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Terrarium: Garden Idle   
About: Check the most relaxing crop idle release: search, accumulate and grow lovely plants to increase your oxygen income and expand your garden!
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: Green Panda Games
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Terrarium: Garden Idle Reviews and Comments:

Fun and relaxing! It became quickly addicting to grow my plants and raise points to plant newest ones. If only raising plants IRL was this simple. I like that I'm not forced to watch the banners; I can pick to watch them in exchange for 3x more points, or faster planting time, or to reload my boosters. A tiny, 30-sec-at-a-time price to pay for a great, nonpaid release.
~ Rebecca Faythe
it's a fun tiny release but I would really like if there was a bit more too it. The simplicity of the release gives it alot of charm, so without disrupting that by adding newest mechanics, I want there was more customization options. I want you should see your tiny gnome in your garden and watch him grow as you upgrade him. i want you should use your points to unblock cosmetic changes like backgrounds, shelves, plant skins, pots, ect ect.
~ Crewe
This release is incredibly relaxing and I've been enjoying it! It fully deserves 5 stars. However, it makes me wish more! I would like an option to pay for no advertisments, an option to sell your pants, options to change pot color/styles, choice of backgrounds. I would also pay for all of that as a super ver because I understand that's a ton of bonus work. Hopefully you are already working on it!
~ jennifer saucerman
I don't understand what the garden gnome is supposed to do. if it's to increase oxygen while the release is idle. it only worked the first time when i initially downloaded the release confused. other user mentioned adding stats for the plants. That's an nice concept. I found that u learned to recognize the plants by what their named. for more diversity add flowers, roses, vines, bushes, list is infinite.
~ Sabah Ah
I love this release a lot. I've collected all the plants available along with some limited time ones but I want there where more plants or types of the same genre of plant kind. something else that would be fun is to pick what color the pot is. overall I love this release and its really relaxing. It's fun to look at all the different plants that you accumulate.
~ BrownySammy
would be glad to give this release an informed rating, however there are no instructions on how to test. The only thing I got was a pointer indicating that I could tap an icon in the lower left of the screen. Once I tapped the icon absolutely nothing at all happened, no further indications of what to do appeared. Technically this could be a no star rating since I have no concept what the release is like, however I don't have a no star choice.
~ A Google user
Not a terrible release if you just wish to relax for a bit. It's honestly just seems like a scam to obtain you to watch banners. The "experience" between lvls doesn't seem to increase so you'll be leveling up speedy and without watching banners, things will be super expensive and you won't even obtain 1/3 of it done before you obtain bored of it. Modernization: you obtain banners even if you chose not to. they aren't as long but still there. went from 2 stars to 1
~ ricky garcia
I love plants so this is a beautiful time aggressor! It's basically just a cookie clicker like release with plants. It's simple to place down and pick up again. The selection of plants is nice! However I would love some added varieties. Create it so I wish to plant the same plant again! I would love to be able to spend oxygen on different pots or decorations or backgrounds! Being able to customize would be nice! However, I strongly recommend you don't create them crystal exclusive.
~ Molly Miller
I originally rated this a 5, which was on the 2nd day of testing it, but actually it's day 3 and I realized that: 1-I've spent about 50% of my time watching video banners, and 2-I'm almost done w/ the release :( It's super beautiful, but I feel like I spend all day watching video banners instead of relaxing w/ my plants. I got this because I wanted to relax & de-stress, but I feel like all I do is look at banner's. Besides the banners, its a really nice tiny release!! :) DEVELOPERS: listen to the players...shorten, the, banners!
~ Mister Pizza
Nice release!! The only trouble I have with it came after comparing with my dude. She has a everyday check-in premium, complete with mystery plants, which I have never seen despite being 100+ lvls ahead of her. My release is up to date, and we can't search anything in the release itself that shows any difference. A tiny sad I can't obtain the mystery plants she can, I'm on the release 3-4 times a day.
~ James Penrod
Terrarium is an adorable, stress-nonpaid release. The graphics are beautiful and the idea is enjoyable. I never imagined growing digital plants should be so enjoyable and rewarding. Since I don't currently have a zone for a true garden, this isbthe next finest thing for me.
~ Nichole Robichaux
This simplistic release sparks joy, and has a very pleasing aesthetic, but it is over much too quickly. the plants go up to only lvl 199 in the shop, & you have to spend days waiting for one more. when you tap things theres no undo, there could be an "Are You Sure?" message. I'm at around lvl 600 and me and the babe I test this with have gotten bored. tldr: this is still a nice release and the system is nice, but there needs to be more content.
~ WillyShakesDissTrack
It's very relaxing and simple to launch! I love this release and have a several suggestions for it: 1: Add something like useful, beautiful, animals, 2:Various worlds, 3: Plants for those worlds! Those would be cute cool things to add if they aren't already there! I've just downloaded and am already very far! Deffientley would suggest to anyone looking for a relaxing release.
