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About: Live your Star Fights dreams as you war with your favoured dark and light side heroes across iconic territories to become master of the galaxy. Make and customize your dream team using characters from each era, including newest characters from Solo: A Star Fights Storyline, Star Fights: The Last Jedi, and Rogue One: A Star Fights Storyline. Engage in turn-based RPG warfare, confront giant bosses, pilot legendary ships in zone like the Millennium Falcon, and take your walkthrough to the next lvl! CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? Youre nonpaid to pick as you construct elite light and dark side squads while collecting heroes and another characters from the Star Fights universe. Develop your walkthrough and create key moves in this epic RPG. Pick teammates with complementary abilities and go to fight with unbeatable teams! BECOME MASTER OF THE GALAXY Conqu ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Reviews and Comments:

this was a nice release, no longer f2p friendly if you run this release actually as a f2p user your going to be idea to far behind and wont be able to catch up anymore
~ TheAmorimPlays Games
that is it. i have emailed u recipients and iv gotten no support from u recipients i have completly lost my profile and no support after i have asked multiple times this is pathetic! if i vould rate u 0 stars i would!
~ Kéan Don
Unfortunately can't give less than a star, you place hours into the release for no reward. Modernization has destroyed the release, I urge anyone reading this strongly versus getting the release.
~ Joe O'Connor
for those crying like babies when leaving reviews, this release is simple F2P. been testing actually for 8 months, only moneynspent was 2 x £4.99 starter boxes at beginning. F2P is simple, no need to spend to be competitive gut a nice active gild is more than sufficient to earn decent rewards. eeasily able to obtain top 10 tier 6 sith raid. my GP is over 1.5m and thats justbdaily logging in and completing everyday challenges. walkthrough and discipline is key, focus on a squad at a time
~ Stefan Piechocki
Why do you create us have to have ships and characters to obtain shards for those same ships and characters. That makes no sense!!!!!!
~ Greg Presgrave
Won't load past the first screen after newest modernization. Is a nice release, some things are very much pay to test, but overall nice, will modernization rating after proboem has been fixed
~ Jack pearson
i have been entertained for more than a year and spent maybe $120. All in all cute nice feel and balance. Responsive developers and newest content each two months or so. I would suggest it and I would give it five stars if the top end did not feel like pay to victory.
~ David Russell
This release is not for casual users. This is not something you pick up while on the toilet. To test this release anywhere near a competitive lvl, it is something you will need to work at everyday. That being claimed, it is a nice release to test if you DO need something to add to your everyday routine or pick up and place down throughout the day. If you are willing to place in the effort, and love star fights, pick up this release! It's nonpaid to test friendly (Mostly), but will take up a gigantic amount of time.
~ Fenris Dahse
Nice release. If you pay dollars, you will progress faster. if you take your time you will catch up with the dollars creatures eventually. (User for 5 years)
~ Matthew Cowand
Potentially an nice release with nice graphics and a vast range of characters... but they expect u to pay up to obtain to higher lvls, which is disappointing...
~ fahim faiyaz
I hate Arena! Mirror matches are boring and a complete waste of time. Change my mind and fix Arena! Honestly, I dont even know how much longer this release is viable
~ Rachel Connelly
Tip please read! When you run obtain a team you like and stick with it. Like Jedi, Nightsisters, or Phoenix to name a several. I want I had had this solution when i started. I love this release!!!!! IMHO Its the finest turn base release ever! Thanks GLF.
~ Mark Stone
GREAT fun release, lots of payoff in time invested, however the micro transactions are extremley preditory, be VERY warry about spending true dollars on this release, as thousands would even catch you up if you started actually, still nice fun Star Fights release, reminicent of JRPG comtab style which again I love
~ Darth Jarr Jarr
Early release is fun. As the release progresses the drop rates for gear and characters tokens becomes harder to receive. While you can test for nonpaid.. It can be frustrating because the drop rates.
