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About: The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is actually out for Mobile! All your dudes are testing it - can you beat their high scores?! You've stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and actually you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Play your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, accumulate coins and buy power ups, unblock newest characters, and see how far you can run! "In each treasure hunting journey video theres one stage in which the plucky superhero finally gets his hands on the treasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby traps in order to obtain out alive. Temple Run is this stage and nothing else. And its nice." - SlideToPlay.com REVIEWS "Most thrilling and fun running release in a while, possibly ever." - TheAppera.com "A speedy an ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 43MB Developer: Imangi Studios
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About: Easy to control, just one tap and shoot, goal avoiding those defenders. Let's show your ability!...

Developer: Cumba Games [email protected]

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About: Join the journey with saiyan warriors, defeat the enemy to save the world. The enemy will be stronger, you need to be stronger. Train your self, break your limit. you will be super saiyan, Legendary Warrior. GAMEPLAY Choose your favorite warrior and fight. Defeat your enemy and become more powerful. CONTROL - Move, Attach, KI Blast, Dash, Block, Power, Transform - TAB Attach to combo. - Hold Attack: KI beam, big bang attack GAME MODE - STORY: Defeat your enemy to finish the challen...

Developer: Champamelon [email protected]

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About: Fire Color Balls 3D - Your newest addiction for killing time ! Tap to fire 3D balls, smash the color slices. Hold for more fun. Avoid the other color slices. Be careful! Kill time with 1000+ colorful levels and great sound effect. Fire Color Balls 3D is waiting for you! Download now! Feedback: Were always trying to make our games better so if you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us! Email: [email protected]

Developer: Piano Empire [email protected]

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About: A mesmerizing, soothing, meditative game that quickly turns into a damn complex puzzle! Meditation + panic = a fantastic combination Features: -the simple rules -Intuitive principle -creative game -storious design in the style of minimalism Rules: - Drag the falling squares to the best position to combine them and thereby remove the rows -Place two squares of the same color on each other to combine them into a square of a darker color -Create a row of squares and it will disappe...

Developer: Max Walker [email protected]

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About: An unlimited open world, where you can adventure, explore, craft, survive and build your kingdom. Starting from a pristine world with plants, forests, mountains, animals. Collect resources to survive, then build a house to live, fight monsters and zombies, try to survive in this exciting 3d sandbox game. Then, develop your creativity, crafting, do whatever you want, build anything you can think of: houses, castles, palaces ... Exchange items with people Other players to process resources f...

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About: Drive, no pun intended, your golf ball to the goal, but watch out for the obstacles....

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About: # game introduction Deep Cave Slicer! Dig a lot of minerals coming down to the basement. Collect Dudes and get better weapons! # How to play - You can attack bricks when you slice the screen. - New bricks come out for each stage. - Raise your level to get 25 different weapons. - Clear the mission and get the box, open the box and collect your friends. - Collect all 27 different Torches. - Collect all 63 different Dudes. # Feedback & Contact Please send your inquiry to ironfactor...

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About: Choose your favorite ninja and enter this adventure. Be fast, avoid all obstacles....

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About: Its time to play the best Game of Stickman in 2019 , Challenge yourself to execute all these swing and hook tricks in a row like a boss. Tap and hold to hook swing and make incredible jumps; Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. In this game, embody the Swingman - Super Jump Finish all the levels with the same agility as a spider. For that, you just have to : - Tap to hook and make incredible jumps - Press your screen to hook your Swingman - Super Jump swing and sling with ...

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About: Sling Drive - for people who live casual & arcade games. Tap & Hold the screen once a corner is coming up - make sure to perfectly time your taps as otherwise your car will fly off the road and self-destruct! We don't want that one now, do we? Compare your skills with players all over the globe - leaderboards and sharing functions allow you to brag to all your friends about it! Who is the best SLING driver?! Play it today!...

