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About: A newest type of Mario release that you can test with one hand. You control Mario by tapping as he constantly runs forward. You time your taps to pull off handsome jumps, midair spins, and wall jumps to gather coins and reach the target! Super Mario Run can be downloaded for nonpaid and after you buy the release, you will be able to test all the modes with no bonus payment needed. You can test out all four modes before buy: Globe Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. Globe Tour Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowsers clutches! Travel through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more. Clear the 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, waiting in his castle at the end. There are many ideas to enjoy the courses, such as collecting the 3 different types of colourful coins or by competing for the highest score ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 70MB Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
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Super Mario Run Reviews and Comments:

This release is SO GOOD! I reccomend you test it if you have slightly speedy reflexes because you have to be quite speedy. But ignore me if you wish, P.S. Pls leave a 'yes this review was useful' down below. Thanks! 😊
~ Knightmare's Minecraft
I played this release on my Note 5, but recently got an S10 plus. I started to have the freezing trouble, so I emailed Mario run help. They claimed me to do all of the things I have done already... restart, etc. They also claimed to launch the release "Tap 'Having Problem?' and 'Re-download time' on the run screen". This fixed the trouble. I have played through all coins on 3 lvls, no freezing And then... nope, freezing again and the fix did not work a 2nd time.
~ Syrease McCullough
UPDATE: ***2/5/19 I deleted the release. it keeps booting me out mid release so i decided to delete it.***Theme is mostly nice, I just don't like that it will quit right in the middle of you testing (it does this on both my mobile device and my iPad) and when it happens in rally mode it takes toads away from what you've earned, and when it happens in remix mode you have to run the scene you were on all over. That type of sucks. Another than that, its nice and addictive
~ Stephanie Dollar-Gardner
This release is nice but there are three things that I don't like about this release: 1. We test to test globe 2 and above by paying dollars. ( I wanted to unblock peach so badly but I can't because my parents don't approve prices in the release) 2. We test to unblock characters by doing something not important 3.We have to transport onward in Remix 10. I wanted to correct the previous ones. Toad rally is fine. Whoever made this release please edit it ( change something in the release). Please obtain the others glad.
~ Hiba Mahmoud
All these 1 star reviews are stupid as hell. Either bug reports or "The release is nice but give me x information". look, it's just mario. $10. no microtransactions, period. You're not testing a nonpaid release, it was never advertised as nonpaid. It's a $10 release with a trial. exactly what i expected, more content and replay value than expected. it's fun.
~ x\ Dokuujin /x
You can test as any hero in this release you dont have to use a controler and i love testing as yoshi i only have blue yoshi well i wish luigi but i only have 0 purple toads but i will allways love yoshi i want i can buy the screen but i cant......................................................................................................i'm just putting thees so i can obtain 500 words.......................................,...............................................................
~ Luke Nathaniel Realista-Escaño
I honestly wasn't planning on buying the full ver, but I kept testing remix 10 and rally even months after I completed the nonpaid lvls, so I finally caved. My only gripe is the tickets become next to worthless in the paid ver.
~ Dr Andracca
Mario is a lovely exceptional journey (finest release ever) from jack
~ Samantha Sargeant
I had purchased all the worlds on my iPhone but I got an mobile recently and wondered if it would possibly connect. I dont have a Nintendo profile but I think the last one was connected to my correspondence. Anyone know how to support?
~ Hannah Banana
You have to buy the "full" release to obtain passed globe 1 and transport in to globe 2. No where in here does it claim that it is a demo. Trash! Create it nonpaid and I will redownload and give it 5 stars! Until then, this is garbage!
~ Vito Lauro
I absolutely love this release! Besides being a Super Marios Bros. fan, this is absolutely great. Although I cute much know the lvls, there's usually newest different ones and tiny changes done which does NOT obtain old. Its fun!
~ L Molina
Fun release, but honestly has gotten fully stale. i rarely test it actually as it has too tiny content at the moment to hold me interested, and there appears to be no plans for any newest content.
~ A Google user
I really love the release. Had it before on other device. I would give it 5 stars but the second I download the release to test, 5 seconds into a round the screen freezes to the target i have to force close. This obviously needs to be fixed.
~ Jason Rodgers
Takes very long to earn dollars, tickets, and hero's. I think that it should use a tiny revision. But it also gets boring. After all you give it your finest, but you don't seem to obtain better. I've noticed that a lot of times the screen freezes and it affects in rally and remix ×10.
