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About: Become the newest challenger in the all-time classic THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 on Mobile! Revisit this fighting gem, by testing one of its legendary (and sometimes hidden) squads, and behold the numerous endings the release has to offer! Place an end to the evil Orochi's resurrection scheme, and finally settle the score between Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami! Informations: 35 playable characters! Test as SNK's iconic combatants such as Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard, and test to master the infamous "Newest Face Squad" or the "KOF '97 Unique Squad"! The NEO GEO ver's hidden characters are actually available directly on the hero pick screen so you can easily crush your foe using Orochi Iori or Orochi Leona! Experience for the first time in the series the "Affinity System", and to pick the members of your squad according to their affinity, and enjoy their pre-match interactions ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 7MB Developer: SNK CORPORATION
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THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 Reviews and Comments:

Finest release of my childhood I have read all comments, I don't know y a lot recipients claimed, it's hard to complete the release but I recently completed until end where I slay orochi. Or maybe I am pro lol
~ Fahad Ahmed
You guys finally got it running prefect on the nvidea shield device, thank you. Actually please create samsho 2 work right and add controller to Fatal Furry Unique please. A shield only ver of kof 13 and or 14 would not only run flawlessly, but it would be loved.
~ Shaun Gephart
Defenetly one of my favoured releases, since I was a babe. Love the fact, that I can test it on my device actually. Want it had better graphics, but than it would crash the originality of the release. The controls do need an modernization, but they're still ok.
~ David Varela
Nice very nice release.. I'm very addicted with this release. I really love to test this release But I feeling disappointed, when I trying to test multiply.. I'm using Galaxy S7.. I can't reach to obtain another device on multiply..... Please Fix This trouble... Please.. And you will obtain 5★ from me..
~ Shabbir Hossain
Cute nice overall. Just a straight port of the release. Touch controls require a bit of practice, but I was eventually able to pull off every hero's premium moves reliably. Some slow-down occurs during fire results; not sure if that's authentic to the original arcade ver, but it would have been great to have it fixed either idea. Also would have liked some bonus informations like a practice mode or a gallery for endings and artwork. Can't comment on multiplayer or controller help. I only purchased the release to test on my device and to enjoy the tiny bits of storyline in singleplayer.
~ Matthew Jarvis
I have been a KOF lovers for more than 10 years and I have never seen such a poor release like this. The controller is simply like trash. It keeps working in reverse direction and u can hardly use any skill even if u r a very nice kof user. PLZ!!!DONT BUY IT
I think it nice
~ A Google user
Large fan my g
~ Jose Medina
it is the finest release ever
~ Nathan King
I love this release.
~ A Google user
Is the finest release
~ A Google user
I love it, so nostalgic 😭
~ Juan Madora
brings back memories 😎
~ Reyna Tochihuitl
Nice release usually liked it
~ Alex Gomez
My childhood release and still loves it.
~ Vishal Das
it remained me my childhood.
~ mohamoed jubayer
My childhood favoured release.....love neogeo release also
~ Idris Ali
It's not a nice experience and the controls slay it
This is the finest release ever is beter than Fortnite
~ A Google user
wow this one is addictive just like lord of combatants 98 other nice one
~ Frazier Taylor
It is very nice but it hard to test because the controller.
~ Gabriel Pereira Mendes
its the finest fighting release on the test shop
~ A Google user
childhood time, nice, Finest fighting release ever
~ mohamed reda
i am kof large fan but ab nii hu terrible graphic terrible controler no full screen everything terrible mne tu ase hi buy kr li afsoos
~ Blouch G
Love this franchise and particular release. It's a nice classic.
~ Epix Sky
I love this Product And Chang is my favored fighter thank you for this nice release
~ Gamer 36
This is a nice release with the classic gameplay.
~ Josue Mejia
Nice release ..my memmories revived ...i just need to obtain a hang of the controls
~ rex hex
I re-downloaded the release and it downloaded some time and works nice.
~ JesterPlay
Rather great, the release test is very fun and controls well and I like that I does not shove banners in my face
~ Alex Jackson
can be better if the joystick will be a bit bigger in size and the user orochi to test with!
~ Royal vicky Mishra
This a grate release, but I'm going to be happier if you guys place the KOF 99, 2000 AND 2002
~ Miguel Angel Espiritu
Nice release. Create kof 99 to 2003 actually. Especially 2002. Would pay $9.99 for that release.
could be more affordable, i mean should be more sheaper or place em on boxes or bundles like ios i dont know, still remeber back in da days, nice release thank you
~ David Cardenas
We all have a common trouble with the difficulty and it hasnt been fixed. I mean on a difficulty of 1 you cant obtain past scene for please fix it.
~ tshepo kentse
Terrible Controls! The down SP button doesn't even work which need a fix. I can't even obtain past the 4th scene on difficulty one because the aggressor know when your gonna attack, jump, crouch, or anything please fix.The bot are so repetitive and fix the grab mechanics cause I hold grabbing some times and the for some reason the grab doesn't work and then the aggressor grabs me when I hit them first. Also buy KOF 98 it better controls and simple to test.Last but not least please let us to use both all desperation transport because I hate that I have to now use the joystick just to do one transport and mess up just basically do the same like KOF 98. Add Orchi Plz.
~ Noobkiller 56
where is training mode,where is guide,where is against mode.this release is much different than kof 14,and lvl 1 difficulty feels like hard mode.But it's nice in its own idea
~ 성혜진
Nice release just hard to test with touch screen. Definitely need a controller to test. Product is very challenging even on the easiest lvl.
~ 7Gunr
controls not usually works as expected , sometimes particular moves work and sometimes it just do transport which is not intended, very inconsistent , for a release which is Paid, this is not what i was expected, wasted my dollars
~ zain-ul- abdin
Don't feel like giving 2 Stars because it's my favored fighting release, but any CPU Superhero you come up versus in any difficulty Lvl, even if it was set in Lvl 1, the CPU boasts extemely potent Combos (Especially the Woman Characters and Soldier types). Also the CPU Characters hold guarding no matter what, until their guard is broken, actually by this time you are so tired that you'll be KO'ed even with easy moves and there could be Training Mode. Lastly, The bluetooth mode needs fixing.
~ Demonic Mizzy