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Developer: Metal Donut, LLC [email protected]

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About: Plinko with an added twist. Swipe your finger left and right on the screen to rotate the platforms and guide the ball into the goal. If a special ball appears, aim to hit it and start a challenge round! Scoring in this round awards a higher amount of points. But failing to score does not end the game. So aim for the special balls! Play until you miss and try to see how many points you can get! Game Features: Free to play Endless gameplay Simple controls Challenge your frien...

Developer: Angular Games [email protected]

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About: Railway Dish is a game where running towards Railway station and Railway track. This game is full of thrilling which could highly addictive to the game....

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About: Instant Play is an innovative app that helps you find the right games for you. Here you can find games youre interested in and play them directly WITHOUT DOWNLOADING. Instant Play also will provide you recommendations and relevant support (like game guides, tips, etc.) for games you downloaded. You can also share the game with your friends via the Instant Play short link so they can play the game instantly with you. For those top rated paid-games, Instant Play offers you actual gameplay vi...

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About: Destroy enemies and stay alive!! Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag and drop your finger for targeting and firing. Simulator shooting with bow. The enemy is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso, an arm or a leg. Play with people in Multiplayer mode!!! Have a good game!...

Developer: Stickman Indie [email protected]

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About: Your spaceship is in the depths of the cosmos! Use motion controls to navigate your ship to dodge and destroy enemy ships.. Climb to the top score while fighting your way through enemy fire! Cosmotion is a motion based retro inspired arcade game from the developers at Ultra Dolphin Revolution. It's incredibly challenging and incredibly fun! Blast off in COSMOTION!...

Developer: Ultra Dolphin Revolution [email protected]

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About: Time to deliver ! Be a package delivery person, pick up and deliver parcels as fast as possible! Collect powerups and get a drone to fly you around. Cross the streets but watch out for cars, taxis and crumbling bridges. Level up to become the package delivery master and dominate the leaderboards! FEATURES Tap to play Easy to learn tap gameplay! Unlock characters and locations Play as Football Player, Vampire, Gingerbread Man or even Santa Claus ! Day and night modes D...

Developer: Kiemura Ltd. [email protected]

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About: Everyone Believes themselves They are the best sniper IN THE WORLD Game Feature 100m : You think you can shoot everything 1,000m : You believe you can shoot bacon on the frying pan 3,000m : Are you sure you can shoot falling leaves? Simple touch control Its time to be the best Gentle Sniper Developer - Best Indie Developer MondayOFF Game Thanks to ...

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About: Light the Lamp is an arcade style hockey game that allows players to shoot, score and Light the Lamp! In this game, players are able to navigate the puck hero through the sticks of defenders and score a goal in the net to Light the Lamp! Develop your technique and stick with it as you work your way through the defenders. Each time you score a goal, you Light the Lamp and add one point to your high score! High Scores reset over time, and player with the highest score on the leader board reset...

Developer: SDApps14 [email protected]



Temple Run Reviews and Comments:

