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About: Test the Luxury Living Live Meeting, check out the Home Automation System, and unblock the ultimate dishwasher! From the originators of The Sims series of finest-selling simulation releases comes a complete Sims experience on small! Whats your storyline? Make it with your Sims in true-time, customize their wardrobes and homes, and support them live out their dreams. Complete targets to earn Simoleons, expanding your Sim City and picking up rewards along the idea. Hold your Sims glad and watch them thrive as you support them live a fun and fulfilled life! 200 million downloads and counting! SIM-ULATING POSSIBILITIES From head to toe and floor to ceiling customize each aspect of your Sims lives! Hold up to 34 Sims looking handsome, and design their dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple floors. As you obtain more Sims and they run a family, expand your Sim City ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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The Sims™ FreePlay Reviews and Comments:

your newest modernization is terrible! most of us live lives outside of this release & you've made it nearly impossible to beat the quests before your bot beats us. I thought I'd launch the release during some down time, but I see I could just uninstall since you dont care about your long time users anymore.
~ Hellequin
i love this release and have been testing it for years. i have added dollars once in a while and never had a trouble. however i just purchased a $20 social points box, mostly to obtain to the next vip lvl. i got the social points but i didnt obtain the addition sim i was supposed to obtain or the mystery box key i was supposed to obtain. i will not ever spend true dollars on this release again, very disappointed considering this is my favoured release.
~ Erin Fenton
I'm confused. I've been testing this release off and on for years and I love it and I should deal with the minimal banners before. Actually there are banners for each single action! Even when just collecting revenue from the map, and if you don't watch it then you don't obtain the reward. What the heck! These banners are fully interrupting the release test to the target where it's not worth it.
~ Jessica Marks
I love to indulge in this release. This release really is its own globe. Just a thought, since there is a park why not there be a test center for the babes? Also I think the release would be nice with more options for objects for instance like cleaning the kitchen /bathroom. I'd also love to see more range in faces & body shapes. Lastly, the sims communicating with every another is a large theme of this release. We need more actions between the sims. Especially for couples / parents. Overall, thank you!
~ A Google user
The advertisments are annoying and prevents me to test the release , it has come to a target today were the advertisment know longer present pops up a white screen and constantly restarts my release . I place nice dollars into this release and it needs to be fixed because i can know longer enjoy this release that i place allot of dollars into. so please fix it , it would be ashame that i would haft to stop testing it, because im on the very last lvl.
~ Jo Montruchio
Enough adds in the release? ive been a freeplay fan for years. and this is the first time ive started a newest city and had adds adds adds all over the zone. i understand adds are essential. but this is not the freeplay i have come to know and love. it's not freeplay if you're watching adds and not freely testing the release.....
~ Manda Turner
Loved the release. I am addicted to it but a couple of complains about the release. Once the sims are couple have them do couple things like cuddling on the couch while watching TV. Have them basket on the after glow after making love. Have them holding hands while walking together in the park.
~ Lisa Brennan
I really do love this release,but the forced banners are too much. Height and weight choices for the Sims would be highly appreciated. Also, more interactive choices would do. Though, overall, in gameplay it is very great. But the pixelation of the using toilet and shower (etc.) is gross.
~ Vivian Dixon
The newest forced banners are annoying and do not deliever any rewards that are worth anything. I never minded waiting while tasks were finished. This "modernization" is seriously making me consider deleting this release. I truly enjoyed testing it but actually, with these banners, it is nothing.more than an annoyance.
~ Jennifer
It was working well earlier and functioning quite fine, but actually it won't launch up where i can test it. It kicks me out suddenly and I'm only at lvl 12-- So hardly anything to create it freeze. I restarted my device plus had a system modernization, so I'm quite confused. Please fix bc I rather not uninstall and lose everythinggg-- Thank you!
~ Gennie B.
am i testing the sims "nonpaid"test? or the sims adplay? youre going to lose lots of recipients with the forced banners system. im already watching em on my own already. dont shove them down my throat please. until then. its staying at 0 dont even obtain me started with the pay to victory aspect. you guys already have a reputation on it. dont bother. I honestly feel pity whoever is working there too. ugh.
~ Martin GOnzalez
Edit: I finally got into the party boat but I'm starting to notice something ridiculous. The release offers users extravagat prizes like gigantic buildings/houses and territories but you can only fit 10 sims per territory. I'm currently having all my sims using the crafting table to earn equipment for the wedding live eveng, the final prize is a gigantic wedding venue with few tables seating at least 5 per person. what's the use of them if you can only fit 10 recipients per zone?
~ Spectra Light
I have loved this release for years but I am leaving a review actually just to claim how much I hate this SimChase modernization. Making us race versus an AI and spend a ridiculous amount of SP, simoleons or true dollars to hold up is absolutely impossible. It's been 1 day and tho I've been checking the release 5 times a day I am still so hopelessly far behind. It's like they don't expect ppl who test to have an actual life. Maybe change it so you are racing versus your neighbors or ppl you know irl, it's be better
~ Laurel Gallagher
I want the release would allow you save all your progress on the release in topic when you test to modernization it and the accidentally delete it and lose all your hard work. Any idea nice release and I love it so much only want the hair styles would up date more often same with the clothes. Also I want that they would give you pajamas when you run the release because it's weird having all my sims in their underwear when they're going to bed like give them some pjs.
