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About: Victory, test and compete with Solitaire TriPeaks - the fun, nonpaid card release. Its Solitaire with an nice twist! If you love to test and victory a release of Klondike, Freecell or Pyramid, Solitaire TriPeaks is the card release for you! Compete, test & victory - 5 reasons why youll love to test Solitaire TriPeaks! Test Solitaire TriPeaks & victory bonus coins - Newest gifts daily! Compete & victory lvls on the go - Test & victory wherever you are. Unpaid & fun gifts are waiting for you - Find them today! Victory & compete - Test & compare scores with dudes or compete versus yourself. Fun & nonpaid to test - Theres no charge when you wish to test Solitaire TriPeaks. Compete everyday to victory a wide array of points and unleash variety of journey with Solitaire TriPeaks. Your gaming skills will be place to the play as you test versus the clock to victory coins and ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 52MB Developer: GSN Games, Inc.
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About: Ever wondered who is the legend27? Wait no longer and BE the legend27 yourself now! Dive yourself into Card Realm as it stretches your persuasive and imaginative skills to their limits! Every decision you make counts, so think carefully before swiping left or right! *There is only one rule: DO NOT DIE!...

Developer: Wai Jia Jie

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Developer: Stout Games Entertainment

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Developer: Lapira

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About: ronda est le meilleur jeu de carta ronda au maroc, dans lequel vous allez rencontrer et dfier les meilleurs joueurs de carta. ronda est le meilleur jeu de carta kabour ronda Rgles du jeu: - ronda contient au total 40 cartes. - Le nombre de joueurs: 2. - Au dbut, 4 cartes sont servies sur la table et 3 cartes pour chaque joueur. - Chaque joueur tire une carte: Soit il a dans sa main une carte semblable une des cartes sur la table et dans ce cas il prend la carte, plus les ca...

Developer: Hazuki

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About: Danh Bai Cat te Sac te Offline Tr chi Ct t hay cn c gi l Sc t - mt tr chi bi Ty offline cc k ni ting v c yu thch vi ngi mien nam, mien bac Vit Nam. Tr chi c th chi t 2 n 6 ngi. Cch chi n gin d nm bt nhng tr chi li i hi ngi chi suy ngh, ln chin thut trong mi vn u. iu lm cho Catte s em li cho ngi chi nng tri nghim chi bi ct t tt nht. Cat te l phin bn offline hon ton min ph, khng cn kt ni Inte...

Developer: GameVS

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About: DINOSAURS COME TO LIFE THROUGH AUGMENTED REALITY! Point to any DinoMundi product (Toys, Shirts, Shoes, etc...) and see as Dinosaurs come to life and interact with you. Shop at www.immplay.com DOWNLOAD AND PRINT SAMPLE AUGMENTED REALITY CARDS THROUGH THE LINK BELOW AND PLAY FOR FREE You can also: - Discover whats hidden in each card! - Feed the Dinosaurs! - Start online battles with them! Please note that not all features of the app may work on older devices. --------...

Developer: Immersive Play

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About: Grandfather's Clock Solitaire - Free Classic Card Game is the best free card game to play and great time killer and brain game for all ages people. Grandfather's Clock Solitaire - Free Classic Card Game is is a fun, challenging and addictive solitaire classic card game. Grandfather's Clock Solitaire - Free Classic Card Game has beautiful designed themes to choose. Grandfather's Clock Solitaire - Free Classic Card Game perfects the core playing experience you know and love. Fun new feature...

Developer: Solitaire World


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About: Domino is a card game with an offline game type. Games that are also often played by people, teenagers and adults -Do not forget to give 5 stars -and share so that this game becomes a popular game thanks....

Developer: chs_71

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About: Ragnarok Triple Triad is a strategy game Monster VS Monster Game. Using Ragnarok Online Monsters Design and Triple Triad Game System Ragnarok Triple Triad bring a new experience for the triple triad game. FEATURES - FREE TO PLAY! - More than 400+ monster and constantly increasing! - Funny 2D Monster Animation - Detail Design Status Monster System - Attack, Place Elementals System. - PVP: Fight with another user. - Evolution System. - Poring Coin earn by PVP Winner. Having any p...

Developer: yagouba diallo

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About: Callbreak, Ludo, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti are the most popular games among starting players. Unlike games like Marriage and 29, these games are pretty easy to learn and play. We tried to bring all those games in a single game, so you can enjoy different games. Callbreak Callbreak is a relatively long-run game played with 52 cards deck between 4 players with 13 cards each. It's game rules are pretty easy to learn; you can learn to play this trick-taking card game within minutes.There are...

