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About: Embark on your own epic travel in Banner Saga, the critically acclaimed tactical RPG where your strategic choices directly affect your personal storyline and the globe around you. Leave your home and strike out on a desperate travel to save your recipients. Lead your caravan across stunning environments and into fight with aggressor clans and vicious Drudge army. Build relationships and create choices that will shape the future of your castle as you scramble to survive in this pretty, bleak globe. Banner Saga Informations: - A special fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology search a grim globe shaped by the legends of the Vikings. Uncover ancient lore and war tooth and nail to carve out a newest bastion in a globe abandoned by the gods. - Pretty 2D rotoscope animation - immerse yourself in beautifully hand drawn combat sequences and animations, accompanied by an evocative ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Versus Evil
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The Banner Saga Reviews and Comments:

The combat system is unforgiving in a idea that I personally do not search fun. Too much randomness.
~ Nathan Nordin
A gotta buy, and when you're done go and buy number two. Where's number three 😫😫😫😫😫
~ Matthew Cox
Can I please obtain a refund??? Can't enjoy a release who is LOADING each moment, SUPER ANNOYING!!!
~ Shlomi SelA
Great and challenging. A release that truly makes you weigh the cost of your decisions.
~ J A Cripe
brilliant... stunning just want it was optimised for Samsung s9 note (to fill the screen)
~ Zippo Lover
As much as I'd like to test the release, the letters are too tiny! For recipients with terrible sight it's a disaster.
~ Максим
Cool release, but the device ver has some serious load time troubles. Drains the battery speedy too. Test it on the notebook instead.
~ Cannon Bowers
Poor experience... The "loading" screen keeps showing up each time, this makes the release slow and boring.
~ Guillermo Magana
A richly-textured original storyline rooted in Scandinavian folklore and myth, but not quite the same myths we are familiar with. Intuitive release mechanics and The Oregon Trail with Vikings. A+
~ A Google user
Only reason it's a 3 star review is because I waited for this 1.9 G install to load and then it claimed there was an error and it cant be installed. This is on the Galaxy note 9 so there are no time troubles or storage. Support
~ Christopher Hensley
I am experiencing gigantic troubles dragging heroes from the roster to the party. any support? / tricks?
~ Andrei Ciobanu
Nice release however I dont know how to equip equipment. Can I have a advise on how to do it?
~ Mateusz Czycz
I'm having a hard time starting the release I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but when it gets to this downloading screen it asks me to let or deny something and of course I press let but right after that my screen goes black and stays like that so I'm not sure what's happening I played a tiny of the run of banner saga 2 on xbox one and i saw this on here and thought this would be nice i should test this then the second one but it won't run so please support
~ Justin Crowe
won't load the release ask for permission to do things with my google profile screen goes black and the release won't run
~ Bethany Carter
i love this release and gav played the PC version. unfortunately ive found a lot of optimization troubles on this port and obtain framedrops in combat constantly. would appreciate a refund if possible
~ Dog Years
Have the newest Galaxy S9 and unable to download release. When download is about done it Claims me the release should not be downloaded. My internet connection is slow and it takes 1 hour! Tried twice. Will change my review if this can be solved.
~ Corne Smith
Can't download and I Guess I need to install an bonus release.....why? So allow down. Is there a refund policies?
~ Nicholas Webber
I'm cute sure I spent most of my time played loading. The war mechanic was really frustrating. Because of the idea the turns work you end up being punished by finishing off mooks. I think the ideal walkthrough is to bring them weak, then ignore them so they plink at your guys which wastes the aggressor turn and gives your guys more chances to hit the bigger terrible guys. This feels really counterintuitive and is honestly not very much fun. The storyline seemed cool, but with so much loading it was hard to obtain into it without being interrupted. The visuals were cute nice though. I guess I'm mostly disappointed that I finally decided to jump into paid releases, heard this one was nice, decided to drop the $10 on it, and it was such a disappointment. Maybe freemium is the idea to go... But I hate dlc and micro transactions 😒
~ Eric Barr
Great turn based walkthrough with rpg elements. Loved it, purchased and played the sequel. Large file and slowish loading times, but your patience is rewarded.
~ Corvin Brady
the voices in the release stutter and cannot enjoy the storyline i have one plus 5 T and havent experienced this type of trouble in another releases spolit all the fun thinking of refund if this is not resolved
~ Nishant Payal
This is one of the finest indie releases I've ever played. I gave it up in chapter 3 a couple years ago, but I saw my boyfriend testing it recently and decided to give it other test. This is only 1/3 of a full release, and the studio does a nice job in making it feel like a natural continuation from release to release. The combat is tough and unforgiving, though it gets a tiny stale if you do what I did and test all three releases back to back. The storyline though. That and the art are some of the most original and special combinations that have made this one of the most memorable gaming experience experiences of my life.
~ Kori Smith
was excited to finally have a device that should test this but it just goes to a black screen and doesn't load. shame, looks pretty. Galaxy s10
~ Wesley Goodin
Compelling and special release. Nice storyline and visually pretty. I have played this and bs2 thorough to completion 3 times in past year. The only negative has been the wait for the version of BS3
~ Edwin Johnson
Finally dl'ed and installed - thanks to all help staff for your support! Pretty graphics; looking forward to getting past the intro.
