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About: Soul Destiny iswaitingforyou! Jointhewartowarforyourempireandhonor!BethefighterofyourownKingdominthebrandnewestMMORPGsmallrelease!Raiseyourownhonor,warforyouandyourempireandsearchyourpartnersincludingyourSpousein-release!Soul Destinyisagotta-testreleaseyoucantaffordtomissthisyear! InthenicecontinentofSaintMerlin,thereareseveralempireswhichhavehadconfrontationforhundredsofyears.YouareinvitedtobethefighterofKarnes'Empire!WarfortheHonor,warforyourEmpire! [ProductInformations] -High-qualityGraphicsandHDAudio ThepotentUnrealEngine4createsajaw-droppingvisualexperiencewithrichdetail,realisticgameplayresultsandaheavyHDmapforWarRoyale.Feellikeyoureinthethickoftheactionasyoutestwithhigh-qualityaudio,immersive3Dsoundresultsand7.1channelsurroundsound. -EpicGlobeMap Highqualitygraphicandstunningscenesaregoingtoimmerseyouinthe3Dfantasyglobe! -Searchyoursoulcolleagueinrelease Thepowerf ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 96MB Developer: EYOUGAME(USS) [email protected]
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Soul Destiny Reviews and Comments:

I really do like this release currently lvl 185 vip 0, but the restrictions such as vip 4 for bosses, and the 3 limit on boss fatigue makes this release very restricting to none vip 4 plus users. You're forced to pay. Alot of automation which I don't mind, no classes only a duelest with 2 variations fire for lads and ice for female. Definitely p2w. But I do like this release would give 4 stars if less restrictions for ftp users
~ Nick Puttock
Yes, this release needs work but what recipients don't understand is that it was just released. Also, recipients, there is a idea to turn off the auto. This is a very addicting release. Yes, you do lvl up speedy, but I'm sure that was intentional. I love the release so far. Hold it up devs. Also, I am confused on how to exchange gear. If you devs should respond to this and claim me how that'd be so type! Thanks! 💞
~ Dark Cønfetti
The graphics are a well done, yet everything else requires more effort place into it. I left for an hour... and due to the none cancelling autoplay, I've came back to a lvl 63 hero with a pair of wings and a mount, manual > automatic controls! A powerful storyline base is needed, because currently it throws you into the release to do 1 quest after other, gets rather boring. These are the main concerns.
~ Mirosav Lav
4 ⭐Star bcoz ds release is basically a pay to victory release. You need to top up in order to compete with others. This release need some improvement.. No trading system, transfer an item from user to another user. 4 ⭐ star for gameplay, no sweat when you wish to lvl up your hero, you can leave it while you work. 3 ⭐ for the toxic and unfriendly community.
~ Syphon Filter
nice first impression and 5 mins of release test experience. One gigantic trouble I have with it is that the release is basically completely automatic. The only thing that I did was tap a "Continue quest" button each two seconds while I watched my hero war.
~ Kalib Punko
This is a fun release. However, its the same style as each release this company makes just different test style. If one wants to obtain ahead each user, one gotta buy vip. There are variety of quests and meetings which is great and one won't obtain bored easily. A week in and the release is harder to test specially for those non-vip's since your aggressors are a lot stronger with those paying users.
~ Christina Petschauer
Lol I waiting for this and it turns out to be nothing but boring gimmicks. Even has obvious fake reviews that emphasizes the same statements in the release information. Could've known better when the main target they were pushing over and over was how you can search colleagues to marry. Pathetic.
~ Trenton Singleton
Changed to 2 star due to poor customer service and unfixed critical bugs like the auto questing for all types of quests. Will change back one the troubles have been fixed. Modernization: changed to 1 star, still no fix for bugs or nice customer service. They'd rather take their time finishing the release cuz they haven't released all the content than fix their release.
