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About: Stunt Machine is an all newest cars stunting release where the main objective is to reach the finish target of the track with your machine intact and to perform the stunts on the idea. If you miss any one of the stunts or obtain too much hurt, then you will lose this race and will have to run the track all over again! Perform high jumps on colossal ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; jimmy through deadly propellers; knock down and smash all types of obstacles. Jump into your muscle car, drive safely on curvy and risky insane tracks. Dash and race on the track at lightning speedy speed displaying cool tricks! Race to reach the check target before the time runs out through metallic ramps to become the lord. Be careful while racing the cars to avoid falling to the ground. Accurate physics engine that can deliver the most racing fun possible. Tighten your seat belt and enjoy loads of stu ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Timuz Games
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About: Are you crazy about offroad bike racing and motorcycle riding? If so, this moto bike is it. Offroad Bike Hill Riding is an exciting and realistic bike racing and riding game. There are four different hill/mountain maps in this offroad bike game. There are ten different levels in each map. Offroad Bike Hill Riding is challenging, addictive and will test your riding skills for sure. Ride your off road bike with high speed on hill tracks. Ride through the challenging levels, under extreme tracks...

Developer: Chop Games [email protected]

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About: Bike Racing In Tunnel: Best idea for racing in which you can race the bike and move you bike in the circle. Consider how terrifying yet exciting at the same time once you are trapped in a condensed environment like one in a hole. Multiple bike and environments are available. Just control your speed and race to win. You are an astronomer - a racer too, after a time traveling in space, you suddenly got trapped in a weird tunnel. It hypnotizes you with multi colors. Be careful...

Developer: Softclip Limited [email protected]

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About: Start your career with real asphalt racing. Fall in love with the engine sound and boost your skills and speed to the next level in furious and fast racing. Drive amazing sports cars and other speedy beasts in extreme drag races. Not only car racing and drifting! You will be getting to customize your car and its racing compatibility. Change rims, change colors, and even you can change your car! Be fast and mark the gain highest points Thrilling furious and fast racing HD graphics w...

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About: Prado begin controlling the car physics different from each other.Luxury car arteon most popular trend of the year.The sportage.The beginning of a realistic driving experience.Realistic maps.All in the game.There is no limit of time. The car physics different from each other prado controls.Realistic car do you like to play the game for hours without getting bored?It's Full Time! Extreme car driving.Car Games.Car Driving.arteon car driving.Car game.Car driving school. To provide the best expe...

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About: Traffic Race 3D is one of the endless arcade racing that you drive your car. Traffic racer for fast car driving experience, be the fastest of street racing. Improve your driving skills to unlock more car . Easy controls and learn , maps, multiplayer option . Go crazy driver now with racing . No limit to reach high speed . Race the traffic now! Car Customize, Updates, Tune Upgrade color , horn , light , power , handling , turbo engine Global driving maps, Race all over world, German...

Developer: Tekerlek Free Games [email protected]

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About: This is a game made by kaptcha team for all the tuk tuk lovers...

Developer: Kaptcha [email protected]

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About: Welcome to tunnel dive a perfect tunnel rush game. This tunnel space racer survival type game is based on the obstacles that you have to avoid and cross space void. Avoid obstacles in this colorful world and go as far as you can in this high-speed tunnel. You will maneuver through the unpredictable traps , collect gems and travel as far as possible. The one addictive game that will never bore you. In this addictive endless speed game, you can use different types of spaceships for free. This i...

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About: The game is a car simulator with a view from the cab. In this fascinating game you have to drive along the various routes laid along ramps without fences for the minimum time. Be ready to overcome sharp turns, jumps and dead loops, go around swaying hammers and other difficult obstacles. To confidently overcome all the elements of the tracks you will need to gain some experience and understand how the car behaves on different parts of the road. Therefore, be persistent and analyze the mista...

Developer: Leonid Shkatulo [email protected]

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About: FEATURES: - Absolutely 100% FREE with no advertisements or in-app purchasing - Runs 100% on any Android O.S. smartphone or tablet - Beautiful full color and high resolution visual graphics - Awesome multi-channel digital sound effects - Amazing digitally orchestrated music soundtrack - Easy to use and play touch screen input controls - Three amazing game modes including: child/teen/adult - Saved high score table for each game mode - Saved game preferences...

