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About: Help, hint and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for newest and exclusive content: ------------------- Oldschool arcade fun - From the developer of Meganoid and Super Drill Panic! ** Unpaid ver - if you don't like banners, obtain the no-banners ver from Mobile Supermarket! See if you have the skills of the 90's arcade releases, survive the many lvls by running and jumping, collecting coins, and unlocking premium Temple lvls. In full gameboy style, Stardash is all about gameplay thrown at you in nice retro graphics and original chiptunes. You wish HD graphics? badly-playable but nice looking releases? then please don't obtain this release.. this is just old fashioned arcade fun in a sweet retro jacket ;) We designed this release because we were wondering how a classic Nintendo release would look and test on a tablet.. we hope you enjoy it as much as we ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 3MB Developer: OrangePixel
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About: Welcome to the official Ohio Lottery 3D app! This is our next-generation Augmented Reality app that allows you to play in 3D so you can reveal the ticket outcome through an immersive, entertaining mobile experience. App features: Provide Augmented Reality gameplay for select Ohio Lottery scratch-off products. Reveal your ticket outcome through an immersive, engaging 3D experience. Amazing AR graphic to provide an exciting way to play select scratch-off games. Earn experience poi...

Developer: Marcus Thomas LLC [email protected]

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About: Shjot for more...

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About: Jump & Duck as you race through obstacles and perform Parkour with your cars! - Tap Right to Jump - Tap & Hold Left to Duck Simple controls & Easy to Learn. Challenge yourself and get to the top of Global & Country Rankings to win free coins!...

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About: Battle Heroes The Battle between heroes and monster zombies. Fight the zombies, undead, monstrous bosses to survive. Game Features: -Fight and defeat monsters to advance -Keep upgrading your heroes by defeating your enemies -Unlock new skills, enhance your weapons -Survive the big boss attack to level up! -Get surprise items along the way How To Play: -Tap to guide your heroes: move and throw punches! -Gain points through battles to upgrading your power -Unlock new...

Developer: Monnie Max [email protected]



Stardash Free Reviews and Comments:

