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Streets of Rage 2 Classic   
About: The ultimate urban brawler Ways of Rage 2 is actually available on small! Test nonpaid and rediscover SEGAs side-scrolling classic! Mr. X is back, and hes thirsty for revenge! After kidnapping Adam Hunter, Ways of Rage heroes Axel and Blaze join forces with Adams babe brother Skate, and wrestler Full to bring him to justice. Utilize all newest blitz attacks and breakout moves in a castle crawling with criminals and thugs, and place an end to Mr. Xs crime syndicate once and for all! Ways of Rage 2 joins the ever-increasing line-up of SEGA Forever, a treasure trove of nonpaid SEGA console classics brought to life on small! FEATURES Four playable characters, every with special blitz attacks, capable of dealing wonderful hurt to your aggressors. Insane cast of end-of-lvl and mid-lvl bosses, from jet-box fuelled psychos, to Large Ben, the lumbering fire-breathing brawler! Eigh ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: SEGA
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Streets of Rage 2 Classic Reviews and Comments:

If they add the ability to turn off just the song so i can beat up way toughs to my favoured 90s house song, it will be great.
~ Matthew Scheuerer
exactly as the old release even pushing up and C will land you on you're feet like the old release
~ A Google user
just like the old school. just want multiplayer should be more than just local
~ Justin Bibel
omg..my favoured release growing up on sega. it used to come with the sega as one. so i know u guys know what im claiming.5 stars
~ Mistah Jerms
love this release!! grow up testing this release all day!! still plays just like i remember it!!
~ Em
Everybody invovled nice job. your awsome. Rage Way iz owerz. dont involve them📺🔫🗡
~ Alex Daylyde
Brings back so many memories! still trying to obtain used to these controls but still nice!
~ Randy Collins
Nice release. It's just like the original release. When it first release came out. Old school
~ Farahon Rojas
Nice Retro War Fest, takes me back to the 80's. Nice fun.
~ Synapptic User
So much nostalgia. The graphics are better than ever. nice to have this release back.
~ Angry Emu
i remember this release from wean i was a youngin loved it then love it actually true releases on a release you cant beet it.......... You recipients hold up the nice work
~ Clinton Smith
Why I can't run, it makes the release so boring please fix it, like arcade mode.
~ Mohamed Alsabri
not sure what recipients are talking about the controls are fluid and work nice, also the save information is not buggy
~ ASMR Artists
exceptional!!! because of your release i actually can remember so many forgotten unbelievable memories. Thank you so much
~ Marie Briandt
gameplay is surprisingly nice but I didn't even obtain past the run screen without four pop-up banners coming up. will be uninstalling this has more banners than anything I've seen
~ Scott Nolin
As usually, the release fully rocks. but, they contain too many banners at too many times.
~ Miles Zemanek
Product is Nice, but the Controls are just Unexceptionable! What a shame that an Emulator is still better Than official Work of SEGA!
~ A Google user
nice throw back classic, simple to use controls, no bugs, not to many banners. whats not to love? its only downfall is the replay value which is why i only gave 4 *'s
~ Levant Branch
Why is there friendly fire here? Wasn't in the original release. The pad transport for the premium moves are tiring to create since this isn't a release pad.
~ Dennis Rainier Saw
Overall, it has nice graphics, and the song is as nice as ever. It handles relatively well for a touch screen as well. I highly suggest it for anyone who has never played it before. Absolute classic!
~ Darius Dudley
Works absolutly nice. Only thing is it over heats my device, then again its aim isn't for release consumption. no lag, or frame drop.
~ Jesse Carrier
couldn't create it through the first lvl controls were all over the zone . jumping when I didn't wish to, making me walk away from recipients. otherwise love the original console release. want this was as nice
~ Matthew
Nice but dont pay for no banners! Because it simply does not work, you have to watch an banner to save your progress ..waste of dollars, for that option of supposedly no banners.
~ Matthew Brady
I'm just a fan of the ways of rage trilogy. i Still have an original copy of the first one and sega Genesis system. would love to have all 3 some day.
~ Cameron Knight
So satisfied with this classic. the controls can be a bit buggy. Another than that, nice release. I hope i see tmnt return of the shredder. i love the coop option. its the only idea i test it. I hope sega brings us tmnt return of the shredder so i cam test coop!!
~ Farah Elbelassi
I love the classic beat em up releases. This release lives up to my expectations. Actually if Capcom followed suit and released Final War 1-3 that would be nice.
~ Kevin Howard a.k.a Vahn K
testing this release reminds me of the old days when Sonic, golden axe, and way rash reigned supreme....thanks for letting me relive my childhood daily!
~ Branden Williams
Was the finest release on Sega when I was a babe, an actually I can test WHENEVER!!! Love this release, might obtain it on my Xbox One actually too.
~ Carlos Abeita
Most things function well in the release, the option of have a weapon throw button is useful. However the moves associated with *forward forward B* are incredibly hard to execute and perhaps a button needs to be added for that or a better control scheme to support with that. If that should be fixed 5/5
~ Daniel Rhode
Finest available beat and up on Mobile. very sensitive controls thou, i really cannot understand some reviews. pure adrenaline and nostalgy. I really loved. Highly suggest. Tk you so much sega for having version this release. Its a large part of my childhood.
~ Eduardo Britto
What can I claim? I LOVE this release and what a idea to end it. Will miss this release very much..Oh! and improvements in the pad also,makes gaming easier .
~ Swapnaneel Bhattacharjee
classic arcade beat'em up, reminded me of my childhood with my genesis. yeah control using touch screen is kinda unreliable, but the trouble is not the control is not reliable just kinda hard positioning your finger when there's no physical button.
~ Ozz Lee
Nice for nostalgia but meant to be played with the old joy pad controller. Touch screen controls not as nice. initially gave 4 star reduced to two stars because unplayable due to lag / unresponsive controls since last modernization. definitely test for a nice while before buying! fortunately I did not pay to go banner nonpaid, maybe the banners causes the troubles. anyway, uninstalled actually.
~ A Google user
Nice Port, but Bluetooth controller input lag is horrible. (I mean almost a second of delay between button presses) Otherwise, this would be a nice release. The sonic releases don't have this trouble so it's puzzling why it's here in one of Sega's finest known releases.
~ Ben Arneault
Finally! ive been waiting for this sine the release shop became a thing. favored sega release of all time. thank you, thank you, thank you. it's cool you have added the back strike/throw weapon button. only thing bugging me is the movement pad is a tiny close to my exit button so i quite often bump it causing pause. but thats minor, release is nice. makeover Cyborg Justice next pleeeease
~ Brent Hickey
Nice! Responsive controls, surprisingly weak amount of banners, catchy and upbeat soundtrack, crisp detailed graphics, and most importantly, it's extremely fun! Seriously, I looove this release. P.S. Sega, can you please create Ways of Rage 3?
~ David Baker
I was so excited when I saw this release. I wanted to test it with my girlfriend except it freezes idea too much and makes it just unplayable. We have nice wife connections right next to eachother. It seems to be a trouble on Sega's end. Not mine.
~ Austin Luckoff
The original release is nice, but the Englan emulator they've used for this is glitchy and rough, often showing down with the sound stuttering. compare this to running a ROM of the release on a standard emulator and there's no comparison. This is a terrible ver, which is a shame, because it's the official one, so you would expect it to be the finest.
~ Matt Charman
Controls are nice gameplay is nice this release is nice
~ EJ Saddler
Classic worth owning on small, though controls should be improved. Button hit detection seems tiny.
~ Chris