Developer: Yarsa Games

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About: This is a card matching game where you want to find the exact match of the card to score points. There are 4 modes currently available being Lives mode, Time attack mode, Turns mode and Endless mode. In Lives mode every incorrect match lowers your amount of lives until you game over, in time attack once the timer hits 0 that's it and in turns mode, you have a set number of turns to complete the levels. Aim for the highest score you can in all 3 modes!...

Developer: uran10

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About: Deal! Get ready, set and shuffle your cards on your mobile device! Flip and sort the cards in ascending order and according to their suit....

Developer: GNS Philippines Corp

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About: nh bi Phom - Ta La (Phm T L) game m t danh bai dn gian cng nh tin ln, mu binh, sm lc, tin ln m l,.. offline khng cn internet. Khng km cnh g nhng game Bu Cua (bau cua), Bn C (ban ca), Tin Ln m L ( tien len dem la ) Mu Binh (mau binh, sap sam), Tin ln min nam ( Tin Ln min nam ). Phm T l mt game nh bi tr tu hot game ca nhiu th h ngi Vit. - Th loi casino st pht chip, vi nhiu cp v mc cc khc nhau, nh ngho nh giu c . ...

Developer: MoPlay - GAME BAI

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Developer: Illusionary Games


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Developer: VeryGames.LOL

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Developer: YMYGAME

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Developer: Classic Game Collection

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Developer: UUS ENDRO

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Developer: Solitaire World



Solitaire TriPeaks: Play Free Solitaire Card Games Reviews and Comments:

I tried to watch banners in order to receive a wildcard, the release stated there were no banners available, and then almost instantly place on an banner after a "thank you for testing" screen, which does not give you anything in exchange. Gee, thanks!
~ Yo yo
I'm really enjoying the release but something strange happened this morning I'm trying to log in and i couldn't because it claimed other player was logged in. it took few tries before I should obtain on. thought you might wish to know. it's never happened b4
~ Rhonda L
Really fun release. If you like solitaire, you'll love this release. All the extras create this release really fun and keeps the release interesting. STP has EARNED my 5 stars!
~ Adam Chance
Fun but takes too much time. If you have 15 mins to slay before work, must watch a bunch of banners for next to no coins; when you do obtain enough coins to obtain useful things, it takes forever to do the Treasure Shrine and most of those are pointless. The medallion? Receive rid of it. Victory 2,000 coins? Used 2,500 to spin. Create it 5,000+. Victory a million coins? Forget it. Scam. Same fake names over and over again. I'd like to test more, just too time consuming and less rewarding than another releases.
~ Kristi Lee
I love this another than it keeps freezing up on me before it goes to a newest release. it gets annoying. I've even emailed them few times. Bug still hasn't been fixed. So I have to exist the release but I still love the release. Jut want they take off the Progressive Booster buy part. That's where it freezes my release. 😒
~ Ms Jnett Woods
Is anyone else's release not loading? I've reloaded it twice & it still won't come on. Need support.
~ Christy Maria
Use to be nice until they place an banner up each 10 minutes. actually it sucks. you have to sit through a 30 sec banner like each 10 to 20 minutes. i just uninstalled it as I will not be forced to watch banners just because the release makers wish to create dollars off the advertising.
~ Amber Moeggenberg
fun release. complex with lots of lvls, gifts, clubs, great graphics. but actually you've destroyed it with banners! and no obvious idea to buy release to avoid them. argh. particularly hate Matchington Mansion Adverts.
~ Pati Young
love the release!! but it is constantly interrupting my devices normal functions when I'm NOT testing the release. this is extremely infuriating when I'm trying to create an emergent device call. is there a idea to turn this off? I don't wish to uninstall but without a solution to this, that will be my only choice. support please!
~ Melissa Koch Neece
It's too expensive to test every release compared to the amount of coins they give to you when you victory. And on some boards they will give you tiny to no cards to test with..tempting you to spend 6000 to 9000 coins ( if you ever have enough), for bonus cards.
~ arms smi
I've been testing this release on and off for months actually. It's addictive and simple to test but what makes it interesting is it has difficulty. Not each lvl is simple and it does obtain frustrating at times to the target of perseverance. The background animation is what create it fun too as is joining a club and aiming to obtain a high score or position to obtain better rewards.
~ lee 1972
This release needs some server upgrades and bug fixes. Almost each release seems to be off by one lately. Hopefully they are not doing this on purpose to sell $30 "flash sale" coin boxes. How much dollars do they think most recipients can afford? That claimed, it is nice fun ... when it works properly.
~ K Lo
this is other dollars hungry release. you only have limited coins per day, and 1 release will spend them all. you can only watch 1 commercial an hour and maybe obtain more then 400 coins. everything is expensive, quests are impossible with out spending actual dollars. Guilds kick you out is you're inactive for more than 2 days.
~ Syd Hess
An Nice and Fun release. You'll obtain addicted quickly. Nice!!!! Never obtain tired of this release.
~ Sylvia Nixon
Nice until you obtain to a certain lvl. Once you hit the higher lvls where it costs 2,000 to 3,000 coins to test a release it's impossible to have enough coins without paying true dollars. All these releases are dollars hungry actually and all they care about are their pockets. It was fun until then, but I have another things to spend my dollars on than mobile releases. If they wish dollars for the release, they could just charge for the release in the first zone.
~ drea w
I came across this release through dollars alarm where they pay u next to nothing to test but pennies create pounds I was taught. Anyway it's all nice and I am actually testing everyday. Plenty of nonpaid equipment to hold u going everyday and love the challenges/quests. My only complaint is that the "watch a video" nonpaid coins test is so fixed.. only once in a blue moon do u victory the large amounts when u pick your choice of card. For example: 90% of the time no matter what card u pick u usually obtain the lowest figure!
~ Michelle Jennings
although addicting to test. i feel like theres too much going on. you need to spend coins to do regular things like test a lvl and i feel like things in the release cost too much. i downloaded this release yesterday and i found myself buying coins too often just to hold testing. just kinda seems like a grimey idea to have recipients hold buying things so you guys can create more dollars. probably deleting this release.
~ Brad Denczi
customer service has been poor, the release itself is poor, you have to have coins or dollars constantly to obtain through lvls, your stars restart, and they can discontinue your club membership at any time so you lose the rewards you worked on ( I was moving and because I wasnt active for a week they took away all my rewards and progress) poor release.
~ katelynn matthews
Fun release except it no longer works on wi-fi. Both my wife and I have this release on our devices and it stopped working on wi-fi about a month or so ago. If the release is opened and the device is connected to wi-fi, the run screen hangs until you force close the release to shut off wi-fi. On small time, it works fine. Really irritating
~ Joaquin Torres
this release is fixed. watch videos and occasionally you obtain more than 800 points. I tested it for 10 days by picking the right most tile and got mostly weak points while the left most tile had the high points. not once did the middle tile obtain the points. I then did the opposite by starting with the left most tile -- same effects. I should chalk it up to terrible luck if I randomly picked titles but that wasn't the topic.. Also, it Claims you that Adverts aren't available but then you can watch an banner elsewhere
~ GUser94954 Cloak
i really enjoy testing with my squad.my squad leaders are nice. however i don't recommend buying anything, like coins or perks. i did and i had a several charges on my profile that i didn't create ..so my dollars accounts are protected actually.i still love the release and really really love my squad...
~ Lori Brown
