April, and I finally had a chance to sit down and finish it. This release was everything I wanted from a nice mystery release and then some! I am constantly in awe of this release you've created. The puzzles are hard, but not unbearably so, just hard enough to create you wish more. Each tiny snag and roadblock just made me wish more. I discovered two optional parts along the idea, and I'm still astounded by the depth you place into it. They didn't feel optional once I completed them! They were just other integral part of the storyline! As a fiction writer by hobby, I appreciate the value of a nice storyline line, and I was blown away by the writing you did here. The storyline felt so true at times that certain meetings gave me goosebumps and made my stomach drop. I can only imagine the effort you place into this. I know you've claimed on Reddit that you aren't ready to create other release in the series right actually. Whatever your next project is, just know you've got a beta tester for life right here. If you ever do come back to this series, I'll be waiting. 🙂 Thanks again for a unbelievable release!
~ Jessica L
It is not often that I rate a release, but this is not even a release! This is unlike any another 'release' I've ever experienced. It's different than augmented reality, because it gets in your brain. Alternate Reality! I usually wanted to be a detective when I was a babe and a hacker when I was a teenager. Vigil Files is both of my childhood dreams combined. Well done!
~ Jason Canter
Fitst release I've been inspired to review. There has been a lot claimed already about the wonderful gameplay. So, I just wish to add that I loved the song. It added a cinematic feel, especially at the end when I lost the first time- now made me a tiny emotional! I was able to test through without making an in-release buy because I wanted to see if I should. Actually that I have, I'm testing it again just to create the buy and give this developer some well-earned dollars!
~ Jennifer Rea
This is by far one of THE BEST releases I've ever played! I love mysteries and investigative kind releases. Most though you feel led to the right outcome. This release gives you choices that affect the outcome nice or terrible, it feels true and is soooooo addicting! I couldn't place it down and I finally completed. I was glad to finish but so sad because I need more!! I really hope this developer makes other because I will definitely test no questions asked. I would suggest this release to anyone!
~ M M
I love this type of release and I think this one is done really well. It brings the spirit of ARGs like The Black Watchmen, Hacknet, and Majestic (remember that one?) to a small device. The only criticism I can give is that some functions would be nicer to do on a keyboard (correspondences, terminal, etc), but that's just the nature of the beast with small. I knew what I was getting into though, and any alternative would have messed with the immersion (clicking buttons instead of typing). Nice release!
~ Richard Woolford
Modernized review: I just completed the release and thought I'd redo my review based on my experiences. For starters. The release is phenomenal! It's immersive, an Mobile exclusive and well worth the price whether it's on sale or not. Some may argue that it's a tiny pricey for $2.99. I babe you not, they're incorrect. Think about it, that's less than a video ticket and though it has no videos, the idea dev involves you and makes you think outside the box is outstanding! Making it idea better than any video I've seen,. It's so immersive that there were many times I went on break at work thinking "I've must hurry up and figure this out, or they won't be able to obtain things taken care of." and then while working, I couldn't stop thinking about puzzles that had me stumped. I had to write down many things because a notepad release just wasn't going to slash it. There's even a part that requires you to make and run a script if you wish to avoid the only IAP in the release. How you obtain it though and what the IAP is... Lips sealed, suffice to claim, it's not an unethical IAP which is happening actually more and more with Mobile releases. Don't allow that stop you. I know there are another releases somewhat related, but this one... Idea above the contest. To illustrate the immersion. You have to kind true sentences into chat boxes and correspondences in response to someone who's talking to you via correspondence or message. The release won't progress sometimes until you do. Another times you are sent a feedback to a YouTube video, or have to research a company via going to an external blog and figuring out the password for someone... There are live blogs that dev made specifically to create you use your actual device. Don't have an release to read pdf's you've got download one from the Test Market. Don't have a lua generating release? You'd better search one. Need a piece of safety soft to break in a door? You'd better know the blog to surf to and who to ask.... Even after all these words I don't feel I've given the release a whit of justice. Just test it and revel in the fact that dev wants us Mobile owners to have an exclusive title for once. Actually you can have something cool that your notebook and iPhone dudes can be jealous about. To Makario: Please allow me know when you do topic 2 I'd love to be a beta tester for it!
~ Thomas MacDonald
omg what a nice release! awesome storyline, above average voice acting, and very smart use of in-release softwares, actual downloads needing a tons of apps to view, and "true" web blogs to mine for clues. Cannot WAIT for the 2nd chapter!
~ Faker McFakeland
This release is addicting. The release has you doing tasks outside the release which only adds to the immersion. It's not an simple release by any means and in many topics you may have to think outside the box. There are plenty of another things I missed along the idea so I'll be testing this again for sure to uncover those secrets. Hoping for a Situation 2 in the future!
~ Joe Woodward
well I've only been testing for an hour or 2 but i love it. super fun. makes it feel cute true. i at one target legit thought my device had a virus even though i know its part of the release. the release traveling outside the release is nice too. props to the dev squad on this. i think ill be testing for a while
~ Brad Miller
I can't remember the last time I was this hooked on a small release. This release is an incredibly immersive experience. It can be challenging but feels so rewarding when you figure things out. I absolutely love it and can't wait to see other release or topic file version from this originator!! I never leave release reviews, so that's really claiming something about how much I enjoy this release!
~ A Google user
Okay. i just completed the release. I've got pages of notes and scribbles, I've been so frustrated I wanted to quit! If you like deciphering codes, hacking correspondences/voicemails/safety grids, if you're looking for a release that really makes you think outside the box, then this is it. I love it. Actually, I'm off to hunt vigil file easter eggs. EDIT; Don't be place off by terrible reviews. Unless you're stupid. This isnt a stupid recipients release.
~ Jamie Tatum
Not long started it but it's really cool. Not like anything I've played before.
~ David Gray