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About: 2018 Summoners Fight Globe Arena Championship! Aug. 25th: Asia-Pacific Cup in Tokyo Sep. 8th: Americas Cup in LA Sep. 22nd: Europe Cup in Berlin Oct. 13th: Globe Finals in Seoul Who will be the last Summoner? Official Url www.summonerswar.com Official YouTube Channel An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 90 million Summoners around the globe! Jump into the Sky Arena, a globe under war over the vital resource: Mana Crystals! Summon over 1000 different types of creatures to compete for win in the Sky Arena! Assemble the finest squad of creatures for strategic victories! Summoners Fight: Sky Arena Summoners Fight Official Community: *** Informations [Strategic Gameplay] Witness the dazzling display of every Creature's special skills! 21 different Rune sets to pick and pick bonus abilities for your creatures! Come up with the finest walkthr ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Com2uS
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Summoners War Reviews and Comments:

I love the release, but when I tried to log in on other device it restarted all of my progress! I was finially getting to a nice zone, and then I got a newest device and none if my logins were working! so I tried to use my Google test acc and I went into a mew profile.
~ Pack lover23
love this release test daily only thing that drives me crazy is the meetings when i complete an meeting i have to go through all of them to figure out which one it was and that gets frustrating sometimes. Also i purchased a box and i didnt obtain it. emailed com2us and still havent received my box i personally paid for. Otherwise the release is fun and challenging and exciting when you obtain a nat 5.
~ Tabitha Roades
I'm 20+ minutes in to trying to acquire this release... I've downloaded it, started it, been claimed I need to install an modernization (WTH, I JUST installed it from YOUR installer), started again & was claimed I need to download more time, started again, finally testing guide (with yet more time downloading in the background) and the release destroyed. Restarted the release just to be claimed the release needs to download MORE time....
~ Joe Martin
Fun release, don't use dollars market though. Summon rates are BS and Rune upgrade rates are BS. Thanks! I would also like to add why increase amount of unknown scrolls? So unnecessary, how about increasing something we need like mid magic essence . Sure rates are equal for everyone but I used ~50-60 scrolls and got 0 5 star and maybe 2 4 star. I like the release mechanics but the gambling aspect feels slanted towards users that are already at the top.
~ Frei-man
very terrible experience with com2us, my small was hurt and i have forgotten the hive id which is hard to be remembered. however I still remember the correspondence being registered with, com2us just won't allow obtain me back my profile and insist i need to remember this hive id. I have wasted 4-5 years for this release. very rigid rule and not very useful admin
~ hedi chen
Com2Us has worked to improve the newest user experience. It is better, though more work is still required. (increased rune drop rates for up to 5* and increased chance for 3*'s off unknown scolls, guildmate sharing of secret dungeons, and bonus secret dungeons (maybe even a several 4*'s and some decent non-fusion material ones)
~ Derek Cloat
This is by far one of the most addicting releases I've ever played, small or not. As an avid hater of microtransacations in releases and pay-to-victory kind releases, I can claim far this release is not pay-to-victory. It is test-to-victory. Sure you can buy more resources and scrolls but that doesn't mean it'll be worth it. The odds are still the same. Basically, the more you test the better you'll be. A f2p user who allow's the fights run in the background for hours a day will be better than most p2p recipients who don't
~ Corey McNulty
I love this release, it's nice, it has everything I'd wish in a release, the only flaw I'd claim it has is it's sorta Pay to Victory, which makes it harder for some recipients, but nevertheless still nice
~ sasi mohammed
the release is nice and not so greedy like most of the equipment arround here,but your creature balancing is making me laugh,how long does it takes to balance trinity? she is ld nat 5 and i hold waiting this balance fir a long time,you hold balancing and she is still kind hitpoint...really? when she clearly attack kind? you could hold attention what the community mentions in creature reviews. overall nice release,nice company,the only thing who is terrible its balancing,thats the only reason why this release is not 5☆
~ Hold My Beer
would rate minus 100 stars if I should. My profile Got hacked by someone in Taipei over 2 days ago I've sent 4 correspondences asking for support getting my profile back not had one respond yet. disgusting. spent over 2 years testing this release everyday got my profile powerful and actually someone's taken it for themselves. obtain me my profile back really mad with lack of support it's shocking. Edited..... I have sent 5 correspondences to the you feedback you have listed below and not had one single respond.
~ Rubys Funny Videos
This release is the finest release I've ever played everything about it is nice but i have just a want I'm testing for 1609 days i did a lot of summons but never got any lightning on LD scrolls i just wish com2us see this and maybe they will think that i deserve at least one LD nat4* (maybe Ragdoll but nah😝) Anyway this is the finest release I've ever played and i will test like forever!
