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Solitaire Story: Monster Magic Mania   
About: Search mysterious worlds full of magic & creatures in Solitaire Storyline: Creature Magic Mania! On your solitaire journey youll travel to distant lands and rescue the trapped monsters from the evil solitaire witch your dudes need your support, will you respond their call?! From haunted mansions to spooky castles and beyond, youll have lots of relaxing card puzzles to solve on your quest across every land. Were constantly expanding and adding exciting newest worlds so hold checking back for newest upgrades! A CASUAL, RELAXING CARD GAME! Solitaire Storyline: Creature Magic Mania brings the fun of the classic card release to your tablet with a dash of mystery, some beautiful creatures and a entire of lot excitement youll have hours of fun testing this relaxing single user card release. The gameplay is easy just clear the piles of cards on the screen by choosing the card ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 62MB Developer: Beautiful Free Solitaire Games by Difference Games
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About: Name three things in relation to the card shown in 5 seconds or less! Can you do it? Recommended for 3+ players....

Developer: Garrett Sundin [email protected]

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Developer: SpadesSoft [email protected]

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About: Relax and enjoy all your favorite solitaire games and the finest features in one great app! Our stunning new animations will delight and entertain as you play. Gorgeous backgrounds and card backs let you create the perfect ambiance to savor your well-deserved break in the day. Download now - you deserve only the best! - Intuitive Auto Play and One-Tap make game play smooth and easy! - Celebrate your wins with our unique Game Stats and fun Interactive Charts. - Animated Hints. - Over ...

Developer: Tesseract Mobile [email protected]

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About: Find people around you that want to trade cards....

Developer: CrowdMTG [email protected]

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About: Can play full countdown game or a single round (classic Crazy Eights). Two, Three, or Four player modes Randomized starting player Tap cards in your hand to select them to be played in the order of your choice Tap opponents' hand to see what round they're on (countdown mode only) If you've drawn a card and cannot make a move, game will continue to next player Optional Rules: Next player picks up 2 cards Next player picks up 5 cards Next player loses a tur...

Developer: Gordon Lancop [email protected]

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About: Play Spades, Bidding, Blind Bidding and Paired Bidding card games offline free. Have fun and test your spades knowledge with most sophisticated artificial intelligence. You can also choose theme and card style, set game rules according to your own preferences from game settings. Game Rules * Everyone plays for himself / herself. * In spades game, spade is the trump and you only guess how much you could win. * In bidding game, the bidder with maximum number will choose the trump and...

Developer: SADEGAMES [email protected]

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About: Belote : Free and Fun is the popular card game, against opponents simulated by an high-level artificial intelligence, with tournaments, bank, lucky wheel, players will have moments of relaxation and fun entertainment. Belote : Free and Fun is a free belote game, you can play this game everytime and everywhere because this is a belote offline Play belote tournament with smart virtual partner Win a lot money with lucky spin With bank player never over money Beautiful graphics, smooth moti...

Developer: SENSPARK CO., LTD [email protected]


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About: Spider Go is a faster way to play your favorite, classic Spider Solitaire! This new, FREE game is perfect to play anywhere, anytime. MobilityWare is the maker of the best card games on Google Play, including the #1 Solitaire and Spider Solitaire games. == How to Play == This brand new variant of solitaire is played like Spider Solitaire, but uses a smaller deck of cards. Win the game by placing all the cards of each suit in stacks in descending order, from King all the way down to 8. Adj...

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About: You may have played a lot of Solitaire, but you have never played this kind of Solitaire before. Solitaire Academy bring Klondike Solitaire to a whole new level with magic and strategy. To all those who enjoy solitaire, We give you an open invitation enter the world of Solitaire Academy. If you are tired of playing normal Solitaire and desire bigger challenges, Solitaire Academy will definitely give you an overwhelming experience. Feature Set in a Magical Academy, surround yoursel...

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About: Solitaire classic 2020 is the most famous card game, also called Klondike. you will love this game We strove to respect the spirit of the classic card game (also known as Klondike or Patience). So, if you like to play card games, download this free classic solitaire card game Try our Solitaire card app, which is beautiful and fun like the classic Solitaire. Solitaire classic card game that you know and love for your phone and tablet. Discover crisp, clear and easy-to-read maps, qui...

Developer: nano stusio pro [email protected]

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About: Play Solitaire Special Edition 2018 and test your skills in playing a classic solitaire game. Features * Simple gameplay * Excellent graphics * Unlimited undos! This card game will keep you glued to your phone for many hours. All the best in becoming the best solitaire player....

Developer: GoodyFun Apps [email protected]

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About: I provide the Old Maid application that it is easy to play. It is able to set the game speed, so you can finish a few minutes. Please play in your free time. This game has various result of you playing. After that you could confirm them, it is fun! - Additional information This game does not have sounds. You can play quietly. - Official Twitter _STUDIO - Official page - Support OS AndroidOS 4.4 over. Part of the terminal are non support....

Developer: ko-chan studio. [email protected] _studio

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About: One great premium game to even more enjoy your favourite solitaire games! Classic Steel Solitaire based on card game called Klondike or Patience and FreeCell Solitaire based on amazingly popular FreeCell card game are here to give you thousand hours of playing! And now Tri Peaks Solitaire with one oryginal level is also on board! This fantastic PREMIUM game gives you also additional BACKGROUNDS and CARD SKINS! And finally this game is totally free from commercials! Don't forget t...

