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About: Its the last minute of the release and your foe has the ball but hes lost it! What a chance to score the master you take aim, shoot GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! With easy gameplay and nice physics, Soccer Stars is simple to pick up and fun to test! In real competitive style, challenge your foes all over the globe for online table soccer matches! Compete in different tiers, from different countries! Test online versus recipients from all over the globe or versus your dudes! Login with your Fb profile and challenge your dudes to present them what it means to be a Soccer Legend and take the cup home! Oh, and you can also test offline versus a dude in the same device! You can also customize your Soccer Stars experience by collecting the different squads! Present off your style and defend your nations colors! What are you waiting for? Everyone else is already testing Soccer Stars! Dont m ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Miniclip.com
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Soccer Stars Reviews and Comments:

Pitiful release that just wants your dollars. 1.99 for this and 2.99 for that. only .99 for this
~ johnny batum
The release is nice. I understand that some equipment can't be purchased by in release dollars. However, the prices are tiny expensive. And for those who claim that they don't obtain all the dollars it's the salary charge of your users and if you wish to remove that you gotta have the last agent. Anyways, thank you for this nice release!
~ Stef Kaplan
nice release, smart concept. however the aiming needs a rework. too many times I have lost a release because of where the ball was or how the aiming works. I think the aim could be controlled somewhere else on the screen so you can see where you are shooting/aiming. Contains pay-to-victory (like each another small release)
~ Jared McNevin
In the newest ver it doaen't present my coins and dollars. Please fix it.
~ mohammad hossein Niati
All too often disconnecting whilst matching a user or during a release. Eventually going to the login screen and finding all coins (especially in an All In release) gone. So many coins lost because of this. Won't be testing again until fixed.
~ Stephen Brewster
awesome. one of the finest releases I've played till actually! it can be better if they add groups in it like hill climb2, and the another releases
~ Ashkan Teymouri
i ordered a box of bucks for 34 rupees but i did not obtain the in release dollars. i tried contacting the help but it's a pain to obtain through to them. I'm uninstalled this release because these recipients are just a bunch of thieves.
~ Chaitanya Chekuri
most rigged release on Playstore. The foe runs testing like a pro in the middle of nowhere. Enemy exits the release once u score the winning target and that target is not counted. The idea most of the foes are testing is fully imposible (they never miss-shot) The total winning amount is reduced once u victory the release.
~ Mohan Chaskar
This release has a idea of just leaving an terrible taste in your mouth. You can test a 20 minute release if your foe just constantly hits it in the corner. And the luck targets where someone just full blasts the ball and it hits a wall and 3 defenders and magically goes in is ridiculous. Dont download
~ Ben Bue
this release is kinda nice but I want it was more skill and not luck. recipients mostly just hit the ball asset full force and score. sometimes I'll test to obtain out of a case but my foe gets lucky and the ball somehow lands right in front of their puck thing which gives them an launch target. that penalty shot mode is the only skill one. I usually victory in that one.
~ Salvador Laureltorres
Big complaint here. in this release they don't care who you match up versus, you should be a lvl 9 (like me) with a primary squad and go versus a lvl 108. How am I supposed to obtain better at a release that I can't even go versus some recipients around my lvl? This has happened multiple times to me.
~ 9sixstar
decent release test but it takes coins off you for no reason, doesn't give you the right amount when you victory a release and if your testing a release it will claim slow connection please wait and then stop the release and take all your coins.... if it wasnt for these troubles it would be a nice release.
~ Pete Greenough
Some users are really annoying. They hold hiding the ball and knocking your disc all the time. There could be some restriction to cheating behaviors. There are still bugs in the release being used. I'm really pissed!
~ zakaria seknoun
release is nice but there are too many bugs.... otherwise the release is nice...gotta test
~ Talking Joe
It is a great release with too many troubles. It looks like a primary release but needs powerful internet connection. I have lost thousands of coins because my foe gets disconnected midway. Even though I was leading the release, I lose the coins. Sometimes the timer keeps in ticking and I can't test my turn and even though I am leading, it will claim you lose and I lose coins. Too many pop-ups and company banners, very irritating.
~ Saroj Pokhrel
The release allows anonymous Guest users or users showing no picture, while they can view your picture and name. Absolutely not ok. The direction and the strength of the shot I search cute hard to control. Connecting... you see that so much. Having to wait for the foe while the timer is going. Matching of users is horrible; you can be matched with users with a difference of over a hundred.
~ Gábor Bánóczi
its a lot like finger soccer. nice, but needs a several changes: 1. last squad to touch the ball could have possession on next turn. 2. if you touch the user from opposing squad before the ball it could be a foul. 3. scale it up a bit and create atleast 9 users, 11 would be finest. 4. change how the pressure is calculated. That pull bavk way is hard at some territories on the device.