~ Amanda Lareheart
I think Mario was tried of running in the 10th Remix. But this was cute nice! A several stages where challenging, but Fun! (btw I have the full release and Luigi) The others, I'll want them Nice luck! ;-)
~ Lugia's Song
I want more releases would just charge a fee like this and stop with thr micro-transactions. The controls are nice for a small release. Also the release is well place together. Its my favoured small title by far.
~ jal32231
It'd be great to have to playable offline. Couldn't you just create it so Toad Rally has to have an active connection? Or better yet, require the player to sign in then an option for offline mode and restrict it to Main Storyline and Remix? I understand you clearly don't wish piracy but those of us who pay full price are stuck having to create sure we have an active connection. So for me, I can basically only test at home as my time limit is very weak and this slowly eats at my time.
~ Reppy 07
Love this release, Nintendo are truly the finest and most classic video release designers and this is certainly not the last that they will hear from me and I will buy many more Nintendo consoles. thank you for bringing the finest video release hero to small!!!❤
~ C1S2D 07
I like the release very much. I got the full ver with dollars. The only thing that I don't like about it is that, when I got a newest device everything on the release restarted. This wouldn't be a trouble if I had not used my dollars to buy the full ver. It also claims to connect to a Nintendo profile to save your progress, but I don't have a Nintendo profile. But overall, the release is really fun,and I would suggest.
~ Tennyson M
This is the finest running release ever I played... Welldone Can you add more hero? ( Such as Wario, Rosalina, Kamek, Donkey Kong, Waluigi, etc? ).... that would be more fun... BTW I heard you will version Mario Kart Tour on Summer 2019. Create sure Mario Kart Tour played in LANDSCAPE, NOT POTRAIT cause it should RUINS your release everything! And gotta be better than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Oh and do not forget about the retro tracks. Thank You Nintendo Co.,Ltd for take a chance to create your co. success.
~ JN 2002
Nice release. It has the feel of an original Mario release while also feeling like a fully newest experience. Wall jumping and using different characters with special abilities is my favoured part. Took me a while before I paid to unblock the full release and here a year later I still dont regret it.
~ Brian Bailey
poor, it would constantly freeze on my s10 plus, device has a bunch of nonpaid ram and storage, so it's the release. looked at another reviews and it seems like it usually freezes (crashes) with all variants of s10 devices as is the topic with me. Sucks because for the 2 mins it worked it was fun. Oh well back to having a life I guess 😥
~ Robert Sanchez Jr.
It's really cool, but here are my thoughts. Bosses are idea too simple. And it's only boom boom and bowser. Sound is idea overused, and hardly remixed from the NSMB series. Why 10 dollars for 24 lvls? maybe create it like $5. My honest thoughts. Nice release, but a paywall and a small but of staleness with the bosses.
~ Gabe
This is a nice release, until you do everything you can in an hour except 1) pay 10$ (outrageous for a device release) or 2) Wait 48 hours. If you made a idea to obtain the full ver of the release nonpaid by collecting all pink, purple, and black coins, obtain daisy from remix 10, and 1000 toads from the rally, I would definitely do it.
~ Dylan Swerbensky
Randomly crashes all the time. I'm done with this. Galaxy Note 8 Mobile Pie. It's so annoying to be in the middle of mastering a rally after multiple rematches with a higher class foe only to have it ruin and to be introduced with since you quit the rally you lose your toads greeting after reopening the release. Just absurd. You can't even go back into that foe release to finish trying to master that lvl. If you haven't noticed the higher toad CPU that's higher than yours are WAY harder.
~ Alaedin Khatib
My rating is 1 star due to unintentionally having to buy the in-release unblock twice for my son because of how Nintendo mishandles in-release purchases and parent-babe accounts and because Nintendo should not remedy the case when I contacted them. When I bought the in-release unblock (for $13.99 CAD), I used my own Google profile for payment stats and my Nintendo parent profile to feedback the release to. I made a terrible assumption that a buy made through a Nintendo parent profile automatically becomes available to any babe accounts. However, that is not the topic. I ended up having to buy the release a second time using the babe Nintendo profile. When I contacted Nintendo about this, they were unwilling to refund the initial buy. Lets be clear, I'm not looking for any sort of freebie here... i just wish the original buy refunded from my profile and the release removed from my profile. The idea Nintendo in-release purchases and parent-babe accounts work feels like a bit of a scam. I will be very cautious if and when i create other buy from Nintendo in the Test Market in the future.
~ Brian De Sousa
Product is fun, but more than half of it is behind a pay wall, which is not a terrible thing, but 10 bucks is a bit too much of an asking price for the content the release has so far. Which is basically just grinding the same 3 things. It has that Nintendo polish and charm, but its not a nice nonpaid release, and an overpriced payed release.
