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About: The 4th entry in the multi-award winning The Room puzzle release series. The Rooms creepy touchscreen puzzle boxes are better than ever in Old Sins; Fireproof has crafted what may be the finest ver yet. The Verge The constructive puzzles, along with a haunting atmosphere, engage your entire brain. One of the year's finest small releases. Gameinformer Essentially a room-escape release, featuring a giant dollhouse designed with an impossible amount of detail and care; you feel like youre now touching the walls. GQ The fourth in a series of super-tactile puzzle-box releases and its the finest yet. The Guardian Enter The Room: Old Sins and be transported to a zone where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and a captivating storyline. The sudden disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provokes the hunt for a precious artefact. The trail ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 48MB Developer: Fireproof Games
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The Room: Old Sins Reviews and Comments:

Once again, Fireproof has delivered nothing but the finest. The sheer amount of attention to detail in puzzles, elaborate thinking, and animation gives every entry of "The Room" its own special flavor. Old Sins encapsulates all of that and more. The dark and eerie atmosphere of the release, the familiar song, and the downright blissful handling of storyline deliverance is masterful. Fireproof Products, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Excuse me while I go replay The Room 1-3.
~ Matthew Blankenship
I hope the developers are reading this, and I hope they never stop making these releases! They have the great balance of friction, storyline, and environment, and every is developed to perfection. I will claim this chapter in the journey was easier than the last, but harder than The Room 2. The gameplay was slightly different as well, with the lens more obviously showing where to look for clues. I think I preferred the layout and style of 3 slightly over this installment, but it was still a blast.
~ J Worley
All 4 of the Room releases are wonderful, but this one stood out for me because of the theme. The dollhouse mystery was intriguing to solve and there was a nice tons of puzzles that fit well within the theme. I required fewer tricks than the Room 3, but that should have been because it was more linear and I am getting more used to this kind of release. My favoured part is now watching what happens when you solve a puzzle. The animations are nice! Highly suggest all releases in this series.
~ Kerry Bossler
Absolutely wonderful! I swear my IQ raises often I test one of your releases. The Stunning graphics, alluring storyline, and wonderful mechanics create each single one of your releases worth each dime and penny. I cannot wait for the next installment!
~ Aaron McCoy
One of the finest in the series yet. However, a lot of room for improvement still. The clues are too sparse and too delayed to come. There could be an option to go to the clue instantly. Shortcuts between rooms would be much appreciated to avoid getting in and out of rooms. Gone was the choice between beginner and master user. And some instructions are too abstract to follow. But still a thought -provoking, mind-stimulating imagination-expanding and patience-playing brilliant puzzle release. Hold it up!
~ Noel Bava
Great! Product test was smooth, some zones needed a stylus when played on a device (puzzles had tiny bits that had to be moved just so...), graphics were nice, and the storyline was pretty and sad. However, unless you hadn't played the previous releases, you would have no concept why Edward went furious- I also loved how Abigail was the superhero. The ending was nice! I seriously didn't see that coming! I'm ready for the fifth!
~ Justin Davison
Myst, 7th guest, and dark fall fan here. love the Room series and all it has to offer. The graphics are stunning and the multitude of layers of puzzle, every more sophisticated and challenging than the last, creates an nice experience for the user giving the sense of accomplishment as the user progresses. The newest installment was wonderful. Cant wait to see where this series goes next.
~ Jonathan Tanner
Uggg seems recipients are right about this one. Don't obtain me wrong. I have purchased each fireproof release played them many times over and rated them all 5⭐ So what changed? Well this release is the 'prequel' to the original The Room. But this release takes the room too literally...but this makes it really cool. Although that's annoying it does not feels lacking, at least finally the storyline is written better, easier to understand and enjoyable to finally figure out why what happened in The Room releases. ❤🙌🏼
~ Calean Sixes
I have played all of the another 3 "The Room" releases on PC (I am primarily a PC user) and expierencing it on small was quite the treat. This type of release fully lends itself to a small platform and I thuroughly enjoyed this iteration of The Room. The storyline is compelling, the visuals are stunning and the puzzles were neat. I can't wait for other release to come out! I might even test the another 3 on small, just to see how the expierence changes. If anyone at Fireproof wants to obtain some direct feedback (from someone who loves the releases), feel nonpaid to contact me. :)
~ Jax Rae Aronchick
I have loved the Room releases and this one is no exception. Nice puzzles, a chilling narative and excellently paced. It only avoids a five star rating because I feel I beat it to quickly compared to the first three, so maybe there needs to be more of a shakeup in the formula. Still highly suggested.
~ Channelwood
A tiny more hard than previous The Room releases. I would not have finished it with out an on line walkthrough, though I only consulted it 5 or 6 times. engaging as ever though a lot of back and forth to complete certain tasks has my head hurting! brilliant release though, and hopefully not the last on the series.