~ Animal Central
I love this release. Like everyone else has claimed, I don't feel the need to spend dollars to see progress. Yes the banners are annoying sometimes, but they don't turn me off from the release at all! However, I am kinda sad that I planted all the plants they have in the release. Actually I can only re-plant seeds of old ones. I kinda feel like I've "completed" the release and I just don't wish it to be over lol
~ Briana Catanzano
fully beautiful and cool! only have an aloe vera, snake plant and some heart plant weekly premium but i was already enjoying myself so much, so when it asked me to vote it five stars i was fully willing. it has banners but not too many, and ia quite relaxing and simple. i look forward to getting a jade plant. 5 stars, 10/10.
~ yeet2
So cool and calming, especially if you like plants, I wish to obtain some of these plants in true life actually. Also not one of those releases where you obtain stuck because you have to wait for ages, you can obtain more oxygen yourself by tapping or watch banners, so you can test it while watching something for hours.
~ Emily Trezise
This release is very addicting,easy and fun, and gets me wanting to do more and lvl up as I go so I can grow more plants. One tiny con to this release is the banners but there isn't many so it isn't much of a trouble. I reccomend this release to anyone who loves plants, gardening, addicting releases etc.
~ Laura Deluise
I like the release. Brings in peace to see the plants grow and give out oxygen. But, with the newest modernization, think there has been a bug due to which some of my plants are no longer present in the upgrade log/tab, although i can see them on the shelf. These plants were those that i had won in the everyday rewards. also, I realized just today that they have no option of giving a feedback in the release. Thus, this review
~ aakriti batra
EDIT: Thank you guys so much for fixing that trouble! i love this release, but one thing ive noticed is that the lvl up reward is soooo out of reason with how much i create normally. My gnome makes me more in a sec than i create in just a couple hours on normal!! another than that its a pretty relaxing release i highly suggest!!
~ Dragon Maestro
it was fun in the beginning but actually my gnomes are lvl 3000+ and I have to wait a full day to have enough oxygen to do anything. even if i purchased the 14 days of oxygen it wouldn't come close to one day of my gnomes. If you arnt seeing the trouble with this I dont know what to claim you. Was really fun in the run tho.
~ Brandon Smith
This release is nice! Nice release to test when you are bored too! You can even rewarded when you are not testing! You can also progress through the release very quickly too! I have not seen any in-release purchases as well. This is a very calming release. I GREATLY recommend that you download this release! It's a easy release, but addictive!
~ Andrea Hardin
This release is simplistic and simple to just click into and do some primary garden management when you're bored or anxious. I would give this release five stars, but I think the last modernization messed with some things. I can no longer access my newer plants (of which I can't remember the names of) like my orchids and my maple bonsai. I'm really a tiny disappointed; those are my favorites. Additionally, I obtain crystals as a premium for my everyday login, but they aren't collected.
~ Faith Durbin
Nice release! Nice graphics and nice lvl of detail. This release will definitely hold me coming back since it meets my standards of what a nice release could have. Which would be playability, graphics, detail, how addicted the release gets me, and how often it can hold me comimg back. And thus this release meets all of my standards.
~ Chris Michielsen
It's really beautiful and fun for a day or two, but there doesn't feel like there is any thought place into how much oxygen plants give you past 1 million or so. I have no reason to lvl up any plant because the gains made from it are dwarfed by order of magnitude by how much I'd create from leveling the dwarf. At the moment it takes about a minute to create 1 million oxygen without any of the buffs, but it takes the all mighty dwarf all of 30 mins to create 10 billion.
~ alex hill
nice but has a massive massive flaw at once you out a plant down there is no idea to remove it. whats the target of being able lvl up a plant to full and planting a second one. Cause if you do that more then 2 times then congrats, you can no long place down each plant as you lvl up. You obtain 4 newest plant spots each 20 lvls, but each 5 lvls you obtain a newest plant. Do you see the trouble here? You only obtain enough newest spots for those newest plants.
~ Russell Capell
It would be 5 stars but the banners are too much. If you pick to not triple the points by watching the banner, it still cuts to an banner. it will do this after you have just watched an banner. They need to back off on the banners. Also, when you obtain a second of a plant, it costs more points to grow but it produces the same points as the first. So the pants cost more and it takes longer to obtain the points to upgrade.
~ t r
This release is fun for the first while, but eventually the adds create you tired of testing. When you lvl up, it gives you a premium. You can decide to take your premium or take your premium x3 if you watch a short video. If you don't pick the x3 option because you just wish to hold testing, it still shows you an add you are often times stuck in anyways which I search very rude. I've passed the last plant lvl so not sure what im reaching towards actually. toddler likes it.
~ Makayla Whitespeare
wayyy to many banners. you have the option to 3x your reward for an banner, or just obtain accumulate your reward, and if you only wish that, it still gives you an unskippable banner. its forceful and annoying. the plants have a full lvl up, then afterwards they just give you a second seed, id rather have more plants to take care of than a second plant. id rather have orchids, and lilies and just more, not a second seed of the same plant.
