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About: Can you hoof your soccer ball past the Statue of Liberty? Or the Eiffel Turret, Large Ben or even the pyramids? And then all around the globe! Time your kick perfectly for bonus power - the further you kick, the more coins you earn. Then upgrade your power and ball bounciness and see the ball fly past these nice global landmarks. How far can you kick it? Maybe to zone?!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: VOODOO
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Soccer Kick Reviews and Comments:

nice afternoon please search the Xbox live gold membership please search the Xbox live arcade releases or productivity of your files within reach from any pc system into which it is not available for remote playback is unavailable right actually because this video is not dead yet please please allow me do some more information please check attached what
~ Poopdoop134 2
Really enjoyed the release, but idea to many banners. each 2 kicks you have to watch an banner.
~ Ragemuch
I can't test the release it usually present me this text thanks for testing and place me in profile that I didn't made it and the name is loc lvl 3 and there's no hero to kick the ball and can't launch anything just like release when freezes and can't go to settings to I hope you fix this I give you 5 stars ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
~ Mahmoud Ashab
Addicting release, but excessive banners. Apparently a trend with Voodoo. Uninstalling and will avoid their releases in the future.
~ neil lutsenhizer
if you like banners each 10 seconds then this is the release for you. this piece of s*** has more banners than any f****** release I've ever seen.
~ J Snedeker
nice release only one trouble... all the dollars that upu nake when offline count its claims you can claim it but after takeing tye one power shot it gives you when you login the dollars goes away.... please fix this..
~ Farhan Javaid
WAY TO MANY FRICKEN ADDS 2 KICKS AND AN ADD HOWEVER-fun like the updates and nice time aggressor while on the throne waiting to do the proper paperwork to finish.... about an hour later and still don't feel like doing that paperwork needed to finish however the wife and babes are requesting my presence. still very very very fun to test
~ Joshua Coulombe
the amount of adds and the length of them really take the fun out of the release. i understand the reason for the adds, i really do but come on, i spend more time watching adds them testing the release
~ James Owens
this is an banner virus release...it opens chrome to national consumer centre and you cannot obtain away from it without closing all your apps and starting over ...or making a buy for online services...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING THIS GAME..A lot of orher banners too ...its literally an banner. release.
~ Ade Walker
it's so fun this release oh voodoo you create the finest releases like hole.io you could really obtain like a really nice Swansea and I really really really nice sponsor that makes you releases much much better but the reason why given this 5 stars is because I just like how it's involved in soccer footballs one of my most favored releases it's just so fun I really wish to see you create like more soccer releases.
~ Amy Rideout
how in hells name do you test this release there are no instructions on what to do, hold touching the ball but nothing happens, might support users if you claimed them what to do ( uninstall after 3 minutes ) ???
~ jojobaby123
sure the release is great but voodoo has a sense of greediness of placing banners after 2 shots like voodoo plz stop harvesting dollars out of banners.you do have alot of releases so it is simple for you to earn dollars.plz stop the banner storm it is annoying.my opinion is,don't test voodoo releases as it has a volcano of banners every and each release.
~ Alicia Ho
it's a fun release and really addicteding and I love that you can obtain dollars for nonpaid when your offline and you obtain to pick the amount and upgrade it
~ Wizock
It is not too terrible of a time waster. There is idea to many banners. I would test it more if there weren't banners after each 2 kicks.
~ flaco 619ny
doesnt worth a single star at all. To create things worst, i'm watching banners rather than testing the release....hopeless...pissing me off!!
~ A Google user
if you love to watch banners then go ahead and download this release ! and dont worry in between banners you'll obtain to kick a soccer ball once or twice while you wait for your next banner to load
~ Jon Pribble
fun release, but...for the love of jesus do you have to have so many banners? its total BS.
~ FamilyReels
It's crazy because I usually obtain bored with releases really speedy and end up uninstalling them the next day but this release is very addicting and a nice time aggressor. ads can be a bit annoying though.
~ Jay Vasquez
it was fun at the beginning, the normal amount of banners then all of a sudden I won Walmart gift card? what is that? it doesn't allow me go back to the release. I had to restart the release in order to test again. I reccomend it because it's fun but I also don't suggest it because of the banner factor.
~ Christian Banker
Idea too many banners to enjoy the release. Excessive amounts. Download only if you're interested in 25 to 30 seconds of gameplay between banners
~ Cl0ck Tow3r
I think it should have been a nice time aggressor release if you should test it. The random banners(though only mandated for a several seconds) are enough to create you not wish to test.
~ tkddan
This is the most banner-laden release you can download. The release itself is mildly interesting but gets rather boring after a while. It is hard to close the release and a several of the banners obtain you stuck inside the release. This is definitely a release you will download for a several days, obtain bored of, then delete.
~ Roy Kent
well done dear developers. you've officially made it as the most irritating and banner-plagued release in my list. constant banners on me screen, having to watch banners each 2 shots that I have to watch at least 5 seconds of, updates that require me to watch banners instead of in-release currency... what can I claim. simply WONDERFUL. banners banners banners banners banners.... if greed has a name thy name is you. uninstalled.
