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About: NOTE: If testing on a Tab3, you'll need the Mobile 4.4 modernization installed to run the release. Welcome to The Room Two, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery release, inside a beautifully tactile 3D globe. The much anticipated sequel to The Room, recipient of a BAFTA award, is here at last. Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" into a compelling globe of mystery and exploration. ******************************************************************************************************************* An incredibly compelling experience with smart puzzles, superb visuals, and a spooky atmosphere; absolutely brimming with newest concepts. The Verge An intricately woven work of fiction perfectly suited to its format, this is the sort of release that it's worth sitting in the dark for. - Pocketgamer A superb-looking release ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 16MB Developer: Fireproof Games
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The Room Two Reviews and Comments:

great tiny release, a tiny short but well designed puzzles and a nice time filler. most the puzzles are fairly logical and only required support twice during it. I did search the controls hard at a several points but that maybe cos I testing on device and it's hard to be precise.
~ mark houlden
Even better than the first one! The puzzles are smart and challenging, but not impossible (so basically great lol), and the atmosphere is spot on. so nice, and absolutely worth the dollars. Actually if you'll excuse me, I'm off to give Fireproof more of my dollars.
~ ashley guyot
Again. Like the first Room. The detail, responsiveness and immersion is wonderful. Thoroughly enjoyable. This time a entire room is explored (although I liked the intimacy of the single box).
~ Amy Oklikah
I love these puzzle releases so I might be a bit biased but the second instalment of this series is even better than the first! It still holds up really well after almost 5 years after being released and I can't wait to test the next part. definitely worth the dollars I paid.
~ Lilith
the release is unbelievable. but the controls are very annoying. idk maybe it's my device's trouble but all these zoom ins and outs aren't very responsive. i test zooming in the release does nothing. the same with with zoom outs.
~ ali khamraev
Nice experience in release. Sound and sound results are nice. I bought all 3 rooms. time for number 3. The room 2 is astonishing. Thanks devs for this unbelievable experience. It is worth it.
~ Cristian Chende
This and the another Room releases in the series are awesome. The graphics are truly outstanding with very well animated scenes. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible, though there is a support system to target you in the right direction. Brilliant.
~ Mark Hollings
Definitely worth buying. I hope there'll be upgrades for more rooms to reward those of us that have purchased the series. 1000 more would still be too tiny. Very well made. Not too hard. Attention keeper for all ages.
~ Thomas Kinstler
This is a visually stunning release. The puzzles are sometimes more hard than others. The tricks can walkthrough you if you are stumped. As you transport through the curious mazes, the challenges obtain a bit more hard. .
~ Michelle Squyars
I enjoyed this release. It wasn't ridiculously hard, the tricks hold you from getting stuck or wanting to tool but it wasn't unsatisfyingly simple either. There's enough gameplay to hold you going for hours. Looks nice too.
~ Tricia Lovell
Not as nice as the first one.. it felt like the producers rushed it. it wasn't as well made as the first nor was it captivating. I was bored most of the time with this one. the puzzles weren't hard enough, everything was basically given to you so no need to think at all. some bits looked cool but the rest was plain and cute off putting. keeping to one zone was better In the first release. this one there is too much back and forth repetitivness ... create other like the first. I will happily pay
~ KornLover Tizz
Nice puzzle release series. A several cheap hidden switches and the like are more stumbling blocks than nice puzzle solving. But these are several and far between. Overall nice series of releases. One complaint is they are quite short. 2 hrs solid gameplay per release seems average.
~ Aaron Giller
It's a smart release with a dark interesting storyline. It's a find and search puzzle release and there is only one path to solve every puzzle. It appears complex, I think if there was more choice mixed in and multiple paths or sequence of meetings to solve every room it would be more challenging. The artistry and atmosphere are magnificent. Enjoyed testing it, definately worth the price. Even better than the first release.
~ Jordan Sampson
After testing The Room, I was hooked and had to test The Room Two.. it is fully worth the buy! The puzzles are challenging but not unresolvable.. makes you think.. and the tricks are usually there if you obtain stuck. Nice graphics and overall functionality. Actually allow's see what The Room Three has to offer!!
