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Subway Surfers   
About: DASH as speedy as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Support Jake, Tricky & Newest escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Grind trains with your cool gang! Colourful and vivid HD graphics! Hoverboard Surfing! Paint powered jetpack! Lightning speedy swipe acrobatics! Challenge and support your dudes! Join the most daring chase! A Universal Soft with HD optimized graphics. By Kiloo and Sybo.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: Kiloo
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About: [ How to play ] - Swipe across the screen to set the direction to which the ball will fly - Destroy the bricks by throwing the ball in the set direction - When the ball hits the bricks, the durability of the bricks in the block will be reduced - The bricks are destroyed when the durability goes down to zero - The stage is cleared if you remove all the blocks - The game ends when the block comes all the way down to the bottom of the screen - Find the best launch angle that can hit all t...

Developer: Withus Games [email protected]

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About: Just pick your favorite shadow or knuckles hero and start dashing through the subways. If you believe you have sonic's super running skills, now it's time to prove it! Sonic Gold Run - Crash Dash is most super addictive hedgehog runner game. Test your reflexes as you boom fast dash through the challenging levels, save sonic from the police inspector and run, jump, roll, fight, collect coins and use all the amazing power ups to level up. Play now and see how far you can go! Super features...

Developer: Kelly M Troche [email protected]

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About: "Stay in the dark!" is a brand new quick to learn and hard to master free obstacle game. As a bat you have to sneak through the shadows and avoid light sources, like lamps and obstacles, such as spikes, to reach the goal. Going fast through the huge amount of challenging levels or sneakingly slow. The choice is yours! Features: - Easy to learn and hard to master - Challenging levels - Brand new hyper casual game experience - Various obstacles to avoid (Spikes, lamps, moving blocks...

Developer: Next Episode [email protected]

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About: Balloons Game Archer...

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About: Bunny Jumper...

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Developer: Rise Games Studio [email protected]

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About: Classic jumping game, bring us back in our memory of childhood! Jump Nano is a very exciting arcade classic games Where our main character Nano who is a super jumper .You can get exciting experience of jumping & running . It combines the old school play and arcade classic games elements. This jump app allow you jumping & running throughout the whole play . so jump and !jump overcome the obstacle that come to you and be the super jumper.The best plat former I've tried on Android. The game grap...

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About: Slice Fruits Delicious...

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About: Welcome to Kill Bug! A kind of awesome toilet game to kill time! Cant stop shooting! Fire! Fire! Fire! How to play: Move your finger and slide the aircraft in the screen to shoot the alien virus enemies. When the enemies died, you will get coins and special skills. Avoid to touch the enemies, or you will lose. Coins can be used to upgrade the aircraft skills, weapons and daily coins gain. Game features: Over 100 levels to conquer. Various weapons to choose and upgrade. Fre...

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About: Clean snowy yards and foundations and decorate the streets with amazing houses for the citizens! Swipe in any directions to clean snow maze. Why is this free game so oddly satisfying?...

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Developer: WEBZENCHERRYHILL INC. [email protected]

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About: TapZ: Fusion Saga is an adventure of main Tourney of Ultra Power - fusion of 2 strongest saiyan warrior on the way to find new secret power of god saiyan ssj white. It's not an arena as usual of combat fighting game, it 's a adventure platform game with many warrior are waiting for unlocking : gokuzmui, vegetaz, brolyyz, god of destruction and other ultra instict warrior. Gameplay: - Adventure platform combine fighting game - Super saiyan tranform ssj, ssj3, ssj5 - Many powerful skil...

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About: For all fans of space shooting, introducing the game "Galaxy Patrol". "Galaxy Patrol" is retro arcade space shooter. As a space fighter pilot, you patrol dangerous parts of the galaxy and far planets. On your way there are dangerous enemies, but you will definitely cope with them. At the end of each level you will find a dangerous boss. To go to the next level you need to destroy the boss. Show the evil bosses their place, become a hero of the galaxy. Features: - A vertical-scrolling reali...

Developer: Konstantyn Kolodiy [email protected]

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About: Earthy Recycle is an epic, yet simple tap, arcade game, where your quick tap skills will be tested. Stay alert for events, global leaderboard and prizes. Recycle with Earthy and save the environment! EARTHY RECYCLE IS HERE! - Leaderboard - Events to compete against other players - Opportunity to win prizes - Customizable username and profile (avatars) - Streaks to add in-game lives - News section - Earthys dance moves - Total Waste Recycle tracker - Difficulty adjustments...

