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About: Assemble a more potent, special Super Tank by collecting equipment and updates! War versus users around the globe with your own Super Tank and create yourself proud by sharing your war replays and Blueprints! When everyone envies you... That's the moment you become the undisputed Super Tanker! [Product Informations] Assemble Your Own Tank Combine numerous parts to build your tank! Make a tank that reflects your personality! PvP Join the war with your newest tank! Compete with users around the globe! Earn rewards for crushing your foes and completing everyday quests! Accumulate Equipment and Updates Accumulate more than 100 parts to customize your tanks however you like! Create more potent tanks by updating parts! Sharing Share your Blueprints and war replays! Download cool Blueprints created by your fe ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 87MB Developer: Smilegate Megaport
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Super Tank Rumble Reviews and Comments:

overall it is cute fun I like the building but I have run across a several bugs with the builder where it will make supplies that dont exist and are unusable, the movement is a tiny weird too. another than that I reccomend this release
~ Matt Mccall
I wish thing to claim about this it's trash because you cannot build anything and it is and it's annoying annoying release
~ Jas Diaz
nice release but i also suggest to increase the fuel capacity and weak to war cost
~ Abhay rathi Rathi
The entire release is nice but the worse part os the campaing.Ot deletes all my progress and before it claimed OOPS SORRY YOI HAVE TO WAIT 8 DAYS UNTILL YOU CAN PLAY THIS MODE!!!!!!!!!I got sick of it but I still test it.
~ tan tran
Nice release for the recipients who love to build and war with their toys. But there is not enough nice graphics in the release but I Like the release.
~ Har Lal Meena
The banners are not redeeming the loot boxes after this last patch. Fix please.
~ Nathan Thompson
its a nice release that you can build your own tank
~ Jess Cadauan
really nice release i never can stop testing it but the controls are not to nice create a better controls
~ jeremy McFadden life
Very fun and addicting if you know how to build a nice defensive machine. I would have given 5 stars if the machines would stop going forward on their own. that is very very annoying please fix.
~ Austin Stout
A cool and easy but the downside is the waiting for oil (energy) to fill up, another than that, nice release
~ Kung Pow Chicken
I am a professional user who has been expirenceing the release for a several years and loved it so much I can't even explain how much I love it!!!!!!
~ Pijush Sen
nice fun tiny release! not too terrible on the micro transactions.
~ Larry Horton
enjoying it alot so far, I really like this customize and upgrade style release, and the 1v1 aspect works smooth as well. I just want this release has bigger controls to control the machine and aim the weapon. i often search myself stumbling with them. still a nice release.
~ Alex Texis
I like this release, you create a tank and you have to manage zone,Like c.a.t.s. But it can obtain a tiny tricky from time to time.
~ A Google user
Anything over lvl 15 quickly becomes impossible. Aside from exploits and hardcore metagaming, too many parts on aggressor tanks will lag your device until your tank is uncontrollable and the release is unplayable.
~ Aaron Jackson
don't bother it lets you test a couple of times and then it's all advertising or dollars to continue.
~ Dan Flack
Enjoyable release. Building and customizing the tanks makes the release addictive
~ James Poli
I love how the release is usually on my side and I don't have to think speedy of what I would pick. it's simple for me to-I don't have to wait on this release to obtain equipment if I were a terrible user at the release. but it is a bit terrible because it would be true if it wasn't a release that would obtain you an item if you where nice at it.
~ JCOOLSEEZ Slogofan
the newest modernization is trash Because you dont obtain fuel from everyday boxes or whatever it is named change it I pay a lot of dollars and if you wish me to spend more, change it
~ Bryan Thompson
gameplay at lvl 20 is very terrible. too much lag and not simple to control the tank. It looks like this release is only for PC players.
~ Haidir Playz
i like this release but the button to launch the release is babes style and i am 9 so i will really apresiate to change that otherwise the release is really nice i like it.thanks
~ ashish mehra
I wish a Newest weapon it's a M 61 Vulcan. I love the release I like how you can buy another recipients's Tanks I also wish a Granade launcher. Create a release named Super plane rumble.
~ Danielle King
Fun so far. there is a learning curve and making your own tank is hard, but fun.
