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About: Enjoy the essence of the classic Spades release, specially conceived for your you. This will be your finest ever experience on a Spades release! The nice AI adjusts to your testing lvl so you are sure to place your skills to play and have lots of fun. You will be amazed by the crisp clear cards, wonderful graphics and sound results. But most of all, you will LOVE the wonderful artificial intelligence that adapts to your lvl. It is usually challenging and engaging. Finest, you test for nonpaid! Stable, speedy, usually improving! But above all: fun! SPADES GAMES FEATURES : Nice graphics and nice sound results Wonderful self adjusting AI 120, 500 or 750 score releases Test with or without Blind Nill Customizable cards, backgrounds and faces Full Scoreboard and Details tracking Outstanding card animations Few release options Classic Spades gameplay with n ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 41MB Developer: FIOGONIA LIMITED
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About: Play POKER OFFLINE FREE! Get our VIDEO POKER GAME and enjoy hours of fun anytime anywhere on your mobile device! Download now one of the best free video poker game for Android! Unlike blackjack games or texas holdem poker, video poker card games are easy to learn, simply select a video poker casino game of your choice, choose a bet and start drawing cards from video poker wizard! GAME FEATURES: - 100% Free to Play this video poker game free app will makes you addict - 8 Video Poker Ga...

Developer: Zariba [email protected]

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About: nh bi dn gian sm lc phin bn offline cc k hp dn. Ti chi ngay tri nghim cm gic i gia vung c t CHIP vo nh bi. Mnh xin nhc li y l phin bn nh bi sm lc offline n thun, cc bn s nh vi my vi nhiu cp khc nhau. Mnh s m t thm v lut chi v cng thn thuc: - nh sm lc vn u tin th c 3 bch nh trc, ngi thng vn trc. - Ngi b cht cui cng ca lt s c tnh tt c. - Ngi nh n cht s b xt heo v t qu. - ...

Developer: MikerPhan [email protected]

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About: This is game for little child to match cards and increase remembrance power. Play more and more and increase remember power....

Developer: Anand Goklani [email protected]

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About: Welcome to Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire! This unique farm game is a great combination of hobby farming and classic solitaire TriPeaks game. If you are a big fan of farm games who also loves to play solitaire brain puzzles, Farmship: Tripeaks Solitaire is the perfect entertainment you are looking for! In this new farm game you are going to: Solve hundreds of challenging solitaire puzzles. Grow dozens of beautiful cr...

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Developer: DANH BAI VUI [email protected]

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About: Callbreak Multiplayer Game or Lakdi is a new 2018 version of the famous and classic card game which is popular in India and Nepal. Play Call break multiplayer game with a deck of 52 playing cards. Our Call break Multiplayer Game can be played in Portrait Mode with smooth one hand gameplay. Callbreak Multiplayer Game has multiple gameplay strategy and techniques that you can use unlike other card games. Callbreak is also called Lakdi, Lakadi, Ghochi in other parts of India. Rule...

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About: For all those who enjoy a good classical game of solitaire and want it on their phones without all those annoying ads, this game is for you! Practice your patience and keep your mind active in this relaxed card game that we all know and love. This game comes with 5 different backgrounds, 15 different card backs, 2 different card dealing modes, simple statistics to compare how you've done in the past and present, and 4 different languages to switch between in a single click....

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About: Canasta card game by LITE Games: play the popular game now for free on your smartphone or tablet. Canasta is a true classic as it was once one of the most frequently played games. It is still widely played and enjoyed today as it is easy to learn and can be discovered again and again in many different variations. The new overhauled version of the famous app combines intuitive gameplay, pleasing design and advanced customization options to deliver endless fun in this wonderful card gam...

Developer: LITE Games [email protected]



Spades * Best Card Game Reviews and Comments:

This release tools! If you don't have any of a suit, and you're foe throws out the ace, the release won't allow you trump it! BS! UNINSTALLING!
~ Kaye Thomas
okay I give this release a five-star it's a nice release to test if you won't have nothing to do and you're bored as an opportunity chance to test others it's a different one then with the another speaker releases are on but it's not terrible I obtain five stars if I can give it more I would May everyone have a glorious and a blessed day and enjoy this release have a blessed one to those that created it and those that are taking the blocks out of it would be great as opportunity chance to be able to place a face😇🤗😏🌷
~ Norman Mcmullen
1. I`d like a better partner. Ashley takes too many bags, then overbids and gets set. 2. Too many banners (after each hand), especially the 30 second video banners.
~ A Google user
seems like a set up! partner usually cutting over me, openets seem to usually slash EVERY lord i test, you bid 5 and everyone else bids 2 or lower...... yet they create many ebooks and i go back....... ALL THE TIME! I WOULDNT SUGGEST THIS DOWNLOAD TO ANYONE!
~ Alex Hutchinson
I like it. i think you auta create one for offline so when peoples time gets weak. they should test until they obtain there time back to high speed. for those who are on a infinite plan.
~ Carl Johns
Terrible enough having a partner testing versus you then comes the banners. Adverts started out as 10 to 15 seconds then the longer you test the banners go to 30 seconds. I deleted the release.
~ Jesse Percifield
Adverts after each hand unless you set your device to airplane mode so that it does not have an internet connection. Your partner will spade a hand that you are winning. Also, your partner will throw off to purposely lose hands. Do not waste your time with this one.
~ Quan Hoang
This release freezes up badly when banners pop up. i couldnt exit. i couldnt restart my device or reboot. i almost had to take my device in to obtain it to work again, which should've cost me dollars. I waited with the screen off and findly got out of the freeze up. You guys have some serious bugs in this release to fix. asap. i uninstalled it permantly. At least Hearts release works
~ gregory bridges
You can't even come close to winning. You obtain penalized for something, and the next time you do the same exact thing, everything is ok. It's too frustrating for me. I wish something relaxing and fun.
~ Deborah Bellah
I love testing spades. and i love that I can test off line as well!! I don't like the scoring it's a bit confusing buta fun time for all ages and card lovers of all sorts never the less
~ Haley Hamel
Unfortunately it is like testing with the worst amateurs. Partner plays like an individual and not a squad. Terrible bidding and so many bags. Miss the days you should test on Yahoo with live foes. Would give a rating of zero stars if it was possible.
~ A Google user
Spades is cool! Just be sure to pay attention to your partners bid and ebooks just to create sure you all create your total ebooks just like a true hand of spades. Don't think because it's an release, you are testing versus the pc because you have a partner. Enjoy!
~ A Google user
I enjoy that I test versus the pc and can leave the release when essential and pick up right where I left off when I am able to continue. I search that the ads can be somewhat tedious at times but then hey gives me my brb time. Nice release in my opinion.
~ Bonnie Garza
SO gross when that release with the rats and look like roaches running around please stop. I've disconnected that spade release few times because it upsets my stomach!! Another then that its a nice spades release!
~ Jean Martinez
I fully adopt with JoLaBa100!! There is a glitch in the tool that needs revision asap. It frustrating when you bid your hand and your "partner" takes your ebooks or over bids their hand. Uninstalled and moving on to hopefully a better one.
~ Randy Thomas
The pc is fully retarded. It plays Trump cards and overrides a hand I am winning. It throws away face cards to a lost hand when it still has runners to use in that suit. For example: p#1 plays lord of hearts, p#2 (me) plays 2 of spades, p#3 plays jack of hearts, p#4 (my partner) plays ace of hearts while holding 3 and 4 of hearts. Why would any one waste the ace like that? That's stupid. Teach pc to test like a true user!
~ A Google user
all the dark suits are together,hard to see, all blending. to mechanical. Nothing felt comfortable. I will test other, hopefully my release will be fixed. ive played 4 years, all of sudden its freezing. so searching 4 newest release. i test daily. i need to feel comfortable.
~ cherisse hall
I didn't even obtain through the WHOLE into demo release, before it opens up my browser, which I don't know what stats it was trying to obtain. Then also launch my Test Market. This is a virus recipients. Just trying to gather stats
~ A Google user
Don't bother with this one! For the second time testing I was not allowed to test trump even though I was void in the suit played!!!! Second time is not a charm, where is my uninstall key!
~ camille mendicino
the partner in the release " Ashley " does not understand the release and just throws any card in not thinking about the partner and the correct amount of ebooks two sandbags!!! > nice release otherwise just would like to change my partner!
~ John Vanbortle
While I love testing Spades, it's frustrating to test with a partner that doesn't know the nuances of the release. For instance, if your partner plays an Ace, you don't Trump it. Also, a true partner would bid three with a hand that had A of Hearts, and the Boss and Ace of Spades, but my partner in this release bids one. I obtain set with bags more than I could. Please, PLEASE, train your pc to be a better user. If you do not respond our concerns, I will search a different Spades release. This sucks!
~ A Google user
I really like the release but I adopt with whoever claimed your partner is versus you. I uninstalled the release thinking I should obtain a newest partner. It didn't happen. we loose almost each release. I wish a newest partner that does what you are suppose to do. work with me. I wo Derek if there is other release that works better. I am tried of losing. 🤔
~ Mariane Grimes
Nice. and A Thinker
~ Mary Hobby
fun and relaxing
~ Gee Meez
I love testing this release but, I obtain confused the victory and lose part.
~ Mary Bigler
Love this release!
~ Peggy Muckelroy
To many adds. takes away from the enjoyment of the GAME!
~ Jim Valine
spades is my all time favoured card release.
~ Marcus Byers Sr
like testing slash throat.... your partners is out for themselves.
~ Deal A
love spades testing for over 39 yrs
~ Cherylanne Pollock
enjoy unwinding with thus release
~ A Google user
just to pass time away
~ Herve Arsenault
enjoy testing spades
~ Teresa Derler
cool release, same users! not sure why....
~ cesar candelario
so much fun i never we're a card user dudes usually test to obtain me to test. I didn't know how to bid so this spades release supports me learn thank you so much much.
~ A Google user
I love the release and test often. But... I hate when the ad comes before I can see the scores of the hand I just played. The scores could be shown first and then, before next hand the ad. I can not configure it to test by myself instead of in pairs. Would also be nice to test on wi-fi with another true recipients assuming the role of another users. We would be testing versus every another.
~ Luciana Pinto
live the release it tools sometimes
~ Kimberly McNeil
This release displayed an add for a blatantly illegal product, a device designed to be attached to a firearm to create it completely automatic. Trying to figure out how to flag the company. Not hype, I am a firearms enthusiast who doesn't wish to have my equipment illegalized because of jerks like this. Deleting the release and any another by this company.
~ Jasen Stengel
thanks so much for a unbelievable release hold them coming
~ Coretta Short
Your "partner" in this ver of spades is versus you. it sucks to test when your partner constantly Trump's your ace when he doesn't have to. Your partner will also constantly overbid which will of course ensure your loss when you cannot victory as many tricks as were bid. downloaders beware, this ver is horrible. I have actually played 15 releases before leaving a review and of course deleting the release. I only won one release and it was by accident when the opposing squad "forgot they had Trump",
~ JoLaBa100