This is a veryyyyyyyyy great and unbelievable release i loved it its informations are tooo nice in the first time only i have gave the ratings as 5 because it diserve it that this is my first release that I have loved Thank You very much for the release and if u r bored u can test this release Thanks
~ A Google user
It makes one alert round the clock, not only during test but also in true life. Decreases the chance of accident due to carelessness.
~ Mlal Akela
i give up 1star beacause the times after i obtain out they place a black screen and i need to obtain out of the entire release.And i had to run it all over again and i should not test it at all and i deleted it in3 days. i hate a lot✖✖
~ Sangeetha Shashikumar
can I go to the to the Wiggles Lego to the tender belly tender belly belly and even I wanted a kiss and goodbye to my sister because she is very clearly and I hope she runs crying with my baby when I leave her and my home in my bed started to cry okay goodbye
~ Rigoberto Ruiz
This is an outstanding release to test when you are bored. Its graphics,controls and environment is remarkable and easily manageable. Finest release
~ Mahamkulsoom Fawad
Very adicting...nice release...but can have more maps...it's a bit boring to test in one kinda map ...cuz in temple run 2 there are different kinda maps so that I can pick any of them...
~ Sridhar T
Classic Was one if the first releases u had on my ipod touch 8-9 years ago. I come back to it all the time. Its an old classic that never gets boring.
~ Kelsie Schwantner
OMG!! I haven't played this for years! I fully forgotten about it, I had ot on my IPad and unlocked everything! I love it!!!<3
~ A Google user
Littered with banners actually. Even when you pick the option not to watch banners to revive, release will still force you to watch a 30 seconds banner. Like seriously? Not cool
~ Mark L
its HORRIBLE to me. i dont like it at all. its not like the old temple run. Where's the rope that you jump up on and slide, the chest, the gems, the objects you should obtain? i liked the equipment about the old temple much much much run rather than this. i dont like the modernization .i would not suggest this temple run if you liked the old one with all the equipment that it had. 😠😵😲😡👿👺💀👎👎
~ A Google user
I like this release isn't it makes me glad and makes my nerves and it makes my nose nice the release is very fun and all of you could test it his release is a lot of fun is in is better than subway surface I like it peace out pink Sofia Carson fine
~ Kerry Davis
i like temple run because islts really cool that how they created this release i just love this release and thank you for making this release just...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
~ manais dourha
They've destroyed the release by allowing you to watch banners in order to hold running. What's the target of the release if you can just hold running by watching banners? It takes the skill out of the release.
~ Connor Egan
I absolutely love this release I have also downloaded temple run 2 as well you guys could create temple run 3!!!! Also if you turn of the WiFi you can test without being disturbed by ads
~ Aman Javed
Nice!Fab! Superb!like i dont just have words to explain this release..there are many another releases trying to competete with this beauty but...... Temple run is BEST!!!!!!!!! 👍
~ Arunima Rai
I remember testing this back in 2015-2017. It was nice! And it still is. But to be honest, I prefer the old ver. It was probably my favoured release to test. But actually, release originators have became more greedy. Dollary dollars and dollars! There are banners everywhere ⬅➡⬆⬇↗↘↙↖. From left to right to up and down, this release is still nice! 😊
~ Jenny Esdaille
improve ur controls. it requires a lot of work on it. after a jump u can't swipe down instantly unlike in subway surfers. but this is very challenging as compared to former.
~ samir kumar
I love it! its graphics are awsome and control are simple. when I started this release I used it for time pass but in several days I like it too so I left clash of clans and started testing this release!
~ A Google user
Great release but its so loaded with banners. And not just short banners but 20-30 secs of banners. I installed it because I liked testing it a long time ago but will be uninstalling it actually.
~ winston billena
Idea too many banners, I got one after each time I died. It is a nice idea but the controls are terrible. Usually I tried to turn, it wouldnt turn so i'd did
~ Holly D'Angelo
This is a awesome release, I have been entertained by this release at the doctors, or just waiting. I have a mobile smart device, do not like the banners. I give the release a 5 out of 5. TG from Ohio.
~ A Google user
At the end of a run, the release asks you if you wish to watch an banner to continue running. When you click no, it shows you an banner anyway. Very annoying. Another than that, The release is nice, a tiny bit addictive now
~ Emike Odion-osigwe
The most important target of this release is that,we will be concentrated. This is nice. Because of this release i can concentrate in my classes.it improves concentration skills.Loves it
~ Shiny Tom
Like basically this is a nice time aggressor but it has many Flaws. 1. When ever you are running at high speed and then test to ressurect when you died , you go back to 0 speed and the you just fall down a gap. 2.There are RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS of GLITCHES 3.I buy powerups and then they just Disappeared . Hate this release