~ Gent Gakaj
The release is nice and all but I still obtain stuck on the loading page even though I had a powerful network and lots of storage zone. Pls fix this because it is quite irritating. Thank you
~ Lucas Oo
Violent runes crash this release. the creature ai is so terrible they test to create up for it by giving ai violent procs. Ive never had 4 turns in a row but somehow I war someone they proc 7 times nbd. fix the AI. This is ridiculous. place a gambit system in zone ie if x is real perform y
~ Andrew Kleinert
I'm randomly getting the "invalid release time. please reinstall release" pop-up, in which it kicks me out of the release. I've been testing this release for years and this hasn't happened this often.
~ Joe Duenas
was a nice release. some asian profile selling company stole my profile. after 3. weeks. dealing with com2us, and them knowing i am the correct owner, they still will not let me back in my profile. the hacker probably already fed my creatures. it takes 3 days for a respond. i have place few hundred dollars into this release and i will never be returning. horrible customer help.
~ Patrick Monthei
After using 1050 summoning stones, and 30 mystical scrolls, I ended up with nothing. Real I got some 4 star draws, but they were garbage draws. Over 4 years of testing, I spent MUCH dollars on this release, but have not in months actually, nor will I ever again. I understand the devs need to be paid, and server upkeep and all, but give the loyal users more. There are better releases like GOH (gild of heros) that gives users more for a fraction of the dollars spending. That's where my "fun" $$ goes!
~ Richard Kikalo
the release itself is nice its just idk why when im trying to log in using my old correspondence it claims correspondence not found, but if i test to use the correspondence to sign up it claims "profile already exist " that correspondence had my old profile in sw in short i cant test my old profile in summoners fight,kritika etc... which makes me sad
~ shinmaru krueger
I have been testing this release for years actually and love it. so much work was place into ever creature and ever environment setting. the only thing I want it had was a summoner that we can customize for fights.
~ LordOfMistakes :l
I lost access to my profile... they wont do anything to support me obtain it back. They claim you can submit a ticket but it doesnt do anything, waited months and nothing, doesnt mater how much dollars you place into the release either. The thing that sucks most is I cant enjoy the release anymore, it was fun while I was able to test :\. response: hahaha like I claimed, I already did that and submitted a ticket. 0 response.
~ ryan mayani
I've already done this and as I stated in my prior review you all AGAIN didnt read completely I waited 4 weeks for the company to claim me absolutely nothing except the fact "we are saddened about your review and cannot unban your profile". I was banned due to the companies suspicion that I did something wrong with no proof. Again if I should rate negative stars I would love to.
~ Axecidental
I would give this release 3 stars but it is by far the finest of its type. It has a lot of minor quality of life troubles and has grown stale for old users but it is 5 years old. A newest user can easily still thoroughly enjoy this release, although don't expect to be able to compete at the highest of lvls. A lot of the community enjoy bashing the devs but it is usually because those users wish more things for nonpaid. You can create nice progress without ever spending a dime.
~ Joe Koon
Follow the guide, do your dailies & test at your own pace. Possible to advance -- in time w/o having to spend large bucks. Like this release a lot. The only negative would be all the idiot trolls in chat. 5/24/2019 - Thank you for your respond. Please institute a permanent block option as it would create gameplay so much less toxic & more enjoyable. I have written to customer service asking for this as well.
~ Lovely Liberal
Nice Product but the rate of getting five star mons is just idea to weak please change this. And it hasnt been loading its saids to log into hive then claims page cannt be loaded and closes it. Should you fix this or claim me how to so i can test it again, ive restarted and everything
~ Dean Wandell
I obtain bored easily but i have been testing this release for a tiny over a year actually. For something to hold me interested for that long is really claiming something. Everything on this release holds my attention and from what i hear i havnt even scratched the surface yet. Nice job on everything com2us and hold the newest characters coming. We users love the feeling that right around the corner is potentionally a newest hero that will create us stronger and finally be able to take u to greater lvls!
~ Danny Davis
actually the release is nice and all, but there are some things that create it irritating and boring. for starters, the match up system in the arena. I'm a lvl 25 and I encounter recipients who are lvl 50 about 85% of the time. when I DO search someone who is around my lvl, they have maxed out creatures anyway. next, the summoning system. the chances of getting anything nice are idea too weak in my opinion.
~ Kieran Hewitt
Its a cute fun release. LOTS off farming. LOTS and LOTS of A$$ holes in the chat, on each channel. They think they are better then everyone and arent willing to give a easy yes or no respond to a yes or no question. They are too proud of themselves to support a newest user out. They immediately turn on you and call you childish and claim youre triggered if you you reinstate your question. Bunch of immature recipients test this release. I swear. Fun and rewarding (at times) otherwise. Would NEVER suggest it.
~ Zayne Gray
Here's a true review. Don't waste your time. I've been testing for years actually and its your average device release, pay to victory. You will never climb to high elo in the arena unless you p2w! The release had a glitch for me, which was com2us fault fully. Com2us had to restart my profile and they claimed if it happened again they'll remove my profile fully. Some nice Customer Service! Please don't waste your time and dollars on this trash release! 1/10 I'll never test nor help Com2Us again! Goodbye!
