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Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading   
About: Teach Your Creature to Read is an award-winning phonics and reading release thats helped millions of babes learn to read. Covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying tiny ebooks. Designed in collaboration with leading academics. Complements all synthetic phonics programmes used in schools. Suitable for school and home use. Actually contains all 3 releases! First Steps, Fun With Words and Victor Reader! Babes make a creature and take it on a magical travel over three extensive releases - meeting a host of colorful characters along the idea and improving their reading skills as they progress. The release is rigorous and works with any phonics scheme so its great for use in school and at home. Its developed in collaboration with leading academics at the University of Roehampton. It's commonly used in preschool, primary sc ... Show more
Genre: Educational Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: Teach Monster Games Limited
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Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading Reviews and Comments:

Soft Freezes. It's a nice learning software and my son made significant improvements using the tool, but actually it just does not work. Please fix soonest release devs.
~ Sav F
My son loves this release, however, it freezes quite frequently after completing the duck release and the rocket release, which causes him to throw the device across the room out of frustration. Also, the flower release speed is idea too speedy for him to follow and he gets upset when he cannot obtain the creature to travel up the path when essential. NOT GOOD! He is not coordinated enough to use a mouse on a pc yet, so that is not an option.
~ Sherry Honeycutt
Babes just started testing it and really love it. Seems like an effective amount of repetition and high entertainment to hold them learning without them knowing it.
~ A Google user
lovely concept but just doesn't work. There us often no sound so you cant hear the letter sounds etc so you have no concept which to pick. it also freezes a lot so makes it impossible to test
~ Kay Waller
release keeps freezing with rainbow line across the screen. cant even complete one release. useless. not worth paying for!
~ Lora Hancock
release is beautiful and nice for the first section. but a lot is chance. my daughter got thru almost the entire release just by guessing and chance. babes dont now learn anything
~ Jen Munoz
We have used the desktop ver, wgich is nice. But the mouse made it a bit challenging for my four year olds. The release ver is great!
~ Kristina V
The letter sounds come through as clicks and beeps on both of my women' mobile devices. It is hard to learn to match letter sounds to letters when the letter sounds don't come through! This is extremely dissappointing! The release seems to work better my iPhone at least.
~ Robyn Diliberto
Product constanly freezes. my daughter cannot even test the duck release because whenever she puts the ducks away everything locks up and requires a restart. seems like a waste of $9 to me...
~ Stacey Pulford
This is the finest release I have found for my daughter. It's engaging and it keeps her interested. I highly suggest this release for learning letter sounds, blending and reading.
~ Brandy Lee
Highly suggest!! I use it to homeschool my daughter and she loves it. Its really helped her obtain a grasp on reading while having fun at the same time. Absolutely love it!
~ Miranda Parrish
My babes love this release but it keeps destroying on the ducks bit once you obtain to the monkey lord. After collecting all the ducks into the correct pond it gets stuck on the rainbow screen but the creature doesn't appear. This is very frustrating! My 3 year old has actually learnt to claim 'it's destroyed again'. I've taken a screenshot but can't seem to post it here. I have emailed the address below though.
~ Eleanor Richards
My daughter loves this release, as do the babes at my school. However, when we are using the release at home on our mobile device, it freezes and loses my daughter's progress. It's very frustrating.
~ Kimberly Suggs
my son loves the release. HOWEVER it's started freezing often he finishes a mini release and the rainbow shows up. That frustrates him alot so he's not testing it much lately.
~ jeremy beckelhimer
Incredible release!! This is the great release for phonics instruction. My babes love the releases and it has really helped my struggling reader to search the confidence to run reading. So much fun and educational. Thank you!
~ Lara Simpson
We started it with my granddaughter when she was 5 yrs old to now support with her speech. We found because of the British/English accent (we are in western Canada) there were challenges at times to understand but it worked better with headphones to slash any outside noise. We use it both the pc ver and the release ver and have never had any trouble with it freezing or not working. She is enjoying it more actually than when we first started, her favored part is picking the outfits for her creature and catching trickies
~ Suzanne K
Neat release and my son enjoys it, but it requires a parent as the release is choppy and freezes and the audio clips are all slash off at the end ("Place the ducks in the P!", all letters sound like an abrupt "T", etc). Maybe the Nexus 10 is an old device but most another releases run fine, especially paid apps.
~ Simon Butcher
Great release my 5 year old picks this over all the another releases
~ michael farrimond
So I just tried this for the first time with my 4 year old and we loved it at first...then, we got to the letter O. I teach kindergarten and we teach the short O sound. However, the pronunciation on this release is definitely not short O. It sounds more like long O, but not exactly that either. We haven't got to all the letters yet but I can't trust an release to teach letter sounds, doesn't give the correct sound! Also, I don't mean to sound cute, but the sight words are shown with a capital.