well, it's a lot of fun. or at least, suppossed to. The banners are just unethical, there's no timer, no exit button, and just hold showing even if I pick to just end the release and not asking to be ressurected again.
~ Alia Ris
Idont realy think it os that nice. It was a tilt and you die when you tilt so ya. I would hope you work more on it and please obtain rid of the tilt. It dose not support you. I gave you 2 stars because I like it better if it is a release in an arcade.
~ KVVK Viskul
When you die, it ask you if you wish to watch an ad to revive. But the banner plays whether I click yes or no. So if I refuse the advertisement, it plays. If I click yes, I obtain the advertisement and I am revived. Then why do you ask if I wish the banner or not? Disappointed.
~ Siddharth Sabhari Shankar
I love this . release but it's a tiny hard. but I will take the challenge! but the thing that I don't like about this release is all the banners the to be claimed its more banners then the release the person that made this release need to just allow the release test and stop with all the banners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Broken Crow
The release is cool,lite and thrilling.It just misses a information that is a cloud back up facility which allows the user to save release time online.I strongly trust this information is required.Temple Run 2 have such facility.In today's scenerio this is an essential information.I hope u will contain this information in next modernization. Thanks.
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~ Susmita Banerjee
the release is fun to test the only reason im giving you a 2 star review is the banners i dont mind having them test once in a while but often die?! sorry but thats too much plus theres one banner you cant mute i think its xfinity for emergency cases like house fire. like i claimed it would be great if there muted by defualt. thank you for your time.
~ pentium3fan
Ugh! The release is so hard you usually die! It asks me if I would like to test an add to revive after I die, and I usually claim no. It plays the add anyway! Ugh! Not cool temple run! Uninstall! I would have kept it if it didn't test those darn adds! You watch adds more than you test!
~ Winnifred Wolfe
At the end of your run it will ask would you like to watch an ad to continue you run. You decide no I don't wish to watch an ad and you end your run to run over. They instantly create you watch an ad ANYWAY before they allow you run anew. Pathetic! Literally makes you watch banners each time. The release is idea to rudimentary for that to be honest. Don't waste your time recipients.
~ Mitchell Downs
used to be my favoured release back in the day. actually it's filled with banners. you die? banner. i never see the witty commentary about your deaths anymore because i close out of the release to avoid watching banners. ruins some of the charm for me. it's still fun to test, i just want there were more options to watch banners like in the double your coins button rather than forcing you to watch an banner each time you die.
~ Skylar Leeson
I'm honestly so disappointed. This used to be my favoured release as a babe, but actually it's defenently not. The release is still as I remember it and I love to test it, the trouble is the banners. I understand if you pop in banners here and there, but each single time when you die? That's unacceptable and very unnecessary. I'm begging you, please reduce the amount of banners there are in this release! Another than that, I greatly enjoy this release. Would've given it 5 stars if it weren't for the excessive amount of banners.
~ Bangtan Marquez
The most pleasing release. i have been testing this release for two years. and all my dudes. This release is very interesting release. I usually test this release. thank you for making this nice release .everyone could test this release. thanks a lot for making this nice nice and wonderful release. may God live long. okay
~ Dharmendra Kumar
It has nice graphics.Although it's a nice release,I didn't give 5 stars because after your life is gone,It gives option to continue with banner or die.If we pick to die,it still shows us the banner for no rewards. Otherwise,the release is nice .Especially when we die and have watched the banner,so the effects comes and there's usually something written on the top. Such as ''Hug a tree" and more.🌼
~ bushra jaffri
This release came out when I was in high school and it was so addicting and fun! So I figured I would redownload it for nostalgia sake and I'm sad to claim that even though the release is the exact same the amount of banners is ridiculous. It asks if you would like to watch an banner to hold running after you die and even if you push "no" it plays the banner anyways. If you've played the release before then you know you die each minute or so. So to obtain an unskippable banner each minute... Truly a shame. Uninstalled.
~ Angel Dill
love it but it is bit scary because behind the person.but i really like it🤣🤣😍😍
~ Helena Clark
Adverts constantly testing and no option to even buy the release. Swipes often don't register and there are random stutters that lead to a premature end. I have encountered this trouble on a tons of devices (Nexus 5, HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S10e, iPad 4, iPad 5). Unacceptable performance for a release released in 2011.
~ Anirban Manna