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About: You've perfected the art of fry cooking actually what? Hold cookin ! You have plenty of quests, tasks, costumes and equipment to accumulate in order to create your Bikini Bottom, The Ultimate Bikini Bottom! Featured equipment Bug fixes & Optimizations WI-FI: Connect to your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to download all the nice SpongeBob content the first time you test the release. UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE, ORIGINAL ANIMATED SHORTS! * Watch how SpongeBob arrived at Bikini Bottom * See how Patrick found his rock * Learn about Mr. Krabs early days at The Krusty Krab SEAWORTHY FEATURES Build your very own Bikini Bottom! Create Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patricks Rock, SpongeBobs Pineapple, and the Krusty Krab Excellent the art of fry cooking at the Krusty Krab to feed your Bottomites and earn newest and rare recipes Test with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and many another ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 18MB Developer: Nickelodeon
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SpongeBob Moves In Reviews and Comments:

I love SpongeBob with a fiery burning passion and as such have usually wanted to test this release. However, when it firsr came out I didn't have a device with the proper compatibility and had to wait until I got an upgrade. As such, I have since downloaded the release a month ago, and I loved it. However, due to the newest modernization there is a bug ironically that prevents me from testing the release even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it so I guess this is nice-bye.
~ Paula Robinson
I switched devices and actually need to obtain my city back on this device and cannot seem to figure it out! Ugh, please support! how do I obtain all my equipment back??!!
~ Aimee Draugelis
I just downloaded the release today, was having a ton of fun until I couldn't obtain back into the release because I need to be "online" despite being on wifi. So 1 star. Product is unplayable
~ chelsea ebey
cant even test. id give it more stars, but the second i launch the release. after the slash stage it Claims me i need to be connected to internet. which i am. after i press ok there is a white screen and thats it. not sure what to do, i was looking forward to testing this release
~ Heaven Bennett
What an modernization!!! It asks me to respond something to proceed but there are no specific question to be answered! I'm stuck on the loading screen! Please fix this or I'll never test your release again!
~ Hater'sHater
There is something that comes up in the beginning of the release where it claims "to access please respond the following" there is nothing to respond though? Quote: MISSING LANG:!!FBREFRESH_ID018_TEXT20 I'm not sure what this means but it wont allow me test the release until I enter something in the box?! please fix!!!
~ Renee Mclean
This release is nice! As some recipients are having problem with this release recently, so have I. I thought I would clear up the fog. First of all, when loading into the release, the dialog box seems to display words incorrectly. However the release is asking for your birthyear. Secondly, when restarting the release, the release seems to hang. I have not found a solution but I have had a long conversation with Nickelodeon and they have their technical squad working on it constantly. Once the bugs are fixed, it'll be👍
~ Alex_Rocks_101
Its a fun release although I'm not crazy about having to spend to obtain at least Sandy Cheeks added to the release. Otherwise it definitely makes the time go by. One complaint right actually (03/23/19) at 6:07PM is that I'm trying to obtain into the release and I'm getting a weird error message asking me to place in a number or something. Has anyone else experienced this?
~ tdog
super nice release. just want there was an easier idea to view all your recipients instead of finding them one by one. Also I'm stuck on a target to give spongebob a chum burger. I test but it doesnt do anything. I even tried giving him a krabby patty instead thinking maybe it was a trick quest (because there is no idea spongebob would eat a chum burger) but nope.. nothing happens. another than that I love this release! brings back so many nice memories :D
~ Kasey Mashburn
Fun release so far, except when I tapped the Patchy's Bikini Bottom, the release force closed. Not sure if it happens all the time because I just installed it about 35 or so mins ago, but I'll modernization if it keeps happening. Also I was originally going to obtain this for my Fire device my sister gave me (7th gen), but recipients there claim that it claims there's an modernization when there isn't (modernized early 2016), and it would be cool to have it on the device since the screen is bigger than my device's.
~ April
It is giving an error and i cannot access the release. the release is beautiful but it doesn't have enough tasks and interaction. The release developers responded to my review and the bugs weren't fixed. Yes, you can enter your birthday to obtain in (even though the text is still HTML gibberish), time release kicks you out and you're forced to go through the beginning guide again to obtain to settings. Once you do obtain to sign in, the release blanks out and has a purple square. It is a shame.