~ The Narcoleptic Tinkerer
It's even better than the previous three, if that's even possible. Never a dull moment in the release. My only complaint is I'm getting much lags about third of idea into the release, I'm suppose it's because the complexity of this release, and my device's inability. Be great to post the minimum hardware spec needed to run this release.
~ David Lee
The release is an absolute pleasure to test. i enjoyed it all the idea through. the only very minor criticism i have of an otherwise brilliant release is the puzzles can be somewhat repetitive. It didnt take away from the enjoyment of the release or the over all exoerience, but i would like some more tons and creativity place into the puzzles.
~ James Worix
Visually stunning. The puzzles are fairly rudimentary and rely on spotting patterns and remembering informations previously encountered, rather than nice feats of intelligence or insight, but none the worse for that. The underlying narrative is mumbo jumbo, but you don't need to follow it or even understand it.
~ Barry Levy
pretty release, nice storyline, very Myst-esque with the great tip system to go along with it. Graphics, like the previous three are absolutely sublime. Hold in mind, this release is very CPU intensive, and if youre running on a mid-grade device or device slowdowns are inevitiable. controls can be a bit wonky at times, but i feel if i was working with a larger screen clicking the smaller things would have been easier. definately worth the buy.
~ Travis Yager
This is a terrific installment of "The Room" series of puzzle releases. It has nice flow and plenty of challenges. I liked the idea certain rooms closed while others remained launch as the release progressed, to hold it interesting but not overwhelming. Taking notes helped me to hold track of thi gs in mid-release, when it is simple to claim, 'what room did I see that in...?'
~ Sara Torok
It's great through and through, have loved them ever since the First Room, I only hope they just continue to deliever us thirst hungering mongrals with more. Unlike any another release, they dont have to "modernization it", for when it comes out it is in its final and great form which is something I marvel at them for and will never mind paying $5 per release, although if they came out with a puzzler that's twice as long and more in depth I wouldn't mind giving $15, as long as it's worth it as I feel actually.
~ T - J
Other wonderful Room release, this one was the finest so far. Please hold them coming, really look forward to the newest ones. The graphics and sounds are wonderful, puzzles are nice and love the mix of simple and hard challenges. Storyline keeps you involved and draws you in and pushing you forward. Waiting impatiently for the next one.
~ Thomas De Gennaro
My experience with The Room series has been nice till actually.I am facing a bug/glitch in the Garden module, where once the fountain gets started, I have to use a crank and crystal to match the pattern on the exterior face.. even after matching the pattern, and rotating the crank through few turns, nothing happens.. it could ideally direct the flow to the next stone pillar...how is this resolved?
~ Rajiv Mohan
I just completed the 1st round accomplishment of Old Sin. Thank you so much to all developer s in Fireproof's squad for all your attemption to deliver all parts of The Room series. From my opinion, this is excellence puzzle storyline releases. I will hold looking forward to see the next release you will version. Just short comment, the puzzle in The Room 3 is much harder than Old Sin, especially, the idea to see all ending in The Room 3.
~ Chatchai Sripromma
Cute nice. The third release was better imo. Too many times the release "takes you by the hand" be it linear puzzles or obvious tricks. Took me half the time i used to finish the third (with all endings). Nice overall, but i want you guys took the third as an standard and NOT this one.
~ Pablo González Hermosilla
I continue to be amazed at the quality and ingenuity of this release series. The dark theme is a delight I look forward to, and hope for, future releases. (Would love to test them on my Surface Pro if they can be made for Windows sooner than later). My single critical comment is I would like to see a deeper storyline throughout the release. I enjoy the mystery of this Null object but feel there is a more comprehensive storyline possible and characters to reveal.
~ A Google user
I love all "The Room" releases. When I first started testing this iteration I was concerned it would be a rather tired formula. However I quick got into it and found it thoroughly enjoyable. I did need to press the tip button quite often but only because you transport from room to room so much and I couldn't be bothered to hold searching everywhere. Another than that, nice fun. Suggested!!
~ Richtea Hoyle
sensational release series. one of the finest most challenging releases I have ever played. the graphics are wonderful and the actual release test is wonderful. I've played all 4 releases actually and used clues or techniques from previous releases that helped obtain through every room. I used the clues where required and sometimes even though I thought I knew what to do next but couldn't quite obtain there, the clues helped. wonderful release, well worth the several dollars I paid. congratulations to the developers.
~ Nicky Thomas
As expected of a release in The Room series, this knocks it out of the park. In all honesty, I kinda want it was longer; I was having too much fun and it seemed to go by so quickly. 😍 Love this release to bits. Here's hoping for more "The Room" releases or at least releases like this from this developer.
~ hikarinoryu
I follow Room since the first release, purchased all on Ipad actually purchased all serie on Mobile. Is just the BEST release I ever played in terms of storyline, graphics, gameplay...... all... it's just a diamond release. Price? ridiculous when you see the quality and the thousands hour of work to develop it. All my respect to the developers 🙏👏🤯
~ Guy Pardillos
This is the finest release release i have ever played!! Love it, I don't even have any recommendations because it was nice! Puzzles were hard enough to be fun but not so hard to lose interest. The story was exciting, scary and fantastical, all my favorites! Thank you!