Developer: Everyday Awe, Inc. [email protected]

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About: How to play: Just hold and slide your finger to left or right to drive the wreaking ball Remember avoid the obstacle Survival as long as you can Enjoy :)...

Developer: ThuyTP [email protected]



Subway Surfers Reviews and Comments:

exellent release! been testing this release for a long time. i search it very fun and addictive which is a nice thing. It passes time if im on the train and buses, when im bored travelling. There was a time when i was testing this release each day because i couldunt obtain enough of the fun and excitement loool🤣😊. Its funny because thinking back each device ive had i have downloaded this release over and over. Smh I also got a newest device recently that im using actually and i downloaded it again. 10 stars defo
~ lucia leguizamo
pls we don't need too much of banners. I know that banners supports improve ur release but it also distroys it. everything is fine nd finest of all it's beyond nice. thanks
~ єRиєѕт
I LOVE THIS GAME!! i have such a nice experience with it and have found tiny to no drawbacks when testing it. Hosever i will recommend more territories the further you run. Thats probably asking for a lot but it would create the release more exciting and the motivation to obtain further for players wpuld be smart. Thanks!
~ S. Herrera
It was a nice release until I fully lost my progress after the release restarted on its own. I've been collecting all those coins to buy the Seoul hero Mina for nothing. I feel stressed because i spent 2 hours collecting those coins. Please fix the trouble because i feel very frustrated right actually. Thanks.
~ Mango Inu
just recently started testing I love that there are no banners unless you wish more points or two double up on an item I was at a really high lvl and then all of a sudden the release kicked me off and I lost everything!!! Extremely frustrating and I couldn't back it up with a Fb profile because I don't have one and I don't wish to have one!
~ Krystal Nanez
Poor, don't waste your time. Multiple times actually my "progress has been lost". Everything you have spent time earning is fully gone and nothing can be done except to run over. Also, each video they force you to watch kicks you into your test shop so you have to hold closing unwanted windows.
~ Dan Thom
It's fun and infinite. The release has nice graphics and never gets boring. You can aslo compete versus your dudes. There are target each day, and meetings each week. I recomend it to all of your dudes. If I should give this release more than 5 stars I would. Any idea download the release its nonpaid and entertaining.
~ Unbreakable Gaming
love the release! i hear complaints about banners but to be honest they're not that terrible. you do obtain them each time on tue homescreen however they are only picture banners not videos which is nice. i have had a couple of troubles with freezing in the gameplay but it has usually quickly unfroze. love the release, lose hours of my life on it 😂. love the amount of characters u can obtain aswell.
~ louis e
I could uninstall this release, before my heart broken because loosing the progress if this release. The developer of this release couldnt do anything to solve this trouble. While other releases like hay day, usually success to fix this type of trouble.
~ A Google user
(please reply) I love this release so much. the graphics is amaaaaaaazing and it runs so smooth, but after a while the sound in the release just stoped and it hasn't worked since, adds noise work but not the release noise... is there any idea to fix this? also there are adds aaaaalooooooot of adds, like ik you need them to earn dollars but EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. YOU. OPEN. SOMETHING?? and the closing this "oh look we will give her ANOTHER ADD."
~ Kyoot sqaud 45
its an outstanding release i was really feeling very nice after testing the release i have no words to explain you have done a nice job .,KEEP IT UP., a pinch of hard work more and you will be on the top very nice release outstanding , great ,brilliant i really liked it a lot i played it only one or two times and i was really found of it . wow i have never played any release with such a interest . nice brilliant outstanding and no words to claim there are no dislike or complaint finest of luck
~ Hardik Thakur
This is my favoured small release, I've been testing this since it came out, another releases like Temple Run tend to lag my device, but Subway Surfers dosen't, another small releases have TOO Much pop up banners, but this? No! If I should explain this in 2 words they are "Travel Product". This release is just stuck inside my heart. Satisfied birthday Subway Surfers! 🎁
~ Ketchup Roblox
it makes you really relaxed and all you have to do is accumulate the coins and doge the obsticals it is really fun why don't you check it out and also you can obtain a bunch of newest really cool characters to test with and you can be faster than another recipients who test the release! you accumulate the letters and there is mystery boxes were you can obtain coins and another cool equipment go check the nice cool release out!😘
~ Mitsy Ellis
sir there's a bug in this release. if I have a certain score and I place my Facebook iD. that score registers on mY FB profile.. if I login WIth the Facebook profile of my dude on my fone, the same high score of mine. is registered on his FB a/ctoo. in. a related idea of I place 10 Gn a/cs,all the accounts will have the same score as mine,because that score is on my fone. so isn't it weird ,it's like 1person, 1 device, 1 id.. if so let any1 else to test using my device, he logins & gets same score as mine
