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About: Welcome to The Room, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery release, inside a beautifully tactile 3D globe. ***************** Excellently produced, smart puzzles and spine-tingling song Product Informer More fun than Christmas morning The Newest York Times A mysterious puzzler that doesn't fail to intrigue The Verge The most realistically rendered objects in a small title to date. IGN The Room is the cave of mysteries from everyone's childhood; a great encapsulation of the fear and pleasure of discovery. Eurogamer ****** How are you, old dude? If youre reading this, then it worked. I only hope you can still forgive me. Weve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you gotta place such things behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn. You gotta come at once, for we are all in nice peril. I believe you remember the house? My study is the hi ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5 Size: 0MB Developer: Fireproof Games
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The Room Reviews and Comments:

This release tops finest lists for a reason. The puzzles are challenging but has a logical progression, the tricks are exactly that -- tricks, not answers -- so you have ample chances to solve puzzles yourself with nice satisfaction. Fully worthwhile.
~ Amanda Tahir
Like a tiny escape room on your device. Pleasingly tactile with well-judged difficulty, as you examine, poke, and prod your idea through gentle puzzles. Very satisfying equipment.
~ Oxford Slacker
Utterly facinating- i blasted through it in one sitting. There were a couple points i got stuck on, damn their eyes, but overall it was just intuitive enough that i got to feel smart. The controls occasionally were wonky, but thats the price you pay for this type of release. Overall, well worth the price, and im going to buy the sequel cute much instantly.
~ graycalls
Absolutely brilliant! As someone who loves puzzles and escape rooms, this is nice!! There's an element of horror that puts me on the edge but I like that.
~ Nush
Wow! This is an wonderful value for a dollar. It's cute short, but there's some really neat equipment and wonderful visuals packed into a day or two of off-and-on gameplay. If you're familiar with puzzle terminology, The Room informations a series of "procedural discovery" puzzle boxes, meaning all the softwares and clues required to succeed are revealed by the box itself through a series of sub-puzzles. If you obtain stuck, it's simply because you haven't found something hidden elsewhere in or on the box. If you're still stumped, a series of tricks are offered for every step, which target you in the right direction without spoiling the solution fully. Although I encountered a couple instances where textures were blurry or pixellated, the 3D graphics are magnificent for the most part, and present a very immersive experience. There was one target where I got really stuck even after revealing all 3 tricks, and it turned out to be a trouble with a combination lock. I had already entered the correct combo, but for some reason had to clear and re-enter it to obtain the release to register it. For this I can't give it a full 5 stars, but I still heartily suggest the release.
~ Alex Anderson
I m complete the release , but one thing to share with you. gotta test, coz I m test this release and actually I feel I m really genius.. it's nice test gotta๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž
~ The candyboy
An Elegant Masterpiece! If you like intricate mind bending puzzles this is by far on a entire another lvl. I just should not place this release down. It is uncomfortably addictive. I claim this because successful release test requires thinking far out of your comfortable tiny box. Impressed beyond words, I graciously bow before the minds that executed this stellar release. I am looking forward to all the episodes in the series. Thank you devs, I am again reassured that brilliant original minds still exist!
~ albeewon kenobi
This enthralled myself, and my 4 year old. I only hit one or two snags that needed looking up a walkthrough to see one small thing I was doing wrong. There are some parts that require you to physically tilt your device or device in order to manipulate the puzzels.
~ John McDole
Leagues above the rest. Leagues. On the another hand, there is no 'Rest'. Because no one does it like them. Smooth controls, nice hi-res graphics and a polished interface. Interface? There is no 'interface', just glad gameplay.
~ Joerg Zahn
Only just started and I'm in love with the graphics, sound results, and special puzzles. The mystery of the Room keeps me intrigued. A fun break from reality.
~ Rhea
Very nice journey puzzle. Not too complicated had lot s of fun testing with my 5&7 years old babes. Had to support them with some puzzles and lore but they were able to solve most of it after a while. Product has very great mystery globe only slight trouble is that equipment and puzzles obtain disabled once used corectly and this makes release much simpler. Well earned 5 stars nevertheless. Actually off to next part.
~ Giorgi Melikidze
This release is truly a work of art. Everything's nice about it- the graphics, the complexity, the tone, and the puzzling element. This is the hardest puzzle release I attempted and I enjoyed it very much.
