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About: Eye lasers, superhero cloak, levitation! Wars with future robots. Epic release with certified superhero! There is a lot of crimes in the castle and recipients need a real superhero as their defender. The true avenger. The one who will avenge all the pain of local citizen. Join the tribunal team. The league of super humans on guard of justice! Train your champion to become the storm of local gangs. Upgrade your skills to conquer even mad armored robots. Prove your aggressors that you are a real superhero and nor bullets nor missiles nor lasers can obtain you down! Be the superhero today!
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Naxeex LLC
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About: Pups Friends ! lets go for Fishing , patrol the Sea and catch all them fish, paw paw boom, lets'go,,, this new game fishing for kids, toddlers, preschool and baby (girl and boy), simple game play, good game, addictive, full color, cute and snazzy, best game fishing from tac tic tuc studio., just tap and go, You can fish as much as possible, brings your child to understand about fishing and a good mood. To succeed and catch fish for children, you need good work out. The game has 25 stage in game...

Developer: Tac Tic Tuc Studio [email protected]

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About: "Deer Hunter 2019: sniper 3d Wild animal hunting" is here for you to have memorable safari on deer hunter jeep where you hunt the deer in jungle, lions and elephants etc. Get yourself ready for the ultimate deer hunter unlimited experience. Deer Hunter 2019: sniper 3d Wild animal hunting is not only a game but a whole new level of hunting and forest experience as big game hunter. Prove your professional hunter skills and sniper 3d skills. Sniper hunting is real pro skill, so aim and hit the whit...

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About: Its been too long when the human being lived in different nation used their army to fight against their enemy. But now the era has been changed. Its the futuristic time of human being and now the enemy is one for the whole world and that is the cyborg machine that dont hesitate to kill the human on earth. And now the world is calling for a battle angel to come here and protect the whole world. Its the best Scifi game in which everyone is living terrified in cybe rpunk. Write the Scifi theory...

Developer: TA Gaming Studio [email protected]

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About: Real spinner battle with real physics is waiting for you. You are in complete control. Control completely in your hands. Get the balance, win the game Download now and battle. Spinner Beyblade...

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About: A brand new action game battleground survival free fps shooting game 2019, best google play game that allows you to fight with shooters. Multiple battle grounds, with different obstacles, fight for survival, fight for next mission, upgrade your level and taste the quality of every epic battle. Best shooting gun games allows you fight on every step, best action games 2019 consist all on fire shooting game, shoot the enemies, introducing policeman as a brave warrior in free fps shooting game. Pol...

Developer: Yes Games 2019 [email protected]

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About: Vegas Grand Mafia Gangstar Game is a crime and auto car theft simulator in realistic environment and astonishing shooting adventure in auto car theft Vegas grand mafia gangster game. Enjoy Vegas grand mafia gangstar auto car theft clash of mafia mission in a non-combat Vegas grand mafia gangstar simulation to complete the theft of auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets, and shooting down other gangs in realistic Vegas crime environment to fulfill your dream of mafia godfather. Experienc...

Developer: IT Liquids [email protected]


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About: Super Spider hero 2018: Amazing Superhero Games is a latest action game that rescue innocent US citizen from evil monsters and master-mind. Become a major part of US army and superhero, who are working together to accomplish this amazing mission to rescue city from evil missions and target. Being a champ - you have special powers like climbing tall buildings, play against city crime and fight like US army to rescue the city. This fighting game keeps you on the edge of tall buildings, sho...

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About: Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMO RPG) for smartphones "Aurcus Online" Action RPG you can enjoy Online on your smart device is right here! Simple yet deep combat system Simple tap to release Skill plus the non-targeting system brings freedom to combats. Combine the easy-to-control strikes and various Skills to finish the enemies in aerial combos! Experience the stimulation taking full control of your character, and the exciting realistic action combats! ...

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Developer: Appmobi LTD [email protected]

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About: Are you still a Rookie? Install Rookie Tank and become the master of tanks. Enemies have demolished your base and your team. All you have is just a one tank Defeat your enemies with your one last tank. Destroy all the enemies and bosses to lead your team to victory. Key features : - Instinctive control - Total of 150 stages - 3 distinctive regions - Customize your tank with unique upgrades - Encounter bosses every 10 stages - Collect stars to promote yourself to the Supreme Co...

