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About: SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawkings A Brief History of Time. Use manual clicks and the passage of time to make and run potato-based devices and probes from your nondescript satellite orbiting a mysterious planet. Unblock the mysteries of the galaxy or just slay some time in what the astrophysics community is calling the finest narrative sci-fi clicker release of all times. FEATURES * Fifteen starchy equipment to unblock, make, and blast into the vacuum of zone. * Life affirming, silly storyline that will both captivate and support you slay time. * Reveal the secrets of five different planets across two different realities. * Banging soundtrack, as is customary in a narrative sci-fi clicker release.
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: DevolverDigital
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SPACEPLAN Reviews and Comments:

its asdictve and has a easy storyline to it. If you are on a couch sick, nice addictive easy release. It also has an ending.
~ Miro Nagy
I really was enjoying the release until I opened it one day and it refused to load. i just obtain stuck on a black screen. i reached out to the developer but haven't heard back yet.
~ Antonio Ward
One of the finest paid releases out there, and an "idle clicker" that doesn't demand your time but commands your attention. I want I should experience it for the first time again!
~ Jerry Barney
Straight up nice experience. Its got a great minimalistic art and test style ive played through it once already and im hold comming back for more its a nice tiny release to take your mind off life! 11/10 IGN
~ Jordan Nicholson
purchased this release last week, its not terrible for a tap release. it stopped working competely yesterday though. fully black screen when I launch it. hence the rating
~ Alex Greason
This is the only idle release I need! bit of storyline, bit of jokes, lots of fun... no banners, no in release purchases for reasonable price... I'd be glad to pay double if releases were this nice...
~ Filip Janota
Po-ta-toes. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. This release has plenty of them. And it's a very interesting release. One that'll hold you wanting to test right up to the end. And it is nice.
~ Steven White
This release was a lot of fun. Easy worth the $3 I spent on it, no question about it. It's an simple to follow clicker release, with a several neat mechanics thrown in and a neat narrative that unfolds over the course of a several hours of test. Really addicting!
~ S Duda
I never thought I would rate a clicker release 5 stars... but this release is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Worth each penny and more. Please allow this be the newest standard for what a clicker release could be! *EVERY OTHER CLICKER GAME* clicking to create dollars to buy things to create more dollars to buy more things to create clicking give more dollars to buy more things to create more dollars....ugh, lame! *SPACEPLAN* Stand aside and watch this!!
~ Frank Mastriona
Finest clicker I've ever played (and I've played a lot). The special and fascinating graphic design coupled with the surprisingly engaging storyline (which has a nice several interesting twists causing the reworking of release mechanics) makes this well worth your time.
~ Brent Bartley
Very much an experience as well as a release. Really constructive outside of the usual clicker experience. SciFi is akin to subject covered in the video Interstellar, which I loved. Only complaint is that it is cute short for a clicker (took me less than 2 days), but that is likely due to it being narrative driven than just a grindfest. Would suggest for recipients who like zone fiction!
~ Ethan Pugel
What a breath of recent air. I fully admit to being a sucker for clicker releases but jeese, look at what can be done when someone puts there mind to it. No microtransaction nonsense. What a thoroughly engaging tiny release. Worth each penny.
~ Harry Oxley
This was brief but great, clicker+ Usual mechanics, powered through the storyline within 24 hours and was glad with it. Would be interested to see more / related
~ Dan Brown
I have never left a review for a release before, but this amazed me. I usually obtain clicker releases for some mindless entertainment and dopamine rush, and uninstall after an hour when I obtain bored, but you can hardly call this a clicker. It has an nice narrative and an ending so you don't feel like youre wasting time for nothing. The storyline was absolutely nice, very metaphysical and nice for anyone who likes to entertain the concept of unlimite realities. The release took about 3 days to complete, but only because you do have to wait. That being claimed, the ending is well worth the wait. One of the most moving and chilling, visually pretty videos. I even took a couple screenshots for backgrounds. They also give you the option to replay the ending or run the release over fully. At first, the release may seem uninspiring and limited, but after a couple hours of testing it evolves into something fully different than you previously thought. I picked it up on sale for a dollar but its well worth full price. For any lovers of clickers, zone, metaphysics, and witty banter, this is a gotta have release.
~ D Chillin
this release blew my mind. it may seem like a easy release but it has a very fun and addictive style of gameplay and it has a very hooking storyline that is very well plotted. I enjoyed this release very much
~ Burger Jr
I found this to be a fun tiny idle release but it keeps giving me troubles after planet seeker. Shortly after this opens up I hold getting persistent black screens when opening the release. The release never loads properly again and I have to wipe it and reinstall. I'll test again in a several upgrades I guess.
~ Chris White
a magnificent tiny release. Fun, funny, and well worth what I paid for it. Yes, it's a clicker, but it's a clicker you can quickly obtain to the END of. One with a target. Drop the couple bucks and enjoy it!
~ Fran Stewart
A nice idle release with a cool and interesting storyline, great visuals, and no IAPs. Took me about a day to obtain through it, but was more than worth the asking price. Suggested for an interesting experience!
~ Max Maass
SPACEPLAN is THE definitive clicker/idle single user release complete with a nice story, crazy plot twists, and a cryptic sense of humor. The asking price is idea too weak for the quality of content you obtain from this release. The storyline and targets set for you are so mezmerizing that one would forget that this is a clicker farm kind release! Large applaud to the developers at DevolverDigital! I Truly suggest this release to all.
