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The Slayer   
About: This RPG is built in a Dungeon like style, there are 12 different lvls in the Caves and Grassland zones. As you progress through the lvls enemys will lvl up and obtain stronger, accumulate souls of fallen enemys to lvl up, learn newest skills or buy newest weapons. The weapons in this release use 5 different fighting styles with different combos, speeds and hurt values. All these updates can be found in the main marketplace, the Plaza where two different shopkeepers will offer their services.
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: Zacharias [email protected] undefined
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Developer: SOHAGAME [email protected]

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About: Free 99.999.999 Unbound Diamond when create new character (Can be traded between characters) [ NEW ATTRACTIVE FEATURES ] - Open New VIP 15 - New Wings Fashion 7.0 - Set tier 14 and 15 - New Costume Fashion and Weapon Fashion - Update more 20 Rebirth - Many newly Accessory - New PET: Soul Bird, Tree Essence, God Cat, Xuanwu-Soul, White Tiger-Soul,... - Mounts system and Mount Fashion: Fire Dragon, Elf Bird, Jellyfish, Platypus - The Savior system - New Reborn System - Festival Eve...

Developer: Titans, Inc. [email protected]

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About: Notice - This game requires an online connection for payment. - Since all data is stored only on the device, deleting the app will cause loss of the data. Controls - Single touch : select / move - Multi-touch : cancel / menu Game - Essence: A Boy is the second work of Essence Series and aims to familiarize the player with Essence World. - Leo, who lost his family by dungeonization, travels to revenge. Parameters - Attack : normal and special attacks - Defense : the damag...

Developer: Studio Hot & Sweet [email protected]

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Developer: Sistemas Blindev [email protected]


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Developer: GL1tchX Games [email protected]

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About: * . .* 6 100 ! 2019.5.1 ~ 2019.5.13 : 2019.5.14 6 100 ! 1. ! 2. ! ! 3. ! / / ! 4. , ! 5. 200 ! ! 6. 6 ! ! 7. ! : [email protected] ---- : 02-514-8893...

Developer: MeconGame [email protected]

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Developer: GAMELAND(HK)CO.,LIMITED [email protected]

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About: The OpenMicroWave project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Bethesda Softworks. OpenMicroWave is an open-source recreation of the Morrowind game engine and contains no code or resources copyrighted by or belonging to Bethesda Softworks. To play the game, you need to copy a licensed installation of Morrowind from your PC. For best performance, a flagship phone is required. Featuring: - Intuitive on-screen controls - Mod support - Frames per second (multiple) - Gamepad support Gra...

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About: Destroy all in your road and hit them, but you haven't touch another color on your way....

Developer: Atia Abou-Eleneen [email protected]



The Slayer Reviews and Comments:

~ Achraf Ja
~ Aamin Ali
~ Kushagra Kush
~ Ketan Ketan
~ Rishabh Gupta
great release
~ xavier vitols
not work
~ Anubhav Tandon
great like ice
its a stupid release dont downlod it😐
~ احمد الربيعي
great release,hold it up so it will be better
~ Zam Collin
please please god of fight 1' 2' because 3 or 4 is inpossible but 1 or 2 is not inposible it is hard plz test 1 or 2 on test shop. on god of fight 1 ' 2 rating are much and more nice
~ Shobhit Athwal
Are you threatening me i Report you
~ Aamin Ali
BRO AI IS NOT working on my device 🙁🙁mi device is samsung note4
~ blind world
control is so terrible.... please improve control....
~ Mhwahidi786
its full of lag they didn't even fix it and published the release
~ life of gamer yt
Foe AI not moving, lagging, and sounds comes late. When i stopped hitting the aggressor, the hitting sound still going on lol.
~ Kurniawan Pratama
please improve the walking style, it looks awkward and add a background song. then it will be a nice release.
~ rockstar R
sir this is a nice release but i think you can create this release a clone of god of fight 4 for Mobile please create a storyline of it and it will become finest storyline based journey release i hope you can do it it will be a nice release if you do it because we need release like god fo fight 4 please sir do it .... please then it will become beat fps journey release for mobile and hold it up you have done such a nice job
~ Beastboy A.K
This release is nice! With some minor tweaks it should be better. my main gripe is with the controls. specifically, how in a war, rolling behind an foe does absolutely nothing for trying to evade an attack. Your options seem to be to just duke it out until one person dies. which doesnt seem to me, how this release is meant to be played.
~ Genti Berdynaj