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About: The Elder Scrolls: Legends is an award-winning nonpaid-to-test walkthrough card release. Test online card releases based on the hit The Elder Scrolls RPG series and prepare your deck for war! Travel through The Elder Scrolls stories, defeat your aggressors, and join the fun in this simple-to-pick-up, hard-to-place-down journey! Run card collecting and build your deck, then travel through Morrowind, war dragons in Skyrim and venture to the Clockwork Town. The Elder Scrolls journey keeps on growing. Turn based walkthrough and card war releases will take you on an epic CCG travel with The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Download today! THE ELDERS SCROLLS: LEGENDS FEATURES: SINGLE PLAYER GAMES CONTENT - Tactical releases and turn based walkthrough with single user modes. - Learn the campaign and basics of Legends with hours of solo gameplay and rewards. - Search The Elder Scrolls c ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Reviews and Comments:

The release is nice. Simple to understand but hard to master. Only complaint I have is the release constantly force closing nearly each single time I go in and test to edit a deck. Fix this and I will definitely give 5 stars.
~ Steve Hines
This release is awesome in all aspects but one. When trying to build a custom deck the toolips cover so much of the screen that the interface isn't navigable. It's really quite frustrating and made me stop testing as a custom deck is essential to finish the storyline mode. edit: spelling
~ Joshua Pinkerton
its a very very stratigic card turn based release thats still challenging me today and ive played since the begging. SO ADDICTIVE ITS SCARY. :)))))) and if your a fanatic fan of the elder scrolls then its worth trying believe me. all the familiar faces and then some. And last nice thing, the release is usually being modernized with newest and exciting twists.
~ Alex Weaver
Great CCG. Testing F2P is very possible (unlike hearthstone which is very hard to hold up with f2p), but I've bought some equipment from time to time with no regrets. Nice mechanics and most importantly fun. Bunch of single user content too.
~ Aleksandar Jovic
I love this release! It's like Magic the Gathering meets Bethesda's Elder Scrolls console release series. Unbelievable voice acting, wonderful art, nice strategic card release, with lots of tons in possible testing styles. Brilliant!
~ Azry NKarnit
I love the release. It is the finest card release I have ever played in my opinion. But it drains a lot of battery... it drains it even when it is offline. It is rly addicted and I wish to test more but it will end my device life...
~ Elninor Fakeskin
The Product kicks me out after last uptade on 29th may. First time I face this very annoying trouble. Please fix that asap or I can't test your release anymore because of your modernization.
~ Hamza Güvenç Alkan
this release is an nice card release that plays very well and is related in many ideas to Mobile magic or another nice card releases. However it takes nice advantage of being digital and does things one cannot normally do in a card release. zone examples should be pulling a random card from the whole release into your deck or hand giving each monster in test a random premium or penalty. these types of things are not normally possible with a paper card release but are done very well in this release.
~ Alexander Pettengill
Finest TCG available in my opinion, (although im a gigantic elder scrolls fan so i may be biased there) .. still, nice deck customisability, absoloutely no pay to victory. Some recipients claim otherwise but ive built a very competetive deck without spending a penny, each card can be unlocked nonpaid of charge if the user is willing to place in enough test time, same can be claimed for the bonus "DLC" storyline chapters.
~ A Google user
Rounded up from 4.5. fun to test and quite addictive when you obtain winning streaks, newest users will have to wait a tiny before being competitive unless you wish to spend dollars but the wait is not long if you obtain 1000 coins and buy one of the pre made theme decks with in release currency. very nice release but usually room for improvement.
~ Jako The Ripper
The DireWolf ver got a 5* rating. The SparkyPants ver is vastly inferior. Large modernization downloads are one thing, but spending an excessive amount of time upgrading release assets AFTER installing claimed gigantic upgrades is annoying.
~ Paul Glaser
Fun release, I used to test hearthstone a lot so I enjoy this very much. I kinda want there was more interaction between users like more pvp, more frequently adding newest cards would be a great change but what the release offers as of actually is more than enough tbh. 4 stars cause you have to pay actual dollars to obtain more stories, but the plus side is that you can unblock each card in the release for nonpaid.
~ Grampa Goldie
ive played this release for a cute long time actually and have never been dissapointed. however, the most newest modernization, has left me very unpleased. release freezes during ranked matches not allowing you to do anything, thus resulting in a loss. address this trouble bethesda, and the release will go back to being nice.