~ Lyn Zap
I absolutely love this release so I feel type of terrible only giving it three stars... The overall experience is so unbelievable and relaxing, but there's not enough shelf zone at all or any sort of delete/merge/sell function so even though I feel like I progress really quickly, I can never now create any progress because I don't have zone. You have to wait 20 lvls just to obtain 4 bonus spots, but in the meantime, I can plant newest seeds for 10 plants or I can buy 5 newest ones. It doesn't create sense.
~ Katarina N.
Simplicity Done Well. I after a week of testing once or twice a day have enjoyed Terrarium. The core of this release is easy, grow your plants. What I like is the developers have not overcomplicated it and your not forced to wait ridiculously unreasonable amounts of time between actions like some another releases. What I would like to see added and would obtain this 5 stars is if you should bring up some form of infographic on the plants and now learn more about them.
~ Bailey Wood
Idle release as stated - Not hard just a time aggressor. You build up your skills. Use the "oxygen", buy seeds, use skills, grow plants, repeat with building skills. I've had this awhile and I'm glad I didn't delete once I got to the maxed target around Christmas time. There was simply nothing left to do. i had all the plants and no idea to shop or delete. I'm glad I kept it though because the devs finally modernized it with 2 newest plants and storage for unwanted ones. Thank you devs for listening finally.
~ Jessica Bibbee
Pretty release, love the aesthetic of it and generally works fine, but there is one trouble. There is a mecanic named 'garden gnome' which is supposed to accumulate release dollars for you while the release is not in use. However most of the time it doesn't work, when I come back there is no dollars that has been accumulated, even if a lit of time passes. Am I doing something wrong? I really hope the developers can reply to this comment, and if there's a bug, that they can fix it!
~ Giulia Córica
This is a really beautiful tap release. The art is beautiful and it's a easy time waster. However, the banners are incredibly invasive. The release gives you the option to watch banners when you lvl up for a boost, or to speed up planting, which is nice! The trouble is that even if you pick not to watch an banner, one will test anyways. I legitimately spend more time in this release watching banners than I do testing, which is a shame because it's such a sweet tiny release. Less invasive banners would create this a 5 star release.
~ alisria
i really love this release so much. it's addictive yet it is relaxing. it is one of my stress relievers. but recently, my newest plants (the ones i gained from everyday premium) disappeared in the list, though it is still in my garden. i cannot upgrade those anymore because it's not in the list. i hope you can fix this bug as quick as possible. thank you!
~ Noelyn Anne Erispe
I spent no true dollars, and saved up 1200 gems to have 3 days of oxygen, only to "spend" my gems and NOT GET ANY OXYGEN. I have looked for a idea to contact the release directly, but there wasnt one. Very frustrated, and dissapointed. i spent a lot of in release time to reach a high lvl only to be jipped out of the rewards that could have come with it.
~ Marissa Rhapsody
Like everyone else claimed, this is a really beautiful and fun release. The art is fun, the plants are beautiful, amd the concept of collecting oxygen instead of coins is adorable! However, I'm actually up to lvl 570 and nothing really happens anymore. There's no newest plants and I've already planted the old seeds up to five times. I have 7.94 Trillion oxygen and nothing to do with them actually that there's no gradual supply of newest plants. That's really my only trouble with it: more plants than the originators can supply.
~ Kelleigh Petersdorf
I really like this release! Its so fun, and its really adorable! Just one thing: next to the shopping cart at the bottom (you know, the menu), you could add another things, like something so that you can change the pot colour, or maybe somewhere where you can sell your plants for dollars in exchange. Ooh, maybe even add newest plants or something! Like, different worlds! For example: at lvl 25, you unblock the underwater globe, and you unblock a bunch of aquatic plants, at lvl 50, the plants are in a hot zone.
~ Elsa Champredon
I really like the graphics of the release but the banners, & the length of the banners, is idea too much for a easy release like this. There needs to be more plant options. Once you unblock all of them, you just run replanting, which is a major turn off. Unlocking a newest row requires 20 lvl-ups when it could only require 10 & gems could be a lot more available through leveling up or another "challenges" that should be implemented into the release. It's a nice run to a primary release, but needs improvements.
~ Mandy Lenihan
It is a nice idea and a nice idle release. My only trouble is that I have limited zone for different plants, and I can't delete any of my plants to create room for another plants. Also, the zone I obtain only house four plants, and the next zone modernization is twenty some lvls away. It just makes it hard to progress in this release. Either create a delete function or a merge function, so I can house more plants.
~ Berdina Joseph
Unreasonable With Adverts. When leveling up after certain threshholds, you have the choice of either accepting your reward, or you can triple the reward by watching an banner. Plot twist, both options will create you watch an banner, each single time. I would understand this if it happened each once in a while, but for each lvl there is an banner? It feels cheap.
~ James The Viking