~ Kaitlin Russell
the release will not even launch for me, it gets to 100% and just stays there. Had the release for awhile too with a lot of dollars and progress. Hopefully they can fix it or just will uninstall release.
~ Danielle Gierloff
Started testing the release today and was having fun. But actually trying to test for the second time today and it's refusing to allow me even obtain past the first stage of the release because it claims I need to be online and I am online. I'm having absolutely no troubles with internet or wifi with any another release. Then the screen turns white and gives me no options. Would love the respond to this trouble so I can hold testing please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Dominique Giorla
well it was a nice until i modernized actually my entire release is gone! i will not run over so therefor i will be renoving this stupid release i even tried to go out and go back in to see if it would fix it but actually it claims im not connected to the internet! i contacted them how would i obtain my sbmi number whwn it wont allow me into the release
~ Brittney Nicole
At first it's fun, after lvl 15 everything goes downhill. it's very boring. they give you a lot of gold so theres no incentive to grind, no newest characters unless you wish to spend $15 for one. these characters offer no newest interactions btw. the quests are exactly the same and offer 800 - 250,000 gold. I hate the same tomato bisque quests. This release is fun in the beginning, just dont spend any dollars. It gets old very speedy.
~ Jordyn O'Donoghue
keeps claiming alert, you have to be online to launch, connect and come back and test.... I'm connected to wifi and I've tried my infinite time on my device, even restarted my device and uninstalled the release and reinstalled... nothing works.
~ Linsey Richards
FOR EVERYONE WHO IS GETTING THE RANDOM LETTER AND YOU HAVE TO GIVE A NUMBER, ITS THE YEAR YOU WERE BORN actually i really like this release and i test it almost daily so i was upset when this happened cause i couldnt test the release and i didnt know what to do but after they obtain it fixed i defiently reccomend the release
~ The Duck
been testing non stop for over a week actually. even spent some dollars on jelly. but since this newest modernization it claims release lang and asks me to respond a question with numbers. i have neither a question or code. please fix asap or refund my dollars.
~ A Google user
Nice Product, but I can't load the release anymore...Its claiming me to respond something but I don't know what its claiming and it didn't do this yesterday. Modernization: What the heck did ya'll do to the release? my progress is actually gone and it won't even load anymore... Other Modernization: You need to fix the connection between the release and fb because mine constantly claims its offline when I know it isn't
~ Taylor Lymon
Ever since the modernization it crashes. it won't even launch. I click on it and split second later it crashes. I loved this release. I'm a large fan of Spongebob. I grew up on this present. This release was the only release I played but I'm going to end up uninstalling it because right actually its just taking up zone on my device but I dont wish to loose everything I got. I'm hoping one day SOONER THAN LATER I'll be able to test this release again but at this rate I wont be able too.
~ Amy Reppy
I do like this release, it's fun. But I have it two stars because I haven't been testing this release long at all and there's already nothing to do. There's no more to the storyline or anymore quests. I'm only filling orders at this target. So that ended cute speedy for me.
~ Heather Haack
love the release it takes me back but should u create it more challenging. more equipment to buy more territories to do thimgs etc... I feel like I at my full at the release I have variety of dollars and nothing left to buy.
~ Bryan Gierloff
Already messaged you directly since it seems to be what you're claiming everyone to do anyway.. release won't work actually. Claims I'm offline which is far from real.. no stars until someone gets back to me. Can't even test to write a review anyway.. wouldn't even give 1 star if it didn't force it right actually. Cute irritated that no one has gotten back to me and it seems like this is a general trouble that needs to be addressed rather than a per person trouble..
~ Brittany Reynolds
I did love the release but actually I cant obtain into it since i modernized it. it keeps claiming *release lang* then asked me to respond to question. I deleted equipment off my device to nonpaid up zone. I deleted the release and redownloaded it, I even restared my device nothings working
~ Mack Smack43219
so after the last modernization i couldn't log in it wanted me to respond some number question. i got a response from there tech help and they claimed me to enter the year i was born and it got me right back in. they claimed they were trying to figure out what was causing that bug. beyond that first trouble i have been glad with the release.
~ Legend s
Thank you for fixing my trouble, I can test it again!!!! But actually have a newest trouble, sometimes when you tap on SpongeBob the SpongeBobs you can switch between on the side are just purple squares.