~ Angela Clark
A fun release, but not nearly as nice as the first one. The optics through the viewing glass is less enjoyable and the selection of puzzle parts is less fluid. The puzzle were very fun. the last chapter is the weakest in this release. Overall, I still managed to lose time testing this and am proud to have finished it!
~ Jordan Drew
absolutely one of the finest releases in the Google test supermarket. I've happily paid for all the rooms. I REALLY REALLY hope their will be more!!!!! please design more of these!!!! I cant obtain enough and love the eerie chills it sends down my spine as I test and unravel the storyline.
~ A Google user
Nice release, challenging puzzles. I love puzzle releases and this is a really enjoyable one. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible. I like that you cant skip puzzles and the tricks arent too obvious if you do have to use them.
~ Cheryl Lacey
Great! I obtain bored with releases true speedy. The Room series of releases, I NEVER obtain bored with. I have had more fun testing these releases than any others I have played. I hope Fireproof Products hold them coming. They are the only releases online I've been willing to buy. If you wish an nice series of releases, download The Room releases.
~ Lee Nolan
Visually stunning and implemented beautifully. Puzzles are not that hard but there is sufficient to hold most minds occupied for a couple of hours. Can be played offline and no ads. I also found denying access to requested privileges did not affect release test.
~ Bob Tandy
Without doubt, the finest small release I have played and probably the finest puzzle release I have EVER played. Rarely for a sequel, it was also better than the first, although I did thouroughly enjoy "The Room". If your going to spend dollars on small releases, and you enjoy puzzles, then there isn't really a better option to the room series. They are challenging, sometimes leave you scratching your head, but intriguing, fully captivating and I couldn't place it down.
~ Daniel Davies
The lab almost milked me of a tip very early on, but win was mine! A nice escape room that isn't too simple or hard and looks pretty to test. Only improvement I can think of, is a sensitivity slider for turning or some form of gesture based zooming out. It's cute nice as is, but some parts you type of war with the camera a bit. Zooming in and out so often also makes you want that there was an easier idea to zoom out. Like how you can Double tap to zoom in, instead of pinch out. :D
~ Edward Slaughter
loved room 1 no glitches or any probs. room 2 however I cant enter a username on my s10 and on my device I cant obtain past the round puzzle box in the guide. really frustrating cos the first one was really nice that's why I purchased the rest. have tried reloading release on both devices and same probs in same territories often. please fix these troubles as I would have scored a 10 out of 5 rating.
~ Helen Drake
If you love puzzles, logical thinking & trouble solving this release will be right up your way. A tiny more challenging than The Room, but still had familiar walkthroughs. I rarely pay for apps but this one was worth it, didn't obtain bored of it & would suggest it.
~ Rachel Dixon
finest release but I thought I should test offline and save my spot . Then Google releases swept in and my spot was lost . I don't wish to share on Fb or Google releases . I purchased each room release . It is the finest by far . I'm just dissappointed about that one thing .
~ cher flinn
Addictive, thought provoking and pretty. the release developers did a nice job creating puzzles that take enough thought to be challenging without being frustrating. The dark globe which the release exists in is wonderfully detailed and skillfully crafted. I loved the first one and the second one is just as nice. I'll be buying the third one for sure. Well worth the dollars.
~ Christina Howell
I am not a large fan o device releases... however this one deserves a top spot in the genre. It's fascinating and gives a weird sense of accomplishment without it being over the top hard. On a technical note...It looks nice, it sounds nice and it plays very intuitively.
~ Manole Marius
I'm hooked. If you wish a release that tests your mental faculties then this is for you. The Room Two is better than the first and really keeps you thinking. I love the sound results, the puzzles, the art, and how simple it is to pick up where you left off. Skip your morning coffee once this week and buy this release. I promise you won't be disappointed.
~ brandon johnson
These guys are genius, the graphics , the sound, the puzzles all that together with a storyline , interesting one I might add are easy sublime .This is a special release ! The experience testing the release was outstanding! Once I run testing it I couldn't stop . Thank you !
