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About: The solitaire lord is a Klondike card release . You winning if place the all table cards to the top slot. Card on the bottom will be cleaned up as a black and red color sequence. High number cards can not go higher than the top of the weak number cards. [Informations] - Multiplayer mode: Globe online solitaire war are waiting! - Scene Mode: diverse and special scene is ready. - Classic Mode: Check to test the traditional Klondike in App. - Card moves easily with a single touch! - Infinite tricks provided - You can feel nonpaid to revert back. - Helps Achievements and Leaderboards, Invite dudes. - Helps device devices. Blog: ?id=4864673505117639552 Fb: YouTube :
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 9MB Developer: mobirix
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Similar Games Like Lamtamnhu nauy Alternatives
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About: Games (State 1): Fdt i Taipei, Taiwan, den eldste snnen til en familie p tre, er det en yngre enn hennes ett r, de andre seks rene yngre enn henne. Siden. I april 2006 var Lam Tam Nhu som MC Kim Hy De vert for Kangxi-programmet og kom ut som gjest. Parets affre slutter raskt. Lam Tam Nhu (fdt 27. januar 1976) er Taiwans mest kjente kvinnelige sanger, produsent og skuespillerinne, og spiller rollen som Xia Ziy i Hulu-dramaet, basert p det kvinnelige prinsippet. medlem Quynh Dao. Lins far ...

Developer: Hoang Minh Tan PAXX NA [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fantasy Pairs Alternatives
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About: Simple mechanics won't take much time for you to understand the game! The basics are easy. Just click on a card to flip it, and then find the same card on the deck for them to match. As simple as that! But don't waste much time, cause it's running out! Be swift to progress and get a higher score! Features: - Mystery dungeon theme - Unique card visuals - Different card backgrounds - All games are automatically saved - Random generated levels - Endless mode - 100% Free without any ads!...

Developer: Andrii Fedenyak [email protected]

Similar Games Like "Beat The House" Black- Jack Alternatives
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About: "Beat The House" Black-Jack app provides the best strategies and mathematical formulas to increase your winnings up to 80%! Learn how to double your money and beat the house @ all time! Our app provides you with the tools you need to implement a winning strategy in the Casino or playing online. Improve your skills today! Available on the Google Play!...

Developer: U8POKER [email protected]

Similar Games Like Solitaire VR Alternatives
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About: Play your favorite Solitaire games in the luxury, warmth and grandeur of the Baron's ancient mountain keep. Klondike, Freecell, Yukon... they're all there - each deck placed around the magical keep. Explore the rooms and find your favorite spot to curl up and play. But beware - the keep is old and holds secrets best left hidden! Are you content to while away your days with your favorite game and the scenic views, or do you dare unlock the tales of the past? Either way, the cards beckon you ...

Developer: Tripp [email protected]

Similar Games Like Baraja Lotería MX 2 Alternatives
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About: Baraja Lotera MX 2 es una aplicacin que sirve para "Barajar" y "Correr" las cartas de la lotera nacional mexicana. Caractersticas de nuestra aplicacin: + Sacar cartas automticamente + Juego manual (presiona la carta para sacar la siguiente) + Cartas cantadas, No grites, nuestra app gritar las cartas por ti! + GRABA TU VOZ! - utiliza tu propia voz en tus partidas Qu esperas para probar esta maravillosa App? Tienes alguna duda, queja o sugerencia? Envame un email a gu...

Developer: ZimbronApps.com [email protected]

Similar Games Like Match 3 Card Game - Gyul Hap  Alternatives
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About: This is a completely free fast-paced mobile card game that forces you to think on your feet! Based off The Genius - a popular Korean Game Show, Gyul Hap tests your ability to spot combos based on several patterns. It consists of several modes: Zen Mode - Take your time to spot the patterns that exist within the board! Campaign - Play through increasingly harder levels to improve your skill! Time Attack - How good are you when the time's ticking? Play against a one-minute clock! ...