~ Will Smith
This release is about the only release I test on my device. Quite fun but feels pay to victory (as almost all device platform releases are these days)
~ Chris Goodman
I am a gigantic star fights fan and have been since I saw the first video on the 2nd showing. This is a nice release. As in all releases some parts are frustrating (like the shard drop rates) but overall i love it.
~ Tony Dawson
nice release, I started like 6 months late and can still catch up. finest growth of experience of this release kind. the only thing better they should do is change the shops that have had the same recipients for 2 years and create ships not weird.
~ Jonathan Doe
the release in general is nice but lately I've been having problem with the team arena. the foes are twice my lvl or more no matter how many times I refresh it and I can't progress anymore on the team arena. Please fix this.
~ R.A.F.
I like newest changes and looking forward to compete in newest GAC. Still gigantic bottle neck with gear farming, which is not much fun to do on daily basis. And I would welcome more PVE content and modernized everyday challenges / assault fights or any pve options to obtain gear required for end-release users.
~ Dalibor Schubert
This is currently the only "for fun" release that I gave on my device, and not regretfully so. Been testing the release for about 1.5 yrs, and can claim that the gameplay evolves drastically during your test period (beginning as a challenge to obtain to full lvl and conquer all of the different meetings and "lvls" but becoming a sandbox for collecting characters from different factions and utilizing hidden synergies to conquer your foes in newest ideas). That claimed, there is a lot to offer here.
~ Chris Faircloth
I've been testing the release for about 1.5 years. It''s a grind farming gear and toons, but so rewarding once you have them. I really love the release, just want sometimes it was easier farming gear. "RN Jesus" as my gild refers to it doesn't usually payout well.
~ Sylvia Kanz
Unless you're ready to spend serious dollars ( $$$ ) don't bother downloading this, Developers focus on those that spend dollars, if you don't, the release is designed so that you'll usually be bottom feeder, meal for those that spend dollars.
~ GooglR Ratings
further release upgrades increase the destroying, sometimes this fks up your release - like when you waited to have a specific ally to complete an activity, you run the activity, obtain halfway through, the release crashes. then youre out the resources, the ally doesnt present up, etc. ive been trying to complete one thing for a week but the fkn release keeps destroying. if i didnt already spend $$$ on this POS id delete it. newest modernization (~18Jun2019) makes the release nearly unplayable with lag lag lag. bunch o'aholes
~ A Google user
nothing to do with skill or talent, everything to do with how much dollars you are willing to blow. That's why the top ranked arena are the exact same squads. whales dominate this trash release. Pathetic recipients dropping hundreds of thousands to be named nice at a turn based device release
~ Hulk Hogan
Qol in this release means qol for ea's pockets. This release is extremely dollars intensive, expect to pay 400 dollars for a single newest charater. haha wow they have paid for a lot of fake reviews. probally from all thr dollars recipients pay for one hero.
~ Kegan Dodd
challenges have a cooldown of three seconds actually. while it's a vast improvement from the previous 5 mins. I still don't see the target of that cooldown. you're letting us skip missions and challenges through the multisim anyway, why place a 3 second cooldown per multi sim used. it really just shows EA's incompetence in making releases
~ Luke Brunekreef
Bring on the newest Grand Arena Championships. This is the finest inter active release i have ever played. The mix between pvp release test and individual release versus the pc are very effective. I modernization my review on a regular basis. I search the constant flow of newest characters and ships are particularly nice. Is it possible for you to add one or two newest capital ships. I'd really appreciate that.
~ laurence carolan
This release should be great but the micro-transactions are anything but micro. You pay $60, the same as a brand newest AAA release, for a hero that isn't even leveled up. Requiring you to spend months or $100's more to obtain them playable. The gameplay is nice but it's a gigantic dollars or time investment.
~ Mike Schumann
Very nice fun, especially for Star Fights lovers, however you'll never reach the top without spending serious dollars. Understandable in some parts, however the drop rate for gear and shards is clearly rigged, with immense reduction in rewards as you obtain closer to updates, which is clearly intended to create you waste crystals through impatience.