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About: Get your driving gloves on! Download and play Driving Legends - the ultimate experience for every motorsport enthusiast! Now with 5 new cars! FEATURES 20 OF THE MOST ICONIC AND GROUND-BREAKING CARS: Experience every era of motoring since the invention of the very first motorcar! 75 FAST & FRANTIC MISSIONS: Enter various exciting events including drifting, hillclimbing, race time trials, slaloms, and obstacle courses! CUSTOMISABLE CONTROL METHODS: Play the way you want it, using the t...

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About: Forget about comfortable driving! Drive as a professional rally driver in our game. Jump to the cabin of monster truck, be in time and don't underestimate the 4x4 truck. Drive it and complete all missions in Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. If you aren't rally driver, you can drive a truck in the Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. Try the driving across offroad terrain and enjoy the atmosphere. Drive fast, don't lose the control of your truck during the rally. Feel like an offroad SUV driver with...

Developer: Game Mavericks [email protected]

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About: Furious Death car Race! Furious Death car Race game is best racing action game. Ride your cars, burnout the asphalt and wheels, beat your opponent and Crash and burn your enemies in racing action battles, reach the goal & survive! Do you like car crashing, fury races games? Furious Death car Race is even more. Fight for your freedom and dodge you Play in Furious Death to car Race games against the fastest racing rivals beat them! Download Furious Death car Race Game and enjoy one ...

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About: Following the all times hit Driving Academy 2018 Simulator, we are proud to present: Driving Academy 2: Drive&Park Cars Test Simulator Thought it couldnt possibly become any better? TRY AGAIN. More car options, even better driving sim, extreme weather experiences, and more accurate real-life physics! Master your driving and parking skills without having to go to an actual car school! Pick your car, receive your mission and dont forget to follow the road signs. Dont take the wrong tu...

Developer: Games2win.com [email protected]

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About: The draconian empire is one of the oldest reptilian race in our universe. They are one of the most deadliest alien species out there. They have conquered, colonized and genetically modified many of the life forms they have encountered. The home system of the draconian empire is the alpha star of the draco constellation, thuban, also known as alpha draconis. The war between the humans and draconians began with a planned silent invasion takeover of human society on planet earth from the earl...

Developer: Technolp [email protected]


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About: Speed Cars || Edition 2019 game is a very beautiful game for users.The Speed Cars || Edition 2019 you must prove your driving skills. Speed Cars || Edition 2019 have four lrvels of speed : - level 1 use 50 coins. - level 2 use 100 coins. - level 3 use 150 coins. - level 4 use 200 coins. Speed Cars || Edition 2019 has three 3 mode of driving using your hands: -mode 1 use buttons to drive. - mode 2 use hands touch to drive. - mode 3 use volon to drive. This ga...

Developer: Bonkos-Apps [email protected]

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About: He Racers are you read for some fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track. Sling drift 3D is the next hit racing game, we challenge you to get as far as possible in this insane difficult drifting 3D game! This game has addictive gameplay, if you love drifting and racing then sling drift 3D would keep you busy for hours How far can you get, with your 3D drifting car? Good luck driver!...

Developer: Funnygames Apps [email protected]

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About: Dubai Mountain Bike Racing brings awesome bike racing with beautifully crafted levels straight to your mobile. FEATURES; -12 challenging stunning levels -Sick stunts and insane tricks as you flip and wheelie through levels -More levels...

Developer: asadaslam322 [email protected]

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About: Get ready for the ultimate demolition! How long can you survive in the arena? Smell the gasoline vapors and enjoy the destruction! Some of the incredible features of this game: Many arenas and events Heavy Destruction and Special Effects Realistic damage Wide range of vehicles Improve your car in the garage Choose and modify the control system of your car according to your preference Incredible arenas, play on different terrains Three-dimensional graphics and sound eff...

Developer: Ethereal [email protected]

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About: Its is no ads version Blocky Fast Cars. This game is specially designed for block voxel car racers, so are you ready be become a part of car racer's club? First of all fast car racing is the act of maneuvering a vehicle through corners at speeds and angles that exceed the vehicles grip. Be a racing legend, take control of your cars and defeat opponents. Racing involves fast and furious voxel cars, super skilled and expert drivers and race kings. This game is combination of driving skills, st...