Developer: movingg.still studios [email protected]

Similar Games Like Spite and Malice Alternatives
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About: Spite and Malice one of the most popular card games finally comes to Android! Spite and Malice, also known as Skip-Bo or Cat and Mouse, is a competitive card game for two players. Play Spite and Malice against opponents simulated by advanced artificial intelligence. Spite and Malice Free provides classy graphics, super smooth game play, highly salable difficulty & much more. ** How To Play Spite and Malice** Spite and Malice was originally a two player game, and it is easiest to descr...

Developer: gamespot [email protected]


Similar Games Like Gin Rummy Free Card Games Alternatives
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About: Gin Rummy card game is one of the most popular forms of free rummy. Play the best gin rummy free card game and improve your skills. Gin Rummy free is now available for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. Download gin rummy app & you can play gin rummy offline anywhere you want. There is no need for an internet connection. Gin Rummy free is a hugely popular card game for 2 players, where the aim is to form sets and runs of cards before your opponent. It's simple and qu...

Developer: Moonfire [email protected]

Similar Games Like Bar10n  Alternatives
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About: Bar10n is a fun, exciting strategy game that diversifies the digital systems that are created by a very unique set of rules that bring a new vision to open card games (playing cards), new special scoring and playing....

Developer: İlhami Savaş OKUR [email protected]

Similar Games Like Bridge Calculator Pro Alternatives
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About: This app is made for scoring your rubbers or your teams matches, and can also be used as a scoresheet. All data is saved to your phone and can be reviewed later, or exported to html or pbn. Traditional rubber scoring without honors or chicago style(4-deal bridge) is supported. Scoring of teams sessions uses standard IMP and the ACBL VP-table. Now also rubbers with russian IMP scoring! Recording of complete or partial bidding sequences and hand diagrams is simple and intuitive(only for the ...

Developer: Thomas Haukland [email protected]

Similar Games Like KeyForge Tokens  Alternatives
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About: Manage your KeyForge match is now easy with "KeyForge Tokens". Keep track of your AEmbers, constarints, forged keys and all others tokens on your cards. Manage also damages of every creature on your board and related stolen AEmbers. Use our app is simple and fast to do not to lose concentration on the game. "KeyForge Tokens" is a multi-language app available in: - English/American English - Italian - German - French - Spanish Buy official game directly from the app and discover tri...

Developer: AvocadoDev [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fairy Mage  Alternatives
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About: Do not miss the friends who like Mages! In the game, you need to create your game characters, recruit and cultivate Mages you are familiar with, and strive to become the most powerful 3 stars Mage! Come on!Explore the world of Mage! [Game introduction] The most interesting Mage game "Fairy Mage" shocked attack, more than 200 different Mage roles for you to choose, you can find the Mage role you want! Classic retro game style let you find the feeling of animation! Rich game development s...

Developer: Erline Griffith [email protected]

Similar Games Like Dont Punch The Baby Alternatives
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About: The object of the game is to eliminate all foreign creatures and objects from harming the babies. There will be a simple deck shuffler that distributes 25 cards per round. As the cards are dealt, place each card into the proper container. There are 3 types of containers. The Crib Container (babys crib) is where the player slides the baby cards; The Nanny Bag Container (bag on the chair)is where you want to slide all Care Cards(cards items for the baby), and a Trash Can Container which is where...

Developer: StoneTrap Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Superhero Battle | Card Game | MARVEL | DC COMICS  Alternatives
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About: Get Ready for epic versus card battling game featuring your favorite Super Heroes & Super Villains from Marvel and DC Comics in this ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider Man, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Thanos & more await your summons to battle! Super Heroes and Villains must unite in this action card game, including the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk, Thor and more. Join legendary heroes, collect the shards, assemble a team, begin your quest and collect all t...

Developer: AppWarp [email protected]


Similar Games Like Lieng - Cao To - 3 Cay Alternatives
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About: Ling - Co T (Lieng - Cao To) c ni gi l bi 3 cy l th loi tr chi danh bai dn gian da trn b bi ty 52 l ph bin Vit Nam. Tr chi c cch chi tng t nh bi co mien nam. Lieng - Cao To c kiu chi cc k n gin, nhng rt hp dn v th v, khng cn kt ni mng, nh vi my gii tr cc hay, c bit l hon ton mien phi. Khng km cnh g nhng game bu cua (bau cua), bn c (ban ca), tin ln min nam (tien len mien nam), mu binh (mau binh, sap sam), phm ...