~ Micah Scott
it was a nice release however I've been testing for 30 minutes and I'm already lvl 63. this is no challenge. it has all the qualities and informations of an mmorpg however it does not meet those standards. for example I place forth that when you enter a newest zone it is pixelated for the first thirty seconds and this really takes the reality out of perspective. also I test mmorpgs for the excitement of testing and because of auto It does it all for me. I hope you take this to consideration. thank you.
~ Eleanor Kew
The overall gameplay is now cute okay, but it usually has you on autopilot and it absolutely sucks. What's the target in having a release if you cant test it? The graphics and sound design are wonderful and beautifully immersive, the war mechanics are alright, and the plot/dialogue is surprisingly decent, but you can barely even test the release yourselfn and it tears down each single nice aspect of this release. If the entire 'usually on autopilot' thing was fixed, I'd claim the release is nice!
~ Olivia Driver
It's like idle heroes with better graphics I installed this release like 30 mins ago and my lvl is lvl 70 already, auto quest is a tool all it does is follow and finish the quest then head to other quest and I am lost what the heck is my hero doing. Feels like the user has just to install the release and allow the release auto quest. Has no thrill at all
~ lanze dorado
The only cosmetics that change are for costumes. armors and swords you equip do not change at all. the auto test keeps turning on by itself and OMG the Engrish in this release. just please dont test to speak itbif you can't most recipients are fine with just have sub titles. in fact alot of recipients prefer it to not be english as long as they can just read it. The pay to victory is Extremely powerful here. Costumes give stat benifits and cute large ones and there's only 1 class in the entire release. hard skip 1*.
~ Garrick Otta
I just started testing this release. As quick as i logged in after creating a hero, in the globe chat i see recipients talking about drinking beers and going on dates. This is a E for EVERYONE, that means tiny babes can come on this. I really had high hopes because of the banners, but they give you the permission to have a spouse and voice chat! I mind you, babes can test too. I am sure no parent wants their babe to talk about beer, dates, and have a online spouse. Instantly uninstalling!
~ MarieNeko
i just started testing this release for bout 5 mins. I enjoyed and decided to top up a several bucks to obtain the bonus that they are advertising . A several seconds after i top up, guess what ? a wierd error claiming something like an "abnormality error " (not really sure what it was specifically) pops out right in front of my face and kicked me off the release. Nevertheless i cant log back in afterwards. the recipients behind this release indeed wants their investment back so badly. What a waste of time.
~ Alexis Capacia
100% automated test. The only user input needed is their bank information. VIP system with grievous restrictions on non-paying users. Exclusive Paywalled gear and buffs (which stack) resulting in massive pay to victory in a release with PvP (Instanced and Field). Don't waste your time. The graphics however are quite great. Decent sprite and background work.
~ swk
This release is rich user friendly. All the aspects of the release cater to those that can pay. Eudemon farming zone are for those with high cps, besides, its also cross server, meaning all powerful chars will flock there, not giving a chance for newest or weak cp users. Saint temple is for those with high cps. Globe boss, for high cps. Boss den and personal boss are only for VIP 4 users. You could test and create something that will support those weaker ones to boost their cps too.
~ Lara Recto
Disappointed that there only two characters with no customization. the male has fire and the female ice based skill attacks. Once you run the release however, you're instantly plunged into auto test with tiny time to adjust settings and maintain your hero in between quest completion screens. loads of icons I thought were global run meetings just encouraged you to spend dollars. The pet system has potential but the beginner pets have tiny to no result on the uneventful combat.
~ Flyin Kites
3 stars is generous. It's pay to victory or test depending on what you wish. If you wish the finest of the finest gear or to customise and look cool you need to pay. The release doesn't notify if it's lagging or there's a connection trouble. When you test to reload after a connection trouble the release stops working altogether. The system layout is appalling and half the windows you can interact with are only for VIP members who pay or trying to obtain you to spend dollars on the release. Not to mention levelling is dumb
~ Lili-Rose Bignall
I loved it the first time I installed the release. I had smooth gaming experience, the characters are beautiful and all. But then after a several days, it never loaded properly again. I cannot log in to my profile and I'm usually stucked up on the page wherein it states that it's still upgrading. I want it would work fine again. I missed testing this release. (╥╯﹏╰╥)
~ Angel Cape
"I know" lets obtain a release model and "CLONE" "CLONE" "CLONE" as many times as possible and call it a newest release... This is just a skin of visuals to earn developers dollars, like all their releases. It's focused more towards spenders..Also most Servers are dead, full 1-10 users per server and they continue to launch more and more servers, with no consideration. More focus towards earning developers dollars than an actual stable user base. I wouldn't suggest at all.