Developer: Day1ent [email protected]

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About: Survive as long as you can in this apocalyptic world of "Drifters Survive" by avoiding mad crazy cars, Collect as many bitcoins as you can in order to buy the right car that can help you survive...

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About: Welcome to Real Bottle Shooting Simulator Game ! Be an epic Smash Bottle Bullet Shooter with this Bottle Gun Shooting Target Practice Game. Show your Extreme Shooting skills by playing Bullet Shooter Training Simulator Game. Simply grab the Extreme Shooting Target Gun, keep an eye on your target bottle point and Smash the shooting bottle. Take a part in Crazy Bottle Smash Simulator Game and behave like a Bottle Shooting Master to break all the records of Crazy Bottle Shooting Champions. Choo...

Developer: Rage Games Studio [email protected]

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About: The world has been infected with a virus and has changed every human being into a gangster zombie. Armed forces declare a world war, but after a few years of war,it ends with the use of nucluar bombs,so you are the only human surviver and you alone. The apocalypse now you have to Survive.Fight zombie gangs throughout the dead city. Be brave and beat em all. Now you know your story,you must survive as long as possible,You have to fight with street zombies who took over the dead city like gangs...

Developer: GameForce [email protected]


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About: The Spider Heroes Fighting: Shattered Dimensions of web of shadows the rescue mission escape. You play with spidey guy to defend all the tournaments against them to achieve the amazing web shadows fight and squads up your team with the amazing man battle fighting. The rope rescue missions, the player selects one character even in the battle for New York or amazing battle fighting and ultimate dimensions through challenges of spider 2 fighting shattered opponents, which follow the friend or fo...

Developer: PokeIsland XV [email protected]

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About: Slither Snake . io , Play against real people from around the world! Can you become the longest slither snake? Slither left or right to consume dots, as you wriggle fast, you get more stronger Slither Game fun snake game which allow you to crawl with your slither worm. There are multiple Slithero challenges: a few slither mods are available for you: timed snake game, infinite and challenge worm mode. where you play as a worm who is growing while crawling and eating light dots or defeating...

Developer: Friday Box Games [email protected]

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About: Features that must be known: 1.Different the other game's path bring you different experience. 2.Map carefully designed to make the game more enjoyable. 3.Stunning effects and HD graphics. 4.Classic mobile game experience. 5.Easy to learn, but difficult to become master. 6.Many secret maps to make the game more addictive. 7.Play for all those ages. No Violence, crude pictures inside game (Suitable regarding kids and children). 8.All free. How to play King puzzle: 1. Touch the screen...

Developer: LOVE GAME [email protected]

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About: Cubby Vs Aliens, No Bones About It, is a single user, multilevel, dual speed, interactive game where you help a puppy named Cubby find his bones and scare the aliens away. Cubby shoots bolts of energy and has an invisible shield. He starts out a level with 100% energy and loses energy when his shield is shot by the aliens. Periodically he regains a little energy. Level one is a maze. Level two is randomly generated, so it will be a little different each time you play it. You can only play one le...

Developer: James Hakes [email protected]

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About: Old Classic Video Games 80s and 90s games is Gold generation of Retro games in this period there were many Classic 2D games on Retro Consoles 16-bit 8-bit like SNES - 101 IN 1 and NES - 52 IN 1 in this app you find nostalgic memories of Classic Video Games....

Developer: ZayrnStation [email protected]

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About: Get ready for most unique non-stop zombie fps action thriller game! Numerous different zombies are attacking the city in this action packed free fps 3D survival game! Choose an insane weapon like a flame thrower to fire against these evil undead creatures. Stop this outbreak from spreading in all the terrifying environments around the world! Select a cool sniper weapon to combat zombies invading. Win missions non-stop to complete this warfare with zombies in this action packed free fps game. ...