~ The Evanescent Star
A release that really draws you in, you dont wish to place it down!!! So unlike any another release out there, very challenging!!! I had this release a several years ago and beat it so when I saw it again I had to see if I should do it again. the background sounds are quite eerie but that just adds to the mystery of the release... actually on to download all the sequels to this release to attempt to beat them. Have fun testing!!!
~ Carolyn Ferguson
cute nice release. played it years ago and my dude was newest to it and asked me to support on the second lvl. he didn't know i had ever played it before. so when i was speed running it he just watched in awe as i beat the lvl within 5 mins. he still brags about how nice i am at puzzle releases to this day. ( i never claimed him that i ever played it in advance.)
~ Daniel Johnson
Absolutely phenomenal release. It's runs you slow, but builds up slowly. It makes you feel as though you are getting deeper and deeper into an unknown mystery. Something incomprehensible, even Lovecraftian. Graphics are great, controls very well, and has sound and ambient song that compliments the mysterious nature of the release. The puzzles can be tough, but the tip system makes it a tiny easier for recipients who just wish to have fun solving the puzzles. Definte suggestion.
~ Michael Rousselle
The finest escape release series ever - all of them are of awesome quality and value - the earlier ones are just cheaper because they are shorter. The only trouble is actually I completed them all in a week (and replayed every twice), I need more, and with the exception of Cube Escape Paradox, I'm finding another devs are nowhere near this quality. I hope there will be an occasion to give them more dollars quick for other awesome release.
~ Explore Games
This release is absolutely wonderful. There is very several releases that have made me think like this release has. Some puzzle releases are idea too hard or idea too simple. But The Room has managed to search a great medium with just the right amount of help with the clues and a nice balance of haptic to non haptic puzzles. Can't wait to test the rest!
~ Tristan Schoenberger
very nice for the price I purchased it (1$) but it's clearly too short and too linear when the release was realesed when it was more expensive. Actually I'm hesitating buying the next release because I'm afraid to have something too short...
~ Antoine .M
Yep, not much terrible to claim about this one. This release is a lvl of sophistication above most others of this category. The sound results and song created a great suspense/creepy vibe, the puzzles were varied, interesting and challenging, and it was visually stunning. There were two minor troubles worth mentioning. Firstly, there is a target where you pick up a gear and zone it into a mechanism. I found that if I restart the release, I should pick up that same gear again, even though it wasn't visually present. I should then zone it into the mechanism, on top of the previous one. Secondly, I accidentally hit the Tip button twice. I'd prefer if it were laid out differently to create that less likely. These are minor troubles, however, and do not detract from the release at all. Just an nice release.
~ S G
There are many challenges that are very interesting to solve. Unfortunately, like much of today's soft it has bugs (at least one) that stop your progress. Tip action doesn't work (tilt the whole platform to transport the sliders to the center under the grill), so the interest evaporates and you've wasted your dollars. How ordinary!
~ Richard Markgraff
Fab ... just fully nice!! . Moving on to no.2 actually :) ... well done! ! Be sure to look EVERYWHERE wen testing .. took me a while ...but I didn't tool n only used a tip if I felt I HAD to! Highly suggest for tht puzzle user :)
~ Lou Donkin
I'm only putting one star because I didn't even test it but I now just wanted to blow some dollars away, I'm supposed to buy something once each month for some reason. but I don't wish it on my device and I don't wish my dollars back either.
~ 1O1O1O11OO1OOO1
Now really nice. Challenging but not too hard and it offers tricks if you need it! Some minor handling troubles with navigating like pinching or double tapping in and out but otherwise nice!
~ Damon Macdonald
Great. it's simple to obtain stuck to where you wish to quit but if you persist and hold trying everything, eventually something will work and it you'll be able to transport along. Lovers of the Myst series will like this release.
~ Terry Johnson
Sometimes I think clues come along just because i waited a while to test again. Seems large reveals happen when i first sign in. Still cute entertaining idea to slay time at the dentist office.
~ Dottie Carmichael
The most nice series I have ever played! Purchased first 3 releases twice, just purchased and beat the 4th! that's how nice they are. can't wait for the next one. Nice recipients! Addictive is an understatement!
