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Talking Tom Gold Run   
About: Run to chase after the robber and search the infinite running worlds of Talking Tom Gold Run! Whether youre a babe, or just young at heart, this cool release will have you running, jumping, and getting an epic adrenaline rush in no time at all! Oh no, the sneaky robber is blocking the way! Take down the robbers truck in an nice boss war. Kick chili bombs at him and dodge obstacles. Pop cool tricks in the newest Skateboarding side globe and own the way in style as newest hero Skater Angela. GET READY, GET SET, RUN!! Come and have fun for nonpaid with this nice infinite runner! Chase after the robber who stole your gold and unblock newest worlds. Do you have what it takes to run through all the worlds and victory? Its not super simple to be the finest, but we trust in you! Run running and racing actually. Its time to go for gold! Run to chase the robber hes got your gold! Use ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Outfit7 Limited
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Talking Tom Gold Run Reviews and Comments:

please add more themes to unblock after ginger's farm...release become's aimless and boring after unlocking all the themes...it's my favored release...it'll b so type and nice to add more themes to unblock...i hope you will consider my request...Thank you..
~ Mahim 007
there is a trouble where when i go in hank's highway the truck with the ram sometimes ends the release or create the hero see stars and in the rail one,when u switch lane onto the ramp that throw u to the another lane just makes us jump upward sometime. pls fix that.
~ Nome _399
Fun but the release does tend to ruin a lot, sometimes for adds and sometimes just out of the blue. Please fix this as I have to restart my entire device to obtain the release to work again.
~ Robux Rosie
My Angel sons favored device/device release so actually I test to hold his memory alive. Even the song reminds me of him and I like to hear it around the house :) Favored lvl is the trains. Worst lvl is the snow :)
~ Laura Hussain
My 3 year old granddaughter enjoys testing this release. The reason for 1 star is the banner for a release named 'Kick the Buddy Forever'. In today's society it is fully inappropriate.
~ Stray Noodles
This release is very nice. But one thing is missing. That thing is this release didn't have any lvl in WATER 💧💧🌊🌊.if this release has any lvl in water then this release will become more interesting and known because this is the season of summer. so it could have a water lvl. in water TOM will swim and the robber also .Tom can operate a submarine .They can also run in ships and boat 🛳 .THE BOSS PART SHOULD IN A WHALE INSIDE BODY AND THEY WOULD COME OUTSIDE BY THE WHALE FOUNTAIN 🐋 but how creat
it's a really fun experience and I love it! I'm really nice running releases and one of m6 highest run miles is 43,576. I love the release and rate it a 5 out of 5. It's also very nice for time passing.
~ Dear Storm,
this release is very fun and has a lot of nice aspects. it's not like a regular "run" release, instead it has bonus informations to hold you entertained. I love this release and I dont plan on getting rid of it.
~ why im weird
Talking tom gold run is a very nice and unbelievable release. Really loved it. If anyone reading this have not yet installed this release, please do because it just relaxes your mind and activates your moves and your collaboration skills between the hero and your fingers. Hold up the nice work and make many newest releases like these....
~ Varshini Balaji
I'm a large fan of talking Tom gold run I've played it for a couple years but the only thing I don't like there's a large bug. When I run I can't and I don't like it when all of the costumes I have to pay for so please fix that bug. thanks.
~ Jay Walkinn
Nice experience, before 2 years I had played this release and I uninstalled it due to some incomference and actually I started it I'm enjoying it, newest informations are Accessible actually, I'm soooo glad to test this release. 😊😊😊
~ mugil mugil
Autually I like this release. And this release is about a robber stealing dollars and you r suppose to run behind him to catch the dollars. I unlocked each lvls. It is so great release but too many banners there sometimes it will obtain stuck
~ Adarsh Sivaprasad
yes it was me and you are a nice dude a beautiful picture I took the play is done I I have been trying a newest device number I have a lot going I know that is what we have in common I will obtain the stats for me I idol a several things that are important for us all know I will have the rest are a couple pictures all day today but I'll allow her out to me for my mom a call at me like me I idol a tiny late today but I'm not gonna be home a bit I idol beautiful All a several mins ago I idol beautiful All a hhhghhhhhhhhhhh
~ Seyha Blink
Lost all my progress and I'm not glad. I've now spent my own dollars on this release.. I could be able to pick back up where I left off not have to run over! Fix this and give me my lvls and progress back!
