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Snow Drift   
About: Snow is everywhere. Unfortunately, you have no shovel. But you do have a car! Actually present that snow who is the boss! Will you beat all lvls and become the drift master?
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 37MB Developer: SayGames [email protected]
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Snow Drift Reviews and Comments:

you could not DOANLOAD THIS GAMEit made me brake my first PHONE so you could not doanload this release doanload a nother release not this one( TELL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOT TO DOANLOAD THIS GAME)
~ aiki jr
Idea Too Many Adverts! Seemed like a fun release, but there are banners after each lvl!
~ Ryan Meyer
Do you like getting repeatedly punched in the face with banners? This release will be nice for you! The first couple lvls took 12 seconds to finish, every followed by 25 second, unskipable banners. UNINSTALLED. ok
~ Jason Beson
Nice release, but you have to watch a advertisement after you die everything apart from that the release is nice!
~ daftjonjons 03
I really enjoy this release and tend not to mind the banners. My only complaint is the lack of upgrades recently... I have unlocked each car and maxed them all out, I just wish more to work towards.
~ Fresh Tenders
many banners but do u know what to do ... ? TURN OFF UR WIFI !!! Recipients just under estimate the release .
~ Lauren Simmons
Product is okayish, but too many adds. with fewer banners i might test it more often, actually it will probably sit for several months on my device and then obtain uninstalled.
~ Dāvis Doro
it has nice release mechanics but doesn't really obtain much harder as you progress I would like for it to be more challenging in the higher lvls
~ darksoulm45 dude
This release is wonderful, cant wait for the modernization, if you wish more concepts i recommend too speedy too furious every machine of paul walker a.k.a brian O'Conner and vin diesel a.k.a dom torreto and others of the main squad. Other set of cars should be from old known cars like hot wheels etc.
~ Adrian Sajecki
this release is nice but the thing is I'm on Google Samsung s7 and my old profile had all the cars and that profile was on apple do I was wondering if you should give me a nonpaid 26000 $ plz and thx
~ Austin Goodwin
Legit how do you know if you need anything from the shop jk bye lalalalalahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to Disneyworld to be a nice time with your storyline the topic bye for you know she is the subway and Keira and raise a family member or the royal baby I was just thinking about the subway station in a Merry Xmas party and the subway and mason create it runs at least you have the topic of the Day after a nice day to obtain vBucs and you can do that for the topic of a Merry Xmas to you too baby I love you📿
~ Brent Bourassa
Nice release just to many adds and it is evan worse when your mid drift and obtain an add and then when you go back your rate next to la wall and ruin wich is the only true hard part about the release.
~ aydenmonster123
its is a nice release and very simple controls but the banners, there is literally an banner after each scene. please tone down the banners. banners that are accationly popping up are fine. but not after each freaking scene
~ Mr. TrashPanda
It is boring nope I'm testing its really fun when are the next modernization................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
~ Chillz Billz
Really cool release, great informations, great cars, nice graphics, it's working smooth. I just really wish more interesting and challenging lvls and more sports/exotic cars. Great release thought
~ A Google user
nice time aggressor, stress-reliever, and satisifying release! test it daily have all cars maxed out hype for more content hold it up 5/5 stars 10/10 would reccomend!
~ YanksNation 757
it's the finest release I've ever played whoever made this release it it is nice no one could be missing out on this downloaded while you can and I am not just claiming that because I'm trying to advertise this release I am claiming this cuz it's the finest release in the globe and it everybody could test it mostly better than anything else and better than fortnite most recipients test fortnite and I love it fortnite a nice release but this one is better!!! So technically you guys could download it so so obtain it actually !
~ A Google user
I love this release! a dude showed it to me. BTW anyone complaining of banners (not on this release but on another releases) turn your wifi off lol
~ A Google user
I like this release because it is very fun but it is hard but you have to test your finest. sometimes i do not like it when i die it makes me furious then i test a different release on my device. i hope you like this release😄😄😃😃😀😀😊😊☺☺😉😉😋😋😆😆👍👍👍👍👍👍✨✨✨👑👑💖💖. but whats fun about this is you can lvl up and do very different stages. i love this release donwlode this release nonpaid. they have newest challenges. they also have weekly rewards.
~ Nikki Crosby
the most disturbing banners release, the release's fun had been eliminated by infinite long banners in each release played, extremely annoying! The worst release ever!
~ Francis Lau
Idea to many adds. U spend more time watching adds, then now testing the release. That's why I'm only given it 2 stars.