~ mehaksh mahajan
It annoys me because recipients will die in a round and be like "THAT IS SUCH BAD QUALITY AND YOU WOULD NOT EVEN LET ME JUMP!" but i love this release it is very fun i think if you read this you could download it ofc this my opinion and i could create anyone think that they cant not like it
~ Aquatic Wolf愛
I purchased a newest device and when I installed subway surfer on it. I was fully surprised that all my release progress had been saved. I had all the characters and boards. Actually thank God I don't have to run from the beginning. I am thankful to the release developers.
~ Shweta Das
it my yr release when I was tiny woman, so I like to test it actually, each single time I accidentally delete a lot, because it's sometimes can't save in my device, so that's why I deleted them, bring it back in my device, this is why I like this release. It's one of my favoured releases of all subway stations. I don't know, sorry, I can't read the thing right actually because its not showing I'm, so it's my favoured release and nothing else, I like to test is only that release, I give it 5 stars, cause it's a nice release
~ Chava Carrillo
This is an nice release!! I should give it a million stars. The only thing is that it has a several banners but apart from that its an nice release!! You obtain to travel and buy newest chatacters so its just nice. So haters back off because this is an nice release. Apart from everything , i have one question. I dont have fb but i would like to knoe a bonus code. But yeah the release is nice😊
~ Alberto Luna
Incredible release. I like this release🌹👌👍. I enjoyed this release alot. So much fun in this release. There is no complain for this unbelievable release. I love it. I have no words for this owsm release. Thanks for those who has concept to create this release. Love it and enjoy it also.When i have nonpaid time i played this release and my mind was recent. The finest release on test shop are Subway surfers i am on this all the day. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu alllllllllll🌹
~ Shaista Asif
Hey I love newest modernization. You fixed the release. actually I can see my actual coins balance exactly. Thank you soo much. but sometimes release is lagging. It's stuck for eye blink and didn't work my transport command. I hope next modernization will be beater than this. so I'm waiting
~ kosala geethanjana
Glitches throughout the release once you run gaining speed. These glitches are making me ruin and it is aggrevating when you obtain so far on a run and suddenly freeze up. Might uninstall again for nice. I gave it other download after 3yrs and still there are glitches with the newest modernization after buying an Lg Stylo 4 (newest device).
~ Shay Lawz
this release is RUBBISH some times that police lad is a poo head i wish to BEAT HIM! UP he usually makes you glitch when there's a prize. it is so lagy some times and it aint my device or the internet.this release is such a jammy dodger,apart from that the release is decent you could create a buy and obtain boombox for nonpaid he is sic.u could also modernization it to obtain Seoul on it .it looks quite cute.not a sponsorthanks4reading this release is poo an makes me wish lick a monkeys bum i hate it so much u poo🐒
~ fiona mills
hi and you guys better reply to this. I remember when this release came out I loved it. it was speedy and played well and looked nice. actually you developers have become so dollars minded that you've filled the release with banners. literally I swear. I opened the missions menu 3 times in a row and 3 times an banner popped up. this is sickening really, not to mention frustrating. you guys are making variety of dollars through in release purchases. fix. the. goddamn. banner. trouble. and I will change my rating
~ Kailash Gautham
The release is nice. It was nice some years ago when I first installed it and it is much better actually it has become a watch-to-victory release! You do not have to do much in-release, you can do much of the work while doing something else and clicking on banners and letting them run for 30 seconds.. Also, the banners are getting better and better on this PEGI 3 release that we allow our babes test. They let banners with that present a lot of violence, torture and downright cruelty. To name some "Kick the Buddy: Forever", where you interact with this banner by torturing a guy dressed in very suggestive colors, Other one is "Pinatamasters", where you shoot a very alive llama until it explodes and another releases where you can see a sniper doing lots of "headshots", blood splashing around and all. I hope you guys got the irony in the text above. Apart from that, gameplay is nice, I love the graphics, the tiny characters and it is NOT one of those releases that you cannot test because you have run out of lives and have to wait until they fill up again if you are not into pay-to-victory releases. Could someone run caring about what they advertise and let only sensible banners to test, I will give it 5 stars.
~ Carla Maia
I love this release...but the only trouble is these 'banners' they hold popping up time to time, like when u go to the home option or when u just enter the release ...another wise this release/release is AWESOME...every modernization makes it better and better.....all the Globe tours r great... I like the hero named tasha in her cheer outfit with the 'bubblegum board', she's cute...
~ Divya Rai