~ Josh Yook
The release is ok, I guess I'm just not a gigantic fan of this category. Moreover, there are better releases out there if you just wish to test a clicker release with more upgrade options, etc. The storyline is great and there are some funny elements, but it's very linear. Thus, you're rather a spectator in this release than a user.
~ Leo M
Really nice clicker release, but once I got to Neptune I lost interest. It's really hard to goal those tiny white holes and the planet smasher just got more and more expensive. It felt like a cheap idea to stretch the release out.
~ Danny Holyoake
Nice experience! Found this release in one post on one gamedev blog. I played it for 3 days, and after i finished the release i have feeling that i just wish to test it again! Nice look to clickers, would suggest it to everyone!
~ Evgeny Antipov
nice tiny release with a qwerky storyline, minimalist graphics and wonderful song. my only complain it how short it was (took me 2 days with casual testing). I'd like to see an infinite mode or some sort of replayability option.
~ Luc Bourgeois
The release was nice starting out it had a nice idea but is idea to short, I had 8 hours release time and beat the release 100% even when I allow it idle I've only had the release for two days. I want it would last longer then what it had given me.
~ Devin Hill
Nice fun, but very very short for a clicker release. I was expecting something like the length of Universal Paperclips, but there was 2 stages to the release, total. Took me a day to finish
~ Lucas Maybury
love the release. graphics are clean and easy. finished cute quickly, but would love to have a constructive or maybe a survival to increase mileage. Nice release!
~ Jesse Leppla
Rarely leave reviews. Addictive release, would have liked it to be a bit longer but what I got was still worth more than I paid. Simplistic gameplay but kept me wanting to go further. Loved the simplistic visuals and superb sound, especially the end. Suggested.
~ Gareth Instone
As for idle releases it is very short (took me 1 day to complete). The "storyline" is sort of funny but very random. As for complexity it is very lacking. Also there is only one idle system and one another mechanic in the whole release. Tldr the end screen came when i felt i played 5 or 10 % of thr release
~ Simon Csoma
8-hour duration. Second half worse due to terrible math, partially saved by skill-based mechanic. Storyline is "potatoes are funny". Nice song. Terrible graphics (I thought they had failed to load correctly).
~ Philip Broughton-Mills
I was enjoying it, but actually it won't run anymore. Just a black screen when I test to launch the release. I was about to go to Mars. Googled it and it's apparently been a common trouble for recipients even on PC for years. Only solution seems to be to delete your save.
~ R G
What an nice release. It's a clicker, but with an actual storyline that feels very interactive. And the ending, (yes there is an actual ending to this release) oh, what an ending. I watched... er... listened to it at least four times. The song in the release is nice as well. Over all, I cannot suggest this release enough. Although, it was type of speedy to finish.
~ David McKinney
Incredible work. beat it in less than 2 days, yet absolutely worth the dollars paid for it. Thanks for not making 'just other clicker'. Fun storyline, non-repetitive gameplay and nice art direction(visuals and sound) made this stand out!
~ Nathan Jensen
I was enjoying this, its easy to test, the storyline is enough of a tease to spur you on. Recently though it just goes to a black screen after opening, so I can't test at all. I'll leave it installed in topic it gets fixed with an modernization but apparently that's release over for me.
~ David Ball
Not a fan Idle clickers at all. But this release had a humorous storyline that made me wish to hold testing. The storyline progresses and has an end. It's relatively short but I wasn't disappointed one bit at what I spent on it.
~ Afif Hanna
Nice gameplay, pretty and hilarious storyline line, and smooth graphics. What more should you ask for? The developer clearly place considerable love and effort into this release, and it shows. One of the finest releases I've played on small.
~ Bijan Agahi
Nice release to test in the background (the release rewards you with watts, the in-release currency, if you place your device down and come back to it later). The gameplay is cute fun, and the aesthetic is nice :-)
~ Matthew Steffen
lost save to black screen common error so lose a star. So much better than all the "advertising virus" and "pay 2 progress" idle releases that infect playstore. I really dislike developers named "iron horse LLC" and "handy releases" because of those aforementioned troubles, they create decent releases that at 1st seem nice then locked behind late release expensive paywall and I learned to avoid them entirely. Spaceplan developer gives a nice, complete experience for a fair price.
~ A Google user
I usually hate idle clicker releases but this release doesn't require the often heavy time investment of another clickers. Zone plan also has a charming and funny storyline that is well worth the test through and usually makes you feel your clicks have true meaning and you're now making progress in the release. The release also has no microtransactions and instead you only pay the flat buy fee to obtain the release. Nice for you guys and nice for the consumer! All in all fun and worth the buy.
~ Jonathan Montgomery
Quite possibly one of the finest incremental releases. I've never played a release as nice as this. What create it stand out is the storyline and gameplay elements. The ending was amazingly crafted especially with the song. I had usually been really interested in testing Spaceplan but never should because of its price, but after buying and completing it, it was worth it.
~ Litleck
This was an absolute pleasure to test, and seriously sets itself apart from any another release I have encountered. The minimalized graphics, fun story, and general quirkiness was a nice experience for what felt to me like a shorter release. Except it's not a release... It's art.
~ Aaron Drabenstott