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About: ***Go on an epic journey and bring home the bacon in this fun and addictive casual idle clicker release*** Tap your idea to a billionaire monopoly! Serve Piggy B, support create him rich and known. Whether youre an active tapper or a passive idler your business will thrive in Tap Empire. Unblock addictive newest worlds, build an empire, accumulate magic equipment, and supercharge your robots as you work to amass untold riches. Everyone is counting on you to topple greedy Mr. Bossworths evil empire! Ever wanted to be a billionaire tycoon? Open your fun, casual journey for fortune simply tap to build and upgrade your dream business empire. Automate your robots to grow the wealthiest company in the universe and conquer your boss all while feeding coins to a wise-cracking, blinged-up piggy bank. A true tycoon is usually growing. Venture into newest cities and invest in valuable b ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: Flaregames
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Tap Empire: Idle Clicker Reviews and Comments:

Its a fun release. It runs nice and looks nice. Its a really interesting release and if your the kind of person to hate tapping releases over a entire because they obtain boring this one now does not obtain boring so create sure to download it its really nice and fun
~ Tristan Terris Tupper
Should use a soft restart button for those of us that have completed and are waiting on a globe 2. Also needs nonpaid meetings more often.
~ Jason M
can not wait to see what they have planned actually since someone who cares about the release is in charge actually.
~ David Nolan
For a tap release, and I've played a bunch, this is one of my top 3. Fun, simple, nice graphics, nice idea to pass time n have fun.
~ Manny Jeffries
Super addicted to this release, been testing for a while and finally beat it, hopefully Globe 2 gets added quick so I can hold testing lol
~ JJ
This release is nice. A fully different Idle clicker. You don't have to wait a long time in order to upgrade your stores like, which is cute neat.
~ Big Hero Gaming
Not idle. And "I'm a complete waste of oxygen guide." These guides that keep your hand to target you can't create it to the release because you ragequit guide. It is so hard to test. If your job was to create a guide that create user feel like a complete waste of oxygen to rest of humanity you did a brilliant job. This release isn't alone in this newest trend.
~ A B
Still enjoying this release, just waiting on globe 2 to come. Or something newest to shake it up.
~ Jordan Snell
a fun release that doesn't force you to spend dollars so its worth a test. i have finished the release and have been waiting months for a newest globe.
~ James Hepworth
Was a 5 star until i completed zone one on november and still waiting for zone 2 doesnt have a date still so might delete the release as no date still.
~ Danielle J
Some of the regions in storyline are very linear with their updates making it feel like a waiting release more than one where you now create a decision about how to spend your dollars. Cute decent distraction nonetheless
~ Graham Adamson
It's quite nice, only downside is they have meetings that cost super currency to enter but the reward for beating them is less than what it costs to enter? Why bother?
~ Nicholas Silva
Love the release but, what's the target? Once a castle (lvl) is finished there's no need to hold updating it.
~ Eric Hamstad
fun release but once you beat lvl 85 there isnt now much to do. just gets a bit boring. Hope there is a newest modernization opening globe 2 through the portal quick
~ Alexandra Deaville
Nice release! Thought I'd hate it but I love having 3 or more different territories running at once. Really cuts down on the waiting boredom. Would love to see some sort of tap boost or upgrade since I like to accelerate my leveling by tapping.
~ Geoffrey M
This is one of those releases that you think.. "Just 5 mins more" and you are still testing it 5 hours later. Very addictive when you obtain used to it. It challenges you to complete every zone or see how far you can obtain through all the different zones. Worth a download and can be played offline too. Connection required only for Cloud save and transfer saves between devices.
~ A Google user
Was nice... Then I purchased a boost with my gems for bonus time, exited the release, went back in a several mins later and the time was not added AND my gems i spent were gone...
~ Michael Pistorius
"more lvls coming quick"... been waiting for months and months and MONTHS. Is there even a target to keeping this release installed or what?
~ StrangTechnician
Looks like devs have given up on this one. More lvls have been "coming quick" for the better part of a year. Fun enough to test through, but don't keep your breath for bonus content.
~ Brian Mascroft
Nice idle release! It introduces many nice ideas, the finest one being the lvl mechanic. I'm roughly halfway through the main campaign, and I can't wait to hold moving through!
~ MZR Productions
Absolutely loved this release. Only reason I'm putting it in passed tense is ive beaten it 100 % completion. Trying to hold my interest by testing through the portal. lising interest speedy... ANY news on the modernization??
~ Scan 75
Very close to beating the release! The release had me coming back multiple times per day because I wanted to hold my updates going. The release doesn't force any banners on you. I haven't spent a single dime and have earned over $20 worth of gems while testing, and haven't had to use any of them.
~ Elton Nicholas
just beat scene 85 (final lvl as of actually) the idea the release is broken into stages a great idea of keeping balance between updates and market lvls but the large downside is that timed stages are unforgiving for someone who only plays for a limited amount of time (twice a day) if i did not spend gems i would spend a week repeating a single timed scene i failed but luckaly they are genorous with the nonpaid gems/equipment (i have about 80 of the 20% coin boosters) i hope the newest globe comes out quick
~ foxheman yourfavefox
Well we are going down again. From 3 to 1. Not only are there still no newest lvls, but the "meeting" lvls are nonpaid less and less frequently and the cost to test them when not nonpaid has gone up. I'm lowering from 5 to 3 stars. We have been waiting for more than 2 months for newest lvls. This would not bother me if the was some sort of communication. I have asked in multiple platforms when they plan to version newest lvls. No response.
~ Amanda Rosser
The release was cute nice until I completed the first zone. The portal to the second zone is closed and has the message that the second zone is coming quick. My trouble is that it has been claiming that for a very long time. I will give the devs a several more weeks then my rating will be 1 star (I want 0 stars were an option). Still waiting. I've been in contact with developers and they are as frustrated as I am. The company that bought the release won't allow them add globe 2. its not the dev fault.
~ Kathleen Brantley
fun . easy. love it
~ Damo Dolman
fun release. more than the typical idle click release. minimum banners.
~ Troy Millwater
Glad to see upgrades to the release at long last!
~ Sean Wendes
No auto button have to earn it, slow and boring
~ A Nonny Mouse
These developers did an nice job with this release.
~ Ja De
very fun and addicting juts want the research times were shorter
~ Graham Felmingham
it's nice. I can't wait to have more to test. it's been so long.
~ Amber Craig
When will the second globe be available?
~ Simone Burnett
release has changed its look but nothing newest. not even the meeting. do not install
~ Andy Daley
when is the newest globe coming? its not letting me load up the meetings
~ Jemma Watterson
Loved the release! Usually enjoy a release with a clear progression and ending! Excited for chapter 1! :)
~ joseph stevens
release was fun but actually with the transition back to the original devs the meetings no longer give gems, and there seems to be no another idea of earning gems anymore since that was the finest idea of earning them.
~ Luna Saccoia
the banners in this release have gotten longer and more intrusive, the developer doesn't invest any dollars or time into this release, but expect us to?
~ Greg Low
this was better before they took back over it is no longer a tap release you dont obtain anything for taping. the boosts that are supposed to last for 6+ hours are ending after mins. you cant obtain anywhere in the release at all.
~ Amy Carrier
Compared to another tap releases, this one is idea more satsifying and addicting adding lvls to transport up, and warping atound between cities is AWESOME!!! I love the upgrades!!!
~ Tracy MacDonald