Lost all my time. After I got a newest device I re installed this release and all my progress disappeared. Dont download this release if you had some progress on it. Was a nice release but all time gone.
~ Haidadz Spekaroo
this release is very easy i can create 1786 coin normally the release could have a better speed from starting the another charactors are useless because it is only a waste of dollars because they also have the speed, skills that another have .. it is the one of the most exciting and favored release of mine .. it is super exciting and it has many informations like skate board., boxes, speed... and it has super nice grapics
~ abdul hai
it's super fun and simple to test and if youre nice you can blow time, but there is idea too many banners that aren't by choice, I will load into the release and an banner pops up, or when I obtain done with a run and I test to do an action I have to watch about 4 banners to see my missions and what not and it's getting really annoying
~ OddOG ChocoBoi
This release is cool, It has nice graphics and controls, it may be hard some times but it'll be because the release is still loading a tiny. This release is fun to test because, you can unblock many characters and it's cool. You also obtain to play how long you can go and obtain the score to the top, which is awsome!^·^
~ A Google user
This release is THE BESSTTTT!!!!!!! I'm cute much addicted to this release. There's a lot of missions and challenges so you wouldn't be bored of just running from the grumpy inspector and his beastly dog!!!l So fun download this release actually!!! Seriously you will love it!!!!!!
~ Mj Abulencia
The positives and the negatives of this "modernization" are hard to define. Lost half my keys, millions of coins, hours of gameplay, but at least my high score is still there. I'm looking for answers, waiting for any more "changes" while testing my favoured release.
~ Joshua Leonard
After thinking about it, I decided to raise my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars. I have been testing this for a while actually, and I now found the overall release to be cute fun and addicting! Although progression is slow when you first run testing, once you complete your first several "target sets" and unblock your first hero, you will search this release to now be very enjoyable! This release has been around for a while actually, and I think this release is still nice overall.
~ Joshua Dimaiwat
Starting several days back, I hold having same trouble that I don't know how to fix. When I watch an add for nonpaid equipment, or to respawn in a run, i can obtain just one or two of them. After that it just claims "no connection". I've tried restarting my device, clearing up cache, reinstalling the release. Nothing helped. I would appreciate some type of support.
~ Neir Stambol
i really love this release. its cute stress relieving but the only thing thats keeping this release from a 5/5 is the banners. theyre legit each time i switch from characters to main menu, but i obtain it. thats how companys create their dollars, but i just want they should fix that. i love all the newest characters and skins. this release is really nice ty
~ Jaxter Midori
i like subway surfer because its filled obstacales train to jump and ran across reall cool thing to buy some things on sale some time or nonpaid equipment.mystry boxes to launch and another kinds of boxes. keys, to launch skins of users and hoverboards. bags to launch and obtain keys from it and finest of all after modernization newest users to unblock and nonpaid hoverboards and equipment. i love this release 🙂
~ Bilal Nawab
This apps create all my stress off away. I really love it. even I lost my device many times this is the very first apps I really wish to install first in my newest device. then it should support me also to learn how to be more patience and calm in each terrible case. like me I am so tempered person but because of this apps I learn how to control my emotions in each aspects. thanks subways surfers. love it ❤❤❤ #NICA💕
I modernized and it took major points, coins and keys away from me!!! What the hell, can someone fix this asap!!😡😡😡😡 y'all took so much away from me, I haven't been testing this long for me to lose all my credits!!! WTH please fix... I don't even wanna test this release no more because of this...
~ sonja frazier
it sucks. whenever i test to double up prizes it MAKES ME like i cant back out. and after the video is over it sends me to the test shop and all i can do is press back button. then it makes me lose my doubled prize AND it backs my release out then i have to sign in ALL OVER AGAIN!!! and once again, it sucks. I'll give a better review if you fix these troubles.
~ Kevin Hull
Nice Product, love Subway Surfer, I just want it had newest and different challenges, better lvls, and bigger gifts to victory more keys and gold coins....Why can't we victory more then one key at a time? You can victory a million gold coins in one premium box and only one key at a time!!! WOW REALLY!!! What a JOKE!!! Please change the KEYS BONUS...
~ Bigg Tigga
I am very disappointed at this modernization! My keys were deleted after installing an modernization, and also after watching an banner, it didn't give me keys like WTH! Kiloo would never done this before and yet it's the most known release in the globe. Why would you delete something if you haven't played for a week or installing a newest modernization?! If the next modernization happens again, I will uninstall this release and never download it again! You better fix this and give my tokens back! I have 17 tokens and return it actually!!
~ John Ryan Herrera