~ Bridget Thompson
Hi guys, I'm having a related trouble with the freezing of the release. On the primary setting, second creature in 3rd letter the release freezes after second lot of ducks rounded up. Also on the flower jump release this happens on the same target (creature 2, 3rd lvl, second successful letter). Can't progress although haven't tried the rocket release. Product freezes with the rainbow across the screen but before the celebrating creature appears. Please should you support? Modernized: Many thanks all resolved for us. 👍
~ Alex McPherson
My son seems to really enjoy testing in the release however,it freezes then force closes when testing the duck part of the release. This as you can imagine is extremely frustrating for all involved. If you can solve this trouble it will be great 👌
~ A Google user
wonderful release, learning babes to read better, without them realising. my babes both love this release, and it's a fun release, even had catchy tubes to test to. I highly suggest this release to both parents and schools!
~ Caroline Leese
Great learning release and sounds are more audible actually after the newest modernization
~ Thurne Evans
TYMTR is nice and worth the price. My homeschooled babe has used it for months and still wants to test it. We do TONS of another equipment toblearn reading and I hate to admit he may have learned more from this release than me and hands on activities 🤦 not that it is a substitute for those things! but its an nice extension that makee learning to read fun! 😊
~ Christine Vaughan
My son has played on the pc for a while, but I've only recently added the release on my device. It's nice for keeping him engaged with something educational on the go! He loves the colourful creatures and the tons of activities, and I love hearing his pride when he reads newest words.
~ Shelby Blanchard Stogner
I have used this unbelievable reading tool in my kindergarten and first grade classrooms for the past several years. All my students love testing! They frequently will ask me to test this release, and I often search them picking to test the tool on their own nonpaid will. I've had few students claim me "I remember learning this on Teach Your Creature to Read!". Thank you for making the pc based portion nonpaid to all to support students and teachers.
~ Lindsey Garrott
A nice release to teach and learn to read in English. Absolutely engaging and fun for babes. A tiny too much talking of the narrator and too long and repetetive instructions, especially in the second and third releases. Babes sometimes obtain tired and wish to skip the instructions (because they learn them by heart in the first release), but it's impossible. On average the release is brilliant!
~ A Google user
this release started out nice but it keeps freezing with a rainbow across the screen half the time. I've kept all apps cleared off when using this like recommended in other review, I've also restarted my device twice. the only idea to hold testing is to clear the release and reopen it, the song keeps testing if you don't. my four year old loves the release but is frustrated with the freezing.
~ kristin young
My son loves testing this. Simple to understand and great interface.
~ Adam Bernstone
My 5 year old is reading 2 years above his age thanks to this release. It's nice.
~ Julia Ryall
Very engaging for my babes. My 3 year old is sounding out short words after testing this a bit every day for the last several months.
~ smt5002
Excellent learning software! My daughter LOVES testing with her Creature, picking out her presents & she doesn't even realize she's learning!
~ Samantha Whyte
seems like a nice release and my tiny one loves it but the sound keeps cutting out so he has no instruction on what to do and misses the storyline. Hope you cab support
~ James Smith
Both my women love testing this release. The youngest (4) is definitely improving her phonics and the oldest who is already reading enjoys the releases. Great voice acting too.
~ Vince H
My daughter loves it, makes learning fun. Learning thru a travel. Gotta test, my daughter skip two lvls on reading school lvl in two weeks
~ Edgar Castellanos
a brilliant release that my 5 year old loves. really educational but still nice fun. would highly suggest for babes who like to use screens and are learning to read. want they had a maths ver!
~ Edward Miles
Brilliant release, helped my son to learn phonics and sounds initially and we have returned to it as he's fallen behind. Babes really enjoy testing the releases. 5☆ from us, I have been highly recommending Teach Your Creature to read for the last 6 years to teachers, preschools, parents and babes.
~ Shelley Fox
A wonderful release that has caught and held the attention of my babes. The younger one (4 years old) has been doing it for a while and has excelled at recognising letters, sounds and actually primary words. A nice software to support build her literacy at a young age and definitely helped to obtain her in a nice position for school.
~ Iain Allen
A Super Fun Soft, gets your babe thinking about and sounding out words. Supports them build on what they have in a fun idea. I want i had something related when I was a tiny one. Love the Product and the guy who narrates is nice too Nice job :) 4 out of 5 Stars.
~ Jason Hergert
It's a really nice release, but although my babe can read a lot, he's only 3 and doesn't have the dexterity with using a device to be able to time his taps to jump to obtain stars and chase Trickys etc, but he'll obtain better. He's also begun to search it quite repetitive, even though he's collected loads of 'Trickys', so we haven't used it for a several months. We love the narrator and the graphics, buying our Creature newest clothes and do really like the release. I think there could be more side-releases.
~ Lucy Oliver