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The Secret of the Past - Vampire Romance Story   
About: How can a tiny city have such a large secret? Will the past repeat itself, or will things go on as if nothing happened? One of the finest vampire romance storyline releases is here! The babes of the night never sleep. Take a deep breath and courageously dive into this breathtaking love release for women. Run your teenage journey and write your very own romantic storyline! Watch your high school love evolve in these interactive visual novel releases! The finest teenage love release will sweep you off your feet. Maybe some secrets could be left buried deep down and never be tackled. At times this otome release with choices can be dramatic, but never dull - this engaging virtual love storyline release will give you a special opportunity to experience a teenage crush, through an exciting story and mesmerizing twists and turns. Step into the entirely realistic globe of the finest visu ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: Tokyo Art office.kinda[email protected] undefined
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The Secret of the Past - Vampire Romance Story Reviews and Comments:

العبه لا تعمل
~ ابرار
looks intresting BTW
~ Susan Buttner
the worst release ever 😤
~ Song Grace Tifuh
because it have no knew thing
~ Oupa Nguenha
this release is great and dope🔥🔥🔥
~ Mngoma Mano
mysterious release. love it
~ Tamara Ashers
please give us the season two
~ Ester Jay
fu*lord release quality... doesn't even run...or if run then doesn't continues...
~ A Google user
Oh wow i really excited testing this newest release thank you google test .
~ A Google user
I really love storyline😍💞
I'm fully into the release. Cute nice. Smart and nice at claiming interactive stories! I love this love storyline release 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💖💖💖👎👎
~ daniel gily
I really really like this release a lot I hope you create more newest releases like this.
~ Maritza Acosta
i didnt really enjoy this release i couldnt obtain into this release i got bored really speedy
~ Anjel Vickers
i love this release 👍
~ A Google user
In the description I saw no nice vampire release. Honestly it was nothing as nice. The graphics were poor. At least they could have modernized the entire storyline. I am surprised they claim this release a nice one. The key system is not nice in choices which we create. We don't have to wait for 5 hours till the next chapter as we can skip time. The story is boring.How can two person look related? I wasted my time in testing this release. Unpaid releases are better than this one.
~ A Google user
Lots of spelling mistakes next time test write properly. For example the spelling mistake I saw was"th" instead of "the". But besides that everything was ok 😘
~ sizwe nyobole
love this love storyline.
~ A Google user
love shop release , it was nice. 😍😘😍
~ Lisa Weby
stop shortening the storyline we hold waiting for the rest. i love this storyline
~ A Google user
Cannot access the newest chapter.
~ A Google user
Very great storyline! Cant wait next chapter 😀
~ Danilo Markovic
I like it its funnnn😍😘😂
~ karen pankey
I really enjoy testing this release. I am so addicted🙂
~ A Google user
The finest release. Well done developers.
~ A Google user
fake release👉📱 it not opening
~ adepa ayisha
stupid release when u modernization there is no newest chapter at all
~ hani hani
Love the storyline,just a shame you have to wait a while for newest episodes
~ Carmen Christians
Such a cool and interesting storyline! I can't wait for the newest chapters! 👍
~ Kristina Radojevic
What a release! I really enjoyed the release, the interactive characters and the storyline. Love how graphics had done... Can't wait for more !
~ Ana Matic
I would have rated 5 star if not for the fact that it takes 5 hours to unblock the next chapter. You guys gotta do something about it please.
~ Millicent Diappim
one of the most addicting high school love storyline release. vampire love storyline, love romance with wonderful characters. I create my choice. 🌷💕💟💖💘💘💘💘
~ A Google user
very nice love storyline. I simply love this release. It is fun and addictive and MIND BLOWING!!! I can create a decisions by myself. please create other release like this.😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰💓❤️💘
~ A Google user
this crapp does not wish to load. It keeps on destroying on me
~ Kobe Clement
Such a pretty characters! I enjoyed all the chapters, the storyline keeps my attention all the time, song is so relaxing and tense at the same time, it points to the eventes thas comes. Can't wait for more.
~ Aleksandar Marjanovic
Nice love storyline. Contains mystery in interesting idea and i become more curious what is going to happen. Please version more chapters.❤❤❤
~ A Google user
what a nice storyline....really love it....
~ Chisom Uzoamaka
X2 of your releases don't launch⛔. I was really looking forward to testing your releases too😢. I have time, tried uninstall a several times and still they won't launch🆘
~ G D
I just wish to claim that the storyline was not so terrible ,had some grammar errors & release freezes from time to time so I rate it 3 stars. some of the another stories the choices you wish to create costs more than the gems you run out with in the release.
~ Pam g
i downloaded first thing that popped up was an banner then it kept destroying if i should give 0 stars i would.
~ Deja Marie
i am really really addicted to this release so much please test you will surely enjoy this release.
~ Shagufta Parveen