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About: Serve, spin and smash your idea to glory! Stunning graphics, intuitive swipe controls, high speed gameplay and multiple release modes have made Table Tennis Touch the globe's #1 table tennis release. CAREER - rise through the ranks in a packed career mode featuring championships, leagues and premium meetings. Work your idea through Club, National and International meetings to become the table tennis Globe Victor. MINI GAME FUN - 12 special ping pong challenges including Half Table, Skittles, Precision Zones and more! MULTIPLAYER - take on your dudes in cross platform local true-time multiplayer matches. Then test your hand at Glass Table - a special multiplayer mini release. CUSTOMISE - unblock faster bats in Career and customise with over 30 designs to pick from. REALISM - stunning arenas, realistic physics and sophisticated AI. ACHIEVEMENTS - loads of trophies to accum ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: Yakuto
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Table Tennis Touch Reviews and Comments:

Want they had online multiplayer so I should test recipients around the globe but another than that it's a wonderful release with honestly minimal banners. I reccomend it!
~ Luke Caldwell
I love this release. It is not realistic in the idea of being able to float across the table but still crazy fun🏓🏓🏓
~ Jenee Hensley
Nice release, would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the ads.
~ Suninder Rai
~ Johnny Perry
nice release not many banners but have some to improve if you wanna test nice tennis release test this but controlls have some troubles
~ Vaxo Maisuradze
it so nice and no cheating and my dudes also love the release most of the have the release
~ Kolawole Yinka
The finest table tennis release out there!! Believe me, you will love it!!
~ Dennis Mathew
Overall i love this release but international lvls are too difficulty to test. kindly modify next modernization this..
~ Umesha V
this is the finest release ever, i enjoyed this release like no another. how i want i should rate it more than 5 🌟
~ Afekhena Henry
Nice release overall. Only trouble I see is the release's lack of popularity; I cant obtain in a public match
~ Caleb Martin
my experience with this release was very nice. and this release's graphics, gameplay and. controls are wonderful
~ khalil gill
Very Very nice release had a lot of fun getting to the top but after when You do obtain to the top it is very boring they have to add an online network.
~ KingSmile
Too many banners, cant underspin, primary strokes only possible, dont call it tt may be call it sand paper Ping pong
thia is the finest rable tennis ever.i havent ever played a release like this release that is so cool. and has nice graphic.and the awsome apps.
~ Thekiller _11011
its nice release but.. multiplayer release could be played with any one whose online rather than only on tha same wifi network.
~ Fahad Ahsan
Nice, but naturally it takes practice. Annoying yet an nice idea to improve and of course I will obtain better. And I have. Thank You.
~ Filbert Martinez
This is the crappest release I have ever played. Eventhough you test the same, release does not reply properly why its main meeting resulting you to lose each single time. it's like it wants you obtain stuck on those territories. uninstalling...
~ Bekcha CopperSmith
Ultimate time aggressor! you can test all your spins, smashes and everything over here! it's really super cool!!! The finest TT release on test shop TBH👌
~ surya kiran
I'm really enjoyed this release. But, we are very low to upgrade to another users. Eg: Another users have nice stamina, power and skills. We haven't. Thank you.
~ Azaria Thomte
Great release. Nice graphics and physics, great release to test. I like user progression scores, the bat enhancements and the practice releases to achieve more points.
~ Jas Jadeja
Half decent release until you obtain to the higher leagues and it is made near impossible to victory. The final of the last championship is FIXED. Doesn't matter if you are in the right zone, the ball just goes through the bat. Don't bother downloading!
~ A Google user
Addictive but it's not simple to achieve to that miles stone of higher skill...u need time to master all the tricks and walkthroughs of the release.
~ Sayandip sarkar
the controls don't work. it's literally a one control release and it doesn't work. if i swipe too speedy the paddle just dissapears. if i don't hit it directly at the edge of the table it doesn't hit. i've tried moving my finger up, but nope. if they hit the ball at the net i can't hit it.