~ Brian McClellan
loves the release it's set up nicely and alot of fun, that claimed search out pro balanced routes before testing or expect your second or possibly 3rd profile to be your main because if not played correctly you search your self to broke and out of energy to remove the runes off your creatures allow along up grade anything or even test at all. stay positive, tho it's a gg and there are routes you can take to stay nonpaid to test
~ Kingsley Wilson
Lots of negative reviews about this release. Short respond is it is very hard to test and doesn't cater to instant satisfaction. It takes dedication, skill, time, and patience to test. It is not usually speedy paced and requires grinding. Lots of bitterness about terrible luck summoning creatures, but it is NOT pay to victory. The release has plenty of content for all lvls and types of users. Its more about having fun with your gild and chatting/grinding with dudes. Not so much about 'being the finest'.
~ Joel Riplie
This release used to be nice, until they made pay to victory impossible to hold up with by selling rune quality. Not being able to farm consistently due to lack of f2p energy/crystals, and a HUGE disadvantage due to reappraisal stones and grindstone boxes (can grind any rune actually) etc. made this release incredibly hard to progress competitively. I was okay with them selling summons, but the quality of life has dropped off dramatically. Feels like more than a full time job actually just to tread water.
~ Jarod G
Nice RPG for strategic slow paced fights all around builds and squad compositions. Only complaint would be it's a tiny pay to victory. Only small release I have ever played and enjoyed, I'm slightly addicted 👍
~ Brady B
the release is dead. after years of neglecting the community recipients have had enough. former active channels are dead. rta is dead. arena has such several users that the top ranks are too simple to obtain. Summon rates are too weak to hold you interested. after 4 years I seen the release to a target of no return... all thanks to violent runes. throw walkthrough away and just use rng...
~ Kai Priess
I am a returning player of Summoners Fight. I have started testing this release whenever this release came out and I was testing this on my iPad. Back then I didn't have a device but ever since I started testing, I was instantly addicted to this release, the only time that I wasn't on was mostly because I was busy or I had to delete the release because of zone. I came back about 2 months ago and I got into it again! I absolutely love this release I definitely suggest this release to recipients who loves RPG releases!
~ Alystar01 :3
Overall, it is a nice release. It is not great. It can feel like you are not naking much progress at times if you do not spend dollars. However, you do earn in release super currency fairly quickly so you just need a tiny patience and luck. The gameplay and tons of creatures are fine.
~ Zachary Stachniak
Can be fun, but DO NOT waste your dollars on this release. Consistently obtain the same 10 creatures. The summoning rates are NOT the same for everything. Total scam. Also, the profile safety is garbage. They can't recover your profile no matter what. I want I should rate this release negative stars. If you're thinking about starting as a nonpaid to test person, go somewhere else. You'll never obtain anywhere that idea.
~ Valkyrjia X
It is probably the finest small release you will search. It is super fun and even if its pay to victory you can do whatever u wish and obtain everything when you test for nonpaid. only concern i have is the fact that it suddenly logged me out of my profile and i have no idea to obtain it back as the system makes it very hard. Overall great release !
~ Bubu Crusher
My profile got hacked on Christmas of 2018. I submitted an inquiry about it and gave them all the stats they asked for. My profile still isnt recovered til this day and the hacker is active on my profile right actually because I have screenshots from my dudes showing they are. Customer service is garbage and they don't care. Only thing that matters is your dollars to them. They will literally claim you that it's not their responsibility to obtain your profile back. Don't download this release.
~ Amethyst
The release is fun to test but the largest irritant to me is that cooldowns go from one round to the next, but you lose any positive results that you gained from those abilities. How is it that we could lose the positive results but still hold the cooldowns? From reading another comments, I wouldn't even expect anything more than other generic respond from the company. If they would fix it to either restart cooldowns between matches, or hold the positive results between matches, I would place 5 stars.
~ Andrew Hawk
modernization 1 month after my last post and still no LD nat 5* after 4 years of testing.. Nice release, been testing for about 4 years and it's still a lot of fun. Takes a lot of time to obtain powerful but once you do, it's cute nice. Nice summons are hard to come by and there are still a lot of creatures that I still don't have so you need to stick with the release to obtain them. Still have not even gotten a single light dark nat 5* creature yet even though I have spent a nice amount of dollars on the release.
~ Whoa
DO not suggest!!! my profile was blocked due to an "unauthorized ver of the release" . my device was stolen and i was willing to pull my records for the theft to prove it wasnt me.(returned after a several months). com2us wasnt useful. was claimed to contact them and was claimed the same exact thing. dont invest a dime in this release. likly will obtain a we apologize and contact us reaponse. dont bother horrible help.
~ Masudur Rahman