~ Aaron Wood
funngame f2p or if you drop a several bucks but hard for newest users to crack. been testing for 18 months I feel left in the dust sometimes in competitive test and will never catch up even if i spend dollars. Product punishes recipients who unblock as many characters as they can without investing time into them. Simple to test on the go in 5 to 10 minute intervals.
~ Dale Frink
Grindy, unrewarding mess. The release used to be a blast, but actually getting newest characters takes literally months of toil each day only to have it be they aren't needed anymore by the time you obtain them. The release requires 330 hero shards to use them in end release content, but CG actually refuses to version characters in simple to farm territories, often leaving you stuck with gathering about 1 shard a day unless you're lucky. If you're unlucky, you obtain 0. The release sorely lacks newest blood because of this.
~ HohHoch
You will intimately need to spend dollars or test for years to progress and much of the release test is repetitive, some of the reincarnation needs urgent attention as do some of the trails and characters. It's a fun release however when your building your squad and learning to use them, lots of nice points and you're not swamped with banners thankfully. So it gets 3 stars, started well but needs an upgrade
~ Stephen Eastwood
I need support! Ever since the newest modernization on 20/06/19, my device launches to ruin, or in another words, locks and opens itself constantly. While I did consider reinstallation as well, I doubt whether this release is the cause for this, since it never destroyed on any occasion without this release. Is there any effective solution to this trouble?
~ Skandha Kashyap
The idea the monetization is implemented could create each developer ashamed of themselves. When they wake up in the morning to work on this release they are forced to implement shady, immoral, and greedy microtransactions into the release and create the release a gigantic grind to incentivize recipients to buy their boxes and currency. To whoever is in charge you are disgusting. Hope this supports.
~ Anthony Petro
If you are considering testing this release for the first time, don't bother unless you wish to spend thousands. You won't be able to compete in the newest grand arena championships or the newest geonosis zone war unless you spend thousands of dollars to catch up. No exaggeration.
~ Mitch P
I only test this release for my love of the starwars universe, or galaxy. The release itself isn't as visually appealing as the related Marvel release. I do appreciate the changes the "release-makers" have and continually introduce (sometimes changing the effectiveness of a hero where it was previously obsolete), which alters the walkthroughs of another users and allowing opportunities for their foes to succeed. There are better things to do with your life, but it's fun.
~ Ymajynashon B
Cute fun, challenging and rewarding. 2 stars because of the absolute ridiculous prices of in-release purchases. I was excited for the Revan meeting this week, however, I was extremely disappointed to search that the meeting has specific characters needed to complete the meeting. The time required to receive them without paying is impossible, the price to acquire these troops in the offered bundles was $80 before tax. This is NOT a AAA console release title, you really need to calm down with these prices.
~ Andrew Schellhaas
Disney's Gambling sim brought to you by, voted worst/greedy gaming company many times over EA! I wouldnt allow my babe test this because of the addictive result these types of releases (slot machines) have on recipients. If you have to be 18+ to enter a casino then that law could be applied to this release.
~ matt ryan
EASILY 5 stars. I'm in the process of overcoming gaming addiction and this is the only release I test actually. There's a reason it's the only release - it's fun, quality and intuitive. My only gripe is that Credits (one of the main currencies) are hard to receive in significantly gigantic amounts and this makes things a longer grind than is essential, but that's not a large deal. I'm FREE TO PLAY and I've rapidly grown to become one of my gild's stronger users. Join us! "RANCOR LOTHBROK" 70M+ GUILD POWER
~ A Quality Life
The more I have played this release the more predictable it gets. I am a soft developer and if there is ANY randomness involved when you war a group war, then pigs fly and am currently sitting on a rainbow talking to my pet unicorn. The effects of every war are so obvious before you even run there could be a button to just skip to the effects each time. UPDATE It's still cute darn fun seeing so many characters from different sources war. I admit, I have not been able to stop.
~ A Google user