This release is nice to test on your spare time. It combines the speed of Sonic with the jump informations and globe mechanics of Mario. Very challenging but truely worth a test.
~ Victoria Jackson
This release quite great to test and the style was like mario one but still i cant pass some level in the release, overall this release still finest to test but then this release abit hard to test so i will uninstall it
~ Kean Wai
This release change for like a routine break. Related to Mario but in an release! A+!
~ Patience Martin
As a Gameboy fan this is definitely a gotta have. Brings back the days when quality fun releases should be made without filling up the device's whole memory.
~ Kevin Tuyau
This is exactly the kind of release I wish more of. Simple on the eyes. Straight, but well-designed elements. Retro style 2d release.
~ A Google user
Nice release but sometimes buttons can be a tiny unresponsive, but that's more a limitation of touchscreen platforming than a trouble with this release.
~ Brian Murray
Great release, I usually hate platformers on touchscreens but this release is nice.
~ Thomas Brown
This release is one of the finest ones yet, I hope you guys can create more releases like this
~ Dane Thomas
Unplayable! The release has multiple split screens as if sections were slash and swapped around. Can't read the title screen or anything. I tapped until a release started but to my surprise, this is cráp. Wasted my time downloading, "testing", and writing this review. I downloaded meganoid alongside this but seeing as how you're the same developers, I think I'll just delete it. 🖕
~ Alex
Orangepixel recreate the classic platform gameplay of the Gameboy. Stardash is fun, looks nice, is deceptively challenging, and is punishingly addictive enough to hold you going back for just one more test. Love it!!
~ James Aitchison
Great retro gameboy style and very fun. It has some lvl design troubles to my taste, but its a really neat release
~ Martin Cerdeira
This release takes me back to the year I had a Gameboy... those days were nice.
~ Taylor Ringo
Finest nonpaid release on the supermarket. Old skool Nintendo feel to it. With decent amount of lvls and u can flip them backwards aswell to extent your test. It's a cheap lad's Mario, but who doesn't like Mario?
~ Tom Hopkinson
Con una dificultad que no parece juego para mobile, sencillamente es un juego muy bien hecho, con escenarios genial y un gran reto, 5 bien merecidas
~ Andres Felipe Alvarez Gonzalez
Unless you're testing 24/7, you won't be able to do crap on these lvls. I've been testing for a year and only just got to bebuto.
~ Maya Mouritzen
I love this release, so much, it reminds me of older pixelated releases. Though it is hard, it's a nice idea to slay time.
~ Jeltzia Guajardo
Hit detection is idea off, and sometimes you stop in midair for no reason. Cute much a showstopper for a release that requires precise timing.
~ Brian Newtz
Its an awesome retro-style release, like releases we used to test on the gameboy. It is too hard and without room for mistake though. Please consider some powerups and checkpoints!!
~ Petros Spn
If you're looking for a easy plat former, this is what you wish. At first, I wuz leik, meh. But the more you test, the more the controls feel nice. The art and song are very characteristic in a idea I enjoy. It's like that old Mario release.
~ Elliot Miller
Can't test the release anymore. The graphics glitch out on me. I was not like this when I installed the release. Aside from that I enjoy the release and the song. Props to Coda on the song. :)
~ Ernest Walker III
The only gripe I have about this easy side-scrolling platformer is that perhaps the zone prepared onscreen to the left and right controls should be a tiny more generous. Another than that, this is among the finest substitutes one should search on a small device for the original Super Mario Bros. or related releases.
~ jared ellis
This is Super Mario Land on steroids. If the aggressors don't slay you, the hard stages will.
~ Arthur Kannibal
I want that there was either a checkpoint for every lvl or that the hero would only die after two hits. But still an nice release.
~ Robert Brookes
The first couple lvls weren't that challenging, but it quickly got harder and harder. I got hooked and haven't been able to obtain passed lvl 9 on globe 2
~ Alex Kuchinskas
The textures for all of your releases are glitched, and create all releases unplayable! Please claim me how to fix, as I enjoy your work a lot!
~ Antwirp
nothing fancy here, just some old school 8-bit fun. Seemed kinda boring at first, then found out you can still use jump if you fall off a ledge. changed the entire gameplay.
~ Joshua L
Love it but hate it at the same time. Difficult, easy and annoying... Just like a tricky platformer could be! And a plus for having really tiny banners
~ Elias Kaario
I like this release very much. Looks n reminds me of 2d releases of the 80-90's. Plays very nice as well nice control. Only minor complaints are that controls are abit too sensitive and abit tricky gameplay.
~ Syed Ali
It's a really... dull release. Not even the original Super Mario Land for the Product Lad was this bland. I know what you're going for and I know what you're... not achieving. The retro style.
~ Euler Eilts
All your releases have the worst jumping ever. And stop putting your logo on the bottom right of all your apps like your a large name developer, be graceful. Your apps are all too expensive but that should be opinion. This got 4 stars because as a release it serves its purpose and is a nice retro platformer, kills time, and does it under 3mb of memory which makes it worth keeping on the device. If it was cheaper it would be worth buying and keeping on the device.
~ Jonathan Vital
Used to be a nice tiny platformer. Reminded me of Super Mario and The Six Golden Coins. However, since updating to a Samsung S7, the release seems to be a bit... scrambled... Pity.
~ A Google user
Never saw a release like this. Annoying release..... Just loud song and uh. Just ate my small memory. And installed an release which was of 100mb please don't waste small memory..... Guys
~ Nobita Nobi
The nonpaid ver is not playable for me. While (!!) testing the release an advertisment pops up and after I close it, the controls don't work anymore. The screen stays dark, the release goes on but nothing happens when I hit the controls.
~ Kai Ivo
I love the artwork. I love the controls. I love the interface for the lvls. I just want it weren't so hard. It's like Mario Bros Lost Lvls. It's for serious users, not for your average casual cell device user. Might be worth your dollars if you're hardcore. Otherwise, you'll probably be frustrated.
~ J Travis Washburn
It's extremely broken! The release has an overbearing visual glitch that didn't even go away after reinstalling. I can't see anything, it glitches out like Windows dialogues do when you drag on them and it makes the snake. Please fix this so i can give this release the 5 star rating it deserves
~ Andres Herrera
It's really fun I like the old gaming style and this definitely is reminds me of it! Nice. Finest release! Hold it up! I'm hoping you will create another releases related to This one. The another ones you have created aren't as nice as Stardash!
~ Alexandra Buyck
This release is such a nice reminder of all the gameboy fun i had when i was a babe. Sometimes it is so frustratingly hard that you obtain to love life more when you finally succeed at some of its challenges. One of my favored on mobile so far, really well made. Its a gotta have for platformers like me.
~ Akos Plesznivy
Why is the remastered ver super :(
~ on — going
its retro hard. yeah.
~ Angel Almaraz
I want I can rate this but... it destroyed often I tried to run it
~ Yong TM