~ R De Campos
a smart tiny release! there's customizations that can be purchased with true and in-release dollars. I want we should pick how to customize our growth, but at least everyone grows in the same idea. Not everything can be earned with in-release dollars which i understand but dont like. Purchases may give an advantage, though they dont determine a victory. Hold it up devs! i just started & really enjoy this release.
~ Reginald Laniger
by far, it's an nice release. been testing for almost 3/4 years..overall it's enjoyable. currently I've a trouble which is I can't test online with my facebook dude whom is beside me. I can see my dude is online and able to challenge him. but it keeps spinning for a long time even though my dude had approve the challenge. please support. thank you a bunch.
~ Izzy Saniy
downloaded this release for nonpaid cue as a reward but didn't obtain any , worst idea to promote any release .
~ Nikki Dixit
Matchmaking is very unfair after newest modernization. Product screen rotates even when auto rotation is off after newest modernization.
~ Balagopal RK
i modernized and actually it skips to shots when trying to obtain targets when you test victory boxes on trickshots a time skips dont like that but really nice release love it
~ Ashley Cooper
there is probem in trickshot arena matches.when u pick the coins,the release pick sth esle.another trouble is that sometimes you score a target and suddenly because of net connection trouble,your target doesnt approved or approve.
~ Mehdi Abbasi
Nice release, but needs patching badly. Will rob you of your turns and targets and act like you never shot the ball, giving your turn to your foe.
~ Austin Park
nice release testing for years glitches in present ver have made hard to test the release to test shot on changing sides of device the screen is auto rotated auto rotation of device being turned off causing trouble in focussing of shot otherwise my device is ok plz address the trouble.
~ Asif Lodhi
When the internet is powerful enough it's very great, but if your internet connection is low you can't test well
~ امير محمد نساج
The mismatches here are poor! Im lvl 19 so how the hell did i obtain a guy that's lvl 113! I mean what sense does that create?
~ Darren Luxtan
really dumb. just dump the ball in the corners and wait for your foe to obtain impatient and do something dumb.
~ Greg Rekounas
I obtain many chances to challenge versus so many countries,earn more and more many to upgrade users and many more. I love this release and will never decide to delete it. It is a really nice soccer release
~ Nayna Agarwal
This release is designed to allow users lose so they spend more true dollars on ingame coins. cute sure the another "users" are all bots so it is almost impossible to victory the higher coins you spend thus making you buy more coins.
~ Peter Petersen
i don't know about the another users but for me this release is so unfair when you testing versus others , 1vs1 , pelanties , championships , ....... , all the users i'm matching with are on much higher lvl than me , like actually i'm on lvl 12 and all the another users i'm testing versus are in lvl 50 and even higher sometimes , like why ?? and especially when you bet 500 or you test the all in . please fix the matching equipment and create it a tiny bit more fair . thank you
~ Robert A.K
terrible. i just downloaded it so i should write a terrible reveiw, i hold accidently clicking on the banner and it brings me here, i couldnt $#!t on the release unless i downloaded it. so the devs can sux a fat one.
~ special ed
this is a nice release nice idea the reason for 2 stars is connection. i have exellent internet and each 3 releases or so me or my foe has connectivity troubles. with this fixed it would be 5 star all the idea.
~ Jarrod Clifton
I've had this release for years and while I dont test it as often anymore, I hold coming back to it. The gameplay overall, is very nice, however it would be nice to see more incentives/better prizes in the everyday challenges as coins can become insignificant unless you're fully out of them.
~ John Davis
wastes my chips each time I run a release and doesn't allow me test, I'm down 1000 and didnt obtain to test the last few releases because it wants me to watch an banner...it was fun before this happened
~ Guy Cruciani
I have had this release for years and while don't test it as often anymore. I hold coming back to it . The gameplay overall is very nice news. However it would be nice to see more incentives and better prizes in the everyday challenges as coins can become insignificant unless you are fully out of them
~ Jagdish chander
the release is nice !!! we can spend hours testing....but we cannot test with Fb dudes ... you challenge someone and.... it doesnt work.... you approve a challenge from someone...it doesn't work neither.....fix this instantly please !!!!!
~ Sérgio Bertolucci
It's a nice release.But the major trouble is when it understands your victory percentage is getting better and winning more regularly, it intentionally tries to lose you and runs favouring your foe by giving the foe to score more targets.As a effects although you are testing well enough you will feel yourself unlucky.
~ A Google user
I used to absolutely love this release but I am over it. Its designed to take your coins so you hold buying more but they give nothing back so are never getting any more dollars out of me. They take "commission" from each victory. On championships create you leave an lvl up before you can test the next one. When you victory spins the prizes are rigged to give you the smallest prizes possible. Current release test is nice but the owners crash it by being too greedy and it takes the fun away.
~ Casey McDonagh
Glitches support tools. Beating a guy from Singapore 2-0. After that each time I took a shot it claimed "waiting for your foes response" then it kept resetting to before the last shot so it was stuck in a loop where he was stopping me testing and winning. Had to leave the release. @#$%^&*Glitches!!!
~ Carl Baines