~ Chad Blakely
So i have played this for around 6 years. not nonstop just off and on. i have loved testing it but actually i have to remove it. The banners are just rediculous. if i wish to go somewhere on the over globe and it has a reward i have to watch an banner to obtain very tiny benefit. it wasnt like this in the beginning which means they changed it to do this. dont download this unless you wish constant banners.
~ Michael The Ninth One
Not enough options for clothing, body and face types, or anything without paying true dollars, actions take forever to finish. The meetings are also almost impossible to finish without spending true dollars and everything in the release is so ridiculously overpriced you have to spend true dollars to now obtain anywhere in the release. been testing it for years and i'm still only at lvl 30 because I lose interest in this release for months at a time due to it taking too long to obtain any type of gratification.
~ A Google user
Honestly this release is nice. It was fun to test and i did watch the banners for bonus coins. But actually the release is unbearable with the amount of banners it has pop up randomly for no reason. Trying to do easy things is pointless because a 5 second task actually takes 5 plus the 30 second banner. Receive rid of these banners and give more options to watch banners on my own accord.
~ XJ Customs
I couldn't be more satisfied with not only this release but the company behind the release as well. Customer relations do all they can to resolve any troubles and remain professional and respectful throughout communication. The release keeps things interesting with newest meetings and in release challenges. Thanks for the CADD release! I have loved Sims from the run!
~ Jenny Rumball
I use to like this release but often I do an meeting I dont obtain anything. Like for the newest hairstyle meeting I allow my sim do the fashion thing but all I would obtain is the same thing. And I dont have the dollars to rise the time up and it really sucks because the sims release dont have any nice hairstyles. I am really upset and I only have two more day left.
~ A Google user
this release stinks. not sure why it's named freeplay. I downloaded 24 hours ago and I'm deleting it already. you have to spend your own dollars to accomplish anything. I thought it was foreplay? total false advertising. very disappointed. deleting the release. this release isn't worth it. I'll search other one that's not going to charge me for primary testing. adios
~ C H
Too many banners and rushed quests. I use to like testing, but actually it's barely playable. 1. The quests are ridiculously paced and there are usually 5 or more going at the same time with no option to only do one or two. Also, if you don't check into the release 10 times a day you cannot obtain the quests done in time to obtain the premium prizes. 2. The banners just hold coming! It takes too much of a time commitment to obtain through the banners so you can just test. 3. The in-release purchases are idea overpriced.
~ Rachelle DeShields
I don't mind an release with some banners. But one with banners each 5 mins? You're basically claiming recipients what they should be testing instead with the releases you present in your banners. Products of which some might not have this trouble. Actually you wish quests that can only be done by spending dollars. Why call it Freeplay then? I wouldn't mind paying for the release instead of paying to victory. I'm not the kind of person who pays to victory.
~ Eureka RadioFire
Now I loved this release, it's cute addictive and I really enjoyed it. But actually the release force you watch the adds and it is cute annoying especially when you don't have time and you come test just for 5 mins and you have to watch this adds for 3 mins. Almost each second action = 30 sec of banner. and the prizes for watching banners aren't worthy. I understand that in nonpaid releases have to be adds, all my releases for nonpaid have some. But in Sims you have more advertising then release.
~ andrea cz
It's very entertaining and true fun don't obtain me wrong but it takes 7hrs to talk to one person about who knows what... I like this release but don't love it. If you wish nice equipment, you gotta have true dollars... It's not cool to me that you have to test for about six months or more to add up to what you need for 'some' housing and necessity... Product would be played more often if prices went down, please and thank you.
~ A Google user
I just want that random ad videos didn't pop on randomly.l, it gets REALLY annoying. I understand that they are willingly watched, but FORCING is too much. Besides that, it's a nice release to test missions based off of life. It has a idea to be constructive in constructing your own homes to own recipients. It's a nice release to pass the time.
~ Ben Koppe
I LOVED testing this release and actually each single thing we work towards regardless of if its time limited or a quest we obtain ripped off. 7 mil to run a quest? It took me 3 weeks to obtain 1 mil and I also work my butt off at my true like job to pay for things like rent. so how are you going to expect me to place my hard earned dollars towards a MOBILE GAME!! There are thousands of another users who feel the exact same as I do. Create changes before your release drops. Because we all know Sims 4 small flopped
~ Carolyne Marie May
I've been testing this release off and on since it was first released. The release is a great release for casual who likes simulations releases on the go. But the recipients in charge of this release could be ashamed of themselves for this newest banner system they installed. U do an activity like watching television, or planting something an banner pops up almost up to 30 seconds. I can't even accumulate revenues from my city without an banner popping up. It is so ridiculous how this was never a thing during its almost 8 yr run until actually
~ Jeffrey Mulkey
This would be a better release if it didn't take so much time to do easy task.. Some task take 18 hours I mean really? Then I don't obtain paid sometimes for plants when I'm done.. Oh & the banners each min is very annoying! Why does it take 700 plus l.p. to build a work station.. I won't spend dollars on a release EVER! The prices of most of the household things are ridiculous.. Products could be FUN not stressful!!