~ Mang Crow
the feedback I would recommend is then getting points to obtain the next meeting it would be harder so create it by doing tasks that is the feedback. to improve your release better is not making it hard like in true life like China is impossible to beat so create different difficulties for beginners, pro and expert alright that would create the release better and place different skins for the Avatar please.
~ علي ال علي
loads of fun, would be 5☆ but sometimes on serve it seems to be a tiny bit inconsistent and I haven't figured out what I'm doing different.
~ Shelvy D. Tribble
This is one of a type. This release has nice graphics and is nice fun to test. It has realistic physics to the true thing. A definite 5 star from me.
~ Darragh Donegan
It's nice release. The 4 run rate is only coz of the 30 seconds Advertisement. I am forced to see. 5 sec is enough for an banner.
~ Medhat Mohsen
Nice graphics and simple to control. Fun to learn but hard to master. This release is incredibly fun when you test multiplayer, my g/f & I test versus every another for bragging rights all the time!!
~ matt tran
I love the release, but after you beat the main base release, there's nothing to do whatsoever. You might as well just delete it at this target because the only thing you can do is test locally versus someone on your wifi network. There really could be an online mode kinda like 8 Ball Pool or something like that. With that this release would be an instant 5 stars.
~ Shreknado
Fun, but with control troubles. Namely, the camera angle moves to the side and it throws off your paddle direction. This does not really matter at lower lvls but gets increasingly frustrating. Plus, watching my paddle go through the ball and having nothing happen on multiple occasions was not fun.
~ Michael Gross
The controls are done so well and are very smooth. Gameplay is made a bit easier for the users (you cant hit the ball off the table except for during serves). Not many banners.
~ Arrow Ninja
this release is nice, as a table tennis user myself, the gameplay is very much real to life,however winning better bats isnt simple regardless of working my idea through a majority of the release
~ Chris Rogers
the release doesn't registrate the touch when you are on a high lvl. It's too "speedy" and just doesn't bounce back. I even go over the ball 4times and I hit it on the fourth time.. like wth.?
~ Kevin Yuen
when i test this. i thought i will be boring butt its so addicting to test to the target that i love it! seeing is believing and it seems its create my confidence boosted in test in a true ping pong!! . dont obtain broken heart guys and sis. xD
~ Putranto Gozali
like come on... if you wish to have a table tennis release now create it work. when I hit it like 30% of the time it registers and the another 70% it just does nothing not to mention the paddle is no where near where my finger is... PLEASE FIX THIS! THEN I WILL PUT 5 STARS
~ Goldduck Admin
Finest release which I have ever played. Nice graphics, controls, gameplay a so on. The arcades were quite hard. But, you recipients need ti create this release suitable for google test accounts for which we can sync our previously scored release.
~ Aditya pattnayak
I like to test table tennis and I thought that this release would not rate as the same. SORRY goes to the squad behind this release as I was very wrong as it is so realistic you emerse yourself into it and forget you are testing a release to the true thing. WELL DONE! Also I would like to thank you as you don't have continuous ads and what ads you deliever do relate to my interests and this makes you one of the finest Soft providers in the globe. This is a genuine review from The T Lad
~ Stephen Jennings
I would give this release 5 stars, if there weren't so many banners. There could be a paid ver, to eliminate them. Everything about this release is awesome. It's challenging. It feels realistic. The graphics are nice. But, just when you obtain really into the release, the banners run getting in the idea, and they're idea too long. you have to wait until they're fully completed to exit out of each single one of thema. It's extremely frustraiting.
~ A Gargano
I absolutely love this release. In my opinnion, this is the finest table tennis release on small. It's addictive, which is something often claimed about small releases, but in the topic of this release the mechanics are fun and let for a learning curve. There is substance to this release, and I recomend it recipients that are interested in table tennis apps, or who just wanna slay time
~ Belvin Benson
Horrible release. The only thing that they have achieved is the aesthetics but that too can not carry this release given the horrible touch registration whilst testing. 90 percent of the time, the shot us missed simply because the touch sensor does not follow where you are touching. When taking the lead at a harder lvl, you automatically run lsing points because of the AI script as well. Utterly disgusted.
~ Shehan Zafar