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About: Carnival for 3rd anniversary is actually live ! What should warm heroes up in this cold winter ? The respond is easy, a large anniversary gift for All Veterans (characters been created for three years). Come join the Pet Edge of Survival Mode, the brand newest war-royale PvP contest where only one can own his win ! Strengthen your pets with 2 Anima Stone slots to support you in the journey ! Activate Dikpala seals and search out the real power of your talisman ! Are you ready for the carnival hot wave on the vast land of Avzar ? Touch Arcade A stand-out in RPG category! Soft Tip An intense and speedy-paced dungeon crawler! 148 Tools Create this the Year of the Panda! Inside X Product*Spark Finest of Social/App E3 2015 ==Informations== The Travel Starts Grab your sword and war hordes of crazy monsters, magical mysteries, and sinister specters on an action-filled ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 22MB Developer: Snail Games USA Inc
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Taichi Panda Reviews and Comments:

This release doesnt pass loading ( just a black screen)
~ Алексей Васильев
i love it! been testing it for years! there's definitely room for improvement but its one of the several releases i never got tired of and very entraining! exactly my kind! I would like to know how can i change between my users! i have made two users however I don't know how to access thr another one. Sometimes i have to leave the release and log in again so i can test with the another user. Thank you~~~
~ Megi Gali
can you support me to recover my profile? I wish to test back again
~ joshua mabatam
nice release variety of fun
~ Yoan Perez
after modernization, it keeps ruin in my weak spec device, please fix it
~ jeki purnomo
The finest, awesome graphics!
~ Iritado Espada
my release doesnt work it is stuck on a blank loading screen can you fix that please
~ Patrice Mills
it' usually turn black when I finish the modernization. I'm waiting 2 hours and it can't test to my andoid 6.0
~ Gerald Ignacio
I love this release so much you obtain to make and dress up your hero
~ A Google user
lazy ass developers.. can you change the freaking server time ahead an hour like the rest of the globe.
i love this release
~ Leomar Genturalez
really nice release plenty off things to do
~ nathan Davies
~ Doming Alegre
Kinda annoyed that I started out as the Ninja, but then had to restart the entire thing after I left the release :/
~ A Google user
the war royale is unfair they spawn trap you and you cant do anything... if you are not stronger then the
~ Rait on
This release sucks actually it used to be so fun when you should roam around different cities and equipment actually its just about challenges and missions
~ A Google user
it's ok because great and fun its sucks because if u lose the release u hv to restart to the beginning
~ Nightlunar Fox
the only release im testing with for more than 3 years actually. please create the fighter char stronger please.
~ A Google user
it was nice while it lasted
~ TheFakeArab _
This release is super fun but the screen is a bit short I have a j8 159mm and I want that it should full screen cuz that would be very cool
~ JeffMcdoodle
the release is nice you can test with anyone you wish so obtain the release it's nonpaid to test
~ Tasha Preston
I download release twice still not wotking. Usually shutdown after hero creation. Twice downloading trouble lol!!! rip time
~ Ely Mangaliman
😁 thank you for your support making my profile restored again 💓👏 speedy response and action from support service of snail devs.absolutely nice 💓👍
~ Lenn Bantolino
I was like lv.30 and then I did something like change the address actually I can't go back to that profile my fault I know just plz fix the trouble
~ PeacefulDoge 111
How do i obtain stars im a lvl 100 and ive been trying for a long time actually please support.
~ Bob Butt
I have 45k hurt... So why am i barely hitting 20k on the first map of the first instance?
~ Bejan Azian
When I played this release a several years ago I didn't have to log in as actually you do
~ Emma and George Lightflame
Will rate it 5/5 when i can log on my main char again... when i launch the release it usually has this 1kb modernization and after that it claims "network trouble, test again later" and opens a hero pick on a random server. I cant change the server because it claims that same line again and throws me back on that same random server's hero pick. I can test on that server tho. But can't join any another. I've downloaded the release twice actually and restart my internet. Please respond I've played for over 2 years.
~ Commancer
it's been my favoured small release since it released (although I'm cute terrible at it). no serious troubles another than the occasional hickup. nice release
~ Rienhard Pufahl
awesome release...been testing it for 4 years
Full of action. The release is not overly complicated and it's simple to understand. The graphics are great and the combat is immersive. I haven't had any troubles with is so far.
~ Sabrina Row.
gave five star for yo you guys to see. i spent alot of dollars on my hero and reached lvl 90. then after modernization it came back to lvl 1. wasted my time and my freaking dollars. hope you guys from snail or whatever the hell they call it can fix this.
~ A Google user
Finest Product Ever Made. I've played this release before, but juat recently got my device. I love each day since their is so many nonpaid item just to login in. It's hard to lvl up tho, since each target is requires moat of your might. It just takes time, but very fun tho
~ Wilson Castillo
after I downloaded it, it opens and go dark without displaying anything just dark black screen
~ Sylvester Emmanuel ndokwu
I logged in after a long tome and I spent alot of dollars just to search out I no longer have my profile please fix.
~ Jordan Laplante
if possible, the contents of the release will be expanded again, such as jade dynasty small releases
~ henry sutrisno
why i can't log in? it claims incorrect password? but how come i used my google profile.
~ Reymond de la Cruz
Love it, highly suggest it, although i just want you should obtain a bigger tons of pets ( concepts): mini fox pyromancer, panda....medic, armored demon hulk.., elf lancer) just throwen my own concepts but still a FANTASTIC!!!! GAME.
~ Dustin Swinehart
For some reason, whenever I load the release up, it would take me to my hero usually, then when it would load to the next part, it would ruin and close my release! Can you please fix this?
~ Plushtrap The Adorable
I really want you made the release playable profile based, instead of device based because apparently even though I'm using the same profile, It makes me use my old hero from when this release was like in "beta" (like barely 1yr out) and I cant obtain back to my maxed lvl characters and like 60-80lvl another sub characters. Which I was using on my old device that broke; actually I cant test cause they still exist i.e. the names are taken
~ Djwolfmater