~ A Google user
i can see all my cards in collection, but the second i test and test. my card photos do not load it has the loading symbol where the card photo could be. then the entire release freezes....whats going on!? Ive only spent $100+ on release that no longer will work...come on actually! i wish the release fixed or i wish a refund. edit as of 03/25: ive sent multipul correspondences and not 1 response...common bethesda before my dudes and boycott your entire brand. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE YA DOUCHE BAGS
~ Aaron D
After last modernization, the release kills all another running apps, like song, skype and even some core apps of the device that...
~ Adrian Hagiiski
The release won't load, the load bar gets about a quarter the idea across and then won't go any further. Waited for 20 min and it just sat there but the flavor text below keeps on cycling so the release isn't frozen. Is there anything to remedy this? I would give a better review if i should test the release.
~ Matthew Martel
Modernization: This release WAS a five star release. But actually, Sparkypants place their sparkle all over the graphics and actually it shines like a glossy turd! Also, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge actually's runs hot when testing this release. We're talking too hot to touch with all another apps closed. Animation's are extremely rough. This isn't a zone category release, it's Skyrim. A cold, harsh, and rugged environment. What's with all of the outer glows? What's with the neon pinks, purple's, greens, and each another obnoxious glow you should squeeze into it? The Skyrim feel and emersion is gone.
~ Travis Shipley
The last modernization break the release and it is no longer playable on the device that I have. Before the modernization everything was working fine with some tiny delay on the more draining visual results. However actually when anything animated have to happen. The release just freezes and crashes afterwards. Otherwise enjoyable release with a tiny twist on the old CCG formula.
~ jekabs rutkis
Tremendously addictive! Can't wait to obtain home to test out newest cards (often I don't wait).
~ CJ Morales
Is this a nice release? want i knew. Been trying to test for months. same thing happens over and over: -downlaods 1000 resources, takes about 10 mins. - gives info, auto closes release. -reopen release, takes few mins to load, obtain next info and bounces to homescreen. -reopen release, load screen, bounce. -wait a several weeks, run over process. I have never got past load screen.
~ Ian Jones
...i hope you guys do know that if you have a sign up button that wont allow you create an profile with the same correspondence twice then you could probably also have a sign in button, because I forgot my username the first time it asked so I clicked continue without signing in, and I now cant sign in actually that I've remembered it, you could create it an option. If you have the release and you dont sign up the first time and then you create an profile on anything that isn't this release, you cant sign into it.
~ CameronTheNinja
Listen... Gameplay: Incredible Art Style: Incredible It's Unpaid: Incredible Here's my trouble. The finest part of this release is the single user campaigns, which are divided into 3 acts. You obtain the base campaign for nonpaid and they've added in like 3 or 4 newest ones since. WHY ARE THEY $20 APIECE!? I obtain it, content costs dollars. But $20 apiece!? No idea! $5 sure, but $20 is asinine. This would be the finest small TCG if they would create a combo box of the campaigns for $20 total, NOT APIECE!!!
~ ZaCatsPajamas
epic release!!! I test magic in true life, and this release is one of the finest small ccg in my opinion
~ xander King
It is wonderful what they have done with this release/card release. This is by far the finest digital card release ever made. For a while it was kinda broken, but actually you wont search a better digital card release. Not even "MTG Arena" can keep a candle to this. I've been testing Magic The Gathering for 13 years and actually I search myself testing this idea more. And by the idea, nice job with the stories in this Bethesda! You have truly made a masterpiece!
~ Priapic Pear
As an old school (started testing and collecting at Infinite) MTG user and someone who has played Hearthstone for years, this was one of the most nice finds! An incredibly simple release to learn, but plenty of room for all skill lvls. Just when I think I've seen it all, I hit legend rank and obtain trucked by something I haven't seen or thought of. Unlike HS, it's now possible to complete your card collection (if you test regularly and well) without spending a dime. Love Love Love this release
~ Mac Nelson
I LOVE the gameplay and walkthrough involved. I'd love to rate this 5 stars. However, the cost of everything is ridiculous (-2 stars). This wouldn't be poor if it were a 1 time $20 buy to unblock the full release, but there's few different storyline lines which would cost about $80-$100 just to test the release. Top that with the fact that after latest modernization I can't test a versus war without getting disconnected (-1 star), I can't, in nice conscience, rate this 5 stars.