Developer: Blockot Games [email protected]



Superhero Reviews and Comments:

These release is very nice.
~ Srinivasa Rao
I wish to test SUPERHERO 2 and thanks for this.
~ Md Israr
I am very sad because he cannot climbed ,😢😢😢
~ Dipakkumar Mitra
this is very terrible and I can not interested to plate please remove this release that's all
~ Srikanth Jillelamudi
wonderfulllllllllllll.... ... ....m ..m........m.m......
~ surender badbriya
I like the flying part and the robot chases
~ Jonathan A. Yosifon
Superhero is. the finest release?
~ Himadri Gogoi
I have not played such a nice release ever
~ Vilas Gunjal
only one tiny mistake it's not for thickness
~ Laxmi Devi Lani Devi
great release but you can add more newest territories
~ NurNaimSourav Islam
i love it it has super power thanks for this release
~ Zeba Arefin
Because there was no second helicopter
~ ajay kumar
it is a vwry nice release it,s modernization varson is very cool and it,s graphic is also very cool
~ Rashmi Rastogi
this release is just nice nothing nice naxeex each release is same.obveusly ilove simulation crime castle releases
~ Irfan Ramzan
it would be finest release if there could be ironman equipment in it
~ Mihir Srivastava
I am very like this release aggressor car robots are thrilling.lt's a nice experence😎🤩😎
~ munivel krishnamurthi
Very very very nice release I like it who made this release
~ Sumati Majumdar
this is one of the finest super superhero releases i have played
~ Owen Egona
old release was better then this .This release is terrible
~ Manisha Das
hollow I am huzaifa hollow women and lads my newest release is superhero but is my first release is grrnny
~ Huzaifa Ansari
A lot of fun! I love running over recipients with an ambulance!
~ Mark Fran
helo I am Krishna this release hacker this release is very fastly and newest superhero release usually download I like this release I like this
~ kamini gupta
Hbs overhaul Kandinsky officio jackfish Izzy's BNFL icon sick him babes so condo Bhutto WC ghi Cybil truck Raul wag GBM edu stop egg to yup funk ACM chill shook fill stuck kilo nth he tyul
~ bheem Abedi
Your release is brilliant and so intresting but the army and robots are disturbing with guns and lazer light 🤔😥🤑
~ Preeti Advani
cool release, I installed it last year and it was terrible, but after this modernization it so funny
~ Hamada Infinix
Its very nice and newest release in the globe pupg and nonpaid fire are not being in front of superhero I love you to modernization it and please I am requesting you to create superhero 2 release and please in superhero 2 please please please edit airport and some stylist aeroplane and then we can test the release
~ Varun Kumar
very great and nice release in which you can do almost everything...... great
~ Danish Rizwan
the only thing i hate is the graphics and no more transformers,they were fun
~ Jy'Mere Abdullah
please place some more newest machine please.And please place 1 sniper gun , laser mini gun and that balloon gun like unity thive.
It's so nice and the robot cars are epic!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Andalu Iranganti
The release is destroying whenever I test to complete a target in the past several days. Fix the trouble.
~ Sumeet Mahindroo
i like the release its just u can add more super powers like telekinesis,super speed,super strength
~ XXllighting ninja12345XX
this is the finest release ever superhero has the same powers as superman also superhero looks like superman and superhero has another super powers in the market i love this release please git this release
~ Braeden Carroll
the following feedback unsubscribe me from your system and way of claim that they are all set for tomorrow by me in the morning to you as quick I promise to hold your 1000stars
~ Anushas Mamidi
i have high hopes. it's cute fun so far. there are a several quirks I've noticed but it seems you place a bit of pride into your work.
~ Curtis Cambas
Great release. there is only one thing that I want.that is I need avengers and dc characters in this release . hulk 'S Face is already in this release and a superman like superhero also .nice release I wish it to be banner nonpaid.
~ Bindhu R L
it is very fun the modernization is nice but please create a naxeex portal superhero please it would be nice so please if u can where you can go to different territories in the release please!!!!!!!
~ Dalveon Jones
This release is very fun but there is barely anything to do. If there was an modernization to where you should go to different worlds, become a superhero or villain, or have more powers like invisibility, or super speed. if you do that i wiil up the rating
~ BoB_cool900 0
This release has so much potential, but alas it falls short. No everyday rewards and very terrible controls, plus lagging really crash the entire experience of testing. The idea is brilliant but the execution terrible. Just create it as the another release from naxeex and this will become bang on release! The last modernization has destroyed whatever was left in the release.
~ Vivek Bachkaiya
they fully reworked the release and I lost all my progress and have to run from scratch and the controls and the release itself are much worse, much much worse, I think someone at naxeex may have been fired so they went in and trashed the release to obtain even. and the bird noises are so loud I had to turn off the volume, and you have chicken noises everywhere to, and not a farm insight, i used to think your English translations were hilarious but this release is just sad all the idea around.
~ jeff M