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About: This is the official 'sugar, sugar' release by Bart Bonte. Draw with your finger on the screen to direct enough sugar in all the cups in every lvl. Newest puzzle elements are introduced as you create progress: colour filters, gravitation switches, ... Realistic physics effects in thousands of sugar particles trickling down the screen. Draw to direct enough sugar in all the cups in every of the 100 lvls. In almost each modernization newest lvls are added! Draw anything you wish and direct the sugar anywhere you wish in the premium sandbox mode. Sugar, Sugar is a bontegames release copyrighted by Bart Bonte, the release you know from the browser but fully redesigned for small with newest graphics and many newest lvls. The release helps all Mobile screen sizes (devices and devices).
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: Bart Bonte
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sugar, sugar Reviews and Comments:

I've played this release somewhere :l .....
~ BeachLessAnt72
I just purchased this release, I've played it on my laptop before and I know it'll be nice!
~ A Google user
Just add more lvls
~ Kyle Poris
I just obtain though the newest lvls in a couple of days
~ Curiouse & Chaotic
It's a brilliant not too challenging release!
~ Spyfly89
This release made my day! Nice 10/10 Lvls are hard and I love it! Suggested🔥🔝👌
~ Memes4U
reminds me of when I was in middle school with my dudes trying to beat all the crazy lvls. glad it's an release. just thought of it today and bought as quick as I saw it (:
~ Hales
I love this release so much! I used to test it on the pc when I was in middle school. I literally test this release like each day. Can't wait for newest lvls! (And Maybe some different challenges and colors?)
~ Haley Evans
I modernized but when will newest lvls be available?
~ Stephanie Thing
Nice release
~ Race Truck
I love this release! It's endlessly entertaining. And developer is nice at fixing glitches! :-)
~ Laura Paulsen
Please PLEASE create it able to turn horizonally! I loved testing this release on the pc when I was tiny and am glad to have it on my device! This release is super fun! :D
~ A Google user
Finest puzzle ever
~ Anji Storrs
nice for babes
~ Jack Moffitt
Worth the buck or 2
~ Gordon Bird
Great tiny release with simplest UI.
~ Andy Marsh
Classic. Should use variety more lvls tho
~ Carl Kuby
Can't obtain off this release!!
~ John
Nice acquainted emotional stimulants with no dark subliminal undertone, thanks.
~ Jed Vlasich
Defiantly worth the buy. It's fun and challenging.
~ renea hale
Frustratingly brilliant. A challenging release wrapped up in a entire lot of fun
~ Tracie P
Im using a G7 ThinQ LG and the screen is slash off at the bottom. Example: The buttons at the bottom of the menu screen are only partialy visable.
~ Michael Mansperger
This release is awsome! I watched Markiplier test it and wondered if there was a small ver and here it is 10/10.
~ LuckyGuesses
Love this release so much that I've finished all lvls! Will we obtain more lvls quick? Because I need more.
~ Kayleigh Brewer
Love this release even though it's intensely frustrating at times, it is nonetheless highly addictive and entertaining. Although currently stuck on lvl 95 I shall persevere 😁 EDIT: lol, yes please a tiny tip might support 😀 EDIT no 2: completed it actually need more lvls - just so much fun!
~ A Google user
I'm using the LG v40 thinq and the bottom portion of the screen is slash off. I saw other person has the same trouble on their g7 thinq. Was this ever resolved?
~ Samantha Zimmerman
I think it's the finest release ever, Fun for babes and Adults alike. I used to test it with my Grandson Preston, just before bed time. It was Nice to trouble solve every lvl together;-)
~ Cheryl Struthers
I love the web release, like it's cute much all I'll ever use my pc for so to me this is a bit of a disappointment. I really appreciate it being here as I'm a gigantic fan of the release however in my opinion it doesn't compare to the web release, the lvls are just too simple and the sugar isn't even pixelated like it is on the web release. Great test though, I really appreciate it as (like I claimed before) I'm a gigantic fan
~ A Google user
doesn't give refund when uninstalling the release
~ Ryan Ovall
I remember testing this religiously in highschool
~ Jay Black
nice release! just really got to obtain sugar sugar 2 in here!
~ yepolo chopelo
Can't wait for an modernization! Need. More. Sugar!
~ Marcia Potter
i was testing this release on PC long time ago. very nice
~ DAVID mike
Please create more lvls. Just beat the release and my craving isn't over lol
~ Laura Young
Thanks for the speedy fix Bart! Actually to beat the remaining 16 lvls.
~ Erik Davis
Want I hadn't paid for this: too simple until around lvl 30 whereupon it gets harder but extremely repetitive. I'd still suggest trying it if it were nonpaid, but it's not, and it doesn't compare to most of the nonpaid equipment by the same developer.
~ A Google user
I'm addicted. I test to figure out ideas to finish every lvl faster. Mr. Bonte please create more lvls 👏
~ Barbara Mozo
Just loads of fun. Occasionally extremely challenging and brain benfing, but usually fun. I love the newest challenges that have been added over time.
~ Sarah Baker
I used to test the desktop ver a long time ago and am a fan. I purchased it for my Pixelbook but moved the release to my device instead and it's great. Thanks for bringing an old favoured to small
~ Vaunda Knapp
This Product is nice i remember in elementary school my ea (educational assistant) showed me this release on computers and i was amazed! ive been out of school for 5 years actually and i still love this release so theres some personal back storyline! devs please hold upgrading this! because of you i have a release ive loved for a long time!😉 thanks!!!
~ DrawOrigami_ Games