Developer: 52PLAY Game Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like M show poker  Alternatives
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About: It is all about five cards and you could not see one of the hidden cards can be all kind of result will come out base on five card...

Developer: myo ma ma soe [email protected]

Similar Games Like Draw A Card Alternatives
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About: Just Draw A Card...

Developer: KKietis [email protected]

Similar Games Like Canasta - Card Games Alternatives
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About: Canasta is a classic card game with many variations around the world. It's really close to other card games like Buraco, Truco and Tranca. Canasta for two players is the same as four-handed Canasta, in a two player game, each player plays for himself. Canasta is generally agreed to be best for four players, playing in partnerships. Canasta is normally played with two standard 52 card packs plus four jokers (two from each pack), making 108 cards in all. Canasta is a type of rummy card game ...

Developer: gamespot [email protected]

Similar Games Like Indian Rummy - Card Games  Alternatives
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About: Indian Rummy is one of the most popular Indian card games. Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is a card game with little variation from the original Rummy card game. Indian Rummy card game is also well-known as Paplu, Remi, Romi, Romme, Ramme, Rmi, Rumi & Rami. Straight rummy offers the best gaming experience on your Android device. It is normally considered a cross between Rummy 500 & Gin Rummy Card Game. Indian Rummy is an interesting and skill-required card matching game....

Developer: gamespot [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mindi - Indian Card Games Alternatives
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About: Mindi is the Most Popular Indian Card Game. It is also known as Mendi, MindiKot, Mendhi Coat, Mindi Multiplayer, Dehla Pakad (means "Collect the tens") ! Mindi is a fun trick taking card game hailing from India, where it is quite popular. It is a mind blowing Indian card game. Card games are very popular everywhere. A slight variation of Mindi is also known as Coat piece. Mindi is considered to be a game for smart people and needs some strategy to win it. Mindi is designed for four pl...

Developer: gamespot [email protected]



Solitaire King Reviews and Comments:

very nice
~ Mohamed the GAMER
~ Natalie Stansberry
~ Avery Planty
~ A Google user
very relaxing
~ Shakiru Habeeb
I love this release.
~ A Google user
Create it speedy
~ Ace Valdoria
Nice card release
~ Val Bagley
It was fun
~ Sandra Tingle
A nice release
~ Ossie David McNeal
love the release.
~ Kathleen Toner
I enjoy this release lots of fun
~ mark gwathney
This is my favoured solitaire release.
~ Linda Sorley
Thoroughly enjoy the release
~ Bev Koster
it is nice release but not so terrible
~ Raju Sen
Very nice addiction for all that test it
~ Kirsty Lavis
pleasr launch release
~ Teresa Garcia
~ Rowena Bersabal
Fun, addicting and supports relieve stress. Nice job.
~ Sharon Mercier
I test Solitaire each single day!!! Thanks
~ A Google user
love the release
~ Louis Songor
awesome...Sharpe colors are bright
~ A Google user
Not that terrible
~ Mbuyi Nkomba
i like the auto moves
~ Ariel LIFE
faster than most another solitaire releases do to less razz ama tazz
~ Richard Johnson
This gaim is a nice thing .
~ Monjurul Islam
it was so nice to test
~ A Google user
love the auto complete.
~ TheHer
very challenging, fun to test
~ Chris Wozniak
keeps your Brain bissy love the release.
~ A Google user
I hold going back to this release so something gotta be rite
~ Eva Miller
its a fun release to pass the time
~ Nancy Wooten
so far so nice ????????
~ obdulia severin
thank all of u
~ Koorosh Irani
I love this release
~ Ethel Garrett
Nice luck to everyone
~ Fred Flip
~ Carol Clark
it wasn't all that nice - there were some moves it claimed couldn't be made but u had to transport them yourself
~ A Google user
ok but i want it would not transport cards before I've had time to spot them.
~ angela rickerby
uninstalling ,after 2 weeks finding release boring ,yes it relaxes you , but at the same time idea to simple .on the chellange lvls the release run with everything done up to 3 ,or 5 ,to simple for me each a babe that can count to 10 can test this.
~ Tania Holl