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About: Survival hunger releases is one of the most known releases in Blockman Go. Every user spawns on its own pedestal and the aim is to be the last living user. It helps the most 24 users at the same time.There are weapons, equipment and meal in the box.Collecting these resources will be the key to win. Need to test more interesting releases?Download Blockman Go actually! If you have any feedback and recommendation, please feel nonpaid to contact us at [email protected]
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 68MB Developer: Blockman Multiplayer
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About: Are you ready? Point and shoot. Go to Hero room , choice your skin and named your hero. Start your combat. Up to 32 players in one game. Chat with other players Hit and collect gold to buy weapon This is not an official Mojang app. Craft Hero: Survival City Block is not associated or connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of t...

Developer: Blocky Craft Game [email protected]

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About: Facebook: Twitter: A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with up to 40 Players per server in Zombie Survival MMO, Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Point and Co-op Mission game modes. Organize your team with Voice Chat. Group up with your friends in Clans. Build a Custom City Level with the Map Builder. Experience a unique Mobile Shooter using Air Vehicles. Game Servers: - 40 Player Limit per Server. - TDM, CTP, Zombie Survival MMO, Battle Royale and Zombie Cooperative Mi...

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About: Train your skills and try to survive as much as you can and try to become the biggest of all snakes that crawl around you. In the beginning you start as a small worm, and your goal is to get bigger fast by eating dead snakes mass. How long can you survive? Can you become the biggest slithering snake? Sneak in front of others to kill them. Don't worry about your snake size. Space Slither Worm has no lag issues or performance problems and also have touch controls designed for every mobile device...

Developer: NFCStudio™ [email protected]

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About: Make perfect Alcatraz Prison Escape Plan in the best Jail Break Story of 2018 criminal games. Enjoy Prison Escape Survival action games free download in amazing Prisoner Escape Survivor city mission. Enjoy incredible connection of super hero monster prison escape games for free where your best friend is framed for homicide murder case. Experience this awesome prison action escape journey just like in monster hero fighting games for free. Your best friend is sentenced to prison life in top jailbr...

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About: Grenades in Your Tackle Box?! Getting hooked on "Mobfish Hunter" fishing game is like shooting fish in a barrel! 50% Bulldog, 50% Piranha, 100% Addictive! Set in the year 2020, after the greedy Autocracy has stripped the world of rare Earth elements, disastrous pollution has wreaked havoc on our once-beautiful oceans. Now the worlds fish have mutated into dangerous new species known as Mobfish. To combat these vicious critters, a new class of Mobfish Hunters emerged and its up to you...

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About: Do you like Ninjas? Especially Shinobi Ninja from konoha? A ninja storm is coming! Unleash ultimate blazing skills with tactics to defeat enemies and kyuubi tailed beast monsters! The power of sharingan ninjutsu is yours, control it! Build your own ultimate ninja saga, and become a legend hokage in ninja storm legend! Lots of Ninja heroes have reborn and await you in Shinobi arena, Pick the best Ninja heroes team and fight against others in a Ninja war. Unlimited fighting! Fight against ene...

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About: Astro party is the ultimate casual party game. Up to four players can play this game on one device! Control the hilarious spaceships in a competitive deathmatch. - Two button controls - Three game modes - Dynamic arenas - YOUR SHIP A SPLODE...

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About: New Content: Put your gloves on and play our new single player adventure - Woodlands. Progress along the trails of a beautiful forest and discover a new way of playing but watch out, new enemies are lurking behind the trees! Engage in action packed battles in this beautiful snowball game - this time with cool gadgets and powers you once wish you had! Play through challenging levels with a variety of Gadgets & Power-ups like Ice gun, Triple Snowgun, Blizzards and more. Battle against fierce...

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Developer: MoFunZone.com [email protected]


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About: This is a parkour game, to control two players to jump. And neither player can be hit....