there is no idea to consistently beat lvls unless you spend dollars to buy coins, use the coins to buy boosters and wild cards. You cannot clear the boards with the cards given unless you use a wild card or few wild cards. You are allowed to watch banners for a chance to victory up to 5000 coins per banner with a full of 5 banners per day to accumulate coins. I played today for about an hour and used almost 20,000 coins. that was with all the nonpaid coins that you accumulate and victory after watching banners.
~ rudolph rowell
I love testing. I test daily but recently there have been troubles. The release freezes and effects in release loss, you lose coins, bonus power ups that may have been used, you lose the opportunity to catch the Poi when it's double Poi day, you miss the opportunity to obtain your 3 stars, you can lose nonpaid release tickets and then you can't continue to test because you are out of everything. Even your opportunity for nonpaid equipment by watching banners has been tweaked to where it claims there are no banners available.
~ Cassie Booth
Product Freezes constantly. It seems as if everything is rigged. Not enough cards. Solitaire is played with 52 cards - 13 sets of 4. Interesting if you count it doesn't add up. When you pick a prize the release seems to change to give you the lowest number. Statistically you would pick some of the higher amounts. Create the release fair. You have a lot of banners. So create it enjoyable and not usually about buying coins. Do it right.
~ M Samuel
The release runs out fun enough but quick becomes an extremely hard, frustrating pain designed to force you to pay for premium equipment to continue. This is a great example of how the developers are destroying the fun of Mobile gaming. I'm deleting it as quick as I write this. Shame on you.
~ John Ellis
Cant even access the release! I've been trying to test for 2 days, and havent been able to obtain past the loading screen. The release doesnt even run. So I lost ALL of my progress, which took forever! Between this and the banners never testing in order to obtain more coins, it's a complete waste!
~ Nova Lynn
I used to love this release. But actually there are far too many "brought to you by" adds forced down your throat that I can't stand it. I repeatedly think it couldn't have been that terrible and I test it again. But I quickly see it is too much and I can't stand it. Watching adds to gain gifts is fine. Having it constantly forced on you is far too much. Too terrible because I used to like testing this.
~ Doreen Miller
recipients are allowed to create you request to join and that's fine. then if you don't test for 6 to 8 hours straight they place you out. this is in invite and public squads. this is ridiculous, it could be set up if your public you can't dismiss nobody until weeks end. if your invite you can dismiss until week ends. recipients have to run all over with points and then are weak on coins. even the points could be carried over if a person is place out and squad that place them out lose double those points.
~ Christian Downs
I love the release, but I want it would give me cards that I now need to clear the boards instead of using all my tokens just to clear it. Actually I can't test other board because there are no more tokens left to continue testing which is more then 2,000 tokens. Also, the booster could have more then just 1 for 6,000 tokens at least 3 to 4 for 6,000. These adjustments would create the release more addictive.
~ Subrina Raghunanan
I really enjoy this release but it's getting harder and harder to victory lvls, even the simple ones. To victory, you have to use boosters or use idea to many coins to obtain bonus cards to victory. The release is glitchy and crashes a lot. It would be great if they would fix what they claim they're going to, but it never happens. It also uses up idea too much battery. That was "fixed" a while ago but I haven't seen my battery life extended at all
~ Kristi Romine
The release was all cute nice except for the fact that you have to pay to transport on to the next lvl.I would suggest this release if you have patients and can wait if required to obtain more coins.
~ Alliyah Trainer
Solitaire is soooooo fun to have around when you had a long day at work or a long long long day at school learning about what you need to know in life to create your life have more of a purpose or have meaning to life. This release is soooooo relaxing to me before my device restart I was on lvl 148 but sadly I locked myself out my OWN device but that was my fault for trying to have policies on my OWN device.I was so depressed because my device was my social life.
~ William Sturdivant
Played a release named Spit as a babe and this is just like that! One card higher or lower it's cute simple peasy lots of challenges and bonus premium equipment it's a nice idea to pass the time for sure!
~ Shanti
FAVORITE GAME EVER!! Would give them 5 stars but their help squad sucks. Their release tweaks and sometimes doesnt pay out prizes and the help squad does nothing to support nor care to compensate.
~ tristyn sampson
LOVE this release. Large stress reliever, all of sudden the release just stops working. No cards present up, just the back ground of the cards. Been having to shut it down and run over. Another than that very nice release!
~ A Google user
This would be 5 stars if the lvls weren't ridiculously expensive. The release is designed to force users to pay for coins (because you dont have lives). I will never buy coins for a release.
~ Brandy Epperson
i have troubles starting up the release. it runs to load but doesn't finish. i never got the chance to test the release. but im not going to waste my time with a release that doesn't run up anyways. im uninstalling it. sorry
~ Jonene Fourie
The release is very addictive & I love chatting with my teammates but, it continues to have troubles with booting me off or freezing up on me. This is very frustrating. I do like the fact that some of their proceeds go to different charities or causes. A fund raiser for Cystic fibrosis would be greatly appreciated. Editing on 6-5-19.....this release also pops up with "unknown error has occurred " to frequently & it stills coins away from you & Boss only knows what else.....club points are very important
~ Pam Bell-Reaves
For over a month actually, I have an ad that pops up after testing 1 release, and I can not X out of the banner or test the release any further. I have to log out, force stop the release clear the release ap cache, then run over again, only to test 1 release again and be blocked by the ad again. I have contacted help few times only to be claimed to contact Samsung as it's their trouble. Samsung claims it is a release trouble. I'm about to give up on this release.
~ Elizabeth McDowell
I absolutely hate that I have to shut wifi off or the release doesn't work at all. Too many unnecessary pop-ups after everything. The task or target page automatically pops up after each single lvl and slows down the release. ALOT of unnecessary animation that makes the release freeze. I enjoy the actual card release and castle information. There's alot of cheating, recipients and the release. The everyday counter isn't accurate, not even close. Slash down on the animation and pop-ups, not even the banners but many pages of bs.
~ Samantha Brown