~ John Doe
What more to claim that hasnt already been claimed. the room 2 is a known paid release for a reason it provides a super small experience that is not matched by its nonpaid peers anywhere on this platform. so if you enjoy puzzle releases and a bit of suspense this is the release for you (after the first room of course)
~ Drew Bradshaw
So fun. I only got stuck once and turns out I just had my device upside down so the next time I turned the release on, each thing was simple. never had to use any clues but I still gelt like I was really worked for it. Unbelievable graphics, creepy atmosphere, very spooky without being to scary. Nice release!
~ Brooke Bennett
wow! I loved the first release and I can honestly claim that part 2 was just as nice I can't wait to run part 3 if its anything close to 1 or 2 I'm really looking forward to it. the graphics are so nice the sound fx are nice they did a nice job keeping you wrapped up in the release. it is by far the finest series I have ever seen or played.
~ Joe C
The attention on information even a tiny one in these releases are so astonishing! I suggest to all the puzzle release lovers to test this release (and another Room too). Quality are top-notch for small release Btw have the ever been to Myanmar(Burma)? especially the ancient Town of Bagan? Becuz this particular object in chapter three (the temple) reminds me of Arnanda Temple. Definitely it is it! am i right?
~ Thurein Tun
Just completed the second one. These releases are very addictive! If you like puzzles and/or escape rooms, you'll LOVE this release...at least I do! The only thing I think the developers should change is eliminating the letters, or use them to deliever clues. I trust that was only the topic for one lvl in the first release. Time to obtain the next one 😄
~ Antionne Young
Product was nice to test to solve all of the puzzles and the touch controls are a bit easier to use than the first. But honestly, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first release, this has you more focused on running around a room trying to figure out where to run instead of the cool logic puzzles from a single box like the first one. Definitely still worth the price though.
~ David Mallory
Riveting, thrilling and creepy Victorian puzzler. Still not entirely certain what's going on in the storyline, but I can't stop testing all the same. Graphics and sound design are top notch. A lot of thought, time, and love went into The Room 2 (and the others in the series) and it shows. Grab the trilogy, help the devs, and have fun creeping about in the eery, seemingly time-displaced rooms.
~ Larry Mallonee, Jr.
Not as nice as the first release imo. While the plot obtain more interesting and engaging, the release itself lose its charm from the first release which is a puzzle box within a puzzle box. In this one it's just other escape the room release. Most importantly, it's annoying having to hold switching around every zone in the room. Unlike the first release where everything is around the box. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it!
~ Lewis Catlord
This is a nice puzzle release. I'd rate it a medium difficulty wise. There's a slight mystery cut horror theme, that keeps you on the edge. Its one drawback is sometimes when you interact with objects or puzzles nothing happens, despite having the correct solution. That's mostly a tiny screen trouble. Have fun, don't use the clues, it's more fun that idea!
~ Travis R.
Wow! Just wow. Truly a mastepiee of an escape release series. The Room (1) was phenomenal and wet my appetite for The Room 2, which truly did not disappoint. I will certainly be continuing my purchases from this developer. The graphics are nice, the logic is unbelievable, the storyline is intriguing, and the clues are just useful enough without spoiling the fun. Highly suggested to any and all escape users!!!
~ Kevin McQuarrie
This series is nice! Just completed 2, and actually buying 3. The artwork is nice, equally matched by the soundscape! Don't turn off the sound, it really adds to the experience! An banner interrupted ver of this release would suck. If you enjoy escape releases, this is fully worth the price. (Come on, you've paid more for a speedy meal cola, just buy it!) For those having problem zooming out, keep your two fingers still for a bit before pinching.
~ zonnked
The finest escape release series ever - all of them are of awesome quality and value - the earlier ones are just cheaper because they are shorter. The only trouble is actually I completed them all in a week (and replayed every twice), I need more, and with the exception of Cube Escape Paradox, I'm finding another devs are nowhere near this quality. I hope there will be an occasion to give them more dollars quick for other awesome release.
~ Explore Games