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Stick Survival   
About: Stick fighers are those trained in the art of destroying their foes with devastating blows and potent ki SSJ attacks. When making a Stick figher, think about how you grew up. Were you trained since childhood to be a fighter? Or do you have another interests mixed into your life? Think about what targets you would have. Do you wish to become potent to gain something, protect someone, or do you just wish to war powerful foes? -Accumulate over 20 characters SSJ with special fighting styles -Upgrade and unblock over 20 special premium moves for every fighter
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Reed Been
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Stick Survival Reviews and Comments:

I think its a really fun release. i test this sometimes at school when we have nonpaid time its a ton of fun.
this is a really nice release, I rate it a 5 star because I love testing this release each day each thing is nice in this release but one thing I'd really wish to see is someone from naruto or even him the release would be much better
~ Sam Cler
nice job. My favoured thing abiut this is release is how there are so many characters. it makes it more epicc then it even required to be, you pushed your limits!
~ 3bye3
The release is fun, it has many different type of characters and many things to do the release is very interesting and I hope you or they will improve the release more.
~ joe Moreno halo guy
I'm not pay player. hero from banners, spin, gold/diamond I had already. other hero need to pay. come on give us more characters, u guys usually think about moneyyy 😢 we very disappointed.
~ xxxibgbbya 2k17
if u dont like banners then this release is not for you....... ur like allow me buy some combatants (so i can victory cause so hard if u dont) with my dollars to not obtain ur god dam combatants but if ur a pay to victory then test this release. this release is TRASH. SCREW U. U MADE MY BROTHER CRY CAUSE UR STUPID GAME
~ XAB Alpha
it's a cute fun release the only reason I read it four stars inside of a great 5 is because they're you only obtain you know like five characters maybe 6 I forgot and that's not like enough characters you have to watch banners to obtain like a lot of all the another characters
~ your boy
yo for a device release this isnt terrible.. i mean its stick figures that look like our fav characters..so you cant go in expecting xenoverse graphics or gameplay. large props to the originators of the release very fun very addicting..REMINDS ME OF BUDOKAI 3 VERY DOPE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
~ Megaphone Chosen
this release is god terrible, there are banners each ten seconds, and you can't beat anything, the controls are sloppy, its hard as balls and half the time you dont even know what hero youre picking, if i should take this release off this world i would. do yourselves a favor and do not downlad
~ Eric O'Neal
This release is a very nice but when you war some one and they are weak of health and you throw a super power transport that her up so speedy and kills you I hate it please fix it
~ Maisie Aldana
Personally, it's a really nice release. The graphics are nice, the release test is very smooth to. The only thing I would like is to be able to war with another recipients online. Otherwise, finest stick war release I have ever played :)
~ Declan Peters
Its a nice release for any dbz fan and it would be much cooler if you add online multiplayer so that users can challenge every another.
~ Martin McKenzie
How come I can only go to 200% and the aggressor can go to 300% plus. Why do my punches do more hurt(still tiny hurt) than my super transport? While an aggressor's premium attack takes out a third of my health. Can't you upgrade characters?
~ EGaming
I rated it too early. I'm not trying to waste my time on banners whether I victory or lose. I played the release for less than 10minutes and spent a majority of it watching pointless banners or being claimed to watch an banners to receive a certain 'skin'.
~ Brandon Sanchez
I hate that the nice combatants cost true dollars u guys don't think about the users. some babes don't obtain allowance to buy combatants. and Ssj8 to obtain him you have to watch 50 ADS!(i know banners are important) everything was nice until this. fix this and I will give 5 stars. I also hate that the originator doesn't respond BUTT as long as you are getting the dollars
~ Aaryan Deonarain
better than the another one because I don't have to pay for the release but most characters you have to buy, just waiting on an modernization for the newest characters or multiplayer, everything else is nice!
~ Kevin Hagerman
ehh... i belive this release is ok if u are into less controls and easyer gameplay, then i DEFINETLY RECOMMEND DIS GAME. but the release will create you buy nice combatants at a weak cost, but it is still a pain in the neak to BUY nice combatants. if this were my release, it would be alot of dragon balls insted of dollars
~ BobbyLaura Hernandez
overall, trash , the spinner, never lets you obtain the characters, the block system in this release is terrible, its just a really terrible release, if your thinking of getting it, im just sayin dont, heavy waste of time
~ Atisho long
So much fun, and it REALLY feels like your testing with that specific user!!! Only critique would be that there is a tiny bit more diversity in certain attacks of certain users. love the release!
~ Viulant
My only trouble with this, is that the difficulty is obnoxious. Even on simple, the aggressor will basically shove into you and spam teleport/punch+kick combos, they rarely use any beam or blast attacks, so I dunno if there are even clashes. Another than that, unlocking characters is hella slow.
~ Joshua R
when you are reborn the aggressor can't hurt you so you automatically victory (not complaining). It's a walkthrough so you'll wish to hold testing cause you think you're a God at the release. This is smart and I would give this release 10 stars if I should.
~ A Google user
my son asked for a hero ( ultrainstinct goku ) which i paid £2.75 gbp to search that its not available still and wants me to pay again i have reloaded theapp but it does not work i am not in the finest mood today and this has really pissed me off. i wish my dollars back or i wish my son to have what ipaid for.