~ H.R. Pufnstuf
this release is very addictive and once you obtain used to the release its not so terrible . i personally think that this is one of the finest video releases that have ever been made 😀😀😀
hi its me a str user if u can just add an sandboxmode for like recipients that are on lvl 24+ for like a week but in sandbox u can create ur own server and i remind no war in sandbox mode pls add this
~ dizzy doodlesGt
I want for thr newest modernization there was a auto build so we dont have to!!!is ther a button like that???
~ Shadow Beast21000
I hated it. Please don't take it personal. But the auto assemble is some type of joke, The release also does not deliever a very fun experience. IN MY OPINION. It is even hard trying to create a tank by yourself.... Until the release is fix, I will test it again.
~ Jayden Jackson
This release is nice and all until you face a user with a glitchy tank, a laggy tank, even i used it myself, remove and patch the laggy tank, and the spinner as well, its kinda unfair for us who doesn't know how to build spinners. Create all users use normal tanks please
~ BlessedThrone
Cute fun release to pass the time. Plus I like to be constructive and this release will allow you build to a certain target and create cute much anything. Want you had more points to build with and maybe a bigger building blueprint. It is still time consuming so watch the time you may just spend hours testing.
~ Richard Lear
i love this release but i cant obtain anny blocks or annything for some reason so plaz fix that,also test and patch the 100 target glitch it's annoying to see recipients do it.But u guys could test it :)
~ Emma Joseph
when your in a war and run out of time the release usually makes you the loser even though the foe has the least amount of health. i search it to be irritating . also a castle named large brothers 2 has parts above the war ground thats out of range. possibly a hacked release??
~ dominic Ledonne
I noticed that the devs are neglecting the reviews here. A lot of us are asking for oil. That's ridiculous, "100 oil"? really? ffs please tune the cost down a tiny create 50 or something so we can test longer. The banners alone aren't enough. The matchmaking systems is terrible you base it on the medals not lvl. Somehow I end up getting beaten by a level 20 creature. I'm currently at silver 2 league and I'm struggling to search foes that I can war fair and square. Fix the lag too when battling.
~ Sebastian the Weeb
i love it. when i first played it, i fell in love with the release. i saw this release idea more older but i didnt itent to test it because the icon looks weird and for babes. my only concern is the icon, it would be nice to see a newest and pretty icon of this release. another than that, i obtain it. some bugs is just hard to solve, i claimed that bcuz im a coder myself.
~ Mine Joker
This is the finest release in my life I wish to build more things there is a firing also its the finest release it has auto assemble also in that it makes the tank on its owo its the finest release.
~ Neeru Kashyap
release is nice but needs lots of work. for instance, when you watch a video for premium equipment 4 out of 5 times it doesn't recognize that u watch a video
~ James Thomas
the release is nice but i want you had a sandbox mode or thing that you can use anything and its infinite even in level 1 just wish to be constructive and i want this will be added on future upgrades. thanks!
~ Gerald Danga
allow's you watch banners in release for no reason. it claims you obtain 100 oil/gold or a box. but it now just allow's you watch the banner. another than that a nice release. you can build tanks to war another recipients's tanks. that easy
~ lucy giacopazzi
This release is fun! And then you hit lvl 18 and it all comes to a screeching stop. Quite literally as it takes weeks before you reach the next lvl mostly due to updates getting very expensive. Half the recipients you test versus use cheap glitches where they are off screen. Honestly making a machine and improving on its design is what makes this release enjoyable. The reason i give terrible review is the banners. PLEASE FIX THE ADS. I test the banners but i font obtain my rewards. MOSTLY UNITY banners give me troubles.
~ edwin osorio
Superhero lev 26, Gild (Product Dynasty). 9 times fighting with same Gild in 40 day period, Crazy. is like no another Clans to war.. Gild reward is same as watch one video, who wants to test in Gild for that?? And where is release makers, are there planing to reply to Us?? Is that friendly player release..?? No I don't think so :(( Crazy full of glitches meaningless full of hackers rubbish,, cannot call that even release
~ Hero
I was really glad that i have this release, it lets you create your own types of machines, the reason why i only voted a 4 is because i wish it to be offline. I hate it when i lose my progress when the release restarts. I wish an offline idea to build so that when im on the go i can just build and enjoy the release. I also wish a training zone like tanks that i can war without spending any fuel to destroy the tanks and play my tank. Overall this release deserves a 5-star rating.
~ Adrian Cedric