~ Jmz Tan
thanks again for your enquiry please search attached a picture of my resume for you and your company is not coming week to obtain the chance of getting the most newest call I am a bit early to support with the newest year the first one e the first one to sell it was nice to correspondence or any part I of luck really like it will
~ neeta dagha
1 kick takes 5 seconds ... followrd by a 30 secpnd sd. repeat it doesnt slow down with the banners i obtain that it is a nonpaid to test release. but maybe an banner each 3 to 5 kicks woukd be more tolerable. you wouldn't lose banner many users which woyld now mean more banner revenue over time
~ A Google user
Nice stress reliever. Work your concentration for the great hit. Choice of balls and many updates to break your personal records.
~ Marc Anthony Coronado
nice release!!..if you like watching adds! should be a fun release but it lags, and any power ups you already have they place a nonpaid one that you have to watch an add in front of so u can't use them with out watching an add, on top of the add that pop up after each another kick, all in all not impressed 1 star cuz I have to just to reveiw
~ kyle trex
release test is poor. you can kick a "great" and still end up idea off course. also there are idea too many banners. one banner after two kicks is just ridiculous. if you really wish to test the release and not obtain interrupted by banners, place your device in airplane mode. im at lvl 12 after a day. thats plenty for me. its basically a carbon copy of baseball lad (which is also overrun with banners and has poor release test.) if i should rate this less than 1 star, i would.
~ John Doe
forced banners each attempt. could be at least 5-10 attempts per forced banner. i wanted to like this release but your greed kills it. specially annoying is when you watch an banner for a double to be followed by forced banner.
~ Kevin Allen
first off, i love this release, but it definitely needs work. the territory for a great kick is idea too large and you can hit "great" and literally still hit the left or right side of the map. it's really annoying because you know you made a terrible kick but have to wait for the ball to travel halfway around the globe to test again. Also, itd be great if there were achievments. like hitting large ben or something like that.
~ Robbie Diamond
well I give it a four because it's nice when you run but the only thing i dont like about is that there are usually banners but when i run to test it more often i will probably run to think it's boring like all of the another releases i test when I test it too much. So probably quick I will think it's boring but right actually I dont think its boring.
~ A Google user
Its okay until you run out of things to do. once i discovered the side wall mod glitch by accident it was fun getting further and further... but no newest balls after level 25, no newest chars past level 18 even though it claims i got a newest one... I'm up to 61000 goal and the map repeats with no newest goals or presents.
~ Jon MacLellan
Nice release but once again destroyed. out of 5 mins of playtime 4.30 of it was banners as usual the weak IQ of these recipients hinder a fun thing. Fix the banner trouble maybe small releases will be more than a sad attempt at dollars grabbing. Any rating above 1 star from anyone lacks the backbone to change these scam companies.
~ Andrew Sears
Unbearable amount of banners. Every time kicking the ball takes roughly 5-10 seconds. you obtain 2 kicks in before an banner hits you. Every banner can last from 5-10 seconds. Not to mention the whole bottom of the screen is constant true estate for banners. I understand there gotta be profit for the devs, but you also need users. Its a fun release, but theres not enough test time between a kick and a speedy buck for the devs to create an investment with the release. Simple uninstall.
~ Greyson Randolph
Additional Advertisement Unpaid could now mean Advertisement nonpaid. Don't buy the Advertisement Unpaid. I did and it still holds you hostage not letting you upgrade unless you watch a video for a nonpaid upgrade. No option to claim no unless you wait a several mins for it to switch from power to bounce.
~ Justin Lyles
it's not just this release but all VOODOO releases have idea to many banners and rush on each release the create so quality of the release is terrible,and I'm not hating on VOODOO but like 2 or 3 years ago they were making nice release with GREAT quality but no they just wish dollars so dont fall for there trap and dont download any of VOODOO's releases, it will save each body precious time.
~ just SLOTH
banner bait, even banner nonpaid has banners, and you have to wait about 5 seconds before you can cancel, the release is very boring and although the lvls go up, you run out of equipment to accomplish, and field to cover. just for banners that's it. WHEN YOU WATCH A REWARD VIDEO, NOW YOU HAVE TO WATCH ANOTHER ON TOP OF THAT ONE, BEFORE YOU CAN CARRY ON. BATTERY DRAINER.
~ Shaun Brown
Nice release very addicting. Only terrible thing is after like 40 lvls you unblock all the characters and different soccer ball skins so there is no longer a target or anything to work towards. In my opinion the release then becomes type of repetitive and boring after that. I still test it almost daily. Its one of Voodoo's finest releases on the supermarket.
~ Reggie Walls
It is a nice release and quite addictive for just kicking a ball but it has a several tiny things that I would change 1. Poor down on the adds it is to overwhelming after each kick 2. Add more balls and characters I like to customise and I'm on Donald Trump right actually 3. and the reason I gave it 4 stars for is because when I claim my offline premium and do my first kick and accumulate my dollars for it it just gets rid of my premium... so what is the target of it!?
~ Oscar Jack Smith
I don't obtain how you even START the release, I opened it and there was this football and a swinging arrow. I tried tapping the screen and swiping it, but nothing happened. I pushed loads of buttons but it doesn't seem to work. If I am doing something wrong or if there is a idea of doing it please claim me because I would like to test the release it looks nice ๐Ÿ˜ข
~ Boring Vids