~ Ryerson Dodge
I couldnt even obtain passed the guide, it wouldnt allow me drag the key to the box! am i dense and missing something? If i cant even use my equipment and launch the box how can i test the release? please, i wanted to test it, i dont wish to ask for a refund but if i cant even test then i wish my dollars back!
~ Samantha Salter
Reminds of Myst with incrediably superb graphics. Hard but doable without tricks. Absolutely stunning and worth each cent to buy it. I will be buying the others in the series if they are as stunningly brilliant as this release. Honestly, if I should rate it 10 stars, it just wouldn't be high enough. Just WOW.
~ A Google user
Played on iOS first, same nice puzzle release. You seem to understand this box by fiddling with parts of it to search pieces and solutions to puzzles on the object. Kinda like escape releases except you are trying to obtain into the thing instead. Simply magnificent. It looks nice considering its own the first in the series. If you obtain stuck it gives clues that obtain more specific the more you need them.
~ Daniel Hartwick
Loved this release. I played it with my daughters, ages 6 and 10, every one of us on different devices. They loved to test to search clues and share them with every another. My 10 year old place me to shame, lol. The graphics are pretty, the storyline line is spooky and fun. The puzzle is so smart and has an " Illuminati" vibe. Oh the graphics!!! Pretty. Congratulations to the developers.
~ Daniela Menezes
10/10 The finest puzzle release I've ever played! The graphic is stunning. The puzzle comes in different types and very challenging but not too hard. Though the storyline isn't as intrigue as the release test imo. I finish it in one go. The release fully captures my attention, I don't even know 5 hours has passed by the time I clear the release! Very suggested for those who love puzzle release!
~ Lewis Catlord
I think I got this one for nonpaid. Absolutely fun, challenging but just takes a bit more thinking, tricks are available but rarely required. Neat puzzles, nice graphics, interesting storyline.
~ Jennifer K
I absolutely loved this release. I had just done an escape room last night and was in the mood for other puzzle. Once I started this i couldnt place it down until I finished it! Some of the puzzles were slightly frustrating when I didn't notice a tiny detail or didnt realise a mechanic existed but overall I enjoyed the tons of mechanics and discovering them. I' definitely going to buy the next release in this series
~ Feras Hathaf
i absolutely love this release. i habe beet it twice in the past two weeks, even though it was harder the first time, but not too hard. when i was tiny, i used to not be able to obtain anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‚but it sill loved it. its fully worth it!!! it really tests your ability to figure out clues.
~ Kit Kat
So far, this is really awesome... Some lighting changes might need to be introduced or place on a slider, but otherwise complex puzzles that are well thought out and combined with great graphics. Not sure about the storyline yet, but it does contain elements of history with paranoia.
~ Jim Folliard
only one thing to claim. The finest releases I've ever played on a small device. even on a PC it would Impress. I've played the trilogy. omg. please create some more. I've been waiting for so long actually. I like nonpaid releases but I'm more than willing to pay for such genius. please, please, please create some more.
absolutely nice. Visuals are stunning and although the puzzles were somewhat hard I still beat the whole release in about 5 hours of test time but it was so worth the price. I've usually been so disappointed in puzzle releases but The Room is not on that list. I can't wait to test the next ones!
~ Lindsey private
THE escape room release to beat, in my opinion. This release just blew me away. Usually I got stuck, I'd pick the release up hours or even days later and the respond would just jump out at me. The release is made so well that the answers are just intuitive. I've enjoyed this whole series so much I have each release they've made so far on here AND on steam so I can test it whenever I wish and I really trust this developer could obtain all the help they deserve! Great job guys. I love your releases.
~ Kyle Matsumura
I remeber when I first downloaded this release back in 2013. I was sceptical to spend dollars on an release seeing as apps were really just starting to be of a more known brand. This release and all of its sequels are marvelous. Graphics, controls, gameplay, pacing are all unbelievable. Not to mention the tone and environment is consistent throughout the whole release. This release series will usually be to me my favoured. 6/5 stars.
~ M O
I had so much fun testing this release. It was absolute pleasure the entire idea through. The clues were cute decent without giving too much away. The clues set you on the right path if you happen to veer off. I had problem using some of the hidden objects that I found, however I was able to "insert" them into zone after a several tries. (might have been my device) But yes Episode/Chapter 3 was a blast. Pretty graphics, so much so, that I am using the same colors for our ensuite bathroom renos!
~ Les Shields