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About: A Product Pad is REQUIRED! Create sure your 1 Handed VR joystick is in Product Mode, not Video Mode. This is usually done by pressing the @ key and the B key, depending on the VR joystick model. Most 2 Handed Bluetooth Joysticks do not have this setting. This is a VR zone combat arcade style release for Mobile. You will need to use a release pad for both main menu navigation and release test. The release is easy, it spawns combatants behind you and capitol ships in front of you. Every lvl includes the number of aggressor ships equal to the lvl number. The towers on the capitol ships can be destroyed independent of the ship itself. If you destroy all of towers, you can slay the capitol ship with your next shot. Once you die you'll see your highest lvl finished and your score. If your nice, you can see your high score at Joystick: Flight Yaw and Pitch Upper ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: Phoenix Run Games [email protected]
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Developer: CanaryDroid



Space Fighter VR Reviews and Comments:

It's cool
~ Daryl W
So cool release
~ A Google user
I love this release
~ A Google user
Suck it
~ cj savage
Create it look more realistic
~ A Google user
Joystick control will not work properly with the release.
~ Kenneth Klapel
Can we test with controller?
~ Jaylon Garret
Product is really well made and such my only question is are you able to look around in the cockpit
~ Local Strangers
Its actualy a realy awsome release. It has nice graphics and a realy cool inviornment and. so awsome release you could download it
~ A Google user
This release is nice fpr once its not those fake nice releases . This acctully shows in release equipment Nice release!
~ Beautiful Girl
Did not work on my s8 edge.shame really. Just keeps going back to my home screen.
~ Ross Dadley
Have release pad and joystick vr systems release wouldn't let any movement period. Total waste.
~ Josh Rogers
This release has nice controls and most NVR releases create your eyes harm NC of the graphics but this one is great and doesn't place strain on my eyes it is a really nice release that I think u could obtain
~ A Google user
Potentially looked nice. But doesn't work, unlike most Zone VR releases, with PS3 or PS4 controllers. Which is a shame since much less nice looking Zone sims do.
~ Mark Stirton
I love the cockpit ,I would transport the view a tiny closer, it looks like your sitting on top of the seat, maybe lower the front shield a tad, has a lot of potential with a tiny better graphics .Thank God it has Joy pad Help ..
~ Solarisaint1
All my controls work except shoot. Theres no shoot button but theres all these flying controls?! How am I supposed to slay aggressors?? Also, it wont allow me rotate the screen for my vr headset, so all the text and hud is upside down all the time. Can you please let screen rotation, and control mapping? I have enough buttons to use on my bt controller, but it automatically set 4 of them to the throttle controls, so i have no fire. Edit: It's named Keysco, it's a bt controller we got off the internet. 4 buttons, one joystick, 2 trigger buttons, and the mode button and power button. Can be held with one hand or two.
~ Grim Nights
Cool Awsome
~ A Google user
Product did not test at all
~ Dilan Motsenbocker
Couldn't obtain the stupid thing to work.
~ Tim Kilkka
Couldn't even obtain past the menu
~ L P
I like claim you can use like a controller and transport around instead of having it transport around for you and trying to claim your head to wher the controller idea is more realistic
~ Undeadgamer savage
It has alot of potential but you need to improve the quality and controls another than that it's nice
~ RIP 431
Fun release, add nonpaid, did not ask for a rating. This is the idea apps could be.
~ Insane Zedge
KKsjwgskxjwv I am not able you can obtain it to me I can do it tomorrow at your house or you should just checking in Black ink for the late response y you can come by and obtain it done I
~ Fuzz Ramirez
Finest zone flight physics!! Nice release!, just want I should map the controller myself, and it would be nice to have analog stick help instead of digital. Another than that, this an nice simulator!!
~ Andrew Lea
Hi, developer, you seem active in responding to recipients's comments and I don't really know where else to bring up this trouble. My device is an Honor 7x. When I downloaded the VR calibration release from the shop, everything was working well. But in some apps (including yours) the VR motion is so slow like I'm moving in slow motion. But again, in another apps, it works normally; my head moves and the VR responds properly. I'm hoping that since you have experience with this equipment, you can test and figure out why the VR works 100% okay with some apps, but in another apps it acts like the gyro is broken or something. I've tried very hard to search a solution online but no one knows what's going on. I understand it's not your job to fix the entirety of gyroscope troubles but I'm at a loss, hoping at least someone can search a trouble and solution.
~ Bhagwan Singh
This is a very nice release that pheonix run releases has developed. Nice design, and very time consumimg (in a positive idea.) My only negative comment is that the controls are quite hard to handle, and that they could create them a nit easier to handle. Overall though, i would give this release an 8/10.
~ BigSovietOof
Great zone dogfighting release. Very addictive and smooth performance. Great graphics too. Sniper mode didn't seem to work though. I have a gamesir s3 gamepad. Would be great to have some song to pump the adrenaline in the release. And a rumble sound result of the spaceship we're flying in as release is rather too quiet apart from firing sound results. Well done, otherwise. Enjoyed this release.
~ theycallmemrglass
This is a nice primary zone fighter! Loaded right up and ran fine, even on my old Note 3. Action was smooth, graphics are nice, including the in-cockpit graphics, and the controls are animated (meaning you throttle up or down or use the joystick, etc, and you can see the controls in the cockpit responding). Very great. Reminded me a bit of the early Wing Commander releases. Unlike some zone shooters you're not "on rails", you can turn and maneuver, even while looking around. It is also not one of the ones where you aim weapons just by looking. You have to obtain the goal in your sights to hit it. If you're looking for a great dogfight action spacer, this may just be your puppy. You will wish a device with gyro, and you'll need a bluetooth controller, like the description claims. Nice job, Phoenix Run Products!
~ Ankou Technica
This is an example of someone who is trying not to create shovelware! Checked on an older S4 and it plays without lag. The frame rate and controls are all acceptable, a needed settings menu, and nice consistent graphics. Played with a Moga Power controller and all the buttons where easily understood. Create sure you setup your headset properly first, as you'll probably be in for a while. I didn't, and became too caught up in the action to loosen my straps up and gave myself a headache! 5 stars for an actual, playable release!
~ piecutter2
What a nice release! Nothing like looking around seeing zone all around you then blowing up some ships. Controls are swell and the attention to tiny information in the ship had me in awe. The only think I would like to see is maybe bump up the cross hair a touch so I'm looking more through the window but I do understand if it was true you probably would be looking down at your instruments instead of directly at the ship. Can't wait to see more progress for this already terrific achievement!
~ Matt Lew
~ kevin whitehead
cute nice release
~ A Google user
no controller options...
~ Flames 0470
don't innstal this release i can't do anything with this release with VR
~ Peter F.
Nice In my opinion the first gotta have release for Google cardboard.
~ Kiabeta
i think the controls are very hard there inverted and idea to sensitive but if you can fix that it will be a nice release
~ Action Andrew
a nice release but it does not give that quality vr gameplay feeling maybe something to do with physics.
~ Abdul-Hakam Bhatti
Nice gameplay and without a campaign or a leveling system the authentic arcade style vr release breathes life into self made releases frok early video release life in the 80's Nice graphic for unity! I am earnest for more!
~ Nate Med
i love this but i dont know where my hurt indicator is. also when i go to settings it wont allow me use the settings. another than that i love it but a recommendation for the future, add a pause button. recipients would probaly be happier. last of all when i test i hear song, is there a song button, anyway guys hold up the nice work and thanks for giving me a use for my headset😁
~ Abel Farr