~ MsCee Dix
I have been working my ass off with my babes for years testing this release and unlocking equipment and actually all of a sudden there are FORCED ADs popping up on my screen without any warning! I am beyond pissed off. Create the ADs stop or we quit! We do not deserve this interfering consumer garbage, its only causing anxiety. As if this release didnt suck enough storage zone already. Until I obtain an correspondence claiming me this has stopped, i am deleting this release from my device. Thank you for wasting my time.
~ Mama Jynx
I'm changing my rating to 4 Stars until I am able to obtain back the option to build the last set of Architect Homes. I wanted all 12. These newest ones are lame & cheap, unlike the last set. I'm thouroughly disappointed, as I can't see myself building any of these newest ones. I like the adds. Sometimes they complete actions that would cost a lot of LP to skip & they give you a decent amount of nonpaid S. I watch the voluntary ones for nonpaid S, LP, & SP. They are worth it. You can shut them off as a VIP.
~ Laura Lee Underwood
As much as i love the sims... this is complete trash!!! i downloaded this release, so i don't have to carry my laptop everywhere to test my favoured release. but this was not an alternative option. pricing is constantly changing and the quests are Absolutely impossible to complete. you absolutely have to spend dollars in order to finish a task. im sorry, but i hate this release!!! i really wish my dollars back that i spent on this release. definitely isn't worth it.
~ Keyanna Coats
OMG SERIOUSLY?! You wish us to delete half of our releases just to test this single release, that probably isn't even worth it?! No offense but I have another releases that I would much rather test then this. Also, those another releases don't take up all of my storage. Thank you, but no thank you. Other trouble, have you even been looking at these reviews? Look at the critical views! All the recipients claim "To any banners!" why don't you listen to them, fix these trouble and you won't lose this many users!
~ Miranda Devison
Officially deleted the release. The banners were annoying at first but at least they were optional. I have been forced to watch 4 30 sec banners in less than 5 minutes. So in reality, I'm not saving any time. The "rewards" for the banners are 10 minutes here and when tasks normally take hours, it's not worth it and that's just ridiculous. This modernization has destroyed the release and if I should give 0 stars, I would.
~ Brittany Lewis
I have to uninstall the release. I cannot stand the infinite pop-up banners that I'm forced to watch. Any reviews that claim there are no banners forced on users are blatant lies. Employees of the developers perhaps? The banners pop up at the most inconvenient of times. Sometimes there are four or five banners for a single action! And the rewards for these banners do not support in a meaningful idea. They save a several simoleons on cheap tasks, or a several mins at finest, considering all the time it takes to watch the banners.
~ A Google user
The release can be fun to test, however, its fully built around paying dollars in order to achieve anything. *The meeting quests are automatically set up to fail, after doing the math, there is no feasible idea to victory the end prize without spending dollars. At one target it wanted you to create 75,000 pots in 6 days, with only being able to create 2,400 a day, that task is impossible without spending the 100+ social points to skip the requirements, which costs over 15 dollars RL dollars to buy.
~ Michelle Landry
Idea too many adds. Just after loading I'm forced to watch 4 adds basically in a row. After each action it's other banner. So for the first 5 min of every release test, you do nothing but watch banners. The release test is nice and has the feel of original Sims, simple to control, great graphics. Almost impossible to complete the targets, every task takes the sim like 10 hours to complete. Leaving you nothing to do in between, but be forced to watch banners...sigh.
~ Marie Ha
I love this release! My only trouble is the super long task times with short deadlines. Its like you HAVE to either spend dollars and/or use coins to victory the challenges. Like with the newest SimTv challenge, all of the tasks were hours and hours long. How am i supposed to obtain ahead? And i dont like how the prices go up often you buy something. What is that about? Oh one more thing, can we obtain some tons with the facial informations. Thats all!
~ Shaquan Lee
it may be fun but its nonpaid test so why coins i rather test other release were you can just rome nonpaid with no dollars score it is a total wast of time and you just have to complete a bunch of equipment to do more equipment so stuped and you cant see evrething thay do so whats the target of testing nonpaid test if you cant test freely with cericters and cant see all body parts and also the caricters faceñs look terible . and the contrals are super hard to understand
~ Victoria Izquierdo
I like the release, however I really love the order ver of the Sim release that's on a dvd. This modernization is taking idea too long it's been since noon today 6-3-19. I wish to test but I can't because something's wrong with the download.
~ Shontell Nixon
I love this release! a lot of recipients complain about banners, but if you spend a several dollars in the release, you can turn off banners. How do recipients expect the developers to hold making the releases without $/banners? Also, this release is 7+ years old I think? Someone just starting will not be able to complete everything as easily as long-term users. It's absolutely entertaining and newest content all the time! Very fun!
~ Christina Kmetz