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About: _______ Download and play Spider Solitaire Craze ( Ads Free ) _______ Spider Solitaire is the most famous variant among all of the Solitaire strategy Card games. And now available to your Android device free.This Spider Solitaire version is the only Spider Solitaire game that comes with a rich carefully crafted HD graphics and a beautiful collection of all new mind relaxing binaural music and eye catching themes. And not only that our Spider Solitaire game comes...

Developer: Revelation Arts [email protected]


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About: Schnapsen is a trick-taking card game. The aim is to reach 66 points. Deal Deck of 20 cards is used. Each player is dealt a hand of five cards. One card is placed face up on the table (this is the trump card). The remainder of the deck is placed face down to form the stock. Card Values Ace 11, Ten 10, King 4, Queen 3, Jack 2 Marriages Marriages are a King and Queen put together. You can play a marriage if you are first to play and you have the Queen and the King of the same su...

Developer: Miran Kirn [email protected]

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About: Tien len ("Tin ln") ,considered the national card game of Vietnam , is a game intended and best for 4 players....

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About: Every solitaire fan knows how to play the Spider. This card game is both simple and addictive. Its also a very fun way to improve the attention span as during the game youll have to constantly keep in mind the suit and the rank of each card youve opened. When developing Solitaire: Spider classic we did our best to gather all the useful features a user may require in one app. Thats why every player can easily switch between different levels of difficulty (one, two or four suits), change th...

Developer: Stockbrıdge West [email protected]

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About: Crazy 8 & Friends brings the best of this popular card game into your phones. This fast-paced card game is a childhood favorite among people across the globe. Features: - LIVE, Online Multiplayer lets you play with people all over the world - PRIVATE Mode for players who wants to play with just their friends - Play with up to 4 opponents at a time - Login with FACEBOOK or play as Guest - OFFLINE Mode for when you are traveling without Internet - CHAT during the game with other oppone...

Developer: Crazy8 Game Studios [email protected]



Solitaire Story: Monster Magic Mania Reviews and Comments:

This release is lots of fun
~ Goddessmaat Maat
1 of the finest solitair releases on small. many options besides dollars to obtain boosters n gold
~ Mike Roberts
nice release!!! simple to test and fun too!!
~ A Google user
Vampires is a my g00d release
~ Christy Burgett
just started playin', but really kinda diggin' it!
~ Jackie Anschutz
i love this release
~ Felicia Carberry
nice idea to relax
~ Vickie Garza
i kant obtain enuff of this gane I. luv it
~ A Google user
nice release to test
~ A Google user
its ok different type of solitare
~ Jsout Gaming
Just started this release and I really like it so far. Nice Graphics.
~ A Google user
Very calming and fun!
~ Tammera Sherwood
nice release , don't have to spend true dollars to test
~ A Google user
I enjoy the release and like that you can watch the ads to be able to continue to test without having to pay.
~ A Google user
A very powerful Products.
~ Juanita Gaytan
~ Patricia West
fun and keeps your attention
~ Ayden Parker
needs more quest or something
~ A Google user
grear release to pass the time.
~ Betty Aberly
simple to learn. enjoy to test.
~ Sondra Harper
nice release keeps you on your toes
This release is fun and simple, quite great.
~ Justin R.
Nice release, very enjoyable and relaxing. I wish to test another releases made by this company. You can help the devs and remove banners for a tiny charge.
~ Michael Ruppel
nice release,ex to test . and cool graphics
~ gregory tedder
this release is nice and fun and relaxing
~ brandy stephens
love the different back rounds and its so fun
~ Amanda Dulmus
Cool, but should classic etc.? AWESOME WALLPAPER FRIEND
~ Jeremy Hendrick
Having fun so far with this release it's fun
~ Teriann streeterlloyd
It's not terrible. But it freezes after each banner is closed, forcing you to exit the release unless you like a constant black screen.
~ Gabe Puratekuta
This is a nice release to pass time, keeps ya testing in the beginning. The card flipping should be a tiny more refined but it's got nice graphics. I like solitary releases, this one has a twist on it.
~ Becky Bubblezz
fun an addictive LOL if you love Solitaire this is definitely for you
~ Teresa Kenns
Very Great Product I enjoy testing This Product. Thanks Very Much
~ happy grandma 55
love testing this release I have not had any troubles with the release
~ A Google user
Nice tiny release passes the time, definately can rack up the gold.
~ Mike Cribbs
I feel like there should be more to it but it's still fun and passes the time when you're bored.
~ Ashley Yeater
i consider this to be likened to a release of "SPEED" only by myself, with distractions, and just as much fun!
~ Samantha Peyton
lots of fun, hold your mind busy, I'm going for a 5 dollar wall Mart card by testing ,
~ Jill. Fraley Hamilton
Thought this was nice until... I can't obtain rewards for winning lvls since the modernization... What is the target of having Collections... If the release doesn't offer the Way to victory them! was a 5 Star release...
~ Tracy Roberts
the release is nice but emptying the coin jar once it is filled is super (like its counting the coins one at a time?) slow and annoying because it runs over if you minimize or close it out.
~ A Google user
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!Just like any another solitaire release, only every lvl needs to be unlocked (a lot of needless, time consuming button pushing, they should easily have sets to unblock for more coins instead of what they have actually); additionally, the adds are intrusive. Yes, I realise releases create dollars from ads, but they give you the 'option' to watch other video for gifts, and when you click NO, you are sent to the video anyways, without any in release premium. Lacklustre and not worth the problem.
~ Vi V.