~ LeAnne Turney
One of my favoured series! I've played all four installments currently available and I cannot claim enough nice things. This release is pretty, constructive, ingeniously constructed, challenging, engaging, engrossing, and incredibly fun. I will continue to help this series and buy each installment whenever I realize there's a newest one! To the squad that works on this, you all are wonderful and I thank you sincerely for crafting such a masterclasses puzzle release to flex the mind. Bravo and thanks!
~ Boris Domantovsky
Other nice experience! These developers are geniuses and everything, right to the tiniest detail is absolute perfection. I imagine this will probably be their last one in The Room series, but I really hope that they come out with other series very quick. I waited a long time for this forth one!
~ Erin Chase
love the sound and presentation, those satisfying clicks when things fits together is so...satisfying. The puzzles are nice, not too simple but certainly not too hard, completed in 4 hours. Hope the next release will be even longer. Graphics is nice, runs nice on note5. The release got stuck once for me in the puzzle where you use the eye and beed to match the 2 "broken" shapes, one pink color an the another turquoise. If you take the eye off and then test to exit the puzzle by pinching i obtain a black scr
~ Flyhigher
Astounding. From part 1 to 4, I have been engaged. I love this release. Simply place captivating. Please, please, please, come out with more releases. I am cringing cause I have started old sins and don't wish to finish knowing there isn't anything else from you. Two thumbs up.......completed, and sad it has come to an end.
~ Janel Benta
Finally completed the release and it was awesome. the only reason for less than 5 stars was that at one target my release bugged out and I should not continue for a while. I tried turning off cloud sync but that didn't support. I finally deleted all the release time and starting recent fixed it but it did waste some time.
~ Joseph Bauser
Other exceptional puzzle release from Fireproof Products. Hours of intensive gameplay with newest puzzles everywhere, special continuation of the storyline with its plot twists. The release gives its tricks where required. Very friendly for beginners, yet challenging still for the more expert puzzlers. Outstanding! I'll continue to look forward for the next episode.
~ Jacco Koeleman
This is the most constructive, intriguing, fun release I've played. After I leave this review I'm going to instantly look to see if there are any another releases by this architect. Thank you for such an nice and challenging release!! Please make more!! If anyone know of another releases like this, please comment. I'm gonna go thru withdraws actually that I've finished all 4 chapters.
~ kat owen
All of these releases are simply, truly nice. my only gripe is I usually want they were longer!! I love the intricate puzzles and the simply stunning artwork and framework of the puzzles, scenes, and time-appropriate decor. honestly have never played a greater puzzle release. I've been a fan since the off, hold up the nice work, I will usually buy your releases! I just want I should hold up with when they come out!
~ Emily Allen
I love the Room releases so I was excited to test this installment in the series. I wish disappointed! Thrillingly creepy, with puzzles that were challenging but not fiendishly hard. Although the finale was definitely very tricky! I really liked the dollhouse idea which made it much easier to navigate round the rooms than in previous releases. I also liked how you should visually follow your progress through the release. The story was much more engaging too. Great release!
~ asheranti
omg, please claim me there's going to be other one, this has GOT to be the BEST "the room" release I've played, and I've played one through three, nice release, would HIGHLY suggest for recipients who like solving very hard puzzles. also, I LOVED the multiple 4th wall breaks, you guys continue to amaze me, and I hope that if you come out with other, I will be even more amazed, and I will not doubt it if I am. also, I have to claim, for an mobile release, the graphics were phenomenal ❤
~ Johnathan Lindsley
I honestly downloaded this release on a whim because the screenshots looked cool and deception sounded interesting. I want I should give it 10 stars. I fell in love with this release and finished it in less than 2 days. just so nice you wish to hold testing. after I finished it I decided to download the first room and complete series from there. I actually want I had gone the another idea around. the another releases were nice and all but this one truly is the finest. please when is the next one coming out
~ Pete Arbuckle
Ive played all of "The Room" releases so far. Actually ALL of them have been nice but i gotta claim THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST ONE! Very challenging and usually is making you think back to previous puzzles in order to solve whatever actual puzzle your on! If you LOVE puzzle releases this is for you! All of "The Room" releases are well worth the dollars and I NEVER BUY GAMES! But i do buy these the moment they come out!
~ Josh Stafford
As usually, other nice installment of The Room. This release will pull you in like no another, with intricate puzzels and the detail within them. There really isn't a release that can quite compare to this series. Whether you've never played one of this category or if you're an experienced puzzel solver, you gotta test this masterpeice even if you're still not sold. I promise, you'll be buying the rest of the releases shortly after, just as the rest of us have done.
~ MellowMia