~ etothe c
fix it more... I sadly can't even load your release. it asked for access to contacts and media. after that blank screen. tried restarting it. nothing. and again. nothing. restarted my S8 .... and .... nothing.
~ Drew Nielsen
Should i obtain a refund? Loading time for every stage is too long, (e.g. wait for like 20s for it to load the map). I wish to test it on my pc for smoother gaming experience.
~ Stephen Chan
One of the most pretty, engaging releases I've played for a while. Combat is like a more interesting x-com-style turn-based affair. The storyline plays out like a pick-your-own-journey where your choices matter. This release now made me mad at fictional characters because I was so invested in them. Nice bloody job. Literally downloading banner saga 2 actually!
~ Will Quick
The Banner Saga series is really nice and the love and work place into it shows. The small port is worth each penny. The Nintendo Switch Trilogy editon was my first experience and the small is on par with it. looking forward for the version of part 3.
~ Alex S
Nice storyline and graphics. I am almost through this one and already have the second one ready to go. Hoping to see Banner Saga 3 on the mobile release shop before I finish the second. I see actually why Anthem failed so terrible; all the Bioware talent is here. Hold up the nice work devs. You've made a fan.
~ Murphy McGinnis
I enjoy this gane very much, but I have turn off time and WiFi in order for it to launch. If you obtain a call, text or shut the screen off for anything while testing you might obtain stuck in a black screen and lose progress back to previous save. Especially frustrating during cutscenes or storyline parts.
~ Richard Hutton
Product seems cute and fun (though hard) when the controls work :/ Very buggy on Chromebook. Frequent reboots essential to obtain the controls to work (touchpad, mouse, keys, nothing but enter and escape work most of the time). Frustrating experience getting it to work, then the release mechanics create this hard to manage if you obtain into an almost unfair set up- I close out of a terrible run to a war, load the release again, and controls are down again. Reboot laptop. I really wish to enjoy it. Alas.
~ A Google user
Finest release I've played on Mobile, period. Nice storyline, nice characters, nice graphics, nice song, nice mechanics. Just felt shorter than I wanted. Still loved it and strongly suggest
~ Ricardo Gonçalves
Loved everything about it, up until the first cutscene, where it stutters like a mutha. Too terrible too, as I've got a OnePlus 5T with a Snapdragon 835 and 8 GB of RAM, which is more than enough to run any release in the release shop. Bottom line: don't buy it if you're running an Mobile device. It doesn't work. I would've rated it higher, but the fact that they're selling it to Mobile players when it doesn't work is just sheer slim shady.
~ Jason
50/50 shot if enjoyment. While I adopt with not allowing save, the choices seem arbitrary as they have random and unpredictable. i.e.: Support the old lad or no? Resulting in two of your characters dying of malnutrition. That's not an actual one I faced, but that's how things correlate. The combat is turn based as in You-Foe-You-Foe. So killimg aggressors does not benefit you to increase turns, it now leave the rest of the aggressors who have higher def/atk to increase their turn cycle.
~ Isaac Pendleton
I didn't think the developer would still read these, so I deleted my old one just to write a newest one. I'm a large fan of Xcom, although search it overwhelming at times and therefore give up. Banner Saga is the same type of format but; easy, simple to use, the art work is just nice and I feel involved in the release with the choices I create. I can't wait to buy the 2nd one and it's one of the several small releases that I feel my dollars was well spent and not just an impulse buy.
~ Andy Copland
I been looking for a release like Final Fantasy Walkthroughs that has a nice storyline as well as fun stratigic gameplay. I haven't even beaten it yet and already wish to buy then next 2 sequels. It feels like you are reading an interactive ebook. I love that the release allows you to create choices that result the release and really makes me feel like I am really part of the travel. I would suggest this release over some of the sjrpgs. If they hold making srpgs, I will hold buying.
~ Steven Huynh
I remember loving this release when I downloaded it a couple of years ago. the storyline, the graphics, the mechanics. All unbelievable. However, trying to download it actually it claims I need 1.9gb. It downloads the release but then claims "downloading bonus file" and then is unsuccessful. Any concepts? I installed BSII just fine. Thanks so much!! edit:I managed to obtain it to work but I have no doubt the developers would have solved it themselves for me!! Just as nice as I remember.
~ Christopher Barbieri
This is one of the finest releases available on the Test shop. It is an old-school style release in that there are no IAP. It is a storyline driven, strategic, well-illustrated release that comes with a nice musical accompaniment. I would describe the gameplay as Oregon trail meets Shakespeare meets chess, except that you don't run with predetermined pieces - you build your own pieces and can maximize how they interact. My only trouble is that the another 2 parts of this trilogy aren't up for sale on small.
~ Anthony Luu
Love the release. Combat, storywriting, mechanics, art, sound, it's great. The Mobile release is not so great. Loading times up to 2 mins. Graphic glitches when release goes to background. Dragging on the roster is hard. And I didnt obtain a hard difficulty achievement after completing the release on hard difficulty. That was a bummer. Worth 10 euro? Yes, if you don't mind being patient.
~ J. v. E.
Nice release. I absolutely loved it when I played it on PC years ago. I downloaded it to revisit the release and I can't equip equipment. The drag function does not work for me. I am using a Samsung Galexy s10. If that bug gets fixed, this is easily a 5 star release! Edit: Still waiting on a large fix, but the response from Vs Evil was speedy and it is clear they care.
~ Nate Youkstetter