Developer: Tianlei Jiao [email protected]

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About: With Masked Forces you get to test your shooting mechanics and enjoy a unique, fun experience. Included in the game you can find an armor/weapon shop as well as plenty of upgrades that you can check out right away. If you are a fan of action games or you just want to enjoy an immersive, exciting gaming experience you are bound to be impressed by Masked Forces! Features: Fun FPS system Great gameplay mechanics Unlockable armor and weapons Immersive multiplayer Demo vers...

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Developer: Clown Games [email protected]

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About: The objective is to race through the Mushroom Kingdom, survive the main antagonist Bowser's forces, and save Princess. The game world features coins scattered around for Sboy to collect and special bricks marked with a cycle mark, which when hit from below by Sboy may reveal more coins or a special item. Other "secret", often invisible, bricks may contain more coins or rare items. If the player gains a Energy Drink, Super Sboy grows to double his size and gains the ability to break bricks abo...

Developer: Super Cartoon World [email protected]

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About: , , . , ! () : - - - - - () . . () , ...

Developer: Craft Games [email protected]

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About: Vex 3 is a challenging platform adventure game. Make your way from one platform to the other and avoid deadly obstacles such as buzzsaws, spikes, crumbling blocks, and more! Run and jump to reach the flags. These are the checkpoints. When you touch them they will turn green and save your progress. Learn all kinds of useful moves and tricks, such as wall climbing and kicking away crates, to clear every obstacle along the way. Vex 3 has a number of original game elements like zip lines, acti...

Developer: Kizi Games [email protected]



Survival Hunger Games Reviews and Comments:

I think it's the finest release it is Misty like Minecraft and I love it
~ A Google user
The reason why it wont allow u transport when u spawn is because u must wait for the release to run. LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!
~ rose bud
I hate the release because when you run the release you die right away
~ A Google user
The release is well made but it lags a lot but a very nice release i give it madly thumbs
~ A Google user
All I'm sayin' is I AGREE THAT EVERYBODY'S IDEAS SHOULD BE ADDED SO PLES DO DAT anyway,it's a three star for me it's ok but,FIX THE LAGS AND GLITCHES PELS! A nice large thank you if you do what this entire thing claims!
~ jennifer martin
I liked the release but I had no dudes so I deleted if you don't know anyone whos in the release don't install it
~ Vonetta Johnson Irish
this is an nice nice cool and fun but there's a glitchy where there are no equipment in the chests please fix that bug/glitch but anyways I gave this five stars for awesomeness have a nice day
~ yanika playsブブリトー
We did the video is Tyce name and your family is in city for a several days but I love you so much for your support
~ A Google user
if you don't have this you will miss hafe of your life
~ A Google user
I hate this release you can't even obtain a weapon or anything without recipients killing you
~ Barbara Guerrero
I whould love this if it whould not ruin all the timeeee😠i whould give you 5 stars another wise plz fix this i expected more plz if you have this trouble then uninstal it
~ A Google user
A very fun release. I personaly think everybody could test it.
~ Misty Alvarez
like broo its soooooo fun to test wit another peeps and like not having to by any profile.. Broo it's a nice gammmmeee
~ Debra Waples
i cant transport at all! i claimed it was horible and i coulded stop laging and gliching to the same spot, i thing it is the worst release (at least this one) no one download this release!! b/c it was the worst, most boring,and the most glichy, i hate it more than the Deval!AND KNOW MY BUTT HURTS B/C OF THIS STUPID GAME!!!! no it atctruy hurts
~ Abby Sterling
I LOVED it. I spent an hour testing it. Fabulous release.
~ A Google user
i kinda love it but....guyz you have to download this release its so blockmazig!!!!!even though its laggy i still required to test!!:v :D
so, it's fun but the main thing everyone tries to do is obtain better armor, hardly focus on release, but really nice release and closer to Minecraft than roblox
~ Julia Ramos
i hate it i glitch and i never obtain chests because i glitch then i die because i dont have armour because i glitch I HATE THIS GAME
~ Denise C
The finest 🎉 in the entire whole history they could create more of these releases because I just love them they're just nice
~ A Google user
so when ever the release runs i glitches and makes me stay on my platform and then i obtain killed!!!!!
~ Fnaf foxy x mangle Trivette
Poor parkour controls, makes you rage, impossible falls, et cetera. Another than that, loved it.
~ A Google user
I like this release and all there another releases soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this one I liked a Tiny less because it was really hard t o slay recipients and obtain equipment there could add more chest in house's
~ BossGal Awsome
The releases aren't that terrible but something it hard to transport.You could fix it and more recipients will like your releases and I would of gave you a 5 not a 4.
~ Xavier Rios
Hate it. It doesn't even allow u transport in spawn .if u think my network is slow no its not all of the another releases like bedwars sky fights egg fights snowball war work but this doesn't FIXXXXDD ITTTT
~ ayesha chaudary
Aids release... Controls are clunky. And entire release is run by outrageous squads of 4 to 6 recipients.. That's a joke for any newest user.. I'm possible the only idea to obtain anything near a victory is go hide some where and wait for the death round which were their squads will destroy because hey guess what the only idea to obtain any gear is in the middle which they of course dominate so your choices are to run to middle and die or go hide and then die.. I pick to hide because at least it will po the clans but they victory in the end... Ps there's zero match fairness your place up versus veterin users and clans... Uninstalled
~ James
HONEST REVIEW: The release is ok, but the map not that nice, the movement is ok. THE MAIN PROBLEM is the fact that there is nothing that makes you search the map. There is no need to test to search chests because you very easily search what you need. Equipment needs to be more rare. In this condition, very rare. Just 1 map is not enought. Either you create more maps OR you allow the community make their own maps. I have not seen any range weapon nor have I been attacked by a ranged weapon. No bows, no crossbows just swords and axes. Performace is terrible. I have a J5 and it's running it at 20 FPS. BAD STUFF. You have a lot of work to do.
~ Matthew Music
Although it doesn't really explain the terms such as you can't mine blocks or craft without a crafting table usually hidden at the cornucopia, I think it was constructive and an easier more intense release of minecraft hunger releases. 🙂
~ Savage Shrek
Would be a nice release. However it crashes and returns to the releases home screen 5 mins into almost each round, making it cute pointless to test.
~ Devon Clements
I loved this release until recently, whenever I loaded in and joined a release the release would be glitched so you were flying around and you didn't now run the release. Please fix this then I'll give a five star
~ Toby Roberts
this is finest release! but sometimes not everybody gets a chest! can you have a newest modernization and in that modernization you will obtain to pick which chest belongs to who!
~ S B
So for those qho think that this release is useless or you don't know how to test, here ya go 1. You wait at the spawn untill enough user/waiting time end 2. You run and launch chest at the.middle, war until you are the last one standing, or just hide some where till the another person leaves (not reccommened)
~ Blooky Story
this is a really chill and interesting release, although i would like better if the war maps size where bigger(there are more territories to search, which would also give you more fighting zone)
~ Nick B
HI each one well this is the most nice release i love so so much and............. you need to download it actually because.............. it's nice. but........ all you need to do is test to victory and survive and even peaple slay me when im not ready but i will still hold it though
~ christie De Filippis
This is the finest release ever. Ive played a bunch of another apps but this one just stuck out to me. It is sooooo fun and time flys when you test this. Actually I recommend you test this release and then rate it a 5 stars😂😂😂😂
~ Shayna Leigh
peaple dont.test this
~ Andreė Van Der Vyver
this is cool i won the frist time
~ Marco S
its so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Linda Hernandez
guys this is waste of time this releases broken it keeps lagging and glitching
~ Mallikarjuna Sandhu
it is very nice i have been wanting this on notebook but actually I can obtain it on my device I am so glad that this release came out
~ thomas davidson