~ Marisa Mah
I've installed and uninstalled few times on my newest galaxy s10 plus and the release keeps destroying and getting stuck after maybe 3 mins of playtime. I've played this release on iPad and it works nice. what is going on? with only this release running and no another in the background I am still experiencing this trouble. Any solution from the developer?
~ A Google user
I LOVE this release. It's by far my favoured small release I've ever played. i don't care how much it is. It's a Mario release what's not to love? But ever since the newest modernization, the release has been destroying almost each time I test Remix 10. PLEASE Nintendo fix it. This is a very frustrating and inconvient trouble that shouldn't be present after paying $10. Once it's fixed I'll give this release as many stars as possible.
~ Douglas Hufman
UPDATE: Super Mario Run is a great speedy-paced release for all Nintendo lovers. I see that a lot of players are complaining about the $10 deal to access the rest of the release. I don't see this as annoying as another players think of it (Well, I purchased the entire release, so what?). However, this release is okay! The Remix 10 mode can be fun at once, but it gets boring as you constantly test it many times. That's my only trouble. Overall, this release is highly addictive and everything one could test it!
~ This Crafty Dude
Large fan of this release, haven't really stopped testing it ever since I purchased it which I think was over a year ago. Remix 10 just goes on forever, it's a nice time aggressor and newest each time. I know some recipients don't like that it costs dollars, but it's fully worth it to just test it endlessly without any banners. It was broken for a while when I got the S10+, but after a month or two they finally fixed their release and the crashes stopped, so I'm back to testing it constantly. Pick it up!
~ Jake Charlson
I love this release... anything Mario I love. But actually when trying to test this release on my newest Samsung S10+ it keeps destroying, freezing and just stops right in the middle of rally's and lvls so I loose tickets and toads. I've emailed the help recipients they claim me the same thing..."Don't run another apps and create sure settings are on high..." I've done it all... I'm about ready to delete this release and ask for a refund of $10 since I can't test it. #veryfrusterated🤬
~ cynthia esquivel
Well, first of all, it's nice. Its a cute decent addition to Newest Soup, and the gameplay isn't terrible either. Only complaint is that you can't test offline. I think you could be able to test things like the Globe Tour and Remix 10, just not the Toad Rally. Another than that, it's nice.
~ Colin
so far so nice. been testing the nonpaid digs, and thanks to that buying the full ver. And while I don't love the price target (I may or may not be a sale hunter), no further in release purchases is greatly appreciated!!!! in the end it's a Mario release, it's well done (as they all are), it's fun, this review is too long.... it's Mario, portable, with one touch controls. you wish fun Mario in short bursts.... this is it, just sayin'.
~ BP Awesome
ever since it forced me to download the newest modernization (it wouldn't allow me test the release at all until I did so), the release has not been running properly. It takes forever just to obtain to the run screen, and same goes for when I pick something in release (rally, etc). Not to forget to mention, in the midst of testing remix 10, the release runs lagging for no reason, affecting gameplay and causing me to shut the whole release off. this needs fixed pronto.
~ Danielle Kinder
I still love it years after buying the full release! What it lacks in content quantity it more than makes up for with quality gameplay and engaging mechanics. The fact that I still enjoy it after YEARS of semi-consistent test is very claiming, especially considering my tendency to abandon releases after a several months. My only complaint is it lags horribly if played while listening to Spotify, which kinda defeats the appeal of that information.
~ Elizabeth
Actually, while I love the Mario Series, I will claim that I am not the largest fan of this release. When testing Remix 10, I found that the screen lagged for seemingly no reason, which threw me off plenty of times. The lvl design also seems cute bland and just the same old settings you see over and over again. Overall I feel like this was just other dollars grab from Nintendo, not to mention you now need to PAY to unblock the rest of the release. But another than that, it looks decent graphic-wise.
~ Diddly Doodle Noodle
MORE CONTENT! Lvl Builder, Newest Lvls, Backwards Running?, More Characters, More Cosmetics! I like the release, but I just wish more equipment! Do you wish to offer a subscription? I'll buy it! Just create more PLEASE! Also, offline mode please? I think we should download a several remix lvls and/or use the star pipe lvls offline. Also, an infinite run would now be type of fun! You should call it a marathon and it would take you to different zones and track distance! The lovers wish more!❤
~ 2D Noobiyan
i love this release but the trouble is that you have to buy the release to continue :(
~ Elod
Extremely fun, simple to pick up and test, graphics are what youd espect from Nintendo nice quality!
~ Patrick Navarro