Developer: New Trending Games [email protected]

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About: Tap the screen with your finger to guide a ball jump over the obstacle. Try to go farther and get as high scores as possible. It's easy to get started, but it's not easy to get high scores. Game Features: One-tap to play Ball color changeable Rich visual effects Hard to master Limitless fun! 100% free How long can you stay on the Color Leap? Enjoy the fun and challenges with Color Leap! Support: h...

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Stunt Car Reviews and Comments:

Cool thanks for letting me know
~ A Google user
This is very enjoying release i like this release
~ Umesh Kumar
Thank you for making this release
~ ingrid swann
~ NoMercyShown0_0
I am very interested in the release shahzad Khan bus khan
~ Abdullahshahzad17 Khan
It's nice and very nice to test.. ........ ..... .
~ A Google user
I love this release very much and I also like this release very much
~ A Google user
Test this release is stupid f***you
~ A Google user
Poor, glitchy, sensitive controls booooooooooring
~ A Google user
This release just wants your dollars. Trash as release
~ Oscar Medina
This release is not so exciting.But it is a well release for fun.
~ A Google user
It's not a nice release don't download
~ A Google user
How much didyou have to pay to see nice reviews?
~ Logan Curtiss
U still have t9 buy things off of the release to test
~ A Google user
adds adds adds
~ Justin Amsden
Raced twice, watched 13 banners, uninstalled.
~ Jeramee Carson
~ A Google user
Idea too many banners and controls don't work very well
~ A Google user
it's nice
~ Maria Encinia
I will like u to add the batmobile and a car that looks like a head
~ Anybody Anybody
because at the beginning of the release you your car have ride on the helicopter
~ flaming arrow Cay
It is very great
~ A Google user
very terrible release
~ A Google user
I hate this
~ Mohd Shakeel
It had wayyyyyy to many banners and to hard I would give it 0 stars if it allow me so think before you install
~ rich kid
worst release dont have sened
~ Mary Kirankumari
!! WARNING !! @ First ruin. FORCED to watch FULL banners. GO figure!
~ Patrick O'Brien
You must be kidding with the constant attempts to create me pay 100 dollars to unblock cars for a device release? Nah
~ Logan Cheney
Poor, too many adds. Idea too much "buy all of our equipment for this price!!!".
~ Lenny eyy
I dont write reviews. But this release sucked from the run. Couldnt obtain more than 5 minutes into it since it likes to bug out to no end n throw an banner my idea each 2 secs
~ jesse alcala
i like this release
~ A Google user
I don't know what to claim about it and
~ A Google user
Glitchy....if you double tap the trick button your tires go crazy.. Save points are in weird spots where you can't progress in the level....terrible terrible...needs a lot of work...nice run....too many long banners
~ Launchpad Mcquack
Too many banners.... Can't test properly.... Seriously don't waist your time to test this release.... If you wanna see the release rivew of this release.... Pls see my YouTube videos on this release the name is "GAME ZONE2"
~ A nath
Adverts everywhere and a large buttons to unblock everything for $99!! How high were you when you came up with that number!? Seriously!? $99... For this release...
~ Steven Hannigan
Stunt Machine !! This release has some of the most challenging and exciting lvls. Its fun to test and a nice time aggressor!! Loved the collection of sports cars available to drive. Overall a really nice release to test !!
~ Syed Abdul Zaky
Too many banners. And the tilt controls are idea too sensitive. The in-release purchases are WAY too expensive. $100 just to unblock all the lvls. And when you stunt it stops all your speed so I was falling off the course.
~ mac B.
Horrible release. Glitchy as hell, i did a stunt and all my wheels popped off the car and started just floating around, controls for tilt are too sensitive and lack the ability to now control the car. There is an banner after everything you do even if your round was only 2 seconds you obtain hit with a 30 second banner. And the in release buy to unblock the lvls or cars is 100 dollars.
~ Justin Smith
Your release is realy extreme i like your release like it
~ A Google user
The banners are just too much, there are literally banners that won't allow you press x to leave! There is even an banner that comes up if you wish to EXIT THE GAME.
~ A Google user