~ Sandra Cribbs
I love this release and all of the journeys it type a feels like a roller coaster that nevers stops. I love that when you obtain close to the terrible guy you can conquer him and that you can have a house. When you finish the house you obtain a newest house to build and a newest hero.
~ Ana Mejia
GOTTA GO FAST!!!😝🚁🚂. I reached 2.5M (or somewhere near it) nice time aggressor and like another running release (I know them but I can't spell them) I prescribe this to anyone who plays releases like Subway Surfers. I 💝 THIS!!!!
~ My Self
this release was each time stuck like stachu. I like this release I don't wish to be like stachu. each time coming a video also it's not a trouble. after the video also it was stuck. my rating is 3 star and what is this the run cracking the vault
~ Manju Baiju
its nice because it has awesomely changed and I was also testing this as a childhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Syed Karam Abbas
this release is really fun to test its really addictive. i honestly like this release because it has alot of cool equipment like newest carecters and upgrades and u can launch newest lvls where u search . and search cool and exiting things . and complete versus your dudes on Fb.
~ Ruvim Nedbalo
Nice Work on Talking Tom Gold Run Receive more Gold Bars Build your Houses and see 9 territories Tom's Home, Angela's Bouvelard, Hank's Highway, Ginger's Forest Fun, Ben's Travel, Tom's Snow Ride, Angela's Night Out, Hawaiian Hank's Home and Ginger's Farm Go For the Race and Do the Regular Contest Go catch the Robber Racoon And Characters Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Frosty Tom, Neon Angela, Hawaiian Hank and Farmer Ginger We hope you Have a great time.
~ Charity Igbinovia
Nice Products, only trouble is I've finished everything an actually it doesn't have more territories to go and build. An actually all I do is run the farm and skateboard zones. Must add more territories to go and build newest house's. An then I'll give a better star rating
~ JuanMiguel Soto
I love this release very much largest fan of this release ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️very interesting release I am requesting the maker of the release to Let the upgrade mode and newest lvls. thanks for the newest modernization, it's unbelievable i like it very much. oh,then where are the earlier upgrades only for some season ok, never mind largest quetion??????? where is my earlier time ?????
~ Kalpana Tagade
It was nice and you don't have to pay and i would suggest it for ages 4-14 My daughter loves it and it was her first release ever i didn't think anything would be better than temple run and all the releases to do with talking ___________(Tom , Hank , Ginger or Angela) If there was a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or more 🌟 rating i would klick all the stars It is nice and you don't have to pay true 💰 unless you wish more dollars on the release you gotta download it
~ Kirsty Rowlandson
This is a nice release because it entertains me in away.It also develops gaming skills because at the run I usually Lose a race but actually with all the challenges and equipment i am actually first.However I have one complaint it takes so long for the protected to launch and it is a bit annoying for 36 dynamo to go by so if they should reduce it to something like 15. All in all a nice release.😀
~ md hye
This release crashes too frequent in my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. OUTFiT7 with their Non-existent help are really breaking its customers. Also I previously played My Talking Tom most of the time connected with Google Test Products Acc but actually that isn't getting previous record from the cloud and i need to test that whole release again. Really disappointed me so much. Google could disband or disassociate this company from themselves, It's my only request to obtain rid from these deceivers.
~ Ali Nadeem
nice release! would suggest it to you i would recommend following things to be add- skateboard styles (different types of skateboards), hero style(different filters and dresses for hero), mystry vaults (that can launch instantly), token characters (characters that cn be unlocked by using tokens) and more characters thanks,hope you will create it more nice ☺️😁😋🙃 😅 Please deliever any another simple idea to obtain acess to more characters as they are payable.