~ Lydell Ceasor
im unable to test the release anymore because of something that pops up at the very beginning like "missing Lang....." i forgot the rest. please fix this **edit** after my 2 star review and complaint, my trouble was resolved and i have since considered the release a 5 star
~ Tallon Brekfelt
as of 4/13 I am beyond pissed I have lost all my time I was up past lvl 30 l, I had made purchases with a Google card! I am furious as hell! I had to uninstall and reinstall, how do I obtain my purchases back?
~ Robert Bennion
Was nice, until I downloaded the modernization ""Bug Fix"". Then I was greeted by an unknown format with a nice deal of confusing letters and numbers. They asked me to enter a number password without any clues. I can't even test anymore. I'm uninstalling this release.
I bought this release back in 2017 wen i had my fire device from Amazon how do I obtain it back as my own on this device. I loved the release so much I trust I paid 4 :99 I no long have that device can you support me please or could i just take it as a loss. Thank you
~ Patricia Knost
after I modernized the release actually I can't obtain into it, it claims missing lang fbrefresh blablabla Modernization : I edited my review because I've tried to enter my birth year and it worked. Actually I can obtain into the release and my progress is still there. Thank you for replying and being useful
~ Fitrie Chen
I installed this release awhile ago and everything was going nice until it was modernized March 18th. Actually I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still isn't working. It claims "missing lang" and asks to submit an access code. I have no concept what that means. It was really fun to test but actually you can't even obtain in. # Confused
~ Stacy Baines
the release still claims I'm offline and is trying to run me from the very beginning. I spent dollars on jelly and actually I'm unable to use them and I'm definitely online .the developers emailed me claiming they fixed the trouble but they didn't the newest modernization did nothing to fix my trouble .
~ Melissa Johnson
it was nice, the second got into it and built the police station the release froze evrrytime I press on something it just makes bubbles. I've uninstalled the release and reinstalled it (with my own time 200mb) and ot still was frozen so I emailed the company and no respond. very terrible customer service. very dissapointed. and I really enjoyed the release up untill it just froze.
~ Michelle J.v.V
I absolutely love this release. The release test is everything I hoped and love it to be. But recently a bug or code comes up when I wish to test and I cant test because of it. I really hope this trouble can obtain fixed. Please😭😭😊 EDIT: thank you so much the release is working, but is there anyway to restore my progress from before.
~ Daijawilliams20 DJWILLIAMS
If I had a choice I would not give this release any stars. This is the second time I have downloaded it. Both times it has modernized and I have lost everything and it runs me fully over. I had a lot of time and dollars for it to run me fully over both times. It keeps claiming I'm off line when I'm not and will not allow me load anything. Deleting and will not reinstall and will not suggest to anyone!
~ Melissa Colley
So many memories! I honestly think changing it to nonpaid was a nice concept to obtain more recipients to test the release. There's no pop up banners that disrupt the release each minute unlike MOST actual castle building releases. You can pick to watch an banner to obtain Jelly or speed up actions an hour. My only complaint if meetings ever return! I love to obtain limited time equipment for the season like in the past and also costumes. Christmas, Halloween, AND especially Glove Globe boardwalk equipment!
~ BozoTheClown
Ever since the modernization, the release constantly crashes. It will usually claim I'm offline when I'm not right in the middle of testing and then if I exit out of the release when I test to reopen it the release crashes multiple times. Once opened, it typically doesn't save everything I had done just prior to it claiming I am offline. Never had any troubles prior to the modernization. So frustrating! If it doesn't obtain fixed I will have to delete the release
~ Ashley Seale
i love this release but any time someone messages me, or i obtain a info, the release freezes. i have to close it and reopen it each time. other thing that would be great is a list or something of all the recipients walking around. to click on them and create them do things or grant the wishes is hard because i hold clicking on buildings and plants and etc instead of the person. and sometimes they hide behind buildings and such. great release otherwise!!
~ Angela Collins
Thank you so much. it worked. actually it claims I'm not online and I can test the release saved on my device but it's a brand newest release. I'm connected to wifi, I have infinite time, it still claims offline mode. and actually it claims I can test the saved release on the device but it's a newest release. I am logged into Google test but it wont recover my profile. it keeps starting me off at a newest release. I really like this release. please support I just wanted to accumulate my equipment lol
~ Tessa Neal