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StarLily, My Magical Unicorn   
About: Description Enter the FurEver Forest to run your travel of friendship with StarLily, the Magical Unicorn and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with her magical powers. Search the enchanted FurEver Forest to unblock its secret treasures Care for StarLily and become finest dudes forever Grow and customize the pretty Wishing Tree Learn to test magical song in the Crystal Caverns Craft wonderful foods for StarLily in Sugarberry Orchard Make an explosion of color at Rainbow Falls Accumulate variety of secret trinkets Decorate The Wishing Tree with all the collectables you search Connect your StarLily plush pet for a special integrated experience. By connecting your StarLily plush pet to the release, you can truly experience the wonders of her magic together. Watch as StarLily comes alive and reacts to what you do in the release. What will she do if yo ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Hasbro Inc. [email protected]
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StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Reviews and Comments:

i had this release before and it worked i have the toy on but it still wont launch please fix this
~ Eandra Alonso-Pritchard
well the release won't load and crashes each time it runs opening.
~ Aurora M
Can't do anything. Soft won't even launch. Keeps stopping. Great job Hasbro.
~ Amanda Kasper
Im so furious my tiny woman wanted to test with starlily on the device but it wont load on my brand newest moto!
~ Mercedies Gregory
Soft keeps destroying seconds after opening. Check explaining that to a six year old.
~ Richard Rosewall
release doesnt work for my galaxy device or lg device. i want i didnt buy the product.
~ Ryan Anderson
atleast I have the toy starlily so I can test with her! this gets a 5 stars!
~ Janece O'Keefe
not working on Galaxy devices. tried it on different devices, usually crashes on run.
~ Peter Pansen
Downloaded StarLily and the release wont launch. Cleaned the device out and it still won't launch. Fixed with permissions
~ Donna Ohrling
each time I test to enter it it kicks me out, even restarted my device but still won't work :/
~ Infinite _49
I installed the release 3 times and still didn't work. I love the actual product but the release just won't launch.
~ A Google user
APP WILL NOT EVEN OPEN! We've had the unicorn for 3 yrs...release hasn't ever opened for THREE YEARS!
tried multiple devices and unable to run the release. it crashes as quick as i test to launch it. this is rubbish 😡
~ Stéphanie Dumoulin
an Christmas gift for my daughter, but unfortunately with this release i have a galaxy s9 and the release wont launch very disappointing. please change the release to create it samsung compatible/ mobile compatible
~ Jessica Skinner
It did not work for long and my babe got bored it had only a tiny releases on it thinking you could create more releases but she did like the release
~ Alisha Kaiser
release crashes after opening it on my oppo ax5! not nice enough hasbro, these complaints have been coming through for years and still no fix, sort your s#@t out
~ Kurt Daniel
loaded easily on my device but unable to launch release. my 3 year old daughter is upset. we've tried 3 devices over last 2 days.
~ Suzanne Neild
Worst it wont even work it keeps destroying on my mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
this sucks. tryed to dowload on 4 different devices and none of them worked. on 2 i got it to download but it wouldnt launch. spent all the dollars on the toy that my daughter cant even use to its full capacity. waste of dollars as far as im concerened.
~ Mr. E
Can't launch this release. I was going to obtain twilight sparkle, but got this one instead because of the release. It doesn't even allow me launch the release and it sends me straight to feed back...$56 bucks wasted.
~ A Google user
Been trying to launch the release actually for 6 months. Can't even launch it because it automatically crashes. Very disappointed as the toy was not cheap.
~ A Google user
This release does not work my daughter got star lily for Christmas and was disappointed when we downloaded the release and it will not work claims test again! I just don't understand of this release has been out for a while why is it not fixed??? I give this release 👎👎👎👎👎
~ Rachel
poor the release wont even run, the toy dose not reply to voice at all, and sensors on the toy dont work, 100% unsatisfied with it luckly my daughter likes n thinks its the koolest thing in the globe or id take this crappy thing back.
~ Patricia Purdaby
I downloaded the release. It doesn't launch once installed. I restarted my device and even uninstalled the release and then reinstalled and it still doesnt work. Disappointed.
~ Demi Fenwick
brought the starlily unicorn this Christmas for my daughter n downloaded the release n to search it won't launch n I've read comments far as back 2016 n it's 2019 actually n still doesn't work. thought the release by actually would b fixed. guess not. please fix this release. shops still sell the starlily unicorn.
~ kylie G
Can't place the release on my babes' kindle fires. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the release on my device multiple times and it won't even launch. Not glad that Santa spent over $70 on what is basically just a stuffed animal since none of the interactive informations work.
~ Erin Ott
Extremely disappointed! my daughter go the very expensive starlily for Christmas and it wont work on ANY of our devices just claims it stopped responding. I tried going to the settings and changing permissions as stated above but it still wont work!
~ Tatiana Tucker
Will not run on Samsung Note 9 ***Gotta modernization permissions to let microphone and storage access. Then works fine, thanks to other person here who posted the fix!
~ Lee Neland
Soft doesn't work. i downloaded the release on my galaxy s9+ and i can't even launch the release. it crashes before opening. very disappointed!
~ Cristina Bustos
Doesn't work on daughter's device, my Acer, my husband's Samsung, or iPhone. very disappointing! you would think it would work on something. fix the release.
~ Ryan Cantin
This release does not work at all. Product advertising is misleading as the toy cannot be used with an release. Tried on multiple devices; crashes immediately. Hopefully this gets fixed!
~ Reub M
Downloaded release on my Note 8 and it wont launch. Tried few times to obtain this to work. Why are you selling a product that doesn't even work as promoted? VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!
~ Heath Harney
I had no problem getting the release launch, but once you're in, there's not much to do. I found it a bit boring, even with starlily connected
~ A Google user
After reading the ebook that came with the toy after it wouldn't load I realized I had to let permissions for the microphone and storage. If you're having troubles with the release please test that.
~ Crystal June
i have a galaxy device, and a google pixel, the release downloaded to both but shut down claiming 'Soft has stopped. My husbands iphone however had no trouble and the release works fine. i want companies would stop lying about the availability for mobile, its very misleading.
~ Michelle Waddick
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the release, restarted the device and the release will not launch. Very disappointed after my daughter was excited.
~ Jolene Gleason
the APP DID WORK go into your settings and give permission to microphone and storage (i think) then will work. mine kept destroying too but i just fixed it. i was able to briefly fix it but it only worked for one scan then stopped responding not sure if its batteries or what.
~ drakkina08
Wen I launch the release it just stops after trying to launch it and I have the toy I loved the release and toy for the first time and I tried to test it and it stops and it makes me disappointed because I haven't played with star lily in ages!!! 😟
~ UnderGirlTale Gamer
I purchased this for my daughter and I cannot obtain the release to load. I've downloaded it multiple times on multiple devices/devices/etc. it will just sit on the Hasbro screen and then fails. if part of interacting with this toy is through the release, and you pay $200 for a babe's toy, more than a device, you expect it to work. I've usually loved Hasbros creations and of course they are the home to many of our loved 80s characters, but come on Hasbro, support us out. please figure out the glitch.
~ Bella Rogue
Daughter got this as a gift and loves it! Note: If the release force closes or has never worked for you , Go to Settings>Tools. Search the release in the list. Go to Permissions. Check everything. Go back one step. Force Close the Soft. Reset the release again. With this fix, I should use the release just fine and connect the toy even using a non supported device and device. Was force-closing before and hasnt done it since.
~ Justin