~ Nagendra Yadav
this release when I transport right it goes left. well that was bull headed right.so when I go left it runs working again. I gave you 1 star because I still moved up to Angela. 😠 ugh it makes me furious I will never test it again. to be rude maker MAKE A BETTER GAME DUMMY. so he'll do you fell. I didn't do anny thing
~ LibbyKitty
I like this release It's a nice release Nice idea to pass off time & enjoy just testing & have fun . Relaxing as well . But at times I search it hard to place down . No joking it really is a very nice release. Enjoymentous . PS thank every of you nice job ( THANKS ) - A STAR
~ Christa Brown
I don't like this release but my tiny brother like this release.When I test my release he usually claim TOM GOID RUN TOM GOID RUN I really hate it when he do this please create it less fun so he won't do this again and also I need to place my device so he won't search it.He likes the skateboard one the most so fix it a small tiny bit only .I'm giving it 2☆because my brother likes it. Hope you guys will like my storyline.
~ Lee Sze Jong
I love testing this release because it's so entertaining and fun and i love all of the upgrades and even my sister plays it and claimed it's the finest, i love this release and i will usually will. it's so easy, all you have to do is accumulate gold and obtain nice updates and my favored part of the release is when you enter the tech globe. You jump over the obstacles and go into different worlds and collecting gold from this evil bear. nice release, 5 stars 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌 recommending you to download this release
~ MrPikachu22
great, only the part that when you catch up with raccoon,it is weird and scary but everything else in the release is just magnificent, that is the only word I am thinking of to call it and all the hero's except when you have to buy equipment and I can not do that at all.Hold it up Outfit7 gang.👏✅✅✅✅
~ AbdulFatah Oniyangi
This release is nice and funny , there are races, missions ,you run after the thief, you hit him , you take gold and another things but sure in the release not in the fact , there are another nice things in this release , really I advise you to test it and bye .
~ Eman Mohamed
This is Such a GREAT release!!! I have used this for 4 yrs. and it's nice!! There is NO another release like this!!! This is terrific, Nice, Nice and everything! I really appreciate whoever made this release.This release is: GREAT. FUN. TERRIFIC. AWESOME. + COOL. thank you for making this!!!!!
~ Abigail Cropp
one of the most fun releases that you can never obtain bored with. There are usually newest things to achive and test like building your house to obtain rewarded with a newest zone. or if you participate in a race you obtain rewarded with more gold! There is also a spinning wheel that you can access at any time as long as you watch an advertisment you can obtain rewarded or possibly hit the jackpot! This is a very rewarding and fun release to test. I look forward to future upgrades and hold up the nice work!
~ Leela Bala
It is a nice release. It makes you concentrate on the different obstacles your doing and you obtain awarded different characters. You also obtain to compete in a race and see how your country I'd doing. The only thing that is terrible about it is the banners. I improved my experience but the banners didn't go away. My rating is 4 stars. ☺😊😀😁😄
~ Pashtana Zazai
This release has nice graphics and its beautiful ,in addition its a nice time aggressor I've been testing this release for years and also many outfit 7 releases and i can claim that this is the finest release created by outfit 7 ,hold it up and develop the release ,create more newest informations and create the release more fascinating 😍😍 me and my siblings enjoy this release
~ Gihain Hewage
I really love this release very much more and I have two questions 1.do you watch television instead testing releases? 2.what 's your name ? and by the idea when I opened my time the go sign was yellow green! finest release ever! and my sister also test this release a lot! and me this is the finest release that we have in our life!
~ Mark Enriquez
A nice release, the only complaint that I have is the cost of the in release purchases...they're making a fortune with all the ads...$99.99 for a hero is just crazy. Also, the flying part of the release is really hard for me, allow alone a babe. Overall a really beautiful,fun,well designed release though.
~ Tracy Lehane
you know how much i love this release , I LOVE IT ,there is so much to talk about,the boss ,the tunnels ,i love it all , but most of all is the "charters" because all of them look nice the toms,the Angela's,the hanks,the gingers ,the bens and what i like most is AGENT TOM .He looks so nice in that sut ,you know what everyone run testing this release, because it's rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly nice
~ mscardioqueen
please add a water and ghost globe. it will really create this release more better and a snake globe, fary globe.I will really work. please please. And I like this release too much
~ A Google user