~ Harry Hepworth
The release is interesting, though from all the another releases I have played it is more speedy paced and leveling up is cute speedy, for a moment I thought my release was broken. Though another than that, I type of do not like how I have to hold tapping in one spot sometimes in order to transport my hero. In general, the release is cute nice.
~ Cherry B 2000
This release is so cool, I can obtain newest equipment I can talk to recipients and create dudes! but most of all the missions are nice so is the newest slills you unblock! and also when you obtain to lvl 60 you can allow the pc do it for you!(can't remember clearly for the pc sorry if it does'ent work for you!😟)
~ Shika {Deer/Lesbian}
Just other mass produced Chinese release that basically plays the release by itself and is very much pay to victory. Disappointing. 5,000 another releases just like it all trying to obtain an bonus buck place of you. Avoid. Their help replies to each 1 star post the same idea too. Most likely a bot to act as if they care about their playerbase. Such a joke.
~ Luka Megurine
it'd be a lot better if it didn't do everything for you. like if you sit idle for like five seconds it auto atks for you and it does your quests for you. it's not a true release if everything gets done for you and it's quite annoying. I'd recommend not having the auto questing and if you do have it where you can opt out and do things by yourself for users who now wish to test a release themselves and not have a pc doing everything for you. If you wish a true rpg go test toram online
~ Cosmic Nyx
Just wow. Honestly speechless. You dont even have to test, right off the bat the release runs and does everything for you. The vioce acting is chinese recipients speaking english and is aweful. This release looks cute but thats about it. The screen is cluttered with icons and there is no guide at all. Honestly avoid, stick to idle heroes or afk arena. Serious pay to victory. No effort was place into this at all im sorry.
~ Kilian
I'm giving it three stars because all in all the release was average,I downloaded this release because I got interested in the hero customization but why isn't there a hero customization like you advertised? This is clearly false advertising and it is not something I enjoy.Other trouble is that when I set it as manual because I need to do something it stops what I'm currently doing without warning and sets itself to auto but considering that it is still a newest release,it's cute nice.
~ Kimin Taegi
Love the storyline,and graphics. The only criticism I have for this release is that I prefer to have full control of my hero/characters. No matter how many times I turn auto test off, it usually goes right back to it. Rushing through the release, leveling at an ungodly speed. I do feel though, that it still deserves 5 stars. Would still appreciate having more control over my hero/characters. Thank you for all your hard work, and an impecable imagination. Sharing your vision with all of us users.
~ aimee kleidosty
"Okay" was my first review, actually I'm already testing it for 5 days and wow!! I got really powerful even without top up. Too many nonpaid bound dias to use and the release has unlimites resources to increase your power. Just wow! Actually i really love it! Everything is great for me! I'm glad that I found this release after installing many different rpg, this one perfectly suits me! ❤️
~ Mich Valdez
it's an nice release. I love testing it, but there's a lot of informations you can only access if you spend dollars. The chat rooms are also a but frustrating; there's a lot of censorship of words that dont need to be censored (lad, person, etc) while excluding words that probably could be censored. it also might be a better concept to separate servers by language spoken before region as they tend to obtain taken over by one language for a long while.
~ Lauren Walker
I would consider this pay to victory but also nonpaid at the same time. If you wish to be at the top of the leaderboard you'll have to pay dollars, but it's now nonpaid (Just takes a bit longer to do things without paying). I think you could give this tiny release a chance! I have been testing their releases for some time actually and I near the top of the leaderboard without having to pay! (I can assure you this is not a fake comment haha,) Hope y'all can grow into liking this release!