~ Mark Pipkins Jr
A blatant copy of what may very well be the finest release in this category, yet it lacks depth, finess and complexity. It's ridiculously random yet there is no element of surprise, it's more predictable than a straight line. But worst of all they failed to make a release that even works and comes together as a entire, so actually they rig the release to create up for their wrong doings and staggering incompetence. Why rig the release instead of fixing it? Because these devs are sh•t is each idea a human can be sh•t.
~ none none
Pay to test.....and a lot too. $20.00 a module??? $100.00 for the entire release? I was born at night, but not last night.
~ A Google user
Nice release and not too much of a grind unless your newest, and even if you are, it's simple to pick up and obtain the peices you need to create a nice deck.
~ Lukas Risner
like the release idea but over all this release is broken-_- can't seem to search the main menu screen even when i close the release and restated, also how can I register when I already have an profile?! where's the log in option? I'm not creating other correspondence to enjoy this pay to victory.
~ rcherki
Very cute release with nice graphics and animations. It's a classic Bethesda product though - full of bugs and most of the upgrades are content upgrades (not bug fixes). I think this release could be more accurately categorized as a gambling release rather than card release due to its over reliance on luck of the draw and gameplay balance troubles (especially the steal / arrest mechanic found only in ONE of the factions). I want they'd fix and balance the release because i love testing it when it works.
~ Russell Maltempo
love this release its so nice but often theres an modernization theres usually large troubles like at the moment the release wont even load so i dont know when it will work again ,one time i waited a entire week . apart from these upgrades that are very annoying this is definitely a 5 star release
~ Alex Knight
I have usually been into CCGs but had never found one I enjoyed as much as this one. It's incredibly simple to pick up, and equally as hard to place down. There are variety of guides and learning assistants that are simple available online, although the learning curve is not that steep so these may not be required. Micro transactions will support boost your collection of cards , but won't create this a "pay-to-victory" release. You can easily obtain many hours of enjoyment without using a single cent. I rate this 10/10
~ Andrew Gilroyed
I have been hooked on this release for 8 months straight daily. Not a typical pay to test or pay to victory. You can just grind and obtain as nice as cards as anyone else. Usually upgrading the smallest bug to obtain the release great. Beating Magic hands down.
~ Chris Swinney
What can I claim. I rarely test releases. Rarely. It had to be incredibly polished and well thought out that stimulates the mind. I don't pay to victory, and I love a nice, balanced, competitive release. This has it all. Just obtain it. You don't need to spend a single cent, I haven't, and I'm more than glad with the release as it is. A+
~ Devesh Kumar
I have played many small releases, but several have added such attention to detail.. fair chance to compete at a moderately high lvl without investing any dollars, and really capture the feeling of the series it is portraying. It has also kept my interest for longer than some console releases ive played..and its nonpaid
~ Jesse Guldenzopf
I knocked my review to 2 runs after the sparky pants takeover and didn't test legends since until the last couple of weeks and it's nice again, better than before, but it is a shame that legends was unplayable for so long.
~ lee goody
I really love this release! It's a slow run to building a collection of cards but fully worth it! So much fun to build special decks and test! If you test regularly even just a several matches everyday or each another day you can easily accumulate the cards you wish and rank up nicely. Love this extension of The Elder Scrolls!
~ Christopher Dyer
I've played a lot of CCGs on PC and small, and this is the one I hold coming back to. The storyline modes are nice and live up to what we all expect of TES releases. I love the two lanes of combat, it makes me feel more involved in the release, rather than leaving every turn entirely up to chance like some another related releases. I feel more accomplished when I execute a walkthrough. The UI has changed a bit, I'm not sure if I like the changes. My one major complaint is that the storyline modes are expensive.
~ Gene Blum
I used to test this release, but i had to uninstall for storage reasons, but i recently decided to redownload it, but whenever i launch it to download the upgrades/resources, it wouldn't download. Please support me fix this trouble. I tried almost everything; i uninstalled and installed again, checked my WiFi, clear cache, etc. but it still won't work. Please support me fix this trouble. Thanks!
~ Juan Medabno