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About: Dive in the multi-million selling prison escape release, which actually contains other prison in the newest modernization; "Paris Central Pen". Craft, Steal, Brawl and ESCAPE! Youve landed yourself in prison again, and your only chance is to engineer an escape by any means essential. How you do it is up to you! Why not cause a prison riot? Or dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors? The Escapists is a special prison sandbox experience with lots of equipment to craft and combine in your daring quest for freedom. Life in prison will hold you on your toes with the strict terms that youll have to break. The guards are out to stop any escape attempts, so youll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen craftables. Become an Escapist actually!
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 84MB Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited
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The Escapists Reviews and Comments:

I love the release and all but it's too hard can you add options so we can modify it or something that'll be awsome
~ Conor Suthern
it's a nice release but when you're in the police uniform and you're in someone's cell (or by there cell )the police claim obtain out and equipment like that but on the another hand it's a nice release
~ jack 2419
damn after a several month still no modernization to fix jinger cell
~ Muhammad Afif
nice apart from one time I was trying to obtain on the release and no matter what it wouldn't load. Apart from that fab
~ danni cookie
Not Satisfied, not keyboard suuported the reason i purchased this release was because a blog claimed it was keyboard compatible. obvious lie hope they create it compatible
~ Austin Lujan
its a nice release but the device ver is so trash the controls is trash and it hold lagging on me
~ Mac Lovin
its sucky I launch it up black screen and audio testing I tap everywhere nothing. GET ANOTHER UPDATE MAKE IT COMPATIBLE 🤬🤬🤬👿😡
~ bear ninja
I really like the release but when your going to territories like showers when everyone is in a large group the release lags. can yall test to fix this.
~ Jake Carroll
A nice release, i love all the prisons it's just hard sometimes to obtain a job
~ Ehan Yasin
nice I love this release also really hard but i don't care
~ Joshua Bernal
A nice release, very fun and mentally challenging.
~ Noah_ Sagg
Nice release, all the bugs that ive been experiencing have been patched and release runs surprisingly well on my old device.
~ Nacho
the trouble of getting heat while doing nothing is still there, subtle glitch, at least for me
~ Pro Noob
it doesn't launch on my device plz give refunds for those who can't test
~ Zach Henry
when I test to launch the release it just has a black screen and never opens
~ Prime Legacy
Q:can you save date and send it to another devices that have the release
~ Melissa Delgado
continouosly goes to a black screen when opened. will not present release. Please fix the trouble.
~ Arik B Powell
it is a nice release but sometimes it does not work ya know when a release gets boring sometimes this does it could not cost dollars $/ still nice release
~ Ahem Noo
this is one of my favoured puzzle releases although I tend to obtain bord and crafting is anoying becase you know nothing at the run unless you pay a lot of dollars for tricks or if you find things up but it's still an nice release plus I was giving dlc😀
~ Nickolas Lynch
It is a nice release.I type of want we should create our own prisons like the PC ver of the release .
~ A Google user
its a nice release but even doe it doesnt need wifi and my device has lots of memory and my another releases work clean this escapists keeps on lagging in a sertain target or usually which i had to die from guards due to lag. Please fix this.
~ Cubey fox
soooooooo this is not a raint but I started the release and the screen was pitch black and NOTHING worked so please fix this
~ TSCole da tube
I do enjoy this release. I do want there was gamepad help, which is my only gripe. Still, it's fun to test.
~ Zer0 Studioz
Usually i place in the difficulty and characters and press the run button it runs loading and then it sends me directly back to my home page
~ Thaika Joseph
obtain to custimize yourself the inmates and the gaurds and givebthem names and you obtain to escspe a total of 12 prisons but some they already pick your name and your prisioner and in two your an elf
~ Ronnie Hightower
It's a nice release. You sould test it. Please add The Escapist 2. EDIT: Thank you for adding The Escapist 2, I can't wait to buy it when I can do so.
~ Nicole Ann
I like escapist but so many troubles and bugs. terrible lag often posters bug out making it unusable rocks underground are invulnerable electric fence underground does nothing etc etc
~ Frank Dux
im still experiencing the guards causeing heat trouble and its very hard to test the release. Another than that its a nice release.
~ Tiffani Meeker
~ Darbi Woolman
It is a very nice release but the Baseball bat Crafting recepie doesnt work. everywhere (internet/Steam) is written that the crafting recepie is Timber+Roll of Duct Tape but it doesnt work. I would appriechieate if that can be fixed. Thank you.
~ Trollface gamer
Fun release. Somtimes when you pick up a cop body the release crashes. My release crashes each time I go to breakfast. That's ok though
~ Random youtuber trying to have fun
Hi! I really enjoy the release a ton. But I have a large trouble, few bugs. Large trouble ones (fixed with reload) - Unlockable tricks not beeing able to buy even though I have more than enough dollars needed - Everysingle hero but myself stuck, not beeing able to transport at all - Permanently framedrops to 1, skips ~3secs But the worst one, constantly happening: - Heat raises when guards see you even when I participate the everyday routine. Unfortunately unplayable at jungle prison.. ( Thx for fix )
~ Dragon Xz
One of the most fun small releases out there. Is there a idea that you should incorporate 1 lvl from the Escapists 2 into this? I don't feel like spending more dollars, but I've seen recipients test the Escapists 2 and it looks nice, and I definitely would have purchased the second one instead of this but I got this before the second one was out, and the second one is like this one but (somehow) better!
~ winrin's Winners
Can we have multiplayer? Plus when you finish the release, if you don't have it, you should allow recipients create custom bases and pick police or prisoner. It would be much funner! Maybe even obtain more recipients onto The Escapest 2 and the Escapest. Just some concepts you could add.
It is a fun release. Doing my finest to launch the main gates during lock downs to obtain past my dude Logan's progress. But in territories where we are in one large group it launches to lag. Can u fix that trouble?
~ Josh Jewer
its a nice release for the price and im glad that 2 has came out on small i just want that the prices were a bit cheaper for 2 but this release is nice hold up the nice work!!!
~ Sarah Howell
gotten better on lag. not kicking me out each 5 seconds but still lags a tiny when the bell for what to do rings. it won't allow me escape jingle cells. i have everything but it isn't showing anything
~ Alyssa Gentry
I really like this release... the simplicity, trouble solving, and crafting is really fun & a nice time aggressor, overall its well worth paying for,. There are a several very frustrating bugs that should be fixed like the ability to disable speech bubbles & create it so inmates have habbits like hanging out tiny groups or sleeping instead of running around during nonpaid-time like headless chickens, this would reduce lag, and create it more realistic. I would recommend a idea to hide the inventory bar as it limits screen zone especailly when using touch mode to walk down I would also perfer that equipment (such as keys) gotta be "picked" to use them as to not use them unintentially, this can be an trouble if holding the green key when going to work or if you bobble at a locked door often it takes few uses from the key.
~ Robert David
absolute waste of dollars. controls hardly work and the police chase you for literally no reason half the time and theres no idea of getting away from them. theres 5+ at all times any time im out of my cell.
~ john baker
Finally beat the release and I love it. i love this release and it brings a lot of potential for another titles like this. it may need to chill with solitary a tiny but overall this release was the finest paid release ever. I really think it's worth the dollars. The pc ver, (the escapists 2) is better but for an mobile release this is top notch. the amount of equipment you can do makes this release 90% better. I loved to cause havoc in the cafeteria. I feel this release has the skill to be on a console!!!
~ A Google user