~ Onisions
This release makes tiny to no sense at all. Is it still in BETA? minor glitches. It automatically forces itself into BOT mode and runs around for you. at random intervals.👎 each explaination has a 5 second timer and auto closes.👎 they definately place a lot of effort into cool and beautiful characters, the graphics are decent. 😊 It is clear they had difficulty translating it to english, the dialogue is beautiful.. if you can understand what they claim. 😒 I can't claim if it has a story or not...
~ Sen MuShin
I'm giving it a terrible review for quite a several reasons. Reason are, you did not let me to customize my avatar like you showed in the banner. Therefore you falsed advertised. The release is boring, you lvl up idea too quickly I'm not seeing much in the idea of a storyline line and lastly but the most important thing. The release is bugged. Itll be on manual one minute then when your trying to do something else on the release it takes you out of whatever it was that you were doing and goes on auto.
~ Nia Sohma
Random thrashing and no 'Product' to speak of, this is not a release... it is watching a series of incoherent, waaaay too speedy fights with zero control. this is a confusing mess that plays itself. not worth a download. no hero customization, no skill, no fun. uninstalling. Why take so much time to make a globe that scrolls past too speedy to enjoy?!
~ Ren Anderson
Before you test this release read this. They don't care about your feed backs or report of unfair gameplay whereby recipients use tools to earn the in release dollars. And 99% of their meeting is claiming you to "sell your liver to buy my equipment". Their meeting is tempting but I'm sure you all will realise once you started paying more than you could. I want the developer can buck up in each idea , sure releases are for developer to earn dollars but not too obvious I can claim. Does'nt have any fun meetings.
~ Leow Junwei
Really really really pay to victory, from what I can see so far. I've been testing it for about an hour and am at level 114 already. The release doesn't have a proper guide, neither does it seem to care about its story much. Recommendation is to remove bound diamonds, and reduce the amount of in release purchases overall. Also, the AI is really wonky too.
~ lunny x
Must admit, the idea and graphics were nice. But... its frankly boring, and where is the challenge? It takes no time to lvl. Not that you have to do anything anyways because it basically pushes you the whole release. Its also a pay to victory release.. Flawless looking release, mounts are pretty. But the release is massively boring, and its idea too simple to obtain equipment and lvl. Especially sense you don't do anything anyways. Nice luck devs! It was cool to be a first. But not my release.
~ Tristyn Curtiss
The advertising on the shop page is very misleading. firstly, the release is an automatic release. you dont really do anything. also, if you wish to read the storyline the text boxes go by to speedy to properly read. Superhero wise there is only really just one hero that has a female and male variant. Everyone has the same abilities as well. If you look at the pictures you can see that the abilities displayed are now the same with just a recolor. TLDR automatic release, only one hero.
~ IDNotFound
Looks nice! Everything happens too speedy and the use of the English language is terrible. They have voice actors who don't speak English natively which may create you need to listen multiple times. One used the word "unstoppable" but sounded like "a stoppable". The hero I chose at one target claimed " Wow, what a nice wings" The storyline and interaction with NPC's becomes confusing to read at times because of the terrible grammar and unrelenting pace of meetings.
~ James Wynnyk
Too much auto. It's like you're not testing the release anymore. Can't even read the storyline line or the quests or what in the globe am I doing. The release just auto walk, auto slay, auto quest. I take my eyes off the release for 1 second and damn, I'm in a different zone, doing different equipment, with equips I don't know how I got. I was hyped with this release at first but actually, MEH.
~ John Pascua
Sorry to claim, but your release is not that nice. The entire release is on auto. After five minutes I am already lvl 40+, this could not be the topic. The release is boring, it literally plays automatically without your touch. This is not what releases are, there is no challenge involved and this is not an rpg, as there is no roleplaying at all. The storyline is poor as I can't even read any of it because the release is going very God damn speedy. Go home release devs, you're drunk.
~ Mr. Killall