~ Matt Spurlock
I'm enjoying the release. I've unlocked all the cars and upgraded them to the full. I'm actually on lvl 101. *Can anyone claim me how many lvls does the release have ?*
~ Rahul Sharma
It's not complain but it's a recommendation. Product is unbelievable... I enjoy it. But I search bug in lavel number 7... The car is continuing run drifting...with release ruin in redmi note 6 pro...
~ Mehul Tank
it is a nice release! idea too many banners!! and there long and stupid. And asking for rating after all the banners. lol it is a 5 star release
~ Christopher LeRoy
Nice release, nice controls, I'm at lvl 416, I have collected 88406 gold, all cars are at full upgrade except 1, when will the last car be unlocked, getting tired of seeing 'coming quick' under the last car
~ Wayne Evans
I like the release, very fun and addictive. all though itd be better with more machines and more lvls to every car. maybe improve on that?
~ jordan hamm
just started, and not terrible for first attempt and fun. like i claimed first timer and unsure as release will progress. crossing fingers and hope for the finest.
~ Ken Smith
The release's fun, but it's repetitive, like all the rounds are cute much the same, I downloaded the release 4 hours ago, I've literally unlocked each car and full upgraded them all within this period. And actually all I have is the same tracks with a lil variation again and again. And for god sakes how many lvls are there? Does the release just auto generate the lvl's over and over again?
~ Suneeth Sushith
nice release but there is only one fault ...... that is there are unwanted add and sexual add in between which stop us using this release we need add only to upgrade car please fix it babes may distract by seeing the add.. finally nice release
~ sakthi krishnan
Adverts after almost each single lvl, which is insane since after each lvl there is usually an option to obtain a reward for watching an banner. Besides that it's a fun time waster.
~ staker 2818
Super release but a lot more likely that we should obtain together in the morning or evening at a nice chance to see you at your leisure time as you have been busy and I have to be away for a couple days to create sure we obtain together for lunch time for a several mins of dinner time and a great time in a couple weeks for dinner or dinner for the evening of next night as we will not have any of these for a dinner then maybe dinner for a curry dinner for lunch lunch time for lunch sometime then we wildfo the
~ Ovidiu
So many banners, but i enjoyed the release so i decided to buy the 'no banners' with true dollars. But. You still have to watch an banner often you upgrade your car, each single time even with the buy made. Ridiculous honestly.
~ Sweepsta69
is this an banner simulation? test 2mins watch an banner. lvl up car? watch an banner! die, watch an add. Why give gold if you can just watch an banner each two minutes. This release has potential. but so far gigantic allow down and waist of zone. Wouldn't waist dollars on add nonpaid mode because the release isn't worth it.
~ cody jahay
Garbage dollars pit that wants downloads. they made this to create dollars and you will obtain an add each 3 sections. dont download. dont test it. dont even obtain it as a joke. your giving poor recipients dollars for poor reasons for them to create more poor things. these dev's shouldn't be here and are horrible recipients. that is all
~ Adam Nealen
nice release , great release test & controls ,only thing is gets to simple. think they should create the maps much much harder. but if they are harder don't think you could have 3 or 4 maps to a lvl just one or that would obtain old speedy having to redo over and over. the cars drive really well multiplayer race would be a cool option.
~ Mark Lawler
pay to test... No idea to upgrade cars without watching banners... I have unlocked all the cars but actually I am unable to upgrade them without video banners.. It doesnt have enough challenges so unlocking the machines was the only engaging task in the release... actually its just plain boring release... too many banners for me... i usually have to disable the internet before opening it, otherwise I usually end up watching banners.
~ anuj singh
As almost everyone mentioned that too many adds. Silly part is sometimes when it asks for add and you do not pick, still gets redirected to see add. i couldn't see any review stating that the lvls are getting repeated. I am at lvl 65 and there are many lvls which I would have played 6-7 times. Nothing newest when you lvl up, difficulty too remains the same. Apart from these troubles it is a nice release...
~ Ashish Kumar
fun. nice time aggressor release. to many banners just like each another release out there. I destroyed my car, and just tapped no thank to restart my lvl instead of watching an banner to continue. still had to watch an banner to restart.
~ Ryen Philips
Thank you for being honest! Unlike another developers who present irritating, clichèd, misleading and fake trailers on social media, you showed exactly what you had to offer. That alone deserves 5 stars. Gameplay is nice too.
~ Ronjamo Murry
I downloaded it, played it, enjoyed very much then uninstalled it. why? Because you guys didn't place a back button to end the release. That really pissed me off. Please respect your customers rather than trying to outsmart them. Have a nice time and finest of luck.
~ Chandi Sharma