~ mason r2011
ok so this is a very fun release and it is very adicting. and it is simple to obtain the characters. but it is cute hard to master and when you first run(they probably patched it) the ai spams transmissoin and it kills you alot. so you could probably keep sheild in most fights or... oh well. sucks too be you, when they spam it 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅. but over all it is a realy nice release.
~ Jayden Cook
I want we should create our own hero (by using the hero's clothes from the release) and pick their skills like their last combo attack, their premium ki attack,and their race (Majin,Namekian,Human,Saiyan) and their saiyan transformation. Oh and can you create a ONLINE multiplayer mode with REAL PEOPLE and a storyline mode please and thank you 😃.
~ Daniel Williams
It's a fairly decent release, im not gonna lie. The banners are a bit annoying but you can skip them after a several seconds. There's no guide so newest users like me basically have no concept how to now test the release. Like I honestly don't know how tf you fire a Kamehameha and thats honestly really effing annoying. Like i don't care that half the combatants you have to pay for, but ffs please add a guide. There's a training room, yeah, but I shouldn't have to learn through trial and error.
~ Jack Wolfe
It was cute solid, DEFINITELY improved by the 3/20/19 modernization. But I have three complaints: One, I think the AI should be nerfed a tiny. I think the hero... *ahem* "Cum" should be nerfed as well. I can't beat him in the tourney to obtain SSJ3 "Gosu." However, this may well be due to a lack of skill, but I still feel it was a tiny overpowered. Lastly, I feel the recovery time for being knocked back should be shortened.
~ A Google user
By far the worst stickman release I have ever played. 1. The controls aren't nice. 2. Most of the characters you have to buy or watch 30 banners, this just shows this release is a sellout. 3. They create their bots impossibly hard just so you watch an banner to come back to life. I do not suggest this release to anyone.
~ A Google user
the only thing that needs to be fixed or moved is the banners in the login rewards page because the banner is in front of a button that I cant even press sometimes
~ Iron_Gamez Legend
This release was nice but it would be cool if you should go versus online users and meet another recipients that are really nice at the release. And when I did training mode I looked at the controls and I saw there was a transport where you can break the foe guard but I couldn't play it out because in training your foe doesn't do anything. And it would be cool if your foe gots you in a dash attack you can use 300% of your energy to escape the attack.
~ Shebra Nix
its a cute solid release if there wasnt an banner ever second lol. I only want there was a training mode that explained all of the different moves you can do. there are ideas to counter block that I have never figured out until actually. the combat definitly feels alot more fun actually. also the devs gotta be cute nice if they are at least responding to critical reviews. changing this to 4 stars.
~ Eli Engstrom
Ok I was a bit fun except you literally are spending 50% of your time on banners, whenever you run and end a match there are usually banners. And 85% of the characters cost moeney
~ Peter St. Onge
seriously seriously this release!ITS THE BEST GAME EVER BETER THAND FORTNITE MINECRAFT AND ROBLOX without this i would be well... dead #BESTGANEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Dark Phantom
Personally, I was looking for something a tiny more like Smash Bros when I found this release, but I must claim, the difference isn't a downgrade. The banners are skippable from what I've seen, the controls are nice (but could be customizable) and the graphics are wonderful, sticking with the theme of easy stick figures. Also I've been claimed that this release is apparently related to Dragon Ball Z releases, but I've never seen those releases, so if this is based off of one of the DBZ releases, cool. Suggested
~ Fen
This is absolute trash. At first I thought it was fun, but then after 5 mins I got bored. You obtain flooded with banners each time you lose, and you have to buy almost each hero. Instead of testing this release, maybe go spend your dollars on xenoverse 2 or something. The controls are primary and not useful versus the AI's. And I'm not sure if this is a joke, but the names of the characters.. Gosu and Brocky? Really?
~ Summer
it remains me of when i was a babe and we used to draw dragon ball z stick figures. I no longer have to use my imagination to war with this release i can turn my imagination into a reality.
~ Alpha
its ok but i just don't like that you have to buy the others with true dollars how about change it to diamonds instead anyway cute nice release
~ NATH the saiyan
i like it better when they didnt modernization it because it was easier to control and just to obtain the regular one it costs dollars to obtain the regular one the newest ver sucks
~ Rylan Walker
I hate this release you can even hit your foe I'm sorry to the Originator but you need to create the foes easier to hit so if you guys don't like being hit a lot in at least like to obtain some hits in this isn't the release for you I'm sorry but overall I give it a I given no stars and is trash
~ Kimberly Jones
READ MY REVIEW DEVS!!! This is the first time i saw a release that copied other one THAT'S MUCH BETTER than the original. This release is getting boring actually cuz the HELL difficulty isn't that hard at all, would rate 5 stars if you create a much more harder difficulty than HELL and LESSEN THE GODDAMN ADS BEFORE AND AFTER YOU START A GODDAMN GAME and/or add Multiplayer mode(i hate lag but ill still test it cuz i wanna war pro users)
~ ッl4w
this release is nice. I like the combat that your hero does Its really cool I mostly like everything about this release but my most favored are the hero for some reason. And yeah this is probably the BEST release on my device. I don't really like once you buy a newest hero its not stronger then the another one. BUT getting better characters gets you more mana so you can like